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It's Right to Question Everything!

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Just a living person with stories beyond belief and more than willing to share. By the way, I have TBI so I think differentlyandproud of it!

A headshot of me

A headshot of me

Part One, my understanding of religion.

First, I am going to say that I have no understanding of religion. I do however believe that there is something better than us which helps human life.

When a person dies, automatically eight to nine pounds leaves the body. I know that when a person dies, automatically all of their

"juices" leave the body but eight to nine pounds of it, really? Well, I question everything and have been listening to audio books as I am falling asleep and sleeping because that is the best way to reach your subconscious. Recently I've chosen to listen to stuff about God and religious stuff like that. Multiple books have said, He is in us.

Part Two

I found that interesting and did a little more research into that, I guess, God is in our minds unless we do something horribly wrong and do not ask for forgiveness. But, I guess, when we ask for forgiveness, He comes right back? Then again, I have also heard a lot about energy and how our physical human body has energy in it and when we die, it leaves and goes back. To my understanding, it goes back to the energy field surrounding earth.

Part Three

Now when I was growing up, my mom and dad were separated and I lived with my mom until I was ten years of age. She was/is very religious but my father was not, yet, when he grew up I found out that he was an alter boy. So from ten years and up, I always had it in mind that there was nothing of a type of God or higher being. But I have had multiple occassions that would have taken, should have taken someones life but I survived and very often without a scratch.

Part Four

Then when I crashed, after in the recovery process, heard my dad talk about how God must not have been ready to take me. I was confused and really started to question what was/is it that really controls or ... manipulates us human beings?

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Then earlier this year (2020) our government released documents and/or evidence that alien lifeform DID/DO in fact exist. I have also heard that aliens, in one way or another, control or .. cant think of the word. But we could be like an experiment to them, multiple people have admitted to being taken by them, had experiments done on them by the aliens and then returned right back to where they were picked up at. Like I said, I question everything. Our Government does not tell us everything, this is my opinion, because mass people of the economy cannot handle it.

Part Five

Which if that is true, what exactly is "known" and what is hidden? Now I am more than grateful for being a US citizen, I love this country beyond belief and then Men and Women who stand up for our freedom, thank you from the bottom of my heart! But I think with the new age upon us, our government needs to be looking at different ways of protection. I am not going into detail on any of that but back to God.

Part Six

When I crashed, I died three times and do NOT remember a thing. I don't remember anything but it was all black. I could not hear anything, see anything or any of that. Another book that I had been listening to at night said that religion is just a human belief because we as humans need something to believe in and I figure that may be a very real fact, reason being, one of the times I was homeless many people, God was all they had. I even spoke to one lady who did not commit suicide because of fear our Father would not take her because of the sin she made and send her to h*ll. But then that leads me back to our Government and lying to us about things in order for our protection!? I find it very upsetting to hear or think about any of this in depth and if I had the funds, I would investigate this to the absolute deepest darkest hole one could go! Anyways, this is my first typing for this platform but definitely not my last. Please leave some comments on your thoughts or whatever, I would love to have a discussion about this! Thank you and take care of yourselves because nobody else will.

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