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Ghost Stories of Huntsville, Alabama

L. Sarhan has been a paranormal investigator and researcher for over 25 years.

Discover a few of the ghost stories and paranormal accounts said to be haunting Huntsville, Alabama.

Discover a few of the ghost stories and paranormal accounts said to be haunting Huntsville, Alabama.

Huntsville has a rich history so it is no surprise that it is also rich in ghost stories and urban legends. Some have a long, detailed story whereas other places are just reoccurring, unexplained phenomena. Whatever the stories are in the haunted Huntsville area, many people are fascinated by them and some choose to investigate the stories for themselves.

Dead Children's Playground

There are several eyewitness accounts of the sound of screaming and crying children as well as swings that seem to swing on their own even on a still night. This normally occurs between 11 pm - 3 am. It has intrigued many and frightened a few. Located next to Maple Hill Cemetery, it has been gated at night due to people coming late at night to try to catch a glimpse of the ghost children.

There are a few different stories surrounding Dead Children's Playground, also known as DCP. However, none of the stories has been confirmed to hold any truth. One popular story is that in the 1960s, many children were abducted and their lifeless bodies were found at this playground. It is rumored that it was the work of Satanists. However, there is another story that children were happily playing at the playground when someone began shooting the children. It is said that there were no survivors.

Hell's Gate

Hell's Gate is about a mile from the bottom of Green Mountain. It is a set of large, black, iron gates that keep trespassers off the property of a large estate. It is rumored that if you park in front of the gates for a while, a menacing car comes racing down the mountain and will chase you until you are off the mountain, then just vanish as quickly as it appeared. It is also said that if you can get through the iron gates, you will hear eerie chants and screams in the distance. Then you will hear as though someone is rushing around you, but you won't see anyone.

Crybaby Hollow

Many areas around the world have their own Crybaby Hollow/Bridge stories and the Huntsville area is no exception. About fifteen miles south of Huntsville, off Entrekin Road, there is a bridge where people have rumored hearing a phantom baby's cries. It is said that a woman crashed her car off the bridge and although she survived, she never could find her baby. As the folklore goes on, it is said that if you park on the bridge and set out a Baby Ruth candy bar, you will hear the pitter-patter of little feet. Soon the candy bar will disappear and you may even find tiny handprints or hear scratching sounds along the side of your car.

Maple Hill Cemetery

Maple Hill has been around since 1818 and is considered the largest cemetery in the state. Many historical figures are laid to rest here. There are many stories rumored over the years as well as experiences that can't be explained. Some of the rumors include one about a witch living close by who has a cat that wanders the cemetery and the surrounding neighborhood. It is said if you pay the cat any attention then the witch will place a curse on you. Another story that rumors the town is that a woman was placed in her mausoleum sitting in her favorite rocking chair. It is told that if you listen carefully you will be able to hear her still rocking.

Eyewitness accounts include seeing glowing angels and even demons. If you shine your headlights in Erskine's mausoleum you will be able to see one of the angelic beings inside the tomb. On the north side, there is said to be a boy ghost that likes to play with your legs.

Regardless of the stories and folklore told, remember that it is illegal to enter the cemetery after dark. There are signs at each entrance reminding people of this.

The Cedarhurst Mansion

Sally Carter loved visiting her sister, Mary Ewing, and her brother-in-law, Stephen Ewing. She loved the property and was quite happy in her visits. Unfortunately, she became very ill and died on the property on November 28, 1937, which was only three weeks until Sally would be sixteen. She has been seen walking the property and has been known to be a "pleasant young lady". Although originally buried on the grounds of Cedarhurst Mansion, she now lays to rest in an unmarked grave at Maple Hill Cemetery. Teens would continuously trespass by her grave in hopes to catch a glimpse of her. There is also a story of how a seventeen-year-old boy had a dream that Sally asked him to fix her tombstone. That next morning he found that her tombstone had fallen over. This was the first account, but the tombstone seemed to make a habit of falling over frequently.


Space Camp

When building the sleeping quarters below ground at Space Camp, they used explosives to make holes in the ground to get ready to build. Unfortunately, one of the explosives discharged early burying a man alive in the rubble. Camp counselors and security officers have reported hearing footsteps through the corridors. They have also heard him yelling for help and moans of pain echo through the halls late at night.

Liberty Hill

Liberty Hill Road is located off Winchester Drive. It is said that a witch was hung from a tree and vowed her revenge. Since then there have been strange occurrences, even the death of a young teenager. There is a cemetery along that road that adds to the creepy factor.

Juniper Hill

Juniper Hill is another favorite haunt for teens. It is said that a witch is haunting the wooded area there, riding her horse. She doesn't like trespassers, but it is reported that all she will do is stare at you eerily until you finally leave.

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Old Dallas Mill Site

Shortly after the Old Dallas Mill was built in 1891, a man died while cleaning the smokestacks. Workers refuse to go down to the basement because they believed this was a place the man haunted most frequently. The mill was closed in 1949 and became home to several homeless people. However, the mill burned down in 1992 and they found the body of a homeless man in the rubble. There are several accounts of seeing these two men haunting the ruins.


Huntsville High School

Several people throughout the years claimed to hear teenagers walking through the halls laughing. It seems to only occur after basketball practice or after softball practice. Since the first accounts were reported the old Huntsville High School has been demolished and a field is in its place. However, they did rebuild but it is uncertain if the same occurrences still occur today.

Kent Robertson Park

One summer a young boy died at the park. They decided to rename the park and place a memory stone there in his honor. It is said that you can hear him playing in the park at night along with the woods behind the park. No one has seen him, just heard him.

Heritage Bible College

It is said that late at night you can hear a former youth minister, Anthony Stephens, haunted the halls and flushing the toilet. Adam Cooper and Robert Ekisbus are also rumored to haunt the halls with Anthony. Many accounts say they hear the say something that resembles the word cheese.

115 Clinton Ave

This address has had many names, but the stories are relatively the same. Originally it used to be a furniture store but now it has been host to several night clubs. There are two variations to a common story from when it was a furniture store. Mary was working late one night and some say that she met her demise when the elevator she was on plummeted to the bottom. Others say she simple fell down the elevator shaft. Regardless of how it happened, several club employees have reported hearing strange, unexplainable noises and a feeling of being watched in the basement.

If you are thinking about investigating these places, please understand that in most cases it is considered trespassing. Acquiring prior permission would be wise. Some of the locations only have occurrences at night and yet it is illegal to be there after dark. Whether the stories are true or not, it isn't worth the fines or possible jail time trying to experience the accounts yourself.

© 2014 Linda Sarhan


Joanna Chandler from On Planet Earth on September 09, 2014:

Hmmm sounds pretty interesting and scary at the same time. I for one would not venture to such places, worst yet at nights i'd be freaking out. Way too creepy for my heart lol.

I am also happy that i live so many hundreds /thousands of miles away from Alabama.

Thanks for sharing

Don A. Hoglund from Wisconsin Rapids on September 09, 2014:

I didn't know Huntsville had such a history of the paranormal. I almost went to live there as my job was schduled to be moved there. It didn't happen, so I have missed encountering any of these events. voted up and sharing.

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