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One common dream theme that both men and women have is dreams about fire. Fire dreams can represent a variety of different things in your waking life. Since dreams often reflect our own aspects and emotions, your dream about fire can be representing the emotions that you are feeling in your waking life. Fire can symbolize several different things, from destruction to renewal. In this article, we will discuss fire dreams and fire dream scenarios. We will also review fire dream meanings and how they can reflect back to your waking life. In the end, we hope that we are able to help guide you so you may be able to determine what your fire dream symbols to your waking life.

Fire is one of the four main elements, along with Earth, water, and air. The importance of fire is undeniable and when it was first discovered, it was life saving. When early man first discovered fire, it brought them protection that was much needed. As time passed, fire was used for many things. Today, fire is just as important as it is nearly used in every type of metal industry. When we dream about fire, it can represent both positive and negative attributes. Learn which fire dreams bring meaning into your waking life.




Fire dreams can represent several different things in our waking life. Fire dream meanings can be both good and bad. As you may already know, our dreams reflect our emotions in our waking life. Your dream about fire was probably brought on by your emotions and the current situations that are going on in your life. Fire symbolizes many different things, positive and negative. Fire represents protection, renewal, regeneration, passion, transition, and change. Fire also symbolizes destruction, anger, and fiery.

Dreams about fire often represent change, transformation, and transition. Dreaming about fire can symbolize the old saying, "out with the old, in with the new." Your fire dream may have been brought on by changes that are occurring in your life. Fire dreams may reflect on one life stage ending and another beginning. Your fire dream meaning may be due to a new job, new friend, new partner, or some other new chapter in your life.

Since fire dreams can symbolize positive and negative attributes, these changes reflecting on your waking life may be good or bad. The changes and transition occurring in your waking life may bring positive emotions or negative emotions. It just all depends on the transformation you are going through. What is changing in your waking life? Have you lost an old aspect of yourself? Our you on a new course or journey in your waking life? How did you feel emotionally when you dreamed about fire? Were you scared of the fire? All these questions can help determine what your fire dream means.

Change can be good and change can bad. This is one reason why many people feel scared in their fire dream. This is because they are scared of change in their waking life. Most of us feel comfortable with routines in our waking life. By having a routine, we are aware of our surroundings and we know what to expect for the most part. Once change occurs, we feel like we our lost, out of our element even. However, transition and change can be good. Fire dreams may refer to a promotion, becoming a young adult, or a new child to the family. Remember, your dream about fire can symbolize any type of change or transformation occurring in your waking life.



If you dreamed about seeing fire, this can symbolize your personal motivation for success. You have the drive and ambition to succeed in all that you do. Fire dreams symbolize a person that never gives up on their dreams. Your goals, dreams, and aspirations are very important to you. These are often qualities of success. You are committed to anything that you believe in. Since fire represents passion, your fire dream may have been brought on by your passion to be successful in all that you do.

If you dreamed that you were burnt by the fire, this can suggest that your emotions may be a bit too extreme. This type of fire dream often symbols those with an attitude, temper, or rage. More then likely, someone or something is burning you up. This fire dream can point to anything in your waking life that has caused these negative emotions. Since you were burned in your dream, it represents that someone has betrayed you.

Dreaming that a house is on fire commonly represents that you are going through changes and transformation. In dream interpretation, we are taught that the house is actually us. The fire represents transformation, meaning that our waking life is seeing transition and change. Dreaming of a house on fire may also represent your strong connection with your family. In this case, the fire is representing your passion and love for your family.

If you dreamed about starting a fire, this may symbolize that our emotions are out of control. This type of fire dream represents uncontrollable emotions. In such cases, your fire dream may be symbolizing that life hasn't gone as planned. Someone or something is causing you stress and anxiety. Dreaming that you are starting a fire may also depict that there is something about us that we don't like. In this case, we are trying to destroy it forever. Is there something about you that you don't like? Have you done something that you regret? Pay attention to what you are burning because this may very well be what you want gone.

Dreaming about putting a fire out can represent overcoming difficulties in our waking life. This type of fire dream suggest that you have overcome hardship with hard work and dedication. It symbols achievement through discipline and control. This can refer to any type of situation or relationship that has presented obstacles to you. Your confidence and self-esteem is high as you have overcome the impossible.

If you dreamed about a fire engine, this can suggest that someone or some type of situation needs your help. This fire dream can also symbol that you are the one that needs help. Someone or something needs your attention. Is there someone in your life asking you for help? Do you know someone that is in need for your help? Are you the one that needs help? If so, make sure you reach out to your friends, spouse, family, and neighbors. This type of fire dream can also depict that you are putting others ahead of yourself.

If you dream about feeling the heat of a fire, this is a common sign of turmoil, hardship. and distress in your waking life. This fire dream may have been brought on by tough times in your life. Fire dreams may also give us warnings of bad things that haven't happened yet. Dreaming about fire can also symbolize destructive behavior and emotions. Fire is a classic sign of rage and deep anger. You may feel like your on fire inside. Forgiveness is not for others, it is for you.

If you dreamed about a lantern or candles, this is often a positive sign. Candles and lanterns are a sign of inspiration, enlightenment, sympathy, warmth, and intelligence. The candle and lantern represent a positive path in life. This type of fire dream may suggest that you are on the right path. This fire dream portrays leadership and comfort also. This can refer to anything in your waking life.




Mimi frank-briggs on January 19, 2015:

I had a dream about fire in a room but it didn't burn me,instead I walk out of the room without feeling any heat and wen I came back the fire was off and everything was back to normal

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I do dream of fire on occasion and it didn't occur to me that it represented change. Those dreams tend to happen during times of change, so that interpretation makes sense. Voting this Up and Interesting.

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Hi thelyricwriter! Hardly I have ever thought before so much in detail about so much it meant.

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I really never thought of fire dreams and what they might mean.. this one was eye opening :)

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Although I’ve never had a dream solely about fire, I think your meaning and scenarios are fascinating. Since I do have dreams about water, I’m off to take a peek at what you’ve written. Excellent hub.

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Fire dreams would be the most terrifying dreams to me. Very interesting as to their meanings. Good job here!

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