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God Has Sent a Delusion Among the Churches

I have been studying and teaching Bible doctrine for over 48 years and the shepherding teacher for home based Churches. Sola Scriptura

We are to be separate from the world.

Churches and the world are difficult to tell apart.

Churches and the world are difficult to tell apart.

We are designed to need other believers.

With out other believers in our lives we are in danger of growing cold and indifferent.

With out other believers in our lives we are in danger of growing cold and indifferent.

Why Does the Word Call Us to Come Out From Among?

Nearly every church assembly on the face of the earth, except where there is extreme persecution, have willfully invited the world into what should be a holy and separate gathering. We are to assemble in order to strengthen one another in godly living in a wicked world. Those who call themselves Christians need to examine their own lives. Did they, during this supposed pandemic, seek out other believers for worship opportunities when the church buildings were shut down? Those who complained about the lack of church attendance in the beginning, very likely have learned that their spiritual lives have not been impacted as much as missing the comradery of fellowship.

Those who deeply love the Truth have not missed a beat as they have diligently sought out other believers. They not only have the desire to know our Lord more intimately but realize the absolute need of others of like mind in their lives. [Hebrews 10:24-25] Those who have not attempted to seek out others for worship are living for the day the church buildings are again wide open to a come one, come all mentality. They do not have a need for a greater intimacy with Christ but one needing to legitimize their beliefs. When Jesus said ‘For where two or three are gathered together …’ [Matthew 18:20], he was warning believers, the real Church, to beware of crowds.

The parable of the mustard seed [Matthew 13:31-32] warns us that wherever the kingdom of heaven is preached, the birds of the air, the workers of evil will take roost. Those who have perverted the Gospel of Christ into a religion have given the world something much more palatable than sacrifice and taking up one’s cross daily. God is deliberately shaking the churches for if those who are his will not come out from among themselves, he will drag them out.

Hope is joined to the living.

Those who blaspheme the Holy Spirit have no hope.

Those who blaspheme the Holy Spirit have no hope.

There is More Hope for the World, Than for Many Within Christendom

The majority of corrupt politics in America today is in place due to the millions who used their power of the vote to place them there. Many today have buyers remorse, but they have no one to blame but themselves. So it is within churches around the world, for the religionists of the world have heaped to themselves those who espouse another gospel. As [Galatians 1:6-7] states, it is not another gospel at all, but a perversion of the Gospel of Christ. Herein lies the difference: there is more hope for those in the world than those who proffer a false gospel within the churches. As verses 8 and 9 of Galatians chapter one state twice; those guilty of preaching or teaching another gospel are considered by God to be accursed. The Latin text uses the word ‘anathema’ which means cursed without possibility of remedy.

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In the scriptures we learn there is an unforgivable sin: blasphemy against the Holy Spirit. Revelation 22:18-19 explains this is due to perverting the Word of God and since the Word is authored by the Holy Spirit, they commit the unforgivable sin. Yes Christ came into the world to save sinners but not those who blaspheme the source of the Word of God. Many of those who both support and spread their gospel of lies have fallen under the same condemnation; no mercy. Sinners of the world do what sinners do best; sin. The difference between the sinners of the world and believers is that the worldly do not struggle with their sin nature without the convicting power of the Holy Spirit.

Many pew sitters have no love of the Truth.

They have chosen another gospel that they may continue in sin.

They have chosen another gospel that they may continue in sin.

The Love of God has Grown Cold Within Today's Churches

Rational thought must proceed from the ability to read and / or hear with understanding. Ask an atheist, an evolutionist or Buddhist what is their understanding of life as a whole and you will get a very clear explanation based solely upon their reasoning ability. Christians are no different in the respect that when we use our own perceived reasoning, we get ourselves into trouble. Every true believer knows this to be a fact; otherwise the Word found in Hebrews 12:5-8 and 1 John 1:8-10 would become meaningless. Per Shakespeare, herein lies the rub: if one’s reasoning is dictated by a church’s doctrinal statement or another person’s belief system, one may not be alive in Christ. The more a true believer fellowships with those dead to Christ, they will grow cold and indifferent to God.

We who truly believe, were once ‘dead in our trespasses and sins’ [Ephesians 2:1] but praise God we have been made alive in Christ and a new creation: we are not the same person we once were. In the beginning we were like sponges, soaking up the Word as fast as it was being preached and taught. But like the seeds that fell on the wayside without understanding or in the stony places though received with joy but without root in themselves [Matthew 13:18-22] they become victims of wicked schemes or tribulation to fall away from the Truth. Some, to seek truths more to their liking [religionists] while others forsake all forms of religion and go their wicked way. My concern is for the religionists that have beguiled many into a form of unbelief.

If during this pandemic one does not have an emptiness of fellowship in the Word with other believers and chooses not to seek out others of like mind; they may be victims of God's delusion. Having a love of the Truth is the nature of a born-again believer, for without it, there may be more hope for those of the world where they have none. Come out from among and be ye separate.

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