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Gemini Horseshoe Tarot Card Spread

Reading the energy for the sign of Gemini. I'm using tarot, a 5-card spread.

Gemini: A Tale of Two Stories


Here We Go...

Gemini General Horseshoe Reading for Your Question

1. Represents your past, and is indicative of the situation at hand.

The Lovers Card Came Out Here, indicating that a relationship or something [and someone] you love a great deal appears in your past energy. Your relationship or lifestyle wasn’t balanced, and it's led you to the place you are now.

This has taken years, it wasn’t an overnight thing. The Lovers card embodies Gemini energy, as it's one of Your cards.

Definitely makes sense to show up in your reading and for it to NOT be about love.

2. Present circumstances and what you want out of this.

You wanted ultimate security, and you’ve achieved it. You are finally able to provide for your family, and you feel like it's about time.

This card is the Queen of Pentacles, and it represents a hard worker, it tells me you had to buckle down and physically build this lifestyle up for yourself and your loved ones.

Now you're able to enjoy the things you dreamed about…however, one area of your life still needs attention.

3. Unexpected Blocks and things you need to be aware of.

X of Pentacles fell here, and it can mean different things here. Remember this is a general reading, so each portion won't be meant for you ALONE.

I am getting that you allow your family, friends, and cultural expectations to dictate your choices. [Instead of really digging down deep to focus on your inner shadow, and healing…you are letting guilt guide you. It's literally blackmailing you, and if you do the shadow work it can't control you anymore].

Once you acknowledge it, and let go [& let God] you'll finally fill that void that loss has placed within you.

Only then will you be okay with your past, and then you'll really know what it is that you truly desire. I don’t think you really know right now because you're being pulled in different directions.

4. Best course of action for you & guidance.

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The Magician popped out here and I truly think this fits here perfectly. You are constantly replaying the same exhausting routine daily, and it's out of whack.

You’re in need of balance, and in need of some soul work. You’ve worked hard to keep from sitting idle, because it's then that you are in your thoughts. You’re nostalgia has you living in the memories instead of in the moment.

You do this because the past hurts less than the unknown, and by proxy, you’re living life on autopilot.

Are you even experiencing anything in real life?

It feels like each day you go through the motions because it's what's expected of you, suppressing your own feelings because you don’t think you deserve to feel them. Does that make any sense?

5. Outcome

If you find a balance between this life and your spiritual side, you will be in the energy of the Queen of Cups. Doing your shadow work will balance your scales…it will give you clarity to truly see the difference in what you want in your life [and what you need to let go of].

Extra cards I Pulled from My regular playing deck, Verses Cards, Zodiac Signs and Timeframe Cards.

Cancer: messages from the other [side of the story]. Love, and being a mom, puts you into a Homebody mode…it makes you happy…but you live in your memories more than you check in presently. And when you do, it's because you’re taking care of something for somebody else.

You're overlooking your suppressed emotions. They do exists and are causing issues now.

Capricorn: Addictions to something or someone that brings the devil out in you. It changes you. Gemini is already known as having two sides, you my dear, have like, 4.

You are Jekyll and Hyde in every sense of the stereotype. You could also feel like something's wrong, or not fair to you, it's causing tension and mood swings.

This is because you’re jaded, bitter, or disappointed in a certain situation. People always seem to let you down when you need them the most.

The dates of December 22 to January 19th may be significant to some of you. Or these numbers…12, 22, 1, 19, 6.

The month of April showed up as well. This energy is like the calm before the storm, or either antsy and on edge in preparation for something difficult or emotionally draining.

You have a green thumb (some of you) and you should plant something. Watching it grow and caring for it will give you more than satisfaction, it will open up your softer side. It will bring you back to the root cause of your issue(s), and will empower you.

This can be Tower energy, because a change may be coming in around April. I truly think this is a “good” tower though, because things have to change to improve, right?

Verses For You

In the same way, let your light shine before others so that they may see your good works and give glory to God, your Father, who is in Heaven. Matthew 5:16

The Lord will fight for you, and you have only to be silent. Exodus 14:14

In the same way, faith by itself; if it's not accompanied by action, is dead. James 2:17

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2022 Bri Smith

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