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The Spoils of War-Giants in Every Epoch

Giants have been in myths, legends as well as in Sacred Text for longer than recorded history. There is evidence of them all over the planet



Not only have Antediluvian Giants lived but Giants have lived on this planet each time the Earth has gone through upheaval through world-wide cataclysm, natural or manmade. Each time around the Giants got smaller and smaller over the hundreds of thousands, if not millions of years.

All of the rock and the dirt of the earth is a remnant of a Giant, plain and simple. All of it. Up to and including Tia maat Herself.

Check it out folks. There is a new antagonist in town to call whack-a-doodle. If you'd all turn your crosshairs in this direction.

Truth is, the Earth is older than either side of the flat earth argument thinks. First of all, She is a lot bigger than we've been told. Yes the Earth is flat BUT only sometimes. Sometimes She is round. Mostly Her voluptuous shape takes on valleys and peaks as She turns, folds within then unfolds without.

For you see Her shape is that of a Torus, ever changing, taking shapes constant from disc to circle to sphere and back again. Lately She has been rotund from the displaced water inside Her. Let's heave a collective burst of positive thought/e-motion vibrations Her way to alleviate the excess fluid from her legs, stomach and eyes.

We are not stationary, not by any means, we move along in tandem with the other celestial bodies in our souler(sic) system to spiral around the central sun. She changes according to the perception and vantage point of the observer, like all other subatomic particles that coalesce form to matter. We have a smaller function within this larger organism that we live in. Sometimes I'm a white corpuscle but mostly though I'm an anti-subatomic particle, if you observe me, I stand still ;)

Don't be a rebel without a clue, go rogue and become a cancer cell. There is a firmament, we are quarantined and/or hermetically sealed for every ones elses protection. Ice ring is real, we are too curious for our own good, giving the bad guys all our good ideas for them to exploit and corrupt the rest of us..

Truman show very real ish. Things are not always what they seem and nothing's what it looks like Most are ready for the truth. it’s the 1%ers who really need to be not quarantined but removed from their positions of power before they talk us into yet another war we have no business waging.

Do not believe that we face some dark and ominous future of apocalypse. There is no armageddeon coming, it's very much like the boogieman when we were kids. There is no boogieman, it's just a tactic to get kids to behave-worked on us as kids and still does as adults every time they can get people riled up about a war or some far fetched apocalypse or some invented adversary. "It's biblical" some say. So says the ringleader of all mind control programs, religion.

That may very well be but that still doesn't make it so or not. Only we do collectively. Goal is for a critical mass of peace makers to project ahimsa enough to calm the war raging titan, in the abstract sense..

So now all you crackpots can call coo coo crazy. Go ahead, be the pot. It's better than being a tool. Don't be a tool.

Bring it.

You've all been served,



Chapter Zero *Ouroboros of Ophiuchus : Wrangling the Closed Logos of Life, Death, Reincarnation

Prelude to a Dream

This is a work in progress, adding to or slight reworking of information as it reveals itself. So these chapters are still unfolding and there will be more to present.
This work is presented with the assumption that Giants did in fact, exist. Not once or twice or even three times. With every turn of the tide, with each age comes the giant-just smaller and smaller in scale.

It is written also with the assumption that this planet is far larger than we've all been taught. Far, far larger.

To end the argument before it begins, we will assume that the planet is neither round nor flat but each at different turns from Her varied toroid shape.

Much of the time She more resembles a klein bottle than a sphere. A torus rather than a disk.

No fluff and no filler. What this book lacks in the quantity of words, it makes up for in the quality of information in it's multilayered form.

That is why as well, it has been decided to write and publish these essays in series to allow for the natural flow of information without force or without any more self-will than is necessary to see the task through writing and publishing.

I have grappled with the idea of writing about giants for a long time. That I have not the earned, appropriate(d) or accomplished level of education that might've instantly qualified (or out casted) me for any of what I am suggesting here is certainly not in my favor. However, having that education perhaps would have blinded me from seeing these things as they are, assuming they are what I'm suggesting.

I understand that to a college educated person-perhaps probably to anyone for that matter, what I'm suggesting is completely unfounded, foolish and I must be uneducated about how geology works and that I clearly have pareidolia etc.
It ought not matter how much education one must have to point out the obvious from one human being to another. Period. If I were to see a spaceship-a UFO suddenly I am not going to run to the nearest PhD in science for confirmation that that's what I saw, right?

Okay perhaps that's not the greatest argument.

But bottom line is still the conveyance from one human being to another human being what appears to be obvious in the very photographs of the Earth Herself.
Were it not for all the ancient text that is very pointed about the descriptions of giants or about the war(s) between "gods and men", "titans" or "angels and demons", I might have been dismissive of what I'm seeing on Google Earth. Instead it's made me have a much closer look at it.

To me it's very clear what has happened in a general sense because Giants are all over the landscape and because the bodies of giants are the landscape. They are under the water, in and under the ice. Giants are petrified, burned, melted or flashed onto the landscape and in many places can still easily be seen.

Earth even cleverly reveals Her past in the clouds even though from my perspective right now that seems a stretch of the imagination. However the more anomalies I see in clouds and weather pattern formations, the more I am convinced that, just as water holds memory and would in cloud formation, so does the air(seen sometimes as ghosts).


Sylphs exist solely off of the memory of what has been. Of this, I am more and more convinced. It isn't your imagination or pareidolia, what you are seeing in a cloud was there and happened at some point in the past.

We imprint the ethers by anything we do, the more we do a particular thing, the more we imprint the template of reality in that very pose.

So as above, so below, giants being bigger beings would make a bigger, albeit more sparse imprint with more than likely a deeper impact or impression.

If the measurement of time is relative to the size of ones physical being, then in the giants world their cataclysm happened just recent enough that bodies in the ice are still subject to decomposition. To us it may have been thousands or hundreds of thousands, perhaps millions of years ago but those bodies are still there waiting discovery, acknowledgement--admittance.

As a sidenote: One must wonder with the melting of the polar ice caps what diseases might a decomposing giant harbor?

So if the momentum of actions leave there mark "upon the ethers" then it stands to reason that because of the wide sweeps made by huge beings, their actions could appear in the very atmosphere that just happens to have clouds that reveal the momentum of action in highly charged states. In places of high emotions and trauma, we know those things to manifest in the form of ghosts, apparitions, phantoms or spirits.

I liken the giants spirits or ghosts to be more like the elementals-nature spirits.

Some of the giants were so humongous, they would easily cover an entire region of the map where they died. Let's say they haunted the area that they died in, the haunting would be more dispersed and perhaps indirect, not concentrated with very pointed things happening within a confined area.

Plus all who died either on that giant in the same cataclysm or anytime thereafter to just add to the memory and the activity swirl(like a carbon footprint) of a place. On up through time and how much energy is accumulated and giving off of a particular signature of vibration according to the kinds of activities that took place in that space.

Earth is a graveyard-plain and simple. The size of the first wave of giants known as the titans were of such immense proportion. they literally could not be seen by beings who were the same size we are now and that's a big "if' beings our size existed here and then.

Then there is the revelation that this dimension appears to have been manifested or unscrolled merely to imprison "demons"? This is hardly a new idea.

Imagine if you will, the planet Herself as a Living Entity which She is of course, all planetary and star systems are with a few exceptions, like the Moon or Nibiru. Just as there are robots amongst humans as well as 'as below, so below', in all systems larger and smaller the manifestations are very similar .

And btw this is not news, Earth a Living Being-this is what every baby knows.
And this planetary system, this Living Being Earth, bearing children. How big do you think they would be?

Even if this planet is as small as they claim it is, Her children would be too big for us to see as Living mobile Beings. But they have existed in legend and myths no doubt sprung from seeds of truth that if even just 5 percent of giant myths were true we'd still have giants staring back at us from the camera lens of the satellites for Google Earth.

Going back to the idea of 3D fashioned to imprison demons does make a lot of sense. Much of the time living just does not feel good. Death, disease, madness, addiction, obsession, pain, loss, suffering, grief seem to be part and parcel of this life as it has to look forward only to the entropy to which it is inclined as the pinnacle crowning achievement for the culmination of physical lifetimes in a body that cannot transmute us.

So then it goes back to the truth that we are not our bodies and western thinking does not acknowledge this simple fact. We have never been our bodies. Because if we were only that we would not have the cognition or the will that stems from having conscious consciousness and a wherewithal. We would not dream at night.

If we were only our bodies, consciousness of the soul and spirit would not exist.
Now, maybe just maybe we really could be just dreaming robots with a preprogrammed descent into flesh and a mapped toggle switch yes/no, multiple choice "fill in the scantron, please" auto pilot life with the "illusion of (having numerous) choices". And maybe to some degree that last part is true but it does not matter.

We can only live one life at a time which is not to say we don't live many lives simultaneously because through this experience of sentience itself it's clear to me that:

I go where my conscious awareness goes. And attention makes things real.

Our internal world is just as real as the external world too. Our inner space is hardly acknowledged though just as important as the outside world, if not more so.


While I do believe the Giants were real and lived many, many times for longer throughout prehistory than we have any real clue about, I think it may be difficult to prove scientifically since, for all intents and purposes all of the dirt and rock of Earth was part of a giant--flesh and blood at one time or another. I simply cannot stress that enough.

What I'm about to reveal to you and give the ways in which you may arrive at similar if not the same conclusions will certainly illicit a violently opposing viewpoint from others.

These things are human interpretations of what the observing camera eye of google earth is taking a picture of. What I'm finding is astounding, like I said before if it were not for all the stories, folklore, myths, scripture and sacred text talking about giants-I might not've believed any of what I'm seeing on the program. But being as how some of what I'm seeing on google earth is lining up with the scripture and ancient text, it's difficult to dismiss what I'm witnessing on it.

Along with what I'm seeing, text such as the following is difficult to ignore:

According to "The Book of Giants Tradition in the Chinese Manichaica":

"..the watchers are not angelic
figures, since they are none other than the demons captured in the first major
battle between the two realms prior to the establishment of the universe; and
the creation of the cosmos was, among other elements, necessary to establish a
suitable prison for the demonic forces who were not killed during this first battle.
Those who were killed also played an important role: they became construction
bricks in this huge endeavor, especially in the formation of the firmaments and
the earths.
25 Thus, the defeated demons had a double function in the construction
of the cosmos: if dead, they were used to form the universe; if alive, they were
imprisoned in the buildings partly built from their fellows. The cosmos itself had
a double function: it served as a gigantic prison to hold the captured demons,
and, at the same time, it served as a colossal hospital to heal the wounded, i.e.,
mixed, light particles. These two simultaneous purposes are explicitly mentioned
together in the Coptic and Chinese sources."

Giants are everywhere all over the planet and they can easily be recognized as such. In fact most of the tiny islands in the middle of nowhere have visible evidence of giants and in certain places indicates usually either a massive world-wide cataclysm like meteors or a great global battle taking place.

It wouldn't have been volcanos..not yet. Not until after the titans perished did the Earth form into physical matter from the bodies of the titans.

I realize that I am making fantastic claims with no "alleged" scientific "proof" whatsoever however nothing could have prepared me for what I was to find all over Google Earth.


And let's face it, science easily has the capacity to be just as whack as woo but in the opposite fashion.Science is just as closed, limited and rigid as woo is too open, all inclusive and too loose.The need for science to rely soley on the 5 senses and to qualify their lab results as Truth as Gospel is just as pathological as woo is for being nebulous, intuitively ascertained and lacking coherence.

I want to be as clear as possible when I say that giants are any place you look, any mountain you see, any field, any pasture, any valley, anywhere the entire landscape is comprised of giants. In fact, if I be so bold as to suggest:

All Matter is derived from Flesh.


Why would an established entity such as the Smithsonian Institute go to lengths to destroy physical artifacts like skeletons of giants if it weren't true? If it is true, why would they lie?

Because it opens a can of worms that leads to another bigger can of worms leading to yet another bigger can of worms and so on until the truth about the existence of giants is readily recognized by average people merely observing the landscape on google earth and people seriously begin questioning the bigger mysteries of humankinds very existence.

But the main reason why this is all covered up is the biggest can of worms yet about the existence of giants and that is control. Control of government and church over the masses, pure and simple. Can't have people believing in giants because that would be one of the thread that would unravel these whole angular lattice-work structures of interwoven concocted, convoluted Evolution myths and Creation myths. Basically a Luciferian agenda. Basically it's a Luciferian agenda that runs the establishment.

This is not to say that everyone in the establishment is down with the sickness of this agenda, more know nothing of the plans of their employers, military or government. They are just unwitting obedient sheep--being led to believe they're doing what they are doing for good but this is not the case. It is on a small scale because many people want to do the right and good thing. But at the end of the day the way everything is run maintains to keep the bloodline families in pocket, in power, in control and indoctrinating through their academic institutions with their truths, their histories rewritten at whim and the cycle repeats and repeats generation after generation.

Sure, there are seeds of truth to each belief system but the knowledge that giants roamed the earth even once, at just twice our size contradicts just about every edict that these governing offices and belief systems depend on for the "legitimacy"of their narrative.

Just wait until the truth about giants' real size comes to full light and it blows peoples belief systems to bits. Perhaps it is meant to as in the aftermath of their existence how we now can be healed and transformed by the truth about our history, about the earth's herstory.

Truth will clear up the some of the cognitive dissonance we all suffer collectively from knowing there are things that are purposely with held from us. And the feeling as though we are all being distracted from our purpose and being led to value some wrong things like the pursuit of money that has made many people rationalize just about every and any way of getting it.

You see, the reason why students are geared toward one pointed area in their field is not so they don't spread too thin, well yes that too but it's secondary to not giving anyone just the right amount of knowledge in many areas where a larger number of people will start putting things together and seeing the contradictions, the hypocrisy and the exclusivity and narrow mindedness that academia can condition people to have. Keep peoples focus on this corner right over here-look close with laser like tunnel vision so that you don't catch the hink and jenk happening in your periphery.

And also to cut down the amount of people who are experts in more than one area, because that would definitely produce lots of people that know how to do lots of different things in order to say, survive catastrophe or come up with solid plans to overthrow an ever encroaching dictatorship.

Or even merely seeing how pigeon-holing oneself can be dangerously myopic giving one a shielded existence where the view becomes dysphoric and unrealistic.

A caricature of itself thus of oneself, rigidly adhering to "the way it' s always been" or "the way it is". And we get set in our own grooves and habits and quirks and they too become caricatures as extensions of our own selves.

If they can push people into one little tiny area of study, they'll be less capable with less knowledge to know what to do in a global crisis-like how to survive and live off the land. Their degrees in computational molecular biology or kernel code programming become useless.

Kids would benefit being taught how to live off the land-virtually no one is taught those things any more.

And it's all because it really does take a village to raise a child. But the villages are now big, anonymous cities and the urban lifestyle is detrimental to every psyche in it. It disrupts everything to ones dream cycles to there being too many strangers that no one knows and thus cannot readily or easily trust. Yes it takes a village, not a metropolis.

I understand that I'm generalizing but what I'm trying to say is that not educating people in many areas of study breeds ignorance of what it means to really have to keep yourself alive in the world. The world in it's natural state anyway.

Guess that is exactly why they are trying to do away with the world in its natural state. Trying and vying even to control nature itself. GMO's have threatened the entire food supply and farming grounds with roundup ready faux seeds. Punching holes in guts. Shredding and fragmenting the body, mind and soul. It is not hard to see what is happening here.

Get us slowly used to getting fewer and fewer nutrients-goes right along with a trans human agenda. Replace the body parts with machinery little by little-metal and even plastic, circuit boards, nanobots.

Trying to eradicate the animal part of ourselves. It can't be done successfully without severe consequence. Take out the animal in human and you are left with a ragdoll. The animal in human is wrapped up with the Soul and in turn, Memories. It doesn't make sense to control Nature and to control the Human and seed genome. It sounds like a madman's attempt to control people, situations and outcomes.

But I digress.

Heard and MacDonald Islands Backside of Giant

Heard and MacDonald Islands Backside of Giant

Time will tell, there will be brave souls that will be able to scientifically prove the existence of giants with DNA. If it's not already happening, it will soon.

What one ought to do with this information is study Google Earth yourself, while you still can. Each version of GE gets worse and worse for viewing interesting things and most certainly, questionable things with-a lot is now blurred or it's covered with endless filters and/or clouds.

Also go to Zoom Earth, a browser application that shows strange looking weather patterns of clouds that many times resembles things that look human albeit fantastically larger than the current homo sapien inhabiting the planet. It's no secret that clouds and fog all roughly outline that which it covers. And being that clouds and fog are made of water and it's a well known fact that water holds memory, the idea that huge weather systems give telltale signs of past events is not so farfetched. A good look at that software program, Zoom Earth will indicate that.

There is too much on Google Earth that seems deliberately concealed. Especially if you've been paying attention over the years to how the app has narrowed it's visual capabilities, you'll know what I'm talking about. There is no good reason to have something blurred out unless something is being hidden. Most of the time if it's blurred(and not a military installation or similar) it's because it looks human, the only reason I can see for doing this is because it really is human.

No one can sensationalize the Truth because the truth is counterintuitively sensational, at least from your experience where truth is still such a novel thing. In other words, Truth wouldn't be sensational if it was practiced as the norm.

Truth is only stranger than fiction when the audience isn't used to it being an automatic function of perception and response.

Here ya go!

Truth is only stranger than fiction when it's not practiced as the norm.

Your human arrogance will be your downfall every time. You are so self assured about the exact wrong things and faith wavers so greatly over things completely out of your ability or willingness to innerstand or overstand.

You crystalize too soon, sealing in those old outdated beliefs you haven't updated since say, high school that just don't apply anymore and haven't been relevant since you formed the beliefs. You stop creating new neural pathways in the brain by closing off your opinions, beliefs, ways of doing things and snapping shut the ability to be open to new ideas- especially when it comes to younger people.

Older people have a hard time heeding advice from younger people because older people think they've cornered the market on life experience but if that persons life experience is narrow, rigid and with a minimal radius that the young person may have already encompassed in life then there will be no value or serve even as a warning to the younger person.

I know that at some point decades ago, I stopped looking to older people for advice, knowing how biased their perception is because of a limited range of experience or limited depth of thought. Older people serve more as a warning to me than not. And I'm positive that it's the same for a younger person looking at me saying to themselves "Yikes! What a warning! Don't wanna be like that!"

For a long time I've viewed the younger and younger generations to be inherently more evolved and more intelligent than the generations previous-that's not the same as being more enlightened and advanced spiritually however many and more younger people are more advanced and enlightened on a spiritual level.

Younger people long before this point were already advanced beyond my generation before I even went to high school! But I come from a rigid and hard headed generation.

Shoot, this current western civilization is so new but already so pronounced, one has to study the culture with all it's pop culture and memes, advancements in technologies and sciences and business, all its art forms, everything about this culture for the past 100 years, in utero! That's probably why kids come out of the womb seemingly knowing how to do stuff mommy and daddy can't do. That and no doubt cellular memory of whence they came, probably they themselves as their great grandparents on back who started this "industrial revolution" in the nineteenth century.

The ptb set up this rat race and you'll kill yourself for the convenience of being able to die early.. hurry before the next guy does it. You live your lives as if you were merely worker bees or ants. It's the flex that was more or less coerced onto you-making you feel ashamedly responsible for something you have no part in until you conform because society dictates that you must have this list _____ of things in order to be accepted.

The ptb have systematically brought you down to the lowest common denominator as merely a possession for their use and misuse if not abuse. Because when they are done using the best years of your life, they discard you-the sooner the better because they will always tell certain folks to proliferate(like the military)so as to use up the next generation of fresh blood for their money generating wars of invasion and retrieval.

And in so doing never get the chance to find out who they are themselves and why they chose to incarnate on the Earth. People's purposes get run roughshod over by the time they can even form sentences. People are conditioned to be controlled and told what we "should" do.

The bottom line is, whether or not giants were real, the Google Earth pictures indeed merit something. If not giants then there are definite artifacts out there waiting to be discovered. But with all the imagery taken over the past half century, it's unlikely that the elite don't already know these things exist, no matter what they are.

© 2021 Jennifer Lind

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