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First Day Theology – Passion Week – The Day of Reuben - Behold a Son

Robert who was raised in Hawaii lives out in the countryside of Augsburg, Germany today. He loves sharing the Passion Paradigm.

Jesus was really riding a wild horse and not a colt.


What is First Day Theology?

First Day Theology is the theology of First Days or the first days of each of the fifteen weeks which God, Israel and the adopted have to fulfil. The theology of First Day unfolds with Jesus “in the flesh” entering Jerusalem on a colt. The name of the day is Reuben which means “Behold a son.” Reuben is the eldest and first born son of Leah.

The Theology of First Day is a “theology held together” by fact that “Jesus is in the flesh”. In short, God is touched and the revelation for the Passion Week is “God is touched”. Jesus obviously walks in the “flesh” through the Passion Week. The Passion Week is not about history; the week is about flesh. Jesus in Jerusalem in the Passion Week is more than history because the Passion Week transcends time. God puts himself in the most vulnerable position in the world, in the universe, in time, in eternity and in the kingdom by being in the flesh in the Passion Week. The week is seven days plus an eighth day. There is a “Second Day Theology, Third Day Theology and so forth up to the Eight Day Theology".

For every week that God, Israel and the adopted have to fulfil, there is a first day in each of these weeks. God has seven weeks. Israel has seven weeks. The adopted have one week. The Passion is the paradigm week meaning all weeks mirror the Passion Week because God is in the flesh and touched. The Passion Week with “God in the flesh” fundamentally and vicariously puts Jesus in all weeks. God’s first week, the Genesis Week, is a first week and a “First Day Theology Week”, and the week is a revelation week which is “God is light”. Israel’s first week, Joseph and Slavery Week, is also a “First Day Theology Week”, but it is a “curse week” which the curse is “the eldest son dies”.

Jesus is the “Speculum” for Genesis Week. The Speculum is a “mirror”. By speculum, Jesus is the mirror to God’s week and in this case, the Genesis Week. The speculum is two revelations mirroring the same person. Like Jesus says, if you see the Father, you see me. The revelation of the Genesis Week is "God is light". Jesus is the light of the world. Jesus even brings light when he is placed in the tomb when he is dead.

Jesus is the “Antiphon” for the “Joseph and Slavery Week. The Antiphon is a psalm, a verse, a response or an answer. Jesus is the psalm, the verse, the response, the answer to remove the curse, “The eldest son dies”. Jesus is the Eldest Son and first born Son of God. The curse is set by Joshua 6:26 in reference to setting the foundation will cost the life of the eldest son. Now, Joseph had a “substitute” because the baker did the dying. Jesus is not only the Eldest; Jesus is the corner stone, the foundation. Jesus lifts the curse to bring to life a revelation. Again, Jesus is the eldest.

Where God is light, Jesus is the light. Where the eldest dies, Jesus is the eldest. A man riding on a colt is more than just a man. He is a man in the flesh.

This is a cursory glimpse at “First Day Theology”

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