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The Best Way to Read the Bible to Make a Difference in a Life, Yours!

First Decision to reading the Bible - do it slow, take time with God or go through it fast as an airplane?


Is it better to know how to walk before you run or fly? Hint, What do you learn first as a child, to walk or run, and isn't flying out of the question?

The Bible is the most wonderful love letter ever written.

It covers so many different centuries of time, countries over the globe, exciting adventures, tough lessons, love stories, so many wonderful individual truths that are each so important, that it MUST be walked through...not flown over.

Don't get me wrong;
The Bible at 30,000 feet is a great vision overall.
The full global, corporate premise is easy to get.
But it misses the personal, individual message God has for each person.
So when we we slow down, walk through the Word via a long stroll, we are then really seeing, getting to know what it all says, we can soar higher in our life, than we could ever have by just quickly flying over the text stopping now and again, in trips here and there.

What and How to benefit the most from a daily reading?

So, over the years of leading groups of men, it has been proven to me, without a single doubt, over and over again, that making a commitment to practice that type of dedicated daily reading strengthens, encourages, builds and provides wisdom to everyone who does it.

~ But here's the kicker;
Doing that with others...
Multiplies that by 10!
Joining a group of like minded individuals, who have made the goal to
and choose to read HIS love letter to US, as a methodology to achieve that is one of the most powerful, quickest and efficient ways to do that.
It is helpful to have others around to help slow down the process, being able to have a deeper reading and better understanding.

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Walk This Way for the bright side of a fellowship!

A very bright side of the fellowship of Bible reading is the deep friendships that happen.

Fun, sure.
Laughs, I hope so.
Camaraderie, absolutely!
But the deepest friendships come, when the deepest of learnings come.
Walking together, with the same motivation, reading the most important literature ever written, to learn about the most Important One, ever...
THAT is powerful!

Buckle up and get ready for the journey as we read and share the Bible together

So, several time a week, I will share a Bible verse, and we will unpack it, discuss it, and talk about how it relates to us today.

We will see how it impacts us, and how we can share it to impact others around us. We will interact, ask questions, dig deeper into the Word to confirm that what we are learning is HIS truth, and not anyone's opinion.

Join in, and let us all, together, with the Power of the Holy Spirit, spread that GOOD NEWS to those who have never met HIM.

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