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Free Printable Book of Shadow Pages

A Wiccan of 25 years, Sage likes to put her background as a writer and teacher to use by helping people learn about this NeoPagan path.

Blank Pages for Your BOS

Book of Shadows free pages, anyone? After all, who doesn't want their BOS to look beautiful?

Like my last hub on free printable Book of Shadow pages, these are decorative pages that you can resize, print and add to your own book. You can insert it if you use an album that allows for adding and subtracting pages, or you can paste them right into your blank book.

You can use photoshop to add text, or you can print them and write by hand on them.

You can add your favorite content with photoshop, then pass it around to your friends on social media, or use it on your web page-- even if it's monetized. As long as you offer it as free content, you are free to use it-- please provide a link back to this page here as a courtesy.

Wiccan Book of Shadows

Design a beautiful Book of Shadows.

Design a beautiful Book of Shadows.


You may not sell these designs as is, nor may you adapt them and sell them. You may not use them in an ebook or use them in a digital compilation. You may not add your own text and sell them as 'pre-printed Book of Shadows pages'. In short, you may not charge people for these designs, no matter what you might add to them or where you might put them.

Credit Where Credit is Due

To create these pages, I borrowed some incredible talent from the following sources under creative common licenses:

Images and backgrounds are public domain from Pixabay

Florabetic font by Manfred Klein at 1001 Free Fonts

Decorative photoshop brushes are from Deviant Art users:

If you like to play around with Photoshop, these sources all have some amazing talent to offer.

Check out my BOOK OF SHADOWS pages on Tumblr!


To Use these Images

Copy (right-click) and paste into any blank photo or art program.

You can then resize them or alter them however you see fit.

Element of Air


Element of Earth


Element of Fire


Element of Water

Scroll to Continue

Herbalism Notes


Floral Scroll Frame


The Spider Page


Dark Moon Spell


Sound Off-- What is Your Opinion?

Great Book of Shadows Cover

Tips for Adding Text in Photoshop

  1. Copy and paste the image into an 8-by-10 document in photoshop. Save it as a blank document so you can use it again if you wish.
  2. Choose a decorative font in the size and color you desire.
  3. Click layer>new to create a new layer.
  4. Type in your font, adjust it as desired to make it roughly fit the writing area.
  5. When you're ready, move or tilt the layer with the font to get it to fit perfectly on the writing area.
  6. Make the font look old and worn, so it looks like part of the page. Click on the font on the layer menu and click 'simplify'.
  7. Go to the eraser tool. Choose a thick heavy brush. Adjust the size to about 250 px.
  8. Reduce opacity to 10 percent.
  9. Hover the eraser tool over the font and 'scrub' the tool back and forth while clicking slowly on the left mouse button. When the font looks sufficiently faded, stop. Don't do it too much or you could erase what you've written (simply 'undo' if you've gone too far).
  10. Merge the layers. Save it as a new jpg file with your content so you can now share it.

© 2015 Mackenzie Sage Wright


Mackenzie Sage Wright (author) on March 07, 2020:

Thank you :o)

Mary price on February 29, 2020:

Just scanning through some of your bos pages! I think they are quite interestng. Is beautiful the correct word?

morteza on January 07, 2018:

thank you dear

how can contact with you ? i dont find your mail

Mackenzie Sage Wright (author) on October 12, 2017:

Aww, Michael, you make me blush lol. Thank you.

Michael Turry on October 04, 2017:

Keep up the great work! How are you such a great artist?

Mackenzie Sage Wright (author) on July 01, 2015:

Thanks RJ!

Ralph Schwartz from Idaho Falls, Idaho on July 01, 2015:

Wow - very nice...I'll be checking this out further

Mackenzie Sage Wright (author) on July 01, 2015:

Thanks FatBoyThin, I appreciate it.

Colin Garrow from Inverbervie, Scotland on July 01, 2015:

These are great - thanks for sharing. Voted up.

Mackenzie Sage Wright (author) on July 01, 2015:

Thanks Billy, I just like artsy/craftsy things, including digital scrapbooking.

Bill Holland from Olympia, WA on July 01, 2015:

That's very kind of you to share these pages. I'll pass this along to my son and for him, I thank you.

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