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Following a path of celibacy until entering into a relationship

This is my choice.


Follow your path, even if you don't conform to society's modern ways.

In the world today it is highly pushed in society (everywhere) "sex".

I hear and read about how much sex "sells" and people profit off of it.

Yes, I could agree that people who are making millions of dollars off of sex are really smart but if indeed many people would agree you can have as much sex as you want and you should not condemn anyone that does have a lot of sex, then it shouldn't bother anyone that a small majority of people in this world today should be able to talk openly and honestly about "celibacy".

Waiting to be in a relationship and waiting to be intimate is not a crime.

People should not feel like a criminal because today's society would like to guilt trip those that do not go along with the majority of the crowd.

It is our right in America for our "freedom of speech" to be heard and you should not have to feel like your wearing a scarlet letter on the front of your shirt if you have different views on waiting to be intimate with someone that you connect with.

Waiting and staying celibate, maybe because some people might do it for a religious reason while others may not do it for that.

For myself personally, I had decided to stay celibate until I am in an actual relationship.

Now whether or not at the fact that I am open and honest about my decision to stay celibate makes anyone mad and thinks I am out of my mind or people think I a prude, I really do not care, so what can I say?

If in this modern day society we can be open and speak all about sexual activity and what we do in the bedroom on social media, magazines and people write articles about it, then we should be able to speak very openly about celibacy and saying it is ok to wait until someone special enters into our lives.

If it makes men mad that I am not into "sex texting" or that I do not want to send naked pictures of myself through social media via email or cell phones or whatever form of communication there is today, what can I say?

If indeed it makes me an unpopular woman for the opposite sex, I honestly do not care.

I read all over social media and see on facebook threads how men feel disrespected from women.

If any man can not see that I am being respectful and sticking with my ideas and my own way of life, once again, what can I say?

I think there is too much emphasis on "sex".

Especially right now, where I am working on my own success, basically I am more focused on studying to become a certified fitness trainer, working full time, working out 4 to 5 times a week, so I can get into the best shape of my life, run my own radio, and work a film.

Right now, I do not have time to have any type of drama to enter my life.

I can not spend time where men are just way too picky and I can not worry about guys at all anymore because there are things I am doing right.

Honestly, I am excited about studying to become a certified fitness trainer. I saved up the money myself and paid to get the study material myself and will get certified.

Even with doing my radio show, with getting connections and getting guests on my show, I am the one that is doing everything.

I know some women say they are doing things, but behind closed doors, actually they have a man helping them out when they are saying they are doing things themselves when indeed they have guys kissing their butts because they think they have a chance to get into the pants of those women.

I don't need to have any guy think that way of me.

I like people knowing the fact that I am doing everything by myself and this is something I feel like I have this wonderful feeling inside that is blossoming everyday.

I don't think about men that much anymore because I am much more focused on what I am doing.

I had waited about 8 years to sign up to get the material and study to become a certified fitness trainer and I rather spend time studying in my spare time than actually going on a date.

There is no drama at all in my life, when I am focused on what I am doing and push the idea of "sex" or being "intimate" out of my mind.

Yes it is possible to stay focused and not think about sex.

Actually if you look up some studies, you can read about "stored up sexual energy" is such a great and powerful thing.

Sex is so much better when you have a connection with someone, well I think it is because it isn't really thought about as sex, but more of along the lines of "making love".

The words making love, you do not hear that much more today, everyone just throws the word around, sex, sex, sex, sex.

When there is a connection with someone it is so much stronger and powerful when your connected with someone that when your not. Actually that is how I feel and I want to keep it that way.

So if indeed it bothers people that I talk about celibacy and staying celibate until I am in some sort of relationship with someone, I honestly do not care.

Once again, it indeed speaking openly and honestly about celibacy is not favored by the majority of the people in society today, I honestly don't care.

I rather stick to what I am doing in my life, because this positive vibe that I going on right now, I think I want to stay on this for at least a little while longer.

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