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Five Ways to Use Crystals around the Home

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Claire has worked with crystals and many other aspects of paganism for over 14 years. She has also studied reiki up to master level.

Taking care of our home's energy can help maintain balance in life.

Taking care of our home's energy can help maintain balance in life.

In recent years people have become increasingly aware of the importance and benefits of self-care. People are seeking out practices such as meditation, crystal healing and mindfulness to bring balance and peace to their daily lives. While this is a great step for your mind and body many people do not realise that taking care of our home environment and the energy present there is equally important.

There are many reasons that our homes accumulate stagnant and negative energy whether this is from bigger one-off events such as an argument or due to a slow build-up over time. We also experience these unwanted energies in a variety of ways which can vary from person to person. Feelings such as anxiety, tension, overwhelm, restlessness or lack of motivation (with no clear cause) while in a particular room or space in your home can be a sign that the energy needs to be cleared and refreshed. You may also pick up on the feeling that the area `just feels off’ or unpleasant to be in. Clearing this energy and creating a more relaxing and enjoyable home environment doesn’t have to be a complex or expensive process. You also don’t have to undertake a full house cleansing if that seems overwhelming. Work room by room or space by space as needed if that feels more achievable or suited to your needs.

Crystals provide a practical and simple way to clear, cleanse and balance the energy in our homes. They can also aid us in attracting or repelling certain energies as needed to create an environment that is pleasant to spend time in. For example, crystals such as agate and black tourmaline can be used around your home to protect against negative energy and others such as green tourmaline and jade have strong connections to drawing good luck towards us.

Crystals by Use

CrystalSuggested Uses


Protect against negative energy. Shield your spaces from unwanted energy. Bring peace. Transmute negative energy into positive. Property boundary crystal grid


Protection, grounding, balancing and energy shielding.

Green Tourmaline

Good for anyone studying or working in nature. The Earth, fertility, healing and promoting the growth of plants.

Dendritic agate

Agriculture and crops. Healthy plant growth. Strengthening your connection to nature

Moss agate

Stability, strength. Soothes emotions. Protection.


Wealth, prosperity, abundance and money. Business growth and success.


Wealth and abundance. Money. New approaches to removing barriers. Good luck.

Blue lace agate

Free expression of thoughts and feelings. Throat chakra. Calms and increases peace of mind. Use when you fear judgement and/or rejectio.n

Blue calcite

Improving effective communication. Speaking up for yourself. Relieves pressure to conform. When facing opposition.


Conflict resolution. Peaceful negotiation. Balancing and calming.

1. Protect and Shield your Property from Negative Energy

Agate crystals can be found in many varieties, each with its own colour, markings and properties. It is often considered a good choice for when you need to ground, re-evaluate and rebalance your life or need more stability in general.

Agates have a calm and gentle energy that can bring peace to scattered or overwhelming feelings and spaces. They are believed to protect against negative energy by creating a shield and transmuting any negativity into positive vibrations. Black and brown varieties are regarded as being especially effective for this purpose. Agates are hardy stones that will be fine being carried with you day to day whether in jewellery or carried in a bag or pocket. With its gentle vibrations, many people find that they benefit best from agate through longer-term use such as this.

Agate's protective energies can be used to create an energy shield that may help in keeping out unwanted visitors and energies. It is also said to bring peace from nosy and intrusive neighbours. One method of using agate for this purpose is to bury a few small crystals on either side of your front gate, driveway or other entrance to your property and then bury one crystal in each corner of your property's boundary to create a protective grid. As you bury each of the stones ask that it helps bring you peace and shield you from unwanted influences and energy. If you have any specific worries or problems, for example, an interfering or troublesome neighbour, you can ask the agate crystal to specifically help with these.

Black and brown varieties are regarded as being especially effective against negative energy.

Black and brown varieties are regarded as being especially effective against negative energy.

Hematite is another good choice of crystal for protection needs. It is a common stone that is also highly valued for its grounding and balancing properties making it a versatile addition to any crystal collection.

Once smoothed and polished hematite has a mirror-like sheen that is believed by many to deflect unpleasant and negative energies from wherever it is placed. Placing a hematite stone in the main entrance to your home is said to create a shield against this energy entering. This can be especially useful if you have a lot of people calling at your home regularly, such as couriers, postal staff or salespeople. People travelling door to door in this way can pick up energy as they travel or from other homes they visit and leave this behind. Often this will be no issue but can be less favourable, for example, if they are angry or unhappy due to an argument or other stressful encounter earlier in the day. A single hematite stone is fine for this purpose and ideally should be placed by or underneath your doormat. If this is not possible alternative ideas include placing the crystal above the door, perhaps on a doorframe or hanging in a small pouch, on a window ledge or in a plant pot close to your front door.

If you live in a busy town or city and find the constant vibrations of other people overwhelming or feel that they are affecting the energy in your home (or workplace) hematite can help with this too. Placing a crystal above or close to the windows and doors will create a protective barrier against the unwanted energies of others.

2. Healing and Boosting Growth of Plants with Healing Crystals

Green tourmaline is also known as verdelite and is found in a variety of shades including bottle green, light green, yellow-green and olive green. It is a great choice of crystal for people who are studying nature-related subjects such as herbalism, landscaping or horticulture. This gentle healing stone has strong associations with the earth, fertility and the spirits of nature so is very beneficial when used in these areas. One simple method this connection can be utilised at home is in helping houseplants thrive or to aid those that have been neglected or seem sickly.

You will need one piece of green tourmaline for each plant. Holding one crystal in your hand, close your eyes and ask that it use its healing powers to help the plant become healthy again. Bury the green tourmaline just below the surface of the soil and close to the plant's stem. Within a few weeks, it should begin to grow and flourish again. At this point, remove the crystal, cleanse it and then put it back into the soil. This removes the energies absorbed while healing the plant and aids in its continuing to support healthy growth. The crystals can be left for as long as you wish but should be cleansed regularly. This technique can also be used with garden plants whether planted in the ground or containers.

Another readily available crystal that can be used in this way is dendritic agate. This crystal has links to agriculture and is thought to help enhance the yield of crops as well as maintain the health of all plant life. Due to its strong connection to the Earth and the natural world dendritic agate is a good choice of crystal for anyone who wants to strengthen their connection and understanding of the natural world, especially related to the soil and plants. It is best used over longer periods as it has a slow-acting energy.

Dendritic agate has a strog link to the Earth and all aspects of nature.

Dendritic agate has a strog link to the Earth and all aspects of nature.

3. Preventing Accidents at Home

Unusually for an agate, moss agate is not banded but is a milky white stone with varying Dendric markings. These are created by inclusions of iron or manganese with the crystal and resemble moss or lichen. It has long been considered a valuable healing crystal that’s gentle vibrations are excellent for stability and strength. This crystal is said to encourage a long life and help to soothe fraught emotions. Its deep green colour is believed to relieve stress and improve feelings of security and stability. In the past moss agate was worn as a talisman by warriors going into battle as it was believed to make them strong and successful. Similarly, this crystal was also used by ancient seafarers to protect them from the dangers at sea.

This protective association can be brought into your household with a simple visualisation exercise. Hold a moss agate in your hand, close your eyes and ask the stone to protect your kitchen from negative energies and accidents such as cuts and burns. See yourself working safely in the space and if you have any particular concerns you can add these. For example, if you often burn yourself or drop things you can focus your visualisation on helping to reduce this happening. Once this is completed place the stone next to your cooker or in the area that is used to prepare food for the best results. This crystal should be cleansed regularly to keep its powers strong.

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4. Working with Crystals to Increase Prosperity

Citrine is a soft yellow, honey or light brown coloured quartz. It is well known as a stone of abundance and prosperity and can be used to attract money and success into your life. This crystal is also believed to increase creativity and to help in releasing thoughts, fears and behaviours that are holding you back from achieving your goals. Citrine is a powerful manifestation stone so is an ideal choice when you are looking to increase prosperity through starting a new business or project or boosting the success of current endeavours.

In Feng Shui, the southeast corner of your home is associated with wealth and prosperity. A commonly associated practice is to place a citrine crystal in this area with the intention that it attracts this energy towards you. Alternately, citrine crystals can be kept in places associated with money or where money is kept, for example, purses, money boxes, cash registers and saving jars. You could also keep a stone with banking paperwork such as paying in books and statements. If you are looking to boost a business or project place citrine in relevant places such as your workspace, in a stock room or with your business plan.

Many people see pyrite as a powerful crystal for attracting wealth and abundance.

Many people see pyrite as a powerful crystal for attracting wealth and abundance.

Also known as fool’s gold, pyrite is a powerful crystal for attracting wealth and abundance. It can help you to see new ways of approaching your problems or barriers that stand in the way of reaching your goals. Pyrite is a good choice of stone for meditation and visualisation work around attracting money and good luck. Like citrine, many people believe that keeping pyrite in places related to money also helps to draw more to you.

If you wish to add some extra power to your prosperity crystals you can carry out this simple exercise. Write your wish down on a piece of paper. Hold the paper in your hand and visualise yourself working towards your goal and attaining success. Now fold the paper and place it underneath the citrine crystal.

Blue crystals are linked to the throat chakra so are beneficial for smooth comunication.

Blue crystals are linked to the throat chakra so are beneficial for smooth comunication.

5. Improving Communication using Blue Crystals

Blue crystals are commonly associated with communication due to their link with the throat chakra. Carry them with you or place them in areas of your home where people gather. They can also be used to enhance meditation and visualisation exercises related to communication and the throat chakra.

Blue lace agate has a gentle energy that may help you to express your thoughts and feelings freely. This calming crystal brings peace of mind and can help in healing the throat chakra and any associated difficulties with communication. Viewed by many as one of the best nurturing and supportive stones blue lace agate is an excellent crystal for anytime you feel judged or fear rejection.

Blue calcite is another useful blue crystal for aiding effective communication. Choose this stone when you feel that speaking up for yourself will be met with resistance, opposition and pressure to conform to the will of others. Celestite is a balancing crystal that is great to carry during any conflict resolution, calming and encouraging peaceful and fair negotiation.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

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Claire (author) from Lincolnshire, UK on May 31, 2016:

You are welcome. I like obsidian too, sometimes you get a feel for/attraction to a certain stone which is suited to you and your needs.

Maurice Glaude from Mobile on May 30, 2016:

This just goes to show you learn something everyday. I've never thought of Agate as very protective. I've always wanted Black tourmaline or obsidian for that. Thanks for the great alternative.

Claire (author) from Lincolnshire, UK on March 01, 2015:

Hope that they help and give you some good ideas.

Kristen Howe from Northeast Ohio on March 01, 2015:

You're welcome, Claire. I'll check those feng sui hubs out later out. Good idea. I don't think I have any citrine crystals from my late mother's rock collection. Might have to get one someday.

Claire (author) from Lincolnshire, UK on March 01, 2015:

Thank you. I have a few hubs on Feng Shui as well if you would like to take a look. At home we have a cup we collect small change in and I keep a citrine in there and in my sons money box too.

Kristen Howe from Northeast Ohio on February 28, 2015:

Great tips, Claire. I'm new in the Feng Sui area and need a photo soon for my money wall. I never thought of having a crystal in my pocketbook. I'm going to give it a try this spring. Voted up!

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