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Ghosts Of The American Civil War

The Ghosts Of Gettysburg

The Battlefield at Gettysburg Pennsylvania is said to be one of if not the most haunted locations in the United States. Over 7800 men died at Gettysburg and its no doubt that the ghosts of many men are trapped there in time. Forever trapped at Gettysburg. Many no doubt don't even realize that they died at Gettysburg.

If you check into the ghost stories of Gettysburg you will find that you have both residual and intelligent hauntings at Gettysburg.

The three day battle ended on July 3 1863 and when it was over over 7800 men lay dead of their injuries suffered on the battlefield. Tens of thousands more men were wounded and many crippled for life from the injuries they received on the battlefields of Gettysburg.

Visitors to Gettysburg quite often snap photographs of ghosts in and around the battlefields of Gettysburg. You can see some of those ghost photos just below there. It is not at all uncommon for a ghost of a Confederate or Union soldier to walk up to someone at Gettysburg and talk to them. These ghosts don't even realize that they are dead. They think they are alive and that the battle is still going on.

During the filming of the movie Gettysburg it happened many times. Actors would have people walk up to them and then they would suddenly realize that it was a ghost that had walked up to them.

At the battlefield known as Little Round Top ghosts have been appearing for many years. It is just down the hill here that people often see the ghosts of soldiers walking in the edge of the woods at dawn and dusk.

I think its sad in a way that these men are trapped here forever fighting a war that will never end. They will forever be trapped here as ghosts. Forever fighting the war at Gettysburg.

If you want to see a ghost go to Gettysburg Pennsylvania. You have more chance of seeing a ghost there than almost anywhere else in the United States.

Check out the videos on this Hub Page and you may just catch a glimpse of a real live Gettysburg ghost.

I've been to Gettysburg many times and almost every time I've been there I've seen ghosts and experienced paranormal activity. I've heard muskets fire in the middle of the night. I've heard cannons fire where there are no cannons and I've had smoke drift over from where cannons just fired where there were no cannons. Ghosts and paranormal activity are very real on the battlefields of Gettysburg.

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Abraham Lincoln is one of the more famous Civil War era ghosts reported.

Abraham Lincoln is one of the more famous Civil War era ghosts reported.

The Ghost Of Abraham Lincoln

Abraham Lincoln has been reported inside the White House. He has also been seen and reported at Ford Theater where he was shot by John Wilkes Booth and he has been reported many times on the battlefield at Gettysburg crying with tears rolling down his cheeks while he walks across the battlefield.

The wife of Calvin Coolidge was the first to report seeing the ghost of Abraham Lincoln in the White House. But the most famous report came from the current Queen of England. When she spent the night in the Lincoln bedroom in the White House sometime in the middle of the night there was a knock on the door. The Queen got up and opened the door and there stood President Lincoln in his suit and top hat. The Queen fainted and she later reported she had no plans to spend the night there again.

Other people through the years who have reported seeing the ghost of Abraham Lincoln include Eleanor Roosevelt, Margaret Truman, and Gerald Ford's daughter Susan. Later Maureen Reagan the daughter of Ronald Reagan told of the ghost of President Lincoln walking down the hall and going straight through the door into the Lincoln bedroom. During the Civil War what is now the Lincoln bedroom was President Lincolns office and favorite room in the White House.

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Many times through the years people have told of seeing the door to the Lincoln bedroom opening and closing on its own. President Reagan once told of seeing the door open and close on its own and he made the comment that Mr Lincoln must have come home.

Susan Ford later told people that she was afraid of the ghost of Abraham Lincoln in the White House and she said she was happy when her family moved out of the White House so that she wouldn't have to see President Lincoln any longer.

What do you think about the ghost of President Lincoln in the White House. Please post your comment below. I for one would love to see the ghost of President Lincoln in the White House.

Gettysburg Ghost Soldier

Ghosts Of The American Civil War

Over the years there has been much speculation over the ghosts or the possibility of ghosts from the American Civil War. Some of the battlefields from the American Civil War have long had ghost stories associated with them. Gettysburg is infamous for all the ghost stories that are told of the soldiers from both sides of the Civil War still trying to fight the Civil War all these years later.

The Battlefield at Gettysburg is infamous for all the paranormal activity going on there. Every week or two there is a story of some one or often a group of people who have witnessed a strange paranormal event at the battlefield. It is one of the places associated with the Civil War where a huge number of reports of shadow people are reported. People quite often report seeing what looks like human shadows in the tree line near the main battlefield. Some people have made the claim that they see a black shadowy human shape with glowing red eyes in and near the tree line. Some people report that the figure they see is wearing a hat. There have even been reports of black shadow shapes that come up out of the ground and walk around before they jump up into the air and disappear.

Other people in and near the Gettysburg Battlefield have told of seeing soldiers marching along and some have reported the sound of many horses galloping and dust being kicked up but no horses are seen. Other people have told of coming up on wounded soldiers laying around and thought it was something that been staged. But when most of the people got near to the soldiers or spoke to them they were quickly gone.

Other people tell of seeing a young red haired woman running all over the battlefield screaming for Jim. She is always seen wearing a grey homespun dress and most people comment that she has the most beautiful red hair they have ever seen. Who is she or who is she looking for no one knows. She quite often appears out of nowhere and vanishes as quickly as she comes.

The Herr Tavern near the Gettysburg Battlefield was built in 1815 and was used by the Confederates as a hospital during and after the battle. Soldiers arms and legs were amputated and tossed out the upstairs windows to be collected and disposed of later. Most of the soldiers died and they have been reported in and around the tavern ever since the civil war. People who have stayed in the tavern recently tell of seeing soldiers wondering around the tavern and out on the front lawn. People have also reported hearing the sound of sawing and men begging for mercy. Some people who have tried to spend the night in some of the rooms in the old tavern have left in the middle of the night. Some people have been awakened to the sound of cannon fire and men screaming only to find no one was around shooting cannons or screaming. So it would seem that the Herr Tavern has lots of paranormal activity going on.

The Soldiers' Orphanage  near the Gettysburg Battlefield

The Soldiers' Orphanage near the Gettysburg Battlefield

President Lincoln In His Coffin In City Hall In New York City. This is the only photo known to exist of President Lincoln in his coffin.

President Lincoln In His Coffin In City Hall In New York City. This is the only photo known to exist of President Lincoln in his coffin.

Many people have reported seeing the ghost of Willie Lincoln in the White House. He died during the time President Lincoln was President.

Many people have reported seeing the ghost of Willie Lincoln in the White House. He died during the time President Lincoln was President.

It is interesting to note that the day of his death President Lincoln took a nap in the afternoon and later on that day he told his cabinet that he dreamed while he was asleep that he had been shot and killed by an assassins bullet and he had saw his own funeral in the dream. That very night he was shot and killed by John Wilkes Booth at Ford Theater.

President Lyndon Johnson supposedly had a conversation in the Lincoln bedroom with President Lincoln. Many jokes have been made about it over the years but the fact is that even when his wife asked him what President Lincoln said he refused to tell her. After President Johnson's death it was reported that in a diary of President Johnson's that he had wrote that President Lincoln had told him that he would be killed also by an assassin in his second term. President Johnson did not seek a second term.

It is a historical fact that Willie Lincoln died in the room that is the Lincoln bedroom in the very bed now in the room at about 5 P.M. on February 20th 1862. He was 11 years old when he died. Winston Churchill is said to have seen both the ghosts of Willie Lincoln and President Lincoln during his one night stay in the room. He ask for and got a different room for the rest of his stay at the White House.

Amy Carter the daughter of President Carter would often spend the night in the Lincoln bedroom in the hope that she would see President Lincoln but she said she never saw Mr Lincoln though she did report that the door opened and closed on its own on several occasions. The Carters dog refused to go into the Lincoln bedroom and would run out if it was carried into the room. The Reagan's dog also had a problem with the Lincoln bedroom. It would stand outside the door to the Lincoln bedroom and bark at the door.

Down throughout the administrations of many U.S. Presidents staff members of various U.S. Presidents have reported seeing the ghost of President Lincoln in the Lincoln bedroom and in other locations around the White House. He is also seen on the White House lawn. President Lincoln has also been seen in the Capital building and in Fords theater setting in the box where he was shot.

He is also seen in and around Springfield Illinois where his grave is located. It would seem that President Lincoln is a very active ghost.

The cellar of the old Soldiers Orphanage house near the Gettysburg Battlefield scares even paranormal investigators. Some have told of something in that basement that smells like sulfur and it has been reported that what ever it is has bitten and scratched people who have went into the cellar leaving marks on them. A small black dog is often reported running around the yard but then people realize that the dogs feet aren't quite touching the ground. If anyone approaches the dog it vanishes quickly.

Upstairs people tell of seeing a confederate soldier bleeding badly in the neck and chest area and a man in a confederate uniform carrying a black satchel is reported often on the steps going up to the second floor. People also report screams and pleas of mercy and the smell of gunpowder in the air both inside and outside the house.

It is a well known fact that there is quite often a lot more paranormal activity any where that there have been a large number of violent deaths. Battlefields like Gettysburg seem to have a huge number of ghosts and other paranormal activity. Near Charleston South Carolina is a barrier island called Folly Beach. At the upper end of the island near Charleston Harbor stands the Morris Island lighthouse. It is currently being saved and restored but the lighthouse is all that can be seen of Morris Island at high tide. At low tide the island raises up out of the water like a ghost. It was on Morris Island that Fort Wagner once stood and it was there where almost all of the 54th Massachusetts was wiped out. The men were buried after the battle there on Morris Island and on near by Folly Beach which is also a barrier island.

People often report the sounds of a battle going on in the area and many people over the years have reported seeing a Union Soldier walking along the beach on Folly Beach looking over towards Morris Island. Quite often after a huge storm human bones have washed up on Folly Beach and it was near here out in Charleston Harbor where the Confederate submarine Hunley was recovered. Whole companies of soldiers marching have been reported on Folly Beach and on near by James Island. There are unmarked graves of Civil War dead on all of the barrier islands in the area. And people often tell of seeing strange wandering lights out in the marshy area at night. People also tell of hearing horses galloping by on Folly Beach when there are no horses around. People have reported seeing strange lights just off shore ever since the Civil War.

What I find interesting is that quite often people report seeing almost the same exact thing. The Union Officer walking on the upper end of Folly Beach has been reported by many people over the years. Almost always people say the man is in the uniform of a Union Officer and he is almost always reported to be looking out towards where Fort Wagner and Morris Island once stood. Often people have reported that he looks so real but they notice that he leaves no tracks in the sand when he walks along. Who he is no one has ever been able to determine.

What do you think about , The Ghosts Of The American Civil War. Please post your comments below now. And thanks for reading.

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Judy Singleton on May 30, 2020:

Yes I do I joy reading about the war me and my is all the time on are phone look for thing we didn’t no so keep looking for them out there for us Thank you and have a bless day

Reverend RJ Reynolds on April 04, 2018:


There were between 46000 and 51000 CASUALTIES combined. Casualties include dead, wounded and missing or captured. The 7800 figure for dead is actually too high. There were 3155 Union Soldiers killed and 3903 Confederates killed, a total of 7058. Wounded accounted for far and away the greatest portion of casualties.

Pat McNees on May 04, 2017:

7800 dead? You're WAAAAAY off. Try between 46000 and 51000 combined.

Jay C OBrien from Houston, TX USA on April 05, 2014:

Is it any wonder Honest Abe haunts the white house? Abe is responsible for over 500,000 deaths in the civil war plus the widows and orphans. Lincoln was not a good diplomat. There were alternatives to the civil war: patience and education both public and private. Further there was the underground railroad. Eventually society would change.

Lincoln haunts the white house because of his terrible decisions.

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