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Frog Symbolism: The Meaning of Frogs in Dreams and other Areas of Life

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A Symbol or a Totem?

Frogs fascinated humankind from the beginnings of time. Thanks to shedding of their skin and going through at least one major transformation (from egg to tadpole, from tadpole to adult frog), they became a symbol of growing up, changing, transforming and adapting.

Olmecs are familiar with a toad god who is constantly eating his own skin, symbolizing the life cycle, going from birth through life to death and rebirth, just like everything in nature constantly grows up, dies and is born again. In several parts of China and Japan look at a toad as a magic creature who knows how to achieve immortality. Many people there still carry amulets in the shape of a frog what supposedly brings good luck.

Frog Prince by Brothers Grimm or Frog Princess from Russian folklore feature a frog in a title role, in the Piedmont's version of Beauty and the Beast the latter reveals himself to the world as a toad, at the beginning of The Sleeping Beauty it's a frog who brings the message about the birth to the queen, ...

Warwick Goble (Public Domain illustration from Frog Prince)

Warwick Goble (Public Domain illustration from Frog Prince)

Frogs were closely connected with the floods of the Nile, which brought water, fertile soil, and life. Looking at the frogs as the symbols of fertility and abundance was (and still is) a logical consequence. In ancient Egypt the frog is the symbol of the number hefnu, simply translated as 'a huge number'.

In Latin America frogs and toads are considered as creatures with supernatural powers by native people. Some believe they have the power to bring or withhold the rain, some see them as the protectors at childbirths, some as the symbol of destruction.

Did you know a coqui frog is one of the symbols of Puerto Rico? The sound of coqui can achieve up to one hundred decibels being the loudest of known amphibians. People see it as small but loud and proud - just like people of Puerto Rico!

Coqui frog

Coqui frog

In general, frogs were associated with water, life, and new beginnings. They were a symbol of good luck and talismans in the shape of frogs can still be found in virtually all parts of the world.

With all the magic powers assigned to these little amphibians, it's no wonder they were used in many rituals performed by shamans, magicians, and witches.

Especially if we don't forget that most frogs are essentially nocturnal creatures. In medieval Europe parts of frogs were used as protectors against poisoning among the nobility.

The Plague of Frogs by Gerard Jolain (1670)

The Plague of Frogs by Gerard Jolain (1670)

Such beliefs were in sharp contrast to beliefs of Christianity, where the frogs symbolize evil. In the Bible, they were sent to destroy crops in Egypt. Frogs and toads were closely related to witchcraft. They were seen as something ominous and unwanted.

Frogs are spirit or totem animals of several Native Indian tribes. A spirit animal is a guide who can help a certain person in his or her journey. It can serve as an advisor or protector.

Such ambivalence about the frogs is reflected in dream dictionaries where the dreaming of the frog doesn't have a uniform meaning.

Dreaming about Frogs

To put it short - a frog in your dream predicts a change. Specifically, an important change which can be a good or bad one. Seeing a frog in the grass, for instance, suggests you'll meet somebody new. It can be a new friend or a new business partner and this meeting will likely evolve into a long fruitful relationship. A frog in your house is good news too. It prognoses a productive period of your life.

On the other hand, frogs in water mean negative changes. Some serious problems may be ahead of you. Frog catching or stepping on a frog brings bad news as well. You'll likely get sick. Holding or even killing a frog represents negative emotions or aggressive actions which can have long-term damaging consequences for you no matter against whom these feelings are directed.

Thanks to its life cycle frog often means important changes

Thanks to its life cycle frog often means important changes

Several characteristics of the frogs can be used in dream interpretations about toads and frogs. Their ability to regulate their body temperature by getting in or out of the water is seen in dreams where frogs change their environment. If a frog goes into the water, your situation at the moment is likely too stressful, so you need to cool down a bit. If a frog leaves the water, you may be ready for an important life change. This is not necessarily a bad thing but will probably bring you an additional burden.

If you dream about a lot of frogs your love life will probably improve. The color brings additional info. Black and dark colors are generally bad. They are associated with losses. Red means you'll react about something very passionately. Don't overreact! White and gold frogs bring good luck.

Feng Shui

Feng Shui is an ancient mix of science and art, one of the so-called Five Arts of Chinese Metaphysics. A frog has an important role in it. We can find traces of a Feng Shui frog in Chinese folklore.

To put it short, there were eight immortals and one of their wives secretly drank the elixir of immortality. She became immortal too but was also punished by a transformation to a toad.

According to common belief a three-legged (hind legs are fused into one) toad appears at some homes mostly at a full moon and brings good luck - what is often closely related to money.

Three Legged Frog and Money

The three-legged frog from Feng Shui for obvious reasons became one of the most popular symbols related to money and wealth not only in China but in the entire world. It's also a popular decorative element in a form of the three-legged toad with a coin in the mouth.

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Everybody who knows anything about Feng Shui probably knows this philosophical system deals with energy flows. Placement of objects is extremely important.


So how to place a money frog? Well, it's science on its own where you should start with relatively complex maps but if we follow some general guidance, we still have great chances to attract some positive energy and improve our position in the world of money. These are some common rules:

  • place it near the front door with its face inside (so the money is oriented towards inside of the home!)
  • it should never be in a straight line from your entrance towards the living room
  • if you have more than one money toad, place others in the north and south-east parts of the living room, on the table or close to the tale if possible (don't forget the orientation - the coin in the mouth should never be oriented away from your home)
  • never put it on the floor
  • never place it in a bedroom, a room with running water or garbage
  • if your money toad is broken, replace it immediately.

There is another trick, not practiced by every Feng Shui master, yet worth trying. Many people believe a three-legged frog should be activated first. This can be done by placing a red ribbon around its neck or putting it on a red paper.

May the frogs in all kinds of forms bring you good luck!


All used images are in Public Domain.


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Tolovaj (author) on April 08, 2019:

Thanks, Ivamere Lutulea, for your comment. Yes, coqui frogs are kind of signature for Puerto Rico. They live only there, nowhere else. There are actually several subspecies of coque frogs, unfortunately with some of them on the edge of extinction.

Ivamere Lutulea on April 08, 2019:

It was quite a very interesting article to read especially when you mentioned of how frogs goes in and out of the water and relating it to real live situation. However, i was so suprised when you mentioned that coqui frog was one of the symbol of Puerto Rico.

Tolovaj (author) on April 07, 2019:

Thanks, Peggy Woods, for stopping by.

Peggy Woods from Houston, Texas on April 07, 2019:

This was interesting reading about the many meanings related to frogs and toads.

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