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Glossary of Wicca (Part 2 - Q - Z)

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I have studied crystal healing for many years and have studied and been attuned to reiki levels one, two, and masters.

This hub is the second part of my Wiccan glossary here on HubPages. The entries for letters A - P can be found here.

Rede – A Middle English word that is believed to mean ‘advice’.

Reincarnation – The belief that we are reborn after death to live again.

Ritual – A ceremony that is performed to mark sabbats, perform magic or to make dedications or a connection to deities.

Runes – These are the letters of an ancient German language. Runes are commonly carved onto stones, bones, wood, crystals and other materials and used as a divination tool.

A burning sun wheel at a winter solstice (Yule) celebration.

A burning sun wheel at a winter solstice (Yule) celebration.

Sabbat – The eight seasonal festivals of the Wiccan year, known as Samhain, Yule, Imbolc, Ostara, Beltane, Litha, Lughnasadh and Mabon.

Samhain – A Celtic fire festival that is also observed as the witch’s new year. Samhain is celebrated on the 31st October every year by many people but like all sabbats it also has an astrologically correct date.

Scrying – The act of gazing into an object for divination purposes. Crystal balls, mirrors and fire or candle flames are often used in scrying.

Skyclad – The practice of performing rituals in the nude. This practice was taught by Gardner and is still practiced by some today.

Solitary – A witch who practices alone rather than as part of a coven.

Solstice – The longest (summer) and shortest (winter) days of the year. At this point the daylight and night hours are equal.

So mote it be – An expression used by witches that means ‘and so will it be’

Spell – A method that may use words, herbs, candles, symbols, fire, crystals etc. to aid a witch to focus her energy on a specific desire or need.

Talisman – An object that has been charged with magic. These are often worn or placed around the home so that the benefit of the magic is kept with the person.

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Tarot cards – A deck of 78 cards that are used in divination.

Three Fold Law – A wiccan ethical principle that states that whatever you put out into the universe, whether good or bad will return to you threefold.

Tradition – A set subgroup of Wicca with its own beliefs, rituals and customs.

Triskele – A symbol of three interlocking shapes that is used by some to represent the realms of earth, sea and sky.

Visualisation – The ability to hold images in your ‘mind’s eye’ of aspects of your spirituality or of things you wish to manifest such as the results of a spell or calming feelings of a meditation. This is an excellent skill but can take some practice to master.


Wand – Wands are used to direct energy during magical and spiritual work. They are generally made of wood and are often decorated with crystals, symbols, shells, feathers and other items to help concentrate or enhance their power.

Waning moon – The phase of the moon between the full moon and new moon.

Waxing moon – The phase of the moon between the new and full moons.

Web – A interconnected network of things.

Wicca – A pagan religion that has strong spiritual roots and a deep respect for nature.

Wiccan rede – A guide used by Wiccans to advise them in making decisions and acting correctly.

Widdershins – Anti – clockwise.

Witch – A person who practices witchcraft. The term witch is used for both men and women.

Witchcraft – A term sometimes used to refer to Wicca.

Wheel of the Year – A full Wiccan year which is divided into eight sections based on the sabbat celebrations.

Wise woman – A woman with knowledge of traditional and herbal medicine and healing who serves a community.

Chocolate cakes are often made to represent the Yule log.

Chocolate cakes are often made to represent the Yule log.

Yule – The sabbat that marks the winter solstice.

The first part of this glossary (A - P) can be found at:

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Claire (author) from Lincolnshire, UK on March 01, 2013:

You are welcome. I have challenged myself to write seven hubs in seven days all related to Wicca :) Three done, four left...

Eiddwen from Wales on March 01, 2013:

Another great share;I love this series and thank you for shaRing.


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