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What Does It Mean to be Made in God's Image?

Reformed Eve is a daughter of God, which makes her royalty - no matter what the world throws at her. She straightens her crown quite often.

Book of Genesis

Book of Genesis

Did God Create the World?

Many people have a hard time believing that God created the Earth and the Heavens. At this time, we exist on a galaxy that we can't really comprehend. Supposedly, we spin at some extremely fast rate. However, even though this is occurring, we remain in place, barely noticing the events happening in the space around us. All the stars, could it have just happened with a "Big Bang"? In a way, it's probably harder to believe that we came out of nowhere, and maybe more comforting, and easier, to believe that God made us. The Bible says that God create the Universe.

How Did God Create the World?

Many people heavily debate over this very topic. As mentioned earlier, some say Big Bang Theory. Some say that the world evolved over many, many years. Some say that God created the Earth. If you delve into any religion, you can see that they have some kind of earth-creation story. The truth is, in this lifetime, we may never know exactly how God created the Universe.

Who Created God?

Was God there the whole time? He was there always. If we think about, something had to exist since the beginning. I don't believe there was a Creator before God. I actually don't believe in primordial soup. Human minds do have a limit, and that limit forces us to come to a hard stop when it comes to trying to discover where God came from. According to the Bible, He just 'is', and always was. We can't understand it, and maybe our minds have certain limits for a reason. Even though we may not completely understand the origins of God, we can know that God cannot be confined in a box of human understanding, not completely.

How Long Did It Take for God to Create the World?

There are many theories that surround this question, but we can narrow it down to two. Was each day, in accordance to the Bible, a twenty four hour day, as we know a day to be? Or was each day maybe a span of a hundred years, or even a million of years? How did God define a day? This is interesting, because, automatically, we want to, again, fit God into our human-mind box. What is a day to God? It's important to note that God created our Earth in a way that made sense, and it had an important order. He created light. Then he created water. Then he created dry land, and then created grass, and so on.

God said, "It was Good."

God noticed the work he did, and he recognized it as being a good thing. He was happy with his work. I wouldn't go as far as to say 'proud', but he was definitely pleased. Sometimes, we, as humans, feel guilty for having some kind of good feelings about good work we do. In a way, it's fine to feel this bit of guilt, because it means you're more humble than proud. You have to ask yourself, is what you're doing and accomplishing something that would also please God?

The Trinity in Genesis

Interestingly, in the first chapter of Genesis on verse 26, God says, "Let us make man in our image." It's a bit of a cryptic verse, because all of a sudden, there's an "us". Who is "us"? Many people speculate that "Us" is in reference to the Trinity. A hard concept that Genesis may be hinting at is that God is The Father, The Son, and The Holy Ghost. This is something that we can definitely go in depth in later, as the concept is sometimes confusing. Some people feel that God talked in this way because, since he's royalty, kings spoke in a form that was plural. I don't believe this is necessarily the case, as, again, I don't feel God would just talk to himself in the "Royal We" form.

How Are We Made in God's Image?

When we think of the phrase -made in God's image - it's a little bit confusing. Sometimes we think of God as looking like Gandalf in Lord of the Rings. But maybe we weren't made in God's 'physical' image. Maybe we are reflections of the Glory of God. In Genesis 1: 26-27, God mentions that we are made in his image, and likeness, so that we can rule over the fish, birds, livestock and wild animals. If we follow the Bible, humans are more than animals, which brings evolution into question. I mention evolution because many people may ask, "If we were made into God's image, how does evolution come into play?" Maybe being made in God's image means having cognitive capacities separate from animals. But then we think of Chimps and Orcas and their expansive feelings and cognitive processes, and the thought is challenged. We think of those who have limited capacities and may have some kind of impair reasoning by birth or circumstance and we ask, "They're still a child of God." Maybe God meant our spiritual capacities. We can't measure an animal's spiritual capacity, at this time, so a contradiction to this may not exist. In the Bible, an image usually referenced some kind of idol or wooden structure that was supposed to look like something else.

Let's go back to being a reflection of God's Glory. We shall never be exactly like God, but we can reflect his patience, kindness, love, faithfulness, and forgiveness. We share these characteristics with God. God even felt jealousy and anger, so maybe we share that with God as well. I know Jesus felt despair before his death, even to the point of asking God to let that moment pass over him because he probably felt afraid - an emotion we consider human. We have to remember that the worth of a human has nothing to do with how many achievements you meet, or how much money you have, or the name brands wear. Your true self-worth actually comes from being made in God's image, as is expressed in Genesis. We can allow ourselves to feel an increase self-esteem knowing that we share these special characteristics with God. You are of a worth that is infinite in God's eyes. You have the freedom to not only love God, but it know him on an extremely intimate and personal level. You have the power to make positive changes in the world around you, using God as your guide and your muse, if you will.

God Made Man and Woman

In Genesis Chapter One, God made man and Woman, again, in his very image. Neither one is more important than the other, and both hold equal weight and responsibility in the eyes of God. In Genesis, neither the man nor the woman is more exalted than the other, and neither is depreciated either. God mentioned that he gave Adam and Eve 'dominion' over the Earth. This doesn't mean that they can rule and do whatever they wanted to do, as they pleased, recklessly. This meant that they were to care for the environment and the animals upon the Earth and Seas. He wanted his Creation to be cared for in a loving manner.

Ending Notes for Genesis

While, again, we may never have all the answers to certain questions, we can rest in the comforting embrace of the fact that God created everything we see. God created us, and even better, in his image. He saw that his Creation was good. That means he thought that YOU were good! So if you ever feel like you don’t matter, or that you're worthless, remember that to God, you are treasure. He created you for a reason and you are an extremely valuable life and heartbeat to him. If you're interested in learning more about the Bible, consider getting a Life Application Study bible that not only has the scriptures, but also notes that give in depth information about the Scriptures. It's important to read the scriptures, but it's even more important to understand them and apply them in your every day life.

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Reformed Eve (author) from USA on April 14, 2020:

Thank you so much for your wonderful comment. It is truly appreciated.

Alianess Benny Njuguna from Nairobi, Kenya on April 09, 2020:

Hello Eve. This is a beautiful piece on the Book of Genesis chapter 1. It's true we should never limit God by confining Him into our understanding. God's thoughts are higher than ours so are His ways. We should be content with who God is.

As pertaining to the meaning of days, maybe we will never know. Such things we will know in heaven. Apostle Paul said a day to God is a thousand years to us. Also, we should remember when God was creating the world, He did so not in the confine of the world but outside it. How He created the world and universe, we will never know.

Lastly, there is no other Supreme Being before God. We will never know about the existence of God because we would know it understand. God said I AM WHO I AM. That in itself is enough.

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Mark Richardson from Utah on January 25, 2020:

Interesting thoughts. I've thought about a few what ifs such as maybe a big bang was part of the creation or maybe there is some evolution, however slight. But we are definitely children and offspring of God.

Elijah A Alexander Jr from Washington DC on December 01, 2019:

Reformed Eve, It has been revealed to me that God has always been and shall forever be and everything we ca see is within God. Because of splitting the "Atom" we can seed that everything happens in cycles from the smallest to the largest of things. So we are in God and God's life-force is also in us.

We know, for instance, our blood cells discarnate while others continue to be reproduced, so we can say we are like God's blood cells incarnating and discarnating to maintain God's existence. Thus, the Bible is an explanation of how our "third rock from the sun" functions in a cycle like seasons, days and years (Gen. 1:14). That means the earth and everything here have alternate seasons.

There is a metaphor of the "Phoenix" or "Sunbird" that lives for a 500 years then builds a next and burns itself to ashes and rises out them a phoenix again. By using a day for the mode of its being we will call the ashes duration Evening, the "Sunbird's" duration morning, the transition from evening to morning is "first light to morning" and its burning itself up "sunset to dark." The transitions are shorter than mornings and evenings and with the Bible's seven days are that transition. Related to the Revelation's "thousand years" giving birth to the "dead in Christ" to creation days they were a thousand years each and there will be 7 before Revelation 21s Evening civilization begins. Then say evenings and mornings are 12 times the transitions it would make them 84,000 years each.

Then we would expand evenings and mornings concepts to our solar system's cycle around whatever it revolves around and multiply it for an expanded cycle. All of these cycles are in God and aways was and shall be, our being in God's image is suggest we always was and shall be. However, we are the life-force and not the various manifestations we embody to learn specifics and integrate them into our consciousnesses once we go through the "New Birth" to become like the Christ. But ultimately each of our life-forces will enter the Sun Bird's egg and as it's ashes become the egg it exits them without memory only that we must began another cycle through existence.

Maybe that makes sense enough for you to understand that no life-force of thing is ever lost, everything is recycled and out life-forces becomes the life-forces of God.

Dora Weithers from The Caribbean on November 30, 2019:

Eve, welcome to Hub Pages! You made some reasonable points in your article. I believe that it will rate even higher if you quoted the sources from which you get information which is different than the general opinion. Looking forward for other interesting information from you.

Reformed Eve (author) from USA on November 30, 2019:

Linda, that is so true. Thank you for sharing that. It's beautiful to see different perspectives and scripture that share a similar idea. Thank you for your comment...Have a beautiful, blessed day!

Linda Lum from Washington State, USA on November 30, 2019:

There is a verse I refer to when people question whether the 6 days of Creation was 6 of our 24-hour days. In 2 Peter 3:8 it says "With the Lord a day is like a thousand years, and a thousand years are like a day."

As you stated so very well, as humans we want everything to be explainable and fit into a tidy little box. We can't define the indefinable. Thank you for writing this. I look forward to reading more of your articles.

Reformed Eve (author) from USA on November 30, 2019:

I appreciate it! Genesis is extremely interesting.

William Kovacic from Pleasant Gap, PA on November 30, 2019:

You communicate very well, Eve. Thank you for these thoughts.

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