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Gemini Tarot Card Spread the Cross of Truth

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This is the cross of truth spread for you, Gemini. It is 4 cards total.


Here Are Your Cards

Page of Swords, which tells me that your situation/energy for this reading is based on your new outlook, or new direction, in life. This could be relating to a new start, new home, new class, new degree,etc...and this new perspective is like "a breath of fresh air". You are being asked to be fearless, and to try new things.

Temperance in Reverse is significant to your fears, relating to your fears of losing the balance you have finally achieved in your life, the onset of a major illness, or lacking peace in your home or job. You worked hard to get to this position, and you are scared to death that it can all be ripped away from you somehow.

The Lovers is the next card, and it is your card. LIterally. I get two stories here, one where this is representative of your energy, and how you are the only one who can pull yourself out of any rut, because you are the only one who build your kingdom. Or the second thing I got out of this card is you have had or will have many option in love or soulmates, and they will be the ones to help you at the moment. I have no clue what that means, but somebody does I suppose.

4 of Cups in Reverse is telling us that you are holding onto some fear in relation to communication of sorts, You want to express something, but you do not and it is holding you back. It is causing this rift in your life or relationships somewhere...

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