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The Spoils of War-Giants in Every Epoch

Giants have been in myths, legends as well as in Sacred Text for longer than recorded history. There is evidence of them all over the planet



Not only did Antediluvian Giants live but Giants have lived on this planet each time the Earth has gone through upheaval through world-wide cataclysm, natural or manmade. Each time around the Giants got smaller and smaller over the hundreds of thousands, if not millions of years.

All of the rock and the dirt of the earth is a remnant of a Giant, plain and simple. All of it. Up to and including Tia maat Herself.

Check it out folks. There is a new antagonist in town to call whack-a-doodle. If you'd all turn your crosshairs in this direction.

Truth is, the Earth is older than either side of the flat earth argument thinks. First of all, She is a lot bigger than we've been told. Yes the Earth is flat BUT only sometimes. Sometimes She is round. Mostly Her voluptuous shape takes on valleys and peaks as She turns, folds within then unfolds without.

For you see Her shape is that of a Torus, ever changing, taking shapes constant from disc to circle to sphere and back again. Lately She has been rotund from the displaced water inside Her. Let's heave a collective burst of positive thought/e-motion vibrations Her way to alleviate the excess fluid from her legs, stomach and eyes.


We are not stationary, not by any means, we move along in tandem with the other celestial bodies in our souler cistern(sic) to spiral around the central sun. She changes according to the perception and vantage point of the observer, like all other subatomic particles that coalesce form to matter. We have a smaller function within this larger organism that we live in. Sometimes I'm a white corpuscle but mostly though I'm an anti-subatomic particle, if you observe me, I stand still ;)

Don't be a rebel without a clue, go rogue and become a cancer cell. There is a firmament, we are quarantined and/or hemetically sealed for every ones elses protection. Ice ring is real, we are too curious for our own good, giving the bad guys all our good ideas for them to exploit and corrupt the rest of us..

Truman show very real shit. Things are not always what they seem and people are sometimes too willing to believe whatever they are told. Most are ready for the truth. it’s the 1%ers who really need to be not quarantined but removed from their positions of power before they talk us into yet another war we have no business waging.

Do not believe that we face some dark and ominous future of apocalypse. There is no armageddeon coming, it's very much like the boogieman when we were kids. There is no boogieman, it's just a tactic to get kids to behave-worked on us as kids and still does as adults everytime they can get people riled up about a war or some far fetched apocalypse. "It's biblical" some say. So says the ringleader of all mind control programs, religion.

That may very well be but that still doesn't make it so or not. Only we do collectively. Goal is for a critical mass of peace makers to project ahimsa enough to calm the war raging titan, in the abstract sense..

So now all you crackpots can call coo coo crazy..Go ahead, be the pot. It's better than being a tool. Don't be a tool.

Bring it.

You've all been served,



*The Observer of Objective Reality

Chapter One: The Ninth Circle

For the Ancient of Days throughout the spatially lengthened and heightened measure of All Places, the depth and breadth of immeasurable means in gossamer and finer fractal fields open ended revolutions spin, is His Heart. So that it might multiply in omni dimensional quantum unfoldment and entanglement. And stretch in magnitude, velocity and distance.

The stretched expansion of the lung's inhalation moves along the meridian lines of fire until the synapses in tandem produce a current up the chain it goes lighting up the way.

You’ve watched this in the way of stacked up fractals, the exact workings in order-linearly. It isn't like when Creation speaks Life, when flames that leap and dance interact exponentially, that’s what an agreement or recognition is. That is a harmonious chiming of two or more, from any monad(s) in that realm

One would have to catch up to the memories to experience the manifest thought. But can only experience by proxy. Anytime that you must re-member, rather than experience the experience, it tells of a different sort of copyright! It lends to automatons, clones, drones and bots. “Clone rights” wars, indeed! ;)

So, begins on the subatomic level with gluons, quarks and their anti counterparts of dark matter, Her pregnancy of many forms had taken to the incarnal and in them, not so sentient Spirits. And no Soul-no memory or experience. Remember in this description that is well beyond antiquity, All is new Form from the matter left by explosions between shining stars.

No, it did not exist before anything or anyone could bear witness to it. That is, pay attention to it. How could anyone or anything exist before matter ever formed to watch it happen? This well would be a logical fallacy!


Whatever is the matter that formed it? Why, the stuff of Stars-photons, atoms, ions, the space between (seemingly empty to) your eyes’ spectrum of sight. Hearing the lights and seeing the sounds is something within you but idle black scientists have flipped switches in the genome of the latest few humanoid version prototypes. Mostly turned off switches that would link you to multidimensional fields in your conscious, active state.

Ghosts in the machine to be sure, too much external input but little resulting internal and/or external output. When the external output is naturally high the channels are few and such that without memory or experience of anything, it’s like a shot in the dark, needle in a haystack such that not even one monkey “gets it”.

And being as social animals are, your need for acceptance within your tribe is pivotal to the point of sacrificing your base judgement, just to be counted. Your Creator is not necessarily your Benefactor, nor has Created since the First, a Beneficent Presence.

Free Will is a coveted yet dubious thing. But you are only allowed so far as the switches that are turned on. If you had full capability, at full capacity it is doubtful you would have received “free will”, which the term is a misnomer anyhow. At this level of dimensionality, there is nothing free nor of endless potentiality about it.


And given that you would exercise your free will in order to give allegiance to closed systems of eventual totalitarian agencies, shows a lack of judgement far beyond any justification for “ignorance”. Simple is still uncomplicated but agreeing for the sake of, is convoluted—causes you great cognitive dissonance and trauma as a, and in your species.

That trauma and pain reverberates to this very day-it shows in how you treat one another with intolerance, judgement and callousness. You will squabble over your cultural and racial differences while forgetting the fact that to begin with, you are all part of the human race.

For complacency you have traded your freedoms and want to breach the barrier because you think you can control what’s beyond it. But what mankind fails to realize or care about, is that attempting to break through the glass ceiling will prove futile in your efforts to gain access to and build a stronghold on some extraterrestrial real estate:

You cannot leave. Not in this form, not in this dimension.


My! Don’t you look foolish to the eyes that peer upon you every day from lofty space! Laugh with a mighty guffaw! You all may get the sense that you’re imprisoned here on the planet. Yes, this is true. Or worse yet think that you are somehow protected by being here under a dome. But you really can’t expect that it’s to “keep the crazies out”!

What this solar system nay the Universe doesn’t need is for the malignant cells of it spreading to other parts of the body of the Universe, infecting everything it contacts. It is as simple as that.

Seeing as Earth not long ago, was a veritable graveyard. Even Mars didn’t see such decomposition. And Venus—there is much decomposition happening there, now.


You will come to realize that the apparent overlapping of the archetypes and the signs of the stars, is to show how everything in the universe is in motion and a fixed star is hardly bound in place. Everything on this continuum is in a forward thrust. As much as “they, them, those” --tptb are trying to suspend this grand anime..

In the following you will find some of the missing gaps from your own history records and cosmologies.


This is a work in progress, adding to or slight reworking of information as it reveals itself. So these chapters are still unfolding and there will be more to present.

This work is presented with the assumption that Giants did in fact, exist. Not once or twice or even three times. With every turn of the tide, with each eon comes the giant-just smaller and smaller in scale.

It is written also with the assumption that this planet is far larger than we've all been taught. Far, far larger.

To end the argument before it begins, let us assume that the planet is neither round nor flat but each at different turns from Her varied toroid shape.

Much of the time She more resembles a klein bottle than a sphere. A torus rather than a disk.

No fluff and no filler. What this book lacks in the quantity of words, it makes up for in the quality of comprehensive information. Meaning also that the text is many manifold in its meaning.

That is why as well, it has been decided to write and publish these essays in series to allow for the natural flow of information without force or without any more self-will than is necessary to see the task through.


While I do believe the Giants were real and lived many, many times for longer throughout prehistory than we have any real clue about, I think it may be difficult to prove scientifically since, for all intents and purposes all of the dirt and rock of Earth was part of giant flesh and blood at one time or another.

And text such as the following is difficult to ignore:

According to "The Book of Giants Tradition in the Chinese Manichaica":

"..the watchers are not angelic
figures, since they are none other than the demons captured in the first major
battle between the two realms prior to the establishment of the universe; and
the creation of the cosmos was, among other elements, necessary to establish a
suitable prison for the demonic forces who were not killed during this first battle.
Those who were killed also played an important role: they became construction
bricks in this huge endeavor, especially in the formation of the firmaments and
the earths.
25 Thus, the defeated demons had a double function in the construction
of the cosmos: if dead, they were used to form the universe; if alive, they were
imprisoned in the buildings partly built from their fellows. The cosmos itself had
a double function: it served as a gigantic prison to hold the captured demons,
and, at the same time, it served as a colossal hospital to heal the wounded, i.e.,
mixed, light particles. These two simultaneous purposes are explicitly mentioned
together in the Coptic and Chinese sources."

Giants are everywhere all over the planet and they can easily be made out. In fact most of the tiny islands in the middle of nowhere have visible evidence of giants and of a great battle taking place.

I realize that I am making fantastic claims with no scientific proof whatsoever however with all the physical evidence of rock formations that look like giants and there are so many and with all the scripture and sacred texts out there about giants, that one would be foolish to not question these things and search out the truth.

Why would an established entity such as the Smithsonian Institute go to lengths to destroy physical artifacts like skeletons of giants if it weren't true? And if it's true, why would they lie?

Because that can of worms leads to another bigger can of worms leading to yet another bigger can of worms and so on until the truth about the existence of giants is readily recognized by average people merely observing the landscape on google earth.

And that is not even the main reason this is all covered up. The main reason is the biggest can of worms yet about the existence of giants that were the spoils of of that formed the Earth, is control. Control of government and church over the masses, pure and simple. Can't have people believing in giants because that would be the thread that would unravel these whole angular lattice-work structures of interwoven concocted, convoluted Evolution myths and Creation myths.

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