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Mysterious Presence Caught on Tape

I am an author and paranormal enthusiast who has published numerous books and articles on the subject of true unexplained phenomena.

The Backstory

The series of events I'm about to share occurred on the evening of October 5, 2019. Before we get into exactly what happened, a bit of context is in order.

My sister owns and operates a successful pet sitting business. On occasion, she asks me to pitch in when she needs a helping hand. On this particular night, I was required to sleepover in the home of one of her clients.

Two dogs were in my care until morning. One was an older fellow that kept to himself and was as calm as a Sunday morning. The other was a ball of energy that seemed to never slow down.

My husband loves dogs and asked me to send him a photo of my charges. He was completely enamored of the younger dog, so much so that he sent me a message stating that he wouldn't mind adopting one of the same breed.

As the evening wore on, the younger dog began acting up more than usual. She was picking on her elderly companion and barking incessantly, in spite of my efforts to keep her entertained.

The dog's behavior was so over-the-top that I decided to film her to show my husband, quite frankly, that her beauty masked the heart of a brat. It was in the moments that followed that something unexpected made an appearance.

For anyone who thinks that the footage captured that night might have been manipulated in some way, think again. I have neither the inclination nor the know-how to accomplish such a feat. Only the length of the video has been altered.

The original time was 24 seconds which I've cut down to 4. This was done for two reasons. One is that nothing pertinent happens after the light vanishes from sight. The other is that the rest of the video clearly identifies the dogs which I feared was an invasion of the homeowner's privacy.

Now that the groundwork has been laid, here is the story in its entirety.

An Uninvited Guest

I was sitting on the loveseat watching the dogs roughhouse when I hit the record button. Apparently sensing that something was up, they reverted to their best behavior. After several seconds of the two of them doing absolutely nothing, I gave up and stopped filming.

Since the barking and acting up had ceased as soon as the recording began, I decided to delete the footage. Before doing so, I played it back, although I'm not sure why. What I saw immediately gave me chills.

In the very first moment, a light can be seen rising up from behind the younger dog and zooming right in front of the lens before disappearing off to the left. I have to stress that neither the light nor its source were visible through the cellphone lens. Likewise, they could not be seen by the naked eye. Simply put, they only showed up in the playback.

Although the room appears dark on film, there was a lamp burning only a few feet away. The big-screen television was also on at the time. Strangely, the entire video is soundless except for static. This, even though the volume on the tv was not turned down at the time and should have easily been picked up by the device.

The dogs, especially the younger one, were also panting since they had been playing just before filming started. Much like the noises from the television, their heavy breathing and milling about were drowned out by the loud buzzing sound that permeates the video.

Realizing immediately that something extraordinary had just happened, I attempted to send the footage to both my husband and my sister. Naturally, the file was too large and the messages wouldn't go through.

I phoned my sister and related the bizarre story to her. I then asked if either she or the owners, whom she knew well, had ever experienced anything out of the ordinary in the house. It turned out that she had never had a problem and, as far as she knew, neither had they.

She went on to say that the house was a relatively new construction. No one other than her clients had ever lived there. She explained that the only death that had occurred in the home had been that of a third dog who had passed away unexpectedly.

Before ending the call, my sister added one more rather disturbing note. She said that an old cemetery is located only a few hundred yards from the back of her client's house. She didn't know anything else about the resting place except that it is privately owned.

Although I wasn't able to share the video, I did send my sister a series of screenshots. The message I received in response came in the form of a prayer emoji.

More to Come

Antsy and in no mood to sleep, I spent the next few hours intermittently cuddling with the dogs and talking with my husband on the phone. When I noticed that the battery was low, I plugged the charger into an outlet in the living room.

The second that I inserted the plug, the laptop that the family kept in the dining room let out a piercing noise that sounded like a siren. I immediately unplugged my charger, fearing that I had somehow caused the device to malfunction.

For the next couple of hours, the laptop beeped every three or four minutes. It stayed on menu the entire time I was there, never once shutting down or going to sleep. Perhaps this is normal, but it was a first for me.

As the night wore on, the dogs sacked out in their respective spots while I slept fitfully on the sofa. I kept the television running, its volume on full blast since neither one of the remotes that had been left out seemed to control the sound level.

In the morning, the sun rose and the dogs enjoyed a romp outside after wolfing down their breakfast. Afterwards, I headed home to show my husband the recording from the previous night.

After viewing it over and over again, he was thoroughly flummoxed. His first and only guess as to the nature of the interloper was that it was a giant moth. All I can say is that, I was there and there were no flying insects in the room. Believe me, I would have seen it and so would the dogs.

At one point during my stay the younger dog had suddenly jumped up and began chasing something across the floor. When I checked it out, the object of her curiosity turned out to be a spider the size of a quarter. If a moth, or any other living thing, had zoomed through the room, it would not have escaped her ever-watchful eye.



At the end of the day, I don't know what the light represented. I do know that, if it was something from another place and time, it was by no means malevolent. Traditionally, a light that appears as white or blue is a harmless visitor from another realm. It is only when the apparition comes in the form of a dark shadow that one need worry.

The one person who shows no interest in viewing the recording is my daughter. In her words, "When you acknowledge supernatural things, you invite them into your life." She could be right. Unfortunately, for some of us, that ship has sailed.

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