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General Tarot Card Reading for All Time, No Signs

Bri Smith is an intuitive energy reader, who reads energy using multiple types of tools.

General Reading


The Magician (Reversed)

You may be "tricking" yourself by glossing over your hidden potential. You haven't started taking action in relation to the things you manifested, so that could have you a little nervous...and it puts you in a place where you won't trust your gut feelings.

You feel off balance, like something needs more tending before it can grow. Yet, you have so many things going on, that you aren't sure where to place that energy...and have it actually pay off for once. You have wasted enough time.

Page of Wands

You really need to reflect on your inner-most thoughts and pain. It's time to heal and come into your purpose. You'll feel more balanced once you soul search for a good minute, meditating is a great way to do this.

You are imaginative and creative, and you should work towards a career in a field like one of these, because you will thrive there. You will be happy with your higher calling. You have the drive and the passion, so....what's holding you back?

The Lovers (Reversed)

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So this is the hangup? I can see how being enveloped in this toxicity could block your creativity and have you "stuck". Some of you could be dealing with a Gemini literally. (Not all if you.)

Lovers reversed indicates that you may be struggling to take ownership of the decisions you've made, especially since you'd have to admit failure in some form or another. But did you fail? Really? Because I don't think so.

The Hanged Man

I see you staying stuck in this energy, at least until you decide 100% what you're doing. The downtime and think-time is great, but this timeframe will not provide food for thought.

In the past, I felt you'd do inner work, and it would suffice...but this time your not enriching your knowledge bank...instead, you are obsessing over the pain.

Feel it, acknowledge it's apart of you and why it's showing up, then give it back to God.


This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2022 Bri Smith

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