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The Spoils of War-Giants in Every Epoch

Giants have been in myths, legends as well as in Sacred Text for longer than recorded history. There is evidence of them all over the planet


Chapter One - All Matter is Derived From Flesh

Note that this article was first published in Hubpages on January 4, 2021.

Prelude to a Dream

This is a work in progress, adding to or slight reworking of information as it reveals itself. So these chapters are still unfolding and there will be more to present. This work is presented with the assumption that Giants did in fact, exist. Not once or twice or even three times. With every turn of the tide, with each age comes the giant-just smaller and smaller in scale.

It is written also with the assumption that this planet is far larger than we've all been taught. Far, far larger. To end the argument before it begins, we will assume that the planet is neither round nor flat but each at different turns from Her varied toroid shape. Much of the time She more resembles a klein bottle than a sphere. A torus rather than a disk.

That is why as well, it has been decided to write and publish these essays in series to allow for the natural flow of information without force or without any more self-will than is necessary to see the task through writing and publishing.

I have grappled with the idea of writing about giants for a long time. That I have not the accomplished level of education that might've instantly qualified (or outcast me for) any of what I am suggesting here, is certainly not in my favor. However, having that education perhaps would have blinded me from seeing these things as they are, assuming they are what I'm suggesting.

I understand that what I'm suggesting is completely unfounded, foolish and that I "must be uneducated about how geology works" and that I "clearly have pareidolia" etc. I realize how whack this sounds to most people having been taught what we've been taught what we have since school.

It ought not matter how much education one must have to point out the obvious from one human being to another. Period. If I were to see a spaceship-a UFO suddenly I am not going to run to the nearest PhD in rocket science for confirmation that that's what I saw, right? I would just know.

Okay perhaps that's not the greatest argument. But bottom line is still the conveyance from one human being to another human being what appears to be obvious in the very photographs of the Earth Herself.

Were it not for all the ancient text that is very pointed about the descriptions of giants or about the war(s) between "gods and men", "titans"or "angels and demons", I might have been dismissive of what I'm seeing on Google Earth. Instead it's made me have a much closer look at it.

To me it's very clear what has happened in a general sense because Giants are all over the landscape and because the bodies of giants are the landscape. They are under the water, in and under the ice. Giants are petrified, burned, melted or flashed onto the landscape and in many places can still easily be seen.

Earth even cleverly reveals Her past in the clouds even though from my perspective right now that seems a stretch of the imagination. However the more anomalies I see in clouds and weather pattern formations, the more I am convinced that, just as water holds memory and would in cloud formation as clouds are water, so does the air(seen sometimes as ghosts).

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How can one look at any of these clouds and convince themselves that it's only one's imagination? How is anyone going to tell you you have pareidolia, that it's all in your head? Why in the world would these appear like this if it wasn't so? In the clouds as such they are etheric remnants of past actions-executed by such massive beings that a swipe of their hand in your direction (if you are much smaller-like our present size) would cause a great gust of wind, you would be knocked off your feet if not swept up and dashed back down to the ground dead.

People in general have been the target of psychological mind games from "experts" and those in academia and those brainwashed by academia, most notably by gaslighting. Oldest mind game in the book. So far it has worked.

But what those same people don't realize is that when academia is stripped of all it's pretenses, all it's false conclusions-leaving no room for alternative insight-that pigeonhole and condemn others for not blindly following their academic rigid orthodoxy and dogma, is that who we are trying to take our ques from, emulate, model after and look up to, after all?

After all that people have endured and suffered at the hands of "experts" who have the degrees that say they are the best at what they have been educated to do. Forever Practicing. They can't perfect something they know they can't master. They may as well call what scientists do too, like doctors and lawyers, a practice-a hopelessly flawed and incomplete diagnosis, prognosis, closing argument, hypothesis and theory forever falling short of truly remedying the situation.

Nobody is getting healed. Have anyone ever seen the doctor to be healed of their malady? No, because actually healing the sick does not produce repeat paying clients. Same thing is exactly true when it comes to religion too, anywhere where the few have control in some way over the many and use fear and intimidation and manipulation tactics to get you to comply..hmmm that sounds familiar...seems that these days tptb use the media to create fear and use manipulation tactics..


And because of this, few have the courage or the audacity to challenge the narrative of academia, religion or the media. Nobody wants to have their careers and reputations ruined by standing up to so-called scholars, so-called experts in their fields, journalists whose primary, primary ethic is to pursue the Truth at all costs, no matter what their gut tells them, no matter what the perks if you just read this_____ script and do and say as directed.

The polarization of people in America is largely pumped up by the media. The only ones fighting are the ones that have violently defended their stance-in no matter what capacity and they are being orchestrated like puppets towards a particular end. They can't see past their own hate and intolerance of others to see what pawns they are themselves in someone else's scheme.

Same with the flag wavers who would send their own kids off to war to fight for a country whose government has such little regard for. And it's not even as though this country is right in their war waging. Not in the least. It's a clear and conscious effort to infiltrate every country, every government. And use up every resource, gather up every artifact, destroy any ancient histories.

Why the hell do you think they are bombing everywhere in the middle east? To destroy ancient history so they can continue to falsify and fabricate our history at any point. It's all the same thing whether it's WW1, WW2, Vietnam, Persian Gulf, Afganhistan. Neutralize and vaporize "the enemy" and his history from the face of the earth.

Even the lingo reeks of hypocrisy, nepotism and unaccountability assumed to be above reproach because of an extensive and lengthy brain washing-uh, I mean education and perhaps a "reputable" place in societies eyes. But it's time we all grew up and learned to eat the solid meat of truth that has been kept from the masses.

The knowledge that giants were/are real is about as close to the ground as a foundation slab as we can actually grasp ahold of to build a structure that is contingent upon the various Truths that are missing from the narrative to add rooms on with.


Giants are just one, albeit a huge one that without aknowledgement of this one simple fact, nothing else is going to make a shred of sense in the overall.

Shapes in the clouds exist solely off of the memory of what has been. Of this, I am more and more convinced.

It isn't your imagination or pareidolia, what you are seeing in a cloud was there and happened at some point in the past. There's is absolutely no reason why clouds would take the form of a face for instance unless at some point that face was really there for however long a length of time for the image to be entact enough on the ethers to be revealed by the clouds.

We imprint the ethers by anything we do, the more we do a particular thing (and especially, in the same place), the more we imprint the template of reality in that very pose.

So as above, so below, giants being bigger beings would make a bigger, albeit more sparse imprint with more than likely a deeper impact or impression.

If the measurement of time is relative to the size of ones physical being, then in the giants world their last cataclysm happened just recent enough that bodies in the ice are still subject to decomposition.

To us it may have been thousands or hundreds of thousands, perhaps millions of years ago but those bodies are still there waiting discovery, acknowledgement--admittance.

So if the momentum of actions leave their mark "upon the ethers" then it stands to reason that because of the wide sweeps made by huge beings, their movements could appear in the very atmosphere that just happens to have clouds to reveal the momentum of action in highly charged states. In places of high emotions and trauma, we know those things to manifest in the form of ghosts, apparitions, phantoms or spirits.

I liken the giants spirits or ghosts to be more like the elementals-nature spirits. Some of the giants were so humongous, they would easily cover an entire region of the map where they died. Let's say they haunted the area that they died in, the haunting would be more dispersed and perhaps indirect, not concentrated with very pointed things happening within a confined area.

Plus all who died either on that giant in the same cataclysm or anytime thereafter to just add to the memory and the activity swirl(like a carbon footprint) of a place. On up through time and how much energy is accumulated and giving off of a particular signature of vibration according to the kinds of activities that took place in that space?

Earth is a graveyard-plain and simple. The size of the first wave of giants known as the titans were of such immense proportion, they literally could not be seen by beings who were the same size we are now and that's a big "if' beings our size existed here and then.

Then there is the revelation that this dimension appears to have been manifested or unscrolled merely to imprison "demons"? But this is hardly a new idea.

Imagine if you will, the planet Herself as a Living Entity which She is of course, all planetary and star systems are with a few exceptions, like the Moon or Nibiru. Just as there are robots amongst humans as well as 'as below, so below', in all systems larger and smaller the manifestations are very similar .

And by the way this also is not news, Earth a Living Being-this is what every baby knows.

And this planetary system, this Living Being Earth, bearing children. How big do you think they would be? Even if this planet is as small as they claim it is, Her children would be too big for us to see as Living mobile Beings. But they have existed in legend and myths no doubt sprung from seeds of truth that if even just 5 percent of giant stories were true we'd still have giants staring back at us from the camera lens of the satellites for Google Earth.

Agape mouth of a giant who died screaming

Agape mouth of a giant who died screaming

Going back to the idea of 3D fashioned to imprison demons does make a lot of sense. Much of the time living just does not feel good. Death, disease, madness, addiction, obsession, pain, loss, suffering, grief seem to be part and parcel of this life as it has only to look forward to the entropy at which it is inclined as the pinnacle crowning achievement for the culmination of physical lifetimes in a body that cannot transmute us.

So then it goes back to the truth that we are not our bodies and western thinking does not acknowledge this simple fact. We have never been our bodies. Because if we were only that we would not have the cognition or the will that stems from having conscious consciousness and a wherewithal. We would not dream at night. If we were only our bodies, consciousness outside of this awareness of the soul and spirit would not exist.

Now, maybe just maybe we really could be just dreaming robots with a preprogrammed descent into flesh and a mapped toggle switch yes/no, multiple choice "fill in the scantron, please" auto pilot life with the "illusion of (having numerous) choices". And maybe to some degree that last part is true but it does not matter.

We can only live one life at a time which is not to say we don't live many lives simultaneously because through this experience of sentience itself it's clear to me that:

I go where my conscious awareness goes. And attention makes things real.

Our internal world is just as real as the external world too. Our inner space is hardly acknowledged though just as important as the outside world, if not more so.


While I do believe the Giants were real and lived many, many times for longer throughout history and prehistory than we have any real clue about, I think it may be difficult to prove scientifically since, for all intents and purposes all of the dirt and rock of Earth was once part of a giant--a flesh and blood being at one time or another. I simply cannot stress that enough.

What I'm about to reveal to you and give the ways in which you may arrive at similar if not the same conclusions will certainly illicit a violently opposing viewpoint from others. These things are human interpretations of what the observing camera eye of google earth is taking a picture of. What I'm finding is astounding, like I said before if it were not for all the stories, folklore, myths, scripture and sacred text talking about giants-I might not've believed any of what I'm seeing on the program. But being as how some of what I'm seeing on google earth is lining up with ancient text, it's difficult to dismiss what I'm witnessing on it.

Along with what I'm seeing, text such as the following is difficult to ignore: According to "The Book of Giants Tradition in the Chinese Manichaica":

"..the watchers are not angelic figures, since they are none other than the demons captured in the first major battle between the two realms prior to the establishment of the universe; and the creation of the cosmos was, among other elements, necessary to establish a suitable prison for the demonic forces who were not killed during this first battle. Those who were killed also played an important role: they became construction bricks in this huge endeavor, especially in the formation of the firmaments and the earths. 25 Thus, the defeated demons had a double function in the construction of the cosmos: if dead, they were used to form the universe; if alive, they were imprisoned in the buildings partly built from their fellows. The cosmos itself had a double function: it served as a gigantic prison to hold the captured demons, and, at the same time, it served as a colossal hospital to heal the wounded, i.e., mixed, light particles. These two simultaneous purposes are explicitly mentioned together in the Coptic and Chinese sources."

Heard and MacDonald Islands Backside of Giant

Heard and MacDonald Islands Backside of Giant

Giants are everywhere all over the planet and they can easily be recognized as such. In fact most of the tiny islands in the middle of nowhere have visible evidence of giants and in certain places indicates usually either a massive world-wide cataclysm like meteors or a great global battle taking place. It wouldn't have been volcanos..not yet. Not until after the titans perished did the Earth form into physical matter from the bodies of the titans. Not until then were there volcanoes.

I realize that I am making fantastic claims with no scientific "proof" however nothing could have prepared me for what I was to find all over Google Earth.

And let's face it, science easily has the capacity to be just as whack as woo but in the opposite fashion. Science is just as closed, limited and rigid as woo is too open, all inclusive and too loose. The need for science to rely soley on the 5 senses and to qualify their lab results as Truth as Gospel is just as pathological as woo is for being nebulous, intuitively ascertained and lacking coherence.

I want to be as clear as possible when I say that giants are any place you look, any mountain you see, any field, any pasture, any valley, anywhere the entire landscape is comprised of giants. As a matter of fact:

All Matter in 3D is derived from Flesh.

This is why the Word is so intertwined with Flesh-there's a mystery to solved here because things do not add up as they are. Not that I can prove it no but evidence is right there.

And wow, with all that science concludes to be true-limits more of our understanding of everything than what we actually do know for sure about anything.

I am not trying to qualify the following as proof, absorb this book objectively and draw your own conclusions. I feel this knowledge in my bones and know it to be the Truth. After having the revelation of this, it's the only thing that makes sense as to how this 3D came to be-how matter is formed at all.

One is born with a body only. How does anything else get here in this dimension?

It can't and it doesn't.

Why do you think they say space smells like steak? Astronauts also report space smelling like "gunpowder, seared steak, raspberries and rum" as well as "ozone, hot metal and fried steak." and "pleasant sweet smelling welding fumes".

We get to experience the impermanence of entropy every time we come and go into and out of this dimension. The entire process feels forced and fated in a way that feels like a lack of control over the lucid dream.

Are we not told over and over that we are the ones who can create our reality and live a better dream, if we so choose? So why is it that we cannot complete the process by actually evolving? In a natural way.


All one has to do is read ancient text like the Enuma Elish. The story of Marduk and his battle with Tiamat. The takeaway from that story of the Enuma Elish is that Marduk is the hero, triumphant in his quest to control Tiamat. I don't understand why his actions are so elevated when it's clear to me that in the message is an undercurrent of transhumanism and technological mastery over Nature.

Marduk reigning over Tiamat is something I can't understand from a perspective that's anything but linear and limited to 3D existence. It only makes sense if one were to negatively impact this dimension enough for it to maintain as 3D as Marduk has apparently done. If the balance shifts towards the good however perhaps it will no longer be 3D.

Does it make sense to have something operate independently outside of itself? No, the mechanics of a thing-the workings are on the inside.

Life itself operates from the emanations of the ghost in the machine, not by proxy and not remotely. At the rate they are hollowing the planet will be only be fit to be driven quite like the Moon and Nibiru, becoming dead from being a Living Organism in the Macros.

These Living Planets are Giants as well--that is until someone decides to conquer, reign and rule all that is under his feet. Leech the land, it's water and poison the air and bury toxic waste in the earth. We've done this all before and the outcome is no different. All we need to do is remember, acknowledge and not be in denial of it.

How it's all ended for us before, in mass trauma unfolding well beyond our control. If not by the planet Herself or the movements of the stars which seems by way of providence then by the plots and plans of man to erase "the enemy" who is anyone in numbers-saved not merely for political foes or those in squabbles for land at face value.

Because the fight for territory has never been about housing the people. Besides military strategy it's always been about what natural resources are beneath the land be it water, gems, minerals or in this pivotal to this particular epoch-fossil fuels.

So the planet has in the past been pelted with comets, astroids, meteors causing catastrophic loss of life. This caused massive tsunamis, shifted the poles throwing the planet off its axis. That in turn started the seasons extremes. Before this time the Earth was oriented towards what was then the Black Sun Saturn which at the time was our Sun/source of life.

Oh and I don't apologize for feeling that way about much of what is handed to us as part of our heritage as sentient beings on the planet-or as in this case, well before.

Don't you think that we've been under unlawful reign and as individuals and especially as a unit we've been geared towards some of the wrong things-like the pursuit the money, in which turn produce billionaires who are currently buying up huge parcels of land because someone wants to ride this planet after they hollow her out to provide their fuel to then take them to space so they can land on other planets and take those over of their resources too.

Don't you folks get it? You are their fuel too. As long as these billionaires for example can get away with not paying income tax or having their way paid to space via public funding it's just going to get worse. Less and less funding for social programs, school programs it's all going away toward a dim transhumanistic future.

One that they are happy to let you work your ass off for so they can grab your social security benefits too go ahead and die when you are no longer making money for them. And you never even get to find out what you were born to do. Swayed and dissuaded from your purpose.

Freedom is only for those that can afford to buy it, there is absoutely no other way to attain it unless you live in the bush and are completely or almost completely self sufficient, even then you didn't start from nothing-if you did then you were raised in the bush and all this information is redundant.

Madmen are setting about and are controlling every aspect of your lives. Is that what you want? Every waking and sleeping moment monitored, catalogued and stored for use later at a convenient time.

The bottom line is, whether or not giants were real, the Google Earth pictures indeed merit something. If not giants then there are definite artifacts out there waiting to be discovered. But with all the imagery taken over the past half century, it's unlikely that the elite don't already know these things exist, no matter what they are.


© 2021 Jennifer Lind

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