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GOD visits Abraham, Is it one or is it three


Genesis 18 The three celestial visitors - Is God the Three

The Genesis 18 visit of God to Abraham was not the first visit. This a foretelling visit! It is revealing to Sarah, that even though she is very old, she would have a son. Something Abraham already knew, and apparently never told Sarah. God also needed to tell Abraham about the upcoming destruction of Sodom.

Who was Abraham

Before he was renamed Abraham, he was known as Abram. In Genesis 17 God came to Him and changed his name, to Abraham and also said Abraham would be known as "father of the faithful", and in the Bible book of James it says that Abraham was "friend of God". Then when Abram was 99 years old the LORD appeared unto Abram and made some promises and changed his name to Abraham.

Is it one or three

When again God came to Abraham, It could well be that he recognized Him immediately. If he only spoke directly to, "One", why did address them in the plural? This could be by GOD'S engineering because He was hinting at a truth about himself. Why, why now? This was showing to Abraham, the father of faith, His complete self, the revelation of the indivisible 3. This time it is GOD coming to Abraham to reveal the coming judgment. Just like, In Amos 3.7 "The Lord GOD will do nothing, but he reveals it unto his servants". And in Deut. 19.15 "Only on the testimony of two or three". By God coming as "three" shows, The Godhead is a unity of the personhood, of the one God, The "three" here show that God has different ways of relating to us. But They are always in agreement because they are one. For us, in the finite realm, we constantly struggle with the flipping back and forth and also the separateness that they are. I believe it is nowhere more at play than here. One minute it is "we" then it is "he" or it is "he" then it is "them".

In Gen.18.1 when "God came to Abraham", he looked up saw three, "a triad". when he ran to meet them, and bowed down to "them" and In offered "them", butter and milk which is a "Peace Offering", from Leviticus 17. Then "they said" so do. Abraham, did so and set it before "them" and stood by "them" and "they" did eat. Then "they," said, Where is Sarah. Then the men arose went toward Sodom, then God spoke, "shall I hide what i do. Then God said to Abraham "the sin of Sodom is great and grievous". "I will go down for "I have heard" now I will see. Meaning that by a "witness" is a matter settled. The men turned and went. But Abraham stood before God. Now comes the bargaining, and the final reply "if I find ten I will not, and God went His way. Then came the two messengers unto Sodom. Lot seeing them arose to meet them, bowed and said, my lords come into my house, later that night when Lot tried to stop the Sodomites from getting in the house, the messengers put out "their" hand and pulled him into "them". Then "they" smote the Sodomites with blindness. The messengers asked Lot to bring all his family with him because we were sent to destroy Sodom. In the morning "they" took their hand and the "Lord being merciful" set them outside the city. Genesis 19.17 When "they" had brought Lot, outside, "He," said to Lot, flee to the mountain". and Abraham replied to "them" I cannot , my lord to "Him". I have found grace in "Your" sight, and you have magnified "Your" mercy, which you have shown by saving me. Then "He" said unto Lot, when you are safe then i will destroy Sodom. One final verse, Genesis 19.26 "Lot wife looked back". This is not sayng she wanted to Go back but Lots wife was the original "first responder" like the many of "9/11" she wanted to save lives. The proof, She bacame a pillar of salt, salt is never used as a judgment. In all the Lords offerings there needed to be salt. In Luke 17.32 it says remember Lots wife, The word "remember" means "memorialize". Just like "remember the Sabbath day", then Luke 17.33 .-- whosoever shall loose his life shall preserve it. Lots cared for life even above her own.

I believe the real truth in this story as in all the Bible is that God cares more for us than we will ever know. The Believing is all god asks, Jesus said "Come unto ME" and "I will give you rest.

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Lets reason together


Gen. 18

THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX - is it one or three ?

A common problem we all face is our paradigm. We tend to read ahead or reinterpret what we are reading. Gen. 18 is a good example, it has curious wording which leads us to read ahead or overlook key points. God could have made it easier but God loves us wherever we are any yet realize the is more than we in this life to know about Him.


God is just

As Abraham observed Sodom and Gomorrah burn. God is just.


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Charlie on August 12, 2020:

Marvelous! Thank you so much for sharing your insights.

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