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Virginia Walkers Ghost Stories

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Haunted Newberry South Carolina

Newberry South Carolina including the cemetery on Boundary Street is one of the most haunted places in the United States. Check out the photos of the cemetery in the photos above. And if you want to read all about the Newberry Cemetery then CLICK HERE NOW

Do you have ghost stories about Newberry South Carolina and surrounding area

If you have ghost stories about the Newberry South Carolina area we would love to hear from you. Send a email to thomasbyers at with " Newberry " in the subject line. And thanks.

Great Ghost Story

This is a story I encountered first hand. On April 1st 1990 my Grandfather passed away in his bed after a long and painful fight with stomach cancer. He left behind his Wife, 4 Children, 10 Grandchildren, and 2 Great Grandchildren. Shortly thereafter my Grandmother started talking about how he would come to visit her. We as a family played it off as maybe wishful thinking on her part because she took his passing very hard. That was of course until other Family members visiting her would encounter odd things happening. From my experience it started about 6 or 7 months after his passing. I am the oldest of 4 siblings and out of all the Grandchildren we were more likely to be visiting my Grandparents house because we lived very close them.

The first time I had witnessed at occurrence was while I was babysitting my 3 younger siblings. I was 13 or 14 at the time and we were all in the living room watching TV. I was setting on the couch and my younger siblings were on the floor in front of the TV. The couch faced the doorway of the room which led out into a hallway that connected the main living room to the bedrooms of the house. While watching TV I noticed something out of the corner of my eye and when I looked up I had a very clear view of my Grandfather walking by the door way going from the main living room towards the bed rooms. He had on a pair of pale yellow pajamas and oddly enough I remember seeing a head but an almost blurred face? Being fairly young my heart felt like it stopped and I know I must have turned very pale but I was speechless. I could not utter a single word. That was of course until I heard my youngest Sister scream. When she did that I looked back down on the floor and all 3 of my siblings were looking at the door way and they too had seen my Grandfather walk past the door way and into the bedroom that he had passed away in. I came to my senses and we all jumped up at the same time and ran to the door. We peeked around the corner to see if he was down the hall because the only way to get out of that room was via the door we had just seen him walk by. As we looked down the hall of course there wasn't anything in sight so we ran as fast as we could and went outside.

That's where we stayed until my Grandmother got home from the hairdresser. It took me a good 3 or 4 months before I would stay at the house again by myself but even then every now and then you'd get this weird feeling that someone was there with you. That was the first and only time I myself had witnessed him. However the stories my Grandmother told were of course short and I'm sure watered down because she didn't want to scare us kids from coming over. She told of seeing him standing in their bedroom door way during the day and at night, touching her as if to let her know he was there. There was one story she told that I did notice to be true. In the main living room they had what the family referred to"fancy furniture". It was the couch that we sat at only when company came over. There were a couple of throw pillows on the couch. And I remember while he was alive they would bicker back and forth about where to place the pillows on the couch. He preferred them to be leaning against the back of the couch whereas my Grandmother preferred them to be leaning on the armrest. Well, of course when he passed away she would keep them on the arm rest, but every so often you would notice that they would somehow be leaning against the back of the couch. Another odd occurrence that my Grandmother told was that my parents owned a small business not too far from my Grandparents house. One night around 1 am the store was broken into by someone that worked for my parents. Two eyewitnesses place the burgerly at that exact time. At the same time my Grandparents house had some very old fire detectors in every room. They had been there as long as I remember. And they would only be set off by heat not smoke. At the exact time that the store was being broken into the fire alarm in my Grandmothers bedroom went off. It was so loud the neighbor heard it and he came over to make sure she was okay so there is a witness as to what time the alarm went off. My Grandmother attributes that to my Grandfather trying to tell us what was going on.

In 1997 my Grandmother passed away and the house was sold to a Cousin who gutted the house out and changed the floor pattern around. But these stories still are told by my family as fact.

Ghosts Do Exist. Want Proof We Have It

And will present that proof here. Plus if you have a great ghost story or live in a haunted house we would love to hear from you. If you have a great ghost story we would love to hear it and if you would like we will include it here on this page for everyone to read. So if you have a great ghost story or if you live in a haunted house and would like to talk with one of our ghost hunterss end a email to If you are having a problem

with a ghost we might just be able to help you. The email you will receive will explain exactly what for you to do.

If you wish one of our investigators will contact you. If you live in the USA or Canada and would like to receive a phone call from one of our investigators include your phone number and the best time of day to call you. The phone call is on us and your complete confidentiality is assured.

Ghosts Do Exist. Watch The Below Video And You Will Believe

Haunted Places In The USA

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If so we would love to hear your story and we publish it here on the site if you send it to us and say publish it on the site. We will create a section for submitted stories. Send it to us and tell us what name you would like published with the story. We will not reveal any personel information about you to anyone. If you have a photo or photos send them to us also along with the name you want published with the photo or photos. Send all ghost photos or stories to and put "ghosts" in the subject line so we don't miss it. We will get them up as soon as possible and we will respect your privacy at all times. We would also like to hear from people with UFO stories , photos or really anything strange or unusual. Send your story or photos to with "ghosts" in the subject line so we don't miss it.

The White House Ghosts

It is said that Lincoln's ghost haunts the White House.He was last reported in August of 2001 and we all know what happened on September 11th of the same year. He appears in the room where the Lincoln bed is kept and boy is it a surprise when he does. Harry Truman once responded to a 3 o'clock knock on his door and found no one there. He attributed the knock to Lincoln.

Bess Truman opened the door to a knock one day and she said Mr Lincoln was standing there. She said she actually said what can I do for you Mr President. With that she said he vanished. The Secret Service have reported seeing him many times over the years and it is reported now that they are not to report it or write it up when they see him.

Lincoln is said to return to the White House when the security of the country is at risk. He strides up and down the second floor hallway, raps at doors, and stands by certain windows with his hands clasped behind his back. One staff member claimed to have seen Lincoln sitting on his bed pulling on his boots.

A bodyguard to President Harrison was kept awake many nights trying to protect the president from mysterious footsteps he heard in the hall. He grew so tired and worried; he finally attended a séance to beg President Lincoln to stop so he could get enough sleep to properly protect the president!

Abigail Adam's ghost was seen drifting through the closed doors of the East Room to hang the laundry during the Taft administration.Its said she appears during thunderstorms hurrying towards the front doors with a babsket to bring in her laundry.

A gardener claims to have spoken to the ghost of Dolly Madison, who reproved him for trying to remove the rose bushes she had planted over a hundred years ago.

In the 1930's Andrew Jackson's ghost could be heard laughing in the Rose room. And the spirit or ghost of what is reported to look like a large black panther has been reported often both at the capital building and on the white house grounds. It too appears when the nation is in trouble.

In the capitol many times over the years a young 8-9 year old black boy runs up and asks for Mr Neal. Sometimes he says he has a message for Mr Neal. When people talk back to him or approach him closer he vanishes quickly.

Haunted Graveyard in South Carolina

Tourist captures on video, unexplained paranormal activity while vacationing in Vatican City.

Haunted Church? Every Halloween county deputies guard this church because so many people go there to see if the stories are true.

The Videos On This Page

The videos on this page are from You Tube and are available for anyone to embed on their web site or web page. Just wanted to get that out there for any concerned person or persons.

Haunted Places In The USA

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Ghosthunting -- Scary Bridge

Rose Hill Plantation State Historic Site offers a look at antebellum South Carolina in a serene, rural setting. It’s also the historic home of South Carolina’s


Ghost Stories and Ghosts I Have Known

Newberry S.C. Old Abandoned Graveyard

Newberry S.C. has an old abandoned graveyard behind the Elementary School there. The graveyard lay abandoned for years and the stately tombs and grave enclosures fell into a really bad state and many are falling in. I was told about this cemetery and me and a friend have visited it on numerous occasions. Several times at night we have saw mists seemingly raise up out of graves and on many occasions have watched light orbs enter and leave the graveyard. One of the most erie things to happen was one night at approximately 11 pm we heard the sound of horses hooves approach the cemetery and then heard gospel hymns even though we could see nothing. Many people over the years have reported seeing a black horse drawn hearse and the road to the cemetery. If you approach it it vanishes. I have never saw the hearse but I have heard the horses hooves on the pavement and the air on the back of my neck stood up.

Caroleen NC Ghostly Bridge

In 1949 two ladies crashed into the Caroleen Bridge and were both killed instantly. The ladies had been to S.C. and has almost made it home when a car passed them and the lady driving the car panicked and her car went into the bridge killing both women. There is a new bridge there now much different than the old iron bridge that was there in 1949. Over the years many people have saw two older ladies walking towards the bridge. If you attempt to stop and ask them a question they vanish. Many people have called to report an accident on the bridge but before the police get there the car that has wrecked on the bridge vanishes. One night in 2001 I was lucky enough to witness the ladies walking towards the bridge. When we moved closer to the ladies walking they simply vanished. This was about 8 pm at night in a thunderstorm. It would appear the ladies are still trying to get home. Their home was in the Mill Village about 1/4 mile from where they died.

Rose Hill Plantation

Galilee Church Road , Union County S.C.

Many people have reported seeing a man even talking to him on the grounds. When they get inside the house on the tour offered there they are astounded when they see his portrait above the mantel. It is William H. Gist. South Carolina’s "Secession era Governor. It has been reported over and over many time over the years. People also come onto the grounds and ask where the civil war reenactment is. As they are driving along the mostly deserted road leading to the plantation they see civil war era soldiers riding horses. Some report seeing 30-40 men in civil war era uniforms riding alongside or across the road. Of course their is no reenactment going on. I myself have visited the plantation house and once on a late fall candlelight tour we observored a misty shape of a man walk up the steps. He vanished before he reached the top of the steps. Several of the people on the tour thought it was a trick and some did not see him at all. When looking at the portrait later we realized we had saw governor Gist. The man giving the tour said once while taking a nap in the living room chair some one or something covered him up with a old horse blanket that is on display there in the room.

Castillo de San Marcoss

St Augestine Florida and open to the public daily.

Many people over the years report a spanish soldier who smells of garlic and sweat centuries after his death. Many plains indians and apache indians were imprisoned there for many years and its their ghosts many people report. In 2005 we went real early one morning and were able to look in rooms deep with in the old fort. In what was supposed to have been a prisoner area deep under the fort we had to enter almost doubled over to get in we found ourselves in a dank musty room that had been home to the indians for years. All at once we clearly smelled cooking. And heard the clatter of pots and pans. The tour guide laughed and said the ghosts were getting fed. He told us you heard these sounds and smelled strange smells all the time. Over the years many tourists visiting the fort have reported seeing an indian leap from the top of the forts wall and fall to his death outside. Of course when people go to investigate no one is there. There are also reports of a small 7-8 year old red haired little girl appearing to people inside the Fort and asking to be taken to her mother. If you reach towards her or try to talk to her she vanishes. From time to time people will report the sound of cannon fire coming from the Fort late at night and often the police are called but of course no one is firing the cannons that have long ago been sealed with cement.

Castillo de San Marcoss

Castillo de San Marcoss Aerial View St Augestine Florida

Castillo de San Marcoss Aerial View St Augestine Florida

More Of My Ghostly Adventures

Casa de La Paz St Augestine Florida

The Ghost Is Next Door

During America's prohibition period, rumrunners from the Caribbean cruised the shores of Florida looking for places to sell their bootleg liquor. What's now the Casablanca Inn was at that time a bay front boarding house operated by a local widow.

It didn't take the widow long to discover she could make extra money by working with the bootleggers to provide liquor to her guests and St. Augustine locals. Her business became even more profitable when federal agents began staying at the boarding house.

If revenuers were in town when a delivery was planned, the woman waited until dark and climbed to the widow's walk on her roof, where she swung a lantern back and forth, signaling the bootleggers to cruise on by.

Today, shrimpers and other fisherman passing through the inlet often see a light swinging back and forth from the top of the Inn. Guests staying at the Casa de La Paz next door have been awakened by a light shining in their window. The former owner may still be trying to signal her suppliers that it isn't safe to set shore." In 2006 we made a point of renting the room where the light is supposed to shine in the window of. Sure enough at 3.11 am we saw a light shining in our window from next door. When we went to the window nothing was there. No light at all. But you could step back away from the window and the light would return. We tried our best but could never find the source of the light and the next morning we visited next door and were told the building had been locked and empty the night before. Undoubtfully we had just had another ghostly experience.


More Ghosts And Ghostly Adventures

The Old Rutherford County Jail And The Man Hung There

Rutherford N,C,

The jail is now long gone but when I was a child it was still there and so was the old gallows where Benjamin Franklin Harris was hung on a cool April morning, He had stood trial and was convicted of murder. Before he was hung he swore he was innocent and cursed the gallows and the jail. He said that nothing would ever prosper on the site even if the jail was torn down. He was hung and they buried him in a near by woods. Over the years many many people saw his shadow hanging there on the jail wall near where the gallows was. Eventually the old jail was torn down and a new jail was built near by. The property was sold and no matter what business was built or opened on the property failed. Several burned to the ground. Today once again the property is empty. No business has ever lasted over a few months there even major restaurant chain restaurants. All have failed for one reason or another. With the major chain restaurant that was built there every pipe in the building collapsed and they were never able to find out why.

The Old Coast Guard Station Area

Folly Beach S.C.

Here and near here several major battles of the Revolutionary and Civil Wars were fought, Several hundred yards from the abandoned Coast Guard station most of the men of the 54th Massachusetts were killed in a major civil war battle. ( See Photo Above of the 54th Massachusetts on Ft Wagner ).

Many times over the years their graves have been uncovered. Even today their is no marker to tell you what happened there. The island where Ft Wagner once stood is now visible only at low tide. The lighthouse sticks up out of the water at high tide.

The end of Folly Beach island looks out towards where Ft Wagner once stood. That area of Folly Beach is deserted except for fisherman and people walking for exercise. Over the years this has become the scene for hundreds of ghost stories and ghost sightings. At times even the battle of Ft Wagner is seen by tourist and they go back to the little town of Folly Beach to some of the Cafes or Stores there and ask about the film being made at the end of the island. Only to get strange looks. Many people have reported seeing a one armed Army Officer walking along the beach looking out towards where Ft Wagner once stood. From descriptions he appears to be a Union Army Officer.

On the real early morning of June 9th I and a friend were there walking on the beach when we noticed someone walking towards us. As the figure got closer it was plain to see it was or appeared to be a Union Officer walking towards us in a blue uniform. He got close enough to us that we could see his face almost and then he vanished. Simply vanished. We noticed that we were leaving tracks in the wet low tide sand but when we got to where the man had been there were no tracks. We walked at least another half mile up the beach but there were no tracks in the sand. We went back the next morning at the same time to try to get another glimpse or photo of him but the beach was crowded with fisherman. Several times I have been back there but have never seen him again. He looked solid when we saw him. And he was wearing a blue civil war uniform with a plumed hat. Which is what officers wore. It was truly one of the best ghost sightings of my life.

Ghost Attack Caught On Camera - Real Entity Attack - Paranormal Evidence #11

Unexplained World - Haunted Caves of Minnesota

Bachelors Grove Cemetery , A video journey through Bachelors Grove Cemetery, Chicago. One of the most haunted cemeteries in the world.

This picture was taken in the Stanley Hotel in Estes Park, CO on 4/15/07

This picture was taken in the Stanley Hotel in Estes Park, CO on 4/15/07 by  Greg Jeffers. Credit to Greg Jeffers for this photo. This picture is of Orbs in the hallway at the Stanley Hotel

This picture was taken in the Stanley Hotel in Estes Park, CO on 4/15/07 by Greg Jeffers. Credit to Greg Jeffers for this photo. This picture is of Orbs in the hallway at the Stanley Hotel

The Stanley Hotel Haunting

The 4th Floor of the Stanley Hotel is the former Servants Quarter and it is here where a lot of activity is seen and heard. Children can be heard running and playing in the hall there when there are no children present.

If you get to stay at the Stanley Hotel be sure to request room 418 as it was here where Stephen King wrote part of the Shining inspired by the Stanley Hotel. The ABC mini series was filmed at the hotel as well.

The Hotels former owners F.O. and Flora Stanley haunt the hotel to this day. Mr Stanley is heard playing the piano in the music room and he has been seen and felt in the billiards room and in the lobby.

The Stanley Hotel


Perched regally on a hill commanding the town, the Stanley is one of Colorado's great old hotels, impeccably maintained in its historic state, yet with all the modern conveniences. F. O. Stanley (the inventor of the Stanley Steamer) began construction in 1907, and when it opened in 1909 it was the first hotel in the world with electricity and the first in the U.S. with in-room telephones. The hotel that inspired Stephen King's novel The Shining conducts historical and ghost tours daily. Many of the sunny rooms have mountain views and are decorated with antiques and period reproductions. 138 rooms.

Booger Man Walls , True Ghost Story

Part of the building is still there at the Broad River Bridge just outside Forest City N.C. It the building has been a store and a cafe since that Halloween night in 1957 when a old man who ran a store there was robbed and beaten to death. He was found by people who came to his store on the morning of November 1 1957. His last name was Walls and people say there never was a meaner man. That was the reason for his name , " Booger Man Walls " It had been rumored that he had jars of money hid around on the propery and the person or persons who robbed him had clearly tried to tortue him with a knife before cutting his throat and stabbing him numerous times. Now while the crime was horrific the story was about to turn darker. People began to see the old man walking along the road walking towards the bridge. If you attempted to look at him closely he would scream at you for his money and vanish. Over the years many people were to see old man Wall's as he appeared to search along the road and along the river bank about 100 feet from his former store and place of death. People would see him with a shovel digging under the bridge. Was he even in death still looking for his stolen money.

On the night of January 6th 2000 I saw him myself as he walked along the side of the bridge walking towards the site of his former store. At first it was not clear to me what I was seeing until I noticed the mans feet did not clearly touch the ground. I went up the road and turned around to go back and get a better look but he was gone. What is it that Booger Man Walls continues to look for after all these years.When I saw him he was dressed in black pants , and a dark jacket. His hair looked dark and wild. Exactly as he has been described by others over the years.

One interesting note is that when they went to bury Booger Man Walls they had a real hard time getting him into the casket as his body had been bent into a fetal position in death and it did not release even after his death. They say he was stabbed over 40 times and tips of some of his fingers had been cut off. His throat also was cut and they say that at some point he had tried to write what appeared to be Satan in his own blood in the floor beside him.

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In the "St. Augustine Ghost pics part 2" above, the picture of the bearded man in uniform was very clear, as was the picture of ? perhaps a thin ghost?? But the most touching ghost in the video, is the woman playing with the baby in front of the tree. Thanks for posting! Wonderful pics!

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I definitely have a new found respect to those who post topics like these. Until recently, I did not believe in these stories. A few weeks back, a friend who has a "third eye" says there is a lady wearing red camisole who has been living with us. I did not believe at first but a nanny who has been with us confirmed this but did not talk anything about it until someone opened up the topic. Pretty scary huh!

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I had ghosts in my old house Norfolk UK and heard one at my boarding school I sometimes see little flashing orbs in this flat too!

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Thank you so much posting such an amazing ghost videos and some facts about paranormal stories. I, myself, also experienced several terrifying scenarios years ago, so I am a believer.

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i believe in paranormal activity and ghosts as i can see them walking round like normal people. i know it sounds like im a looney r something but its true. i dont like to tell people about this as they tend to get the wrong idea. i would really like to visit some of those places shown in the video clips and find out what really went on.

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And yes I do still see ghosts. Just a couple of weeks ago I saw a skinny man behind his home.The ghost used to live there. He is deceased along with his wife. Haven't seen her yet. I have seen ghosts on my neighbors porch, her husband is deceased and I do believe it is him because he was heaver. Keep your eyes open people they are all around us, but please do not be scared.

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hi im nana n i have ghost in my house n i have really seen them in my dining room,my bedroom, n other places 2 so i do think thay r real.........

SilverBird on January 29, 2009:

In Kings Mountain NC There is a community Halls Cossing Which I call Haunted Hall Crossing The rumor is there is an old buriel ground duing the Civil War ghosts Are seen around this area. Now new homes sit where a cemmetary was. We have a lot of Ghosts in Kings Mountain and I have seen some myself.

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Natalia on September 15, 2008:

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