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Why Do Spirits and Ghosts stay on the Earthplane?

There are those spirits who are quite comfortable on the Earthplane. These are known as ‘Earthbound spirits’. Most often these earthbound spirits don’t wish to go to the afterlife plane. Their reasons are many and varied as to why they choose to stay close to those living on the Earthplane.

Hauntings are often caused by 'Earthbound Spirits'; entities who have a sense of unfinished business. They simply do not know that they are dead, and so continue in their familiar rituals. Some entities are peaceful and happy, whilst with others there is a sense of confusion or frustration. These entities seek a lost person or object and sometimes they attempt to right a wrong.

There are several reasons why a soul will stay on the Earthplane and haunt the locality of its life or last existence. Deceased people can choose to stay close to the Earthplane. Many of them hang around because they are afraid of ‘God’s wrath’ and others stay because they don’t want to leave their loved ones, their home, their belongings and/or their business. Some deceased people are kept earthbound because their surviving family are extremely grief-stricken, and the deceased person chooses to stay near them.

Sudden Unexpected Death

Sometimes a person may die quite suddenly and the transition from life to death is so unexpected that the soul may not understand or realize that its physical body has actually died.

This sometimes happens to victims of car and plane crashes, or high impact accidents. These unfortunate souls may then wander around the accident site, confused and disoriented. Such spirits or ghosts are commonly found at the sides of roads where accidents have taken place.

A Desire to Take Care of Those Left Behind

If a person who dies has a particularly strong attachment to someone living (or sometimes to something such as a physical or material item eg. a home), they sometimes stay around with the intention of helping or attempting to assist their bereaved loved one. If it is a physical item, they may feel the need to protect it.

These souls often stay with the best of intentions and don’t wish to cause any problems. Their intention is to comfort the grieving. Some people gain comfort from the presence of the spirit of their passed over loved one, however, some people who are left behind may become ‘spooked’ or afraid.

Some people see all ghosts and spirits as a problem or a menace and treat them accordingly, but ghosts are just souls who have temporarily lost their way.

The soul most often stays around for a short time after death before it moves on to the Other Side. Many people see or feel the presence of the spirit in the few days directly after their death. They will usually give you a sign of their presence that is immediately recognizable and associated with them. Such visits are a way to show you that they exist, that ‘life’ continues and that they are happy and well.

Sadness at Leaving

Some people are very attached to their possessions, such as a house, business and/or personal items and cannot bare the thought of leaving them behind. This can be a reason for their spirit or ghost to hang about after they’ve died.

Revenge and Anger

Souls or spirits that are angry and bitter are usually in that state due to being hurt in some way. Sometimes they are the victims of violence and murder, and they hold onto the emotions of fear and anger they were experiencing upon their death. The negative energy produced by a disturbed spirit or ghost causes the atmosphere to drop dramatically in temperature, and they are also able to make noises, create smells and sometimes move physical items.

Guilt and Fear

A soul may be so afraid of going to ‘Hell’ that it chooses to stay close to the Earthplane rather than take the risk of moving on to the ‘Other Side’.

These Earthbound spirits or ghosts tend to be drawn to places with geographic stress where the atmosphere is rarefied and it is easier for them to exist, as the denser and lower vibrational energies are close to their own. It would seem that the negative energies created by Earth act as a magnet for any lost or wandering soul. This is why it is sometimes possible to clear a location of a ghost or spirit, only to find that another has taken its place in quick time.

Some spirits stay Earthbound because of well-intentioned desires to ‘undo’ the harm or pain they may have caused during their lives on the Earthplane. This is most common amongst child abusers who realize their mistake upon their death, and choose to ‘attach’ their energy to the person whom they abused in the hope of making amends. Unfortunately, their presence creates disturbances for the living person on many levels. Their vibration and/or energetic projections can negatively affect the emotions of the living, leading to confusion, depression and negative emotions.


Some spirits who were addicted to drugs and/or alcohol when they died, often choose to stay close to the Earthplane to enable them to experience ‘highs’ from intoxicated living persons.

Poltergeists - Mischievous Spirits

Poltergeists are very disturbed spirits who are able to use energy to move objects and items around a room, home or building, in an effort to attract attention to their plight.

Poltergeists can be quite destructive and there is no doubt about their presence when they are active as items such as furniture can be thrown around and items can be seen moving through the air seemingly of their own volition.

Child Spirits

The spirits or ghosts of children are often mischievous and seem to enjoy playing tricks on the living. They often move, take or hide things, only to replace them later either in the same place, close by or sometimes even in the most unlikely of places.

Portals and Corridors

An interesting phenomenon is the existence of a portal in your home, building or area. Portals are spots of rarefied atmosphere, like small sacred sites or spaces. They are not necessarily negative spots, but are specifically for spirits to move into other realms. In effect, portals are like spiritual gateways to the astral planes.

An ‘etheric corridor’ is a similar phenomenon.

Living with Spirits and Ghosts

If you believe that you have a ghost or lost soul in your home or workplace, and you’ve tried all means and methods to help the soul move on, your only option may be to learn to live with it. Most often all you need do is ask the spirit or ghost to leave you alone in return of a promise on your behalf to let it stay. You may find that you are able to live in total harmony with a spirit as long as you respect it.

This may not always be the case though, so if you are experiencing severe disturbances and are unable to shift the spirit to the light by yourself, seek the help, advice and/or services of a professional or experienced medium.


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Hubert Williams on May 21, 2013:

A very interesting article that I was unable to walk away from. Some of what you right I believe explicitly, some to a lesser degree and some require a grain of salt. Most people have a feeling that they have encountered spirits, ghosts or entities at least once in their lives, but are afraid, or reluctant to relay the incident. I am not afraid nor reluctant to say that I have encountered many situations that have had unexplainable results. I have also experienced occurences that have only a supernatural explanation. Thank you for reporting your findings and beliefs in such an interesting way.

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