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General Reading for All Signs. Timeless.

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General Tarot Card Reading
All Signs

1. Knight of Pentacles, Clarified by my Hungarian Cards, the card of Jealousy.

This tells me that in the past, you were slowly growing your money and trying to find stability in the physical world. This was spurred on by jealousy, could be you were jealous of what everyone else had, and that jealousy acted as a catalyst, putting you in a place where you were working hard to obtain your own wealth.

If it's not that, then somebody around you was jealous of your increasing wealth.

2. Empress, Clarified by the Journey Card.

Presently, your increasing wealth and stability has you feeling like an Empress. You are being the nurturer and provider for yourself, and those you love. This journey is new to you, but it suits you quite well.

3. X of Swords, Clarified 2x with the card saying Letter, then my RWS Deck, the King of Pentacles.

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In the near future, you may receive a message, in the firm of a letter. This message is going to take you from the empress to the King of Pentacles, by way of the X of Swords. This is gonna hurt a little, but you will still be better off than when you started. I do feel this is a bill or debt you may owe. If so, pay it off or attempt to make a plan to do so. It must be important for it to register in a tarot card reading, especially out of all other scenarios that could have come up for you.

Overall energy was the Sun, then underlying energy was Temperance.

☆You’re waiting for your Sun☆

The Tarot Del Toro Deck I Used


The Gypsy Deck


The RWS Deck


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