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For Real Life (Finale)

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Jakayla obtained her MSW degree from the University of Central Florida. Jakayla is a realist with wings.


It Is...

Our God created the stars and the sun and the moon and stuff, all the animals and living creatures and whatnot, he even created angels and things in the heavenly spaces. But when God created you and me he said “oh, that’s it right there”, “I’d die for them”, “I love them, they are perfect!”. He knew it would be rough out here for us because for now evil is out here too. But he made A Way for us to see Him and know Him and love Him, like he did for us in the first place. He sent a Man named Jesus, Who Is the Son of God, to experience what it is like to be human and to be a living punishment for anything the enemy might try to attack us for. All we have to do is say “Yes”, “that is true”, “I believe Him”, “thank you Lord”. Then the rest of what he wants to share with us individually he will do in our own private lives.

To get what we need, and really what we want from God, we just need to tell him what is wrong and ask him to fix it. I believe if we will do that we can see God move and work in our lives, that’s what he died to do anyway. He did not only die so we can go to heaven, he also wanted us to live free and I believe without pain. Pain and hurt may come but I believe God does not want it to actually affect us. I realize many seasoned believers are uncomfortable believing God does not want us to experience pain even as we are on earth. However, If you are already a person of prayer I would encourage you to ask him to show you what this really means for your own personal life, so that you have a truth no one can take from you. That truth will be your own and it will give you life.

The struggle or suffering refers to the fight to keep our minds stayed on Christ as our Truth, in the middle of hell all around us. Not to prove how much we love our Father. Because he knows the hearts of every man and if they will love Him in the end. That fight is for our own peace of mind until he comes again to fully rescue his kids.



As a therapist, I have had the joy of partnering with people on their personal journey to healing or maintenance of healing. While I thoroughly enjoy my professional life and who I am in that space, I recognize that I am not God himself. As a therapist I can not heal you, change you, fix you, make your life better or improve your circumstances. That is a God dream. But what I have been equipped to do is be your advocate and team up with you to develop the process of change that you decide to create for yourself. God can change you and bring healing to your situation(s) in a way that no man can.

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We do not have to spend hours on the floor to pray. We can if we choose to but it is not required. And I am not telling you not to read your Bible. All I am saying is The Holy Spirit Himself lives on the inside of you. I do not care who you are, He put Himself in you. After you have grounded yourself on some basic truths from The Word, learn how to listen for and trust your Higher Self (Holy Spirit). That spirit will share all the truth about your own personal self and life with you as much as he needs you to know. For the letter kills but the Spirit gives life (2 Corinthians 3:6).


Accepting Christ The Lord as your One True King!Believe this in your HeartRead it out of your Mouth“Lord Jesus, I believe you came, you died, then you rose again, Just For Me to have this moment right now. I am turning away from my old way of thinking and accepting your new way of thinking. Come into my heart I’ll make you my King. Thank you for loving me, I will never be the same. In Jesus’ Name I pray. Amen.”

Aye man, that’s it right there. 'And nothing was the same'. From this very moment on, there is nothing that you, or anyone else, or anything else could ever do to separate you from The True Love you just accepted. It is set in stone for you. Now go do a lil dance or something, celebrate!

Much Love,

Jakayla Miller

© 2021 Jakayla

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