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For Real Life (This Is Crazy)

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Jakayla obtained her MSW degree from the University of Central Florida. Jakayla is a realist with wings.


I am crazy enough to believe that if we look with the right lenses at what we do see, we will be able to identify our truth in what we do not see, at first. And then, that is our new truth and we can walk in the freedom we are designed to experience!

The Good News is that help is readily available at any given moment. All we have to say is this “Holy Sprit, Help”. I think of Kevin Hart saying “Help me… Jesus!” Ok, he did not say Jesus but still you get the point here. Trust that the help will come, then there it is. Now we are just out here believing like a crazy person, walking in glory and blessings that we didn’t even have to work hard for.


This Is Crazy

If you are reading this and think “this is stupid, I can not accept this” then this is not for you… yet. That is totally ok, do not take offense. Just move on in peace. For those of us who are curious, interested, or accepting consider this....

It has been said that as a human “you will have many sufferings” and whatnot, what I also believe is that those sufferings are not your highest reality. They appear that way because that is our present moment. I believe our reality can change from moment to moment.

There may be a point we find ourselves in a moment that seems so very real and we can say to ourselves in humor, “this ain't even real”. That takes some real crazy faith though, and to be honest, we don’t believe like that on our own. We need some supernatural help to do that.

Again, I may be crazy but I have good sense. I know that is not easy all the time. But I also know He said if we ask Him to make it easier, He will. Not because we are so good, but because He is so good and he loves us like that, in real life. The work we are asked to do is to pray, believe, and do what he speaks to us to do. Believe he can and so He will, then pray and tell him we believe Him to do what He already promised he would.

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Jakayla (author) from Central Florida on May 18, 2021:

I am glad you enjoyed reading. Thank you!

Iqra from East County on May 17, 2021:

Hi, Jakayla you share a very well article. I really enjoy reading it.

Thanks for sharing


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