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Founder of the Scofield Bible a con man?

Kenneth Copeland: TV Evangelist

Kenneth Copeland: TV Evangelist

Christian support for Israel

Christian support for Israel

I have written before on the subject of Zionism and how many Christians believe in this and support Israel no matter what they do or say. Lets look at this Israel is the only true democracy perhaps in a Western way of looking at the world and there should be a home for the Jewish people and as a Christian I believe this but there should be justice and a home for the Palestinians too.

Jesus did not take sides while on Earth and welcomed all as his followers no matter their race, financial background or nationality and perhaps even religion. Jesus Christ has promised to return at some point and usher in a new world of peace and harmony where even the lion will lie down with the lamb as it says in scripture.

I digress here when many of these Zionist Christians are praying for Israel that's all well and good but they forget that many Palestinians are also Christians but this seems to be ignored. However let us look at the founder of the Bible that Zionist Christians sign up to and that is the Scofield Bible.

Cyrus Scofield was a con man and small time crook who along with Jewish lawyer John J Ingalls was sent to prison for a railway scam. While in prison Schofield took to studying the works of John Darby of the Plymouth Brethren and began to form an idea for his Bible and once out of prison left his wife and two daughters to pursue this quest.

He had many connections in the right places shall say we say and took up residence in New York where he had many Jewish Zionist followers to help him conceive his version of the Bible which has influenced Zionist Christians ever since.

While mixing with Samuel Untermeyer a Jew who would later be famous for being in the American Jewish Committee Schofield took a mistress and he could operate as a lawyer because his friend John J Ingalls had pulled some strings for him though Schofield had no formal training. Jewish Zionists like Untermeyer took Scofield under his wing and financed his trips to Oxford where the first Schofield Bibles were printed.

Christian Zionists believe that the old temple in Jerusalem should be re - built complete with animal sacrifices something Jesus forbade and ended with his atonement on the cross. Zionist Christians believe this will usher in a time when Christ will come back just as they believe the founding of the Jewish state in 1948 was a prophecy from the Bible. However Zionist Christians need to be aware that they could be the unwitting servants of Satan who will set himself up or rather his agent on earth will set himself up in Jerusalem with all the abominations associated with the Anti-Christ. Also whether Scofield was nieve or just out to con people but the Scofield Bible serves as a Zionist Jewish Trojan horse within Christianity and has to a certain degree perverted or blunted the real message of Christ.

As a non-Zionist Christian I am trying to not to judge my brothers and sisters here who adhere to Zionism and the Schofield Bible merely observing that in many ways they have created a vast chasm in Christianity today and Zionism makes them blind to the suffering of Christians in Israel/Palestine. Many of the preachers associated with Christian Zionism like Kenneth Copeland can be seen broadcasting their message of the so called 'Prosperity Gospel' day in day out on the God Channel and the 'Prosperity Gospel' has been attacked by some non-Zionist Christians as false and dangerous.

Finally I feel and I say this in love for my fellow Christians who are Zionists that Christian Zionism is a dangerous belief akin to Wahhabism in Islam. Christian Zionism is probably along with Jewish Zionism and extremism in Islam such as Wahhabism responsible for all the troubles we are seeing in the Middle East and wider world and that cannot be good.

Bio of Kenneth Copeland

1) Born Dec 6 1936

2) Full name: Kenneth Max Copeland

3) Author, musician, public speaker, televangelist

4) Preaches Prosperity Gospel and Word of Faith movement attacked by some in the church as being un - Biblical

5) Born in Lubbock Texas and his ministry Kenneth Copeland Ministries also based there

6) Has a large fleet of planes to fly around the world supposedly to bring the news of God

7) Married first in 1956 - 58 to Ivy Bodiford

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8) Then 1963 - to present Gloria Neece

9) John Copeland, Kellie Swisher and Terri Pearson are his offspring

10) Broadcasts can be seen on God Channel Monday - Friday

11) Has been accused of not being upfront with his income

12) Involved in Angel Flight controversy, Mike Huckabee controversy and vaccination controversy and others


Jay C OBrien from Houston, TX USA on April 29, 2017:

Very interesting. I generally agree, but I have a different view. Here are some ideas:

1. God never gave land to the Hebrews.

2. The Lord never fought for Israel.

3. The Lord does not fight or become violent.

4. The Lord does not have negative human emotions.

5. The Lord Accepts people as they are and wants people to become like Him: loving, merciful, kind, forgiving, etc.

All this means Israel never had a covenant with God because violence was involved. Let us move out of Bronze Age thought and into the Modern era. Religion is Progressive, One Source, One Religion.

Leslie McCowen from Cape Cod, USA on April 29, 2017:

your welcome. thanks for not deleting!(you may be asked to)

Nick Bishop (author) on April 29, 2017:

Thank you for your feedback

Leslie McCowen from Cape Cod, USA on April 29, 2017:

thank you for identifying the problem. as has been said many times, "we didnt have a problem in the middle east until zionism came along"

Truman did not want to go along with this mayhem, but was eventually talked into it.

one of the first things israel bombed during operation cast lead (forgetting, for a moment the bombing of the king david hotel...the terrorism that started this whole thing), was one of the first christian churches! a small cave in bethlehem. christian babies are burned with white phosphorous, provided by usa....and no one cares. thousands of arab babies have been killed, little boys and girls arrested....there is nothing christian about any of it!

and, of course, while eltrumpo and co tell us we must cut $$ from fellow americans, we still hand over 10 million a day to israel, a state that offers abortion for free!!!!

and here at home, they are dismantling abortion rights.

this is why religion makes no sense. most people use it to feather their own biased nest.

erm, hellerrr, what happened to pray for thine enemy and turn the other cheek???

what happened to "what good is it to gain the world, but lose your soul?"

america, are we losing our soul?

"remain free of foreign entanglements, harm not the children, do unto others as you would have them do unto you??"

how about this one:"all men are created equal".....except the ones you think are not?


big mirror, look in.

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