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Find Your Astrology Compatibility Report for Any Sun Sign Combo

Andrea writes on various topics from dating, couples, astrology, weddings, interior design, and gardens. She studied film and writing.

There are all kinds of combos in astrology when it comes to romance. There are strengths and weaknesses to all of them.

There are all kinds of combos in astrology when it comes to romance. There are strengths and weaknesses to all of them.

I’ve been writing about Western astrology and compatibility for ten years. I can tell you off the top of my head what any match is like.

I don’t think any particular match is better than any other. There are examples of marriage, divorce, and everything between in all 78 astrological combos.

When I write about zodiac signs, I base them off real people. For instance, I think about all the people I know who are Virgos, I think about the similarities they share, I read up on what other people have to say, and I go from there. This is often why when people read my stuff they connect with it. It’s because I write about people I know who distinctly fit their sign.

  • The pairing I get the most questions about is Scorpio and Aquarius. There is a great deal of lore when it comes to those two.
  • The pairing I get the least questions about is Cancer and Sagittarius. They have really different goals, and I think they often gravitate toward different social circles.

This article will briefly look at each Sun sign. I focus only on the Sun sign when I do astrology.

Aries wants a passionate relationship. They don't like indecisive people. They demand you give them affection. | Source: iStock

Aries wants a passionate relationship. They don't like indecisive people. They demand you give them affection. | Source: iStock

What Aries Wants in a Relationship

The first sign of the zodiac is about getting things started. Aries is looking for a partner that fuels them to take on the world. Aries wants someone who is passionate, can match their mental energy, and doesn't restrict them.

Aries has an adventurer heart. This person wants to travel, go places, try new things, and follow out their ambitions. They want a partner who can embrace all this about them. Aries is looking for someone who connects exceedingly well with them, has chemistry, and a noticeable spark. They want someone attractive even more so than many of the other signs -- of course, this sign is all about desire. Aries doesn't do well with boredom or too much simplicity.

Aries will continue a relationship if it provides the kind of magic they desire. Aries will get bored and restless if tied down too much by commitments. This is a sign that wants to be active, not passive. Aries prizes intelligence and physical health. Aries prefers a partner who is physically fit and who is cerebral like them. Aries wants someone who has a wide range of hobbies, skills, and impressive feats.

Aries brings a lot of energy and excitement in the relationship. The first sign of the zodiac is a fire element. That element is about free-will, desire, movement, and energy. Sedentary lifestyles don't bode well for an Aries. They want to be out in the world taking on the farm, running through the fields, showing off their bodies, adding a kind of rhythm and style into the universe.

Aries types tend to date several people before settling down. They like to try new experiences. Aries is all about the new. The sign can be somewhat immature and egotistical as it is the first sign and represents youth. This youth like energy is a positive -- it will keep them active in their minds, active in their bodies, and unrelenting toward good overall health. Aries just needs a little more help with its charisma. This sign can sometimes be blunt and lack empathy.

Aries does better with a partner with thick skin. This fire sign also loves to argue -- it's full of sarcasm. They don't shy away from conflict. Aries wants to get in the middle of things. Aries needs someone who is strong and has confidence in themselves. Aries doesn't always understand other people's suffering or the depth of it. Aries can learn to be more empathetic, but again, it's not its first nature. Instead this sign is a challenger, born under Mars, passionate, excited, and ready for new adventures.

Aries looks for those who are creative, inspiring, motivating, successful, and powerful. Aries cares greatly about those it loves. It is an honor to be loved or favored by an Aries, not just in romance but in general.

Taurus is a lover of nature. They're often described as quiet, organized, and romantic.

Taurus is a lover of nature. They're often described as quiet, organized, and romantic.

What Taurus Wants in a Relationship

Taurus is one of the more relationship prone signs. It is guided by Venus, the planet of love. Taurus comes into the world taking care of the gale storm left behind from Aries. Where Aries starts projects and rarely finishes them -- Taurus picks up the slack and manages what is left behind. Taurus wants a mate who can help them manage and take care of the world around them.

Taurus is like Adam from the Bible and desiring of a perfect soul mate. Taurus believes in beauty and wants to find a mate who is traditionally beautiful, symmetric even, and prizes family. Taurus will be taken by someone who is easy on the eyes, is a fantastic cook, has a beautiful voice, has a clean aesthetic, a great kisser, and someone warm. Taurus doesn't prize smarts as much as other signs do.

They like extra hugs, they like hand holding, and they like to be with someone who seems complete. They like someone who is warm and giving. They want someone who reciprocates.

Taurus wants someone who will make for an excellent spouse and parent. They want someone who is financially responsible, savvy and clever with their resources, and has a way of charming those around them. Taurus will fall for the animal-whisperer, for those that take on practical roles in the world, and have a way of putting others at ease.

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Taurus wants to impress their parents. They want to find a mate that their father and mother will like. Taurus wants someone beautiful they can take to places, someone who can charm and socialize with others, someone with excellent etiquette, who isn't afraid of a mop and bucket, and helps maintain a clean and engaging home.

Taurus types also have a love of the outdoors. They can also like Aries be obsessed with their physical fitness. Taurus will want someone who is open to exploring the outdoors, who likes to exercise outside, who likes to vacation to places in the wilderness. Taurus wants everything. They want a beautiful spouse, they want to be in beautiful locations, they want to have a beautiful house. I know, the key word here really is beautiful.

Taurus wants someone who is somewhat grounded in reality. They prize practical observations over abstract ones. Taurus wants to invest its time and energy in tried and true paths instead of going on a wild goose-chase to get something done.

Taurus is prone to following traditional gender roles or traditions in general. As men, they may try to support the family and work hard financially because they want their wives to focus on keeping the sanity in the house and raising children. Taurus types tend to be more conservative. Now I do know of many Taurus types who are very kind-hearted and empathetic and wouldn't force any kind of role on someone. They do want you to be you. They want things to be natural.

Geminis are intelligent and beautifully creative. They add excitable energy into a room.

Geminis are intelligent and beautifully creative. They add excitable energy into a room.

What Does Gemini Want in a Relationship

Gemini is another relationship prone sign. Gemini will often seek having a partner. The sign is guided by Mercury, the planet of communication. This chatter box needs someone to hear all its thoughts from the excited, the angry, and a million other expressions. Gemini is full of expressions and could make an extraordinary actor. Gemini is one of the smartest signs of the zodiac, if not the smartest. This person is ultimately looking for someone who understands them.

Gemini wants someone who can untangle their thoughts. Gemini often finds himself diving into a stream of thoughts and ideas and then can end up looking like a cat stuck in some blinds. Gemini wants someone who is open-minded, creative, charming, and empathetic. Gemini also prizes beauty, but not necessarily in the traditional ways that Taurus does. Gemini is also a spring sign and values nature and flora. Gemini instead of working hard for the garden actually explores the garden -- and this is how it comes up with all the magnificent ideas in its head.

Gemini is a professor type. They can have brilliant ideas soaring through their minds while also walking around with untied shoes. A Gemini wants to be appreciated, they want to feel seen and understood. They also want someone who can keep up with their conversations. A strong writer, a fantastic ear and mouth, someone with a sense of justice and purpose -- these are qualities Gemini prizes and attracts to them. Gemini doesn't necessarily need someone to catch up to their brain wave, they need someone who can decipher their brain wave. These types want to be with someone who amuses them, that is slightly unpredictable, that also has a lot of expression and potential.

Geminis love to mirror people. They especially love to mirror people who they fancy romantically. If you sit, they sit. If you exercise, they exercise. Gemini finds it entirely fun to copy what others are doing. Mimicry is how they learn; it's how they come to understand you. So in that manner, Gemini is looking for someone who is positive. Someone who is fairly negative and complains a lot who brings in toxic energy would be suffocating for Gemini. Gemini would mirror that energy and hate it.

Gemini needs constant positive energy around them. They need healthy spaces to think and function. They need variety and exploration. Gemini will be charmed by someone who gives them grace, warmth, attention, and ultimately understanding. They crave someone who is the ultimate friend. The Gemini wants a lot but this person mostly wants to be happy. Gemini ideally wants to reflect and find something stunning to meld with their energy.

Gemini does not do well to be alone for too long. Gemini is the twin sign, and many of the mysteries of this sign can't be unlocked until another person comes into the picture.

Cancer is kind. They have a fantastic understanding of emotions and intuition.

Cancer is kind. They have a fantastic understanding of emotions and intuition.

What Cancer Wants in a Relationship

Cancer is wanting to emotionally synch up with someone. Cancer wants someone who won't run away just because they have so many moods. Cancer wants to feel at ease, they want to feel safe and secure, they want to feel as though they belong.

Cancer is a passionate, kind, and idiosyncratic thinker. Cancer wants someone who is caring, empathetic, and aware. This person likes people who are good with animals, children, the elderly, the misunderstood, outcasts, and strangers. Cancer is drawn to people who have charisma, who have charm over others, and who are sensitive to the Cancer.

This sign does not do well with people who are super aggressive or competitive. Cancer is emotional and needs to be in a space that allows for emotions to be expressed in a safe way. Cancer hates feeling misunderstood. This is a sign that is very curious about people. They like to watch others, they like to make observations, they like to gossip, and they like to try new things. Cancer doesn't have the thickest skin, but they do have a higher capacity for unconditional love.

Cancer types make for nurturing lovers and parents. This type is looking for someone they can nurture, someone they can adore, someone who will let them come close and won't be afraid.

Cancer types have an abundant amount of feminine energy, whether born female or male. They get guidance from the moon and all its shifts. Cancer wants someone who can accept them for all their emotional phases. Cancer needs someone who is open-minded, cuddly, affirming, affectionate, doesn't mind weird things too much, and likes to be a little lazy from time to time.

Cancer attracts a wide range of people and wants to fall deeply in love. Cancer will do what she can to maintain a connection, which usually includes a magnificent amount of flirting. Cancer wants its flirtatious advances reciprocated. The sign is all about the feels. It goes with the way things charm it, the way it inspires the sign, and those that have a certain magic. Cancer will give many different people a chance to prove themselves. As a nurturing sign, it is eager to please.

Cancer wants to feel appreciated, it is high on romantic gestures, it is high on giving chances. Cancer wants to be a comfort to someone -- they want someone who is loyal and passionate. Cancer can feel deeply offended by misdeeds in the relationship. This is someone who wears their heart on their sleeve and wants to give their all to romance. Betraying a Cancer is a cardinal sin. You must treat them with care, sensitivity, and respect or else you'll bring the romance to ruin.

Leos have BIG personalities and LOVE attention... at least for the most part.

Leos have BIG personalities and LOVE attention... at least for the most part.

What Leo Wants in a Relationship

As the fixed fire sign of the zodiac, Leo wants a relationship that is brilliant, a story for the ages, full to the brim with happiness, and to be a seemingly attractive pair.

Leo is looking for someone who will give them adoration and affection. Leo is known for its ego, and part of a Leo's journey is mastering its ego. This sign is in desperate need of someone who fans its flames. It will be taken by someone who is giving, very warm to them, a person seen as desirable among others, a crowd favorite, and has some brilliant quality to them.

Leo loves a fan club. Leo wants all your compliments, all your praise, and essentially worship. Leo wants you to appreciate them like they're a god or some kind of fantastic Adonis. They're on the hunt for a champion, someone who will make their family look strong and amazing, and someone who will give the Leo all the cuddles and affection they have ever wanted.

Leo does not do well with someone aloof or cold. Leo needs heat. Leo is hurt very easily by someone who withdraws, who doesn't open up to affection, and someone who doesn't put the Leo on a pedestal.

Leo wants someone with a vibrant energy. They like people who are unique, who are champions, and who are not afraid to be themselves. Leo wants someone confident in their world to help them embrace even more confidence than they already have. Leo will be taken by someone who is consistent, has a noticeably large heart, who is ambitious and passionate, and can take on some of their nonsense with class.

Leo is a champion of people. Leo wants to be inclusive while also a bit grandiose. Leo is a king or queen. They want what's right for the people. They have a desire for community. Leo does not do well in isolation, they don't want to hide their relationship but desire to make it public, and they prefer liveliness. Leo would want someone that likes to go to social things -- someone who wants to be in the thick of the action. Leos tend to like having family or starting one. This is a highly social sign.

Leo would find too much privacy and seclusion a bit restrictive and suffocating. Leo wants to give of its heart, to make things comfortable and warm, they like passion and rhythm.

Leo is a lot of energy. This is someone who likes to get up and move. They want to dance. They want to get out in nature. They like to meet people. They're there for the excitement. They can get too caught up in their emotions and want to roar, they can be touched by acts of kindness, and they can get super mad by injustices.

Virgos want things to be clean and logical. They're known as the cerebral earth sign.

Virgos want things to be clean and logical. They're known as the cerebral earth sign.

What Virgo Wants in a Relationship

Virgo wants perfection. Virgo is actually the least likely sign to get into a relationship or go toward romance. Virgo is hard working and has certain career goals in mind. They want to work directly on a path and follow out curiosities. The Virgo type is highly independent, so they need someone who is also okay with independence. Virgo does not do well with someone who is co-dependent.

Virgo is highly logical, cerebral, and analytical. Sometimes these highly valued mental prizes can be buzzkills for romance. Relationships are a somewhat abstract concept. But the main drawback for Virgo isn't their prized minds -- it's their high expectations.

Virgo wants to find the perfect mate. They're not necessarily obsessed with the idea of a soul mate, but of someone who is and will be a perfect match. Virgo won't give 100% unless this sign absolutely believes the person before them is their destiny. Virgo will linger in a relationship that doesn't really work for them and zombie their way through it out of a kind of respect or decency. When Virgo feels it has met its match, it will persevere harder after it than it had previously in other relationships.

Virgo is less about maintaining relationships and more about cultivating ideas and projects. Virgos like to work with their hands or they like to spend time heavily in books. Virgo wants someone who will accept and reciprocate their sense of manners, chivalry, decency, and decorum. A Virgo could be a total mess because of their love of the planet and nature, but they will still retain a certain high degree of manners.

Virgo wants someone who has everything: the right look, the right mind, the right shape, the right family, the right taste in food, the right taste in beer. The expectations are high and often individualistic. Virgo doesn't necessarily think the person they want exists, so they'll try to settle with someone who isn't really the right fit. These types of secondary or auxiliary relationships won't last.

Virgo wants to maintain a purposeful path. They're intentional. They're obsessed when it comes to details. They can get themselves into trouble by working too hard.

What they really need is someone who is charming and has a high degree of manners. Someone who can appreciate the little things and keep a kind of romantic grace about them. Virgo does want someone who is warm and not too aloof or cold. They're looking for someone who is somewhat self-contained and has good self-control.

Virgo doesn't like to get in the middle of action or conflict. They want to reduce conflicts and keep things somewhat simplistic and clean. Virgo isn't for a lot of drama.

Libras are known as friendly, harmonizers, and sweethearts. They want to strike a balance in everything they do.

Libras are known as friendly, harmonizers, and sweethearts. They want to strike a balance in everything they do.

What Libra Wants in a Relationship

Libra is a pure romantic. This is someone who often pines for someone and gets in some game of unrequited love. Libra is looking for balance and harmony. This sign is also guided by Venus, the planet of love.

Libra desires a relationship full to the brim with kindness, sweetness, joy, light, and sustenance. Libra types love the finer details, they're dreamers, artists, and they want the world to feel more equal. Libra wants a healthy and balanced relationship. They want to be adorable, they want to be prized, they want to have someone who appreciates all their weirdness.

Libras can become severely depressed, especially when single. They're fairly open to going on dates, meeting new people, and finding charm. They're very flirtatious. They want someone who is consistent, who wants to grow old with them, who is open-minded and accepting of their weirdness, and who will be there for both their thoughts and emotions.

Libras, Virgos, and Pisces all have a kind of grace and kindness to them that the other signs don't typically have as much in stock. All three take that gifting in different ways. Libras tend to be drawn toward the cute, the unusual, the stolen glances, the little things, the ones who appreciate them, the ones who take them on dates, the ones who get their oddness.

I had a Libra friend go on and on about eating lime ice pops with a suitor, and it was cloying to hear her story. But for some reason the way he looked at her over the popsicle made her feel loved.

Libras desire a kind person. They want to be with someone who is also taken by the little things. Libras want to be with someone who can sit and chill, be lazy with them for a few minutes. They like to be around different people, to try different things, to see the world from different perspectives. Libras are both social creatures and desire to be homebodies.

These kindred spirits are indecisive because they crave so much balance. When you're focused on balance constantly it can put you into a headlock. Libras will like someone who doesn't give them a hard time about their indecisive behavior but can accept them for this. Libras will switch gears randomly in their careers, in the middle of their days, and may even breakup randomly if they suddenly feel like the other person isn't quite the right fit. I know of several Libras who realize they're with the wrong person after 4 or 5 years and then breakup. They'll desire something else, and sometimes they'll regret breaking up with someone.

Libras crave romance and beauty. You'll find them in adorable cottages, at fantastic coffee joints, watching the sunrise from an ideal location, and all kinds of idealized things. Libra wants to appreciate the beauty around them. They too like Taurus are obsessed with beauty, but they don't require so much of it from their partner. They more so want a partner who also appreciates beauty so they have someone to go see those sunrises, the birds in the trees, or the grass waving in the wind.

Scorpio is mysterious. They're not always easy to read. They're frequently misunderstood.

Scorpio is mysterious. They're not always easy to read. They're frequently misunderstood.

What Does a Scorpio Want in a Relationship

Scorpios are very intense. People are very curious about them and want to try to see what a relationship with a Scorpio is like. This sign is looking for a partner who is ultimately loyal. They also want someone who is very private with them, they want passion, they want intrigue, they want intensity.

Scorpios like to play games with people they like. They want to feel heroic, like they helped save someone or rescued them. Scorpios have an intense amount of emotions and desire. They want to be with someone who will be fully open with them, who will reciprocate fully, and who will love them unconditionally. Scorpio refuses to be judged. Scorpio refuses to be told what to do. And Scorpio refuses to be with a partner who betrays them.

Scorpio is not for the faint of heart. Scorpio is for someone who doesn't mind seclusion, privacy, intensity, and feeling deeply part of a unit of 2. Scorpio also wants to be with someone who isn't too stubborn. Scoprios are known for being possessive, controlling, and manipulative. They like things their way. They want someone who is agreeable and nurturing. You are either with them or you don't exist to them.

Scorpio wants someone with emotion. They like complicated people. They also like people who are a little bit tortured. Scorpio is fascinated by the human condition and expression, so they want to be with someone 100%, they want to know you at your worst. They don't want you to hide. They want to study you and get to know every atom of you. They want a fantastic spirit that both inspires and spooks them.

Scorpio is looking high and low for the ultimate passion, someone who will be with them in full, who not only embraces intensity but makes things more intense. Scorpios are suckers for drama. Scorpio doesn't like to hold back their admiration, their thoughts, or their emotions. They want a partner. They're content with a partner and being with them till the end of time.

This is the fixed sign of emotion, so it is incredibly fixated on relationships and the human condition.

They're restless and wandering spirits. Scorpios deal with a great deal of emotional energy and force. They know the depths all the way to the Mariana Trench. They know heights all the way to the moon. Scorpio will be drawn to someone who lets them share of themselves entirely.

You must be 100% loyal to a Scorpio. They don't have room in their hearts for questions and uncertainty. Scorpio wants someone they can chase and hide. They have a very strong and passionate soul. Scorpios are serious, somewhat gothic, and a little devilish. They take matters of the heart incredibly serious. They're like a dramatic waltz, a fantastic and gigantic masterpiece on the wall, or a song full of sorrows and string instruments.

Scorpios require someone who is open to emotion. A Scorpio who loves you will protect you. Scorpio is the most sacrificial sign and would give up its life for you, so you better make it worth it.

Sagittarius is spontaneous and unpredictable. They do things when they feel like it. They're considered wild risk-takers.

Sagittarius is spontaneous and unpredictable. They do things when they feel like it. They're considered wild risk-takers.

What Sagittarius Wants in a Relationship

Where Scorpio is about intensity, compression, and being held tightly in a cocoon -- Sagittarius is about wildness, release, running out in the open. Sagittarius is looking for fun. This fire sign isn't real apt toward commitments. Sagittarius isn't even entirely sure they care about relationships.

Sagittarius is looking for someone who will play games with them, who will entertain different thoughts and creative ventures, they like someone who is up for some silliness. Sagittarius can't be tied down too well by commitments. They'll go where they see fit. This is a traveler, a merry person indeed, and someone who wants to create some excitement. They are the sign that rules the holiday season.

Fire signs are all about energy, desire, and movement. Sagittarius as a fire sign is spontaneous, somewhat unpredictable, and full to the brim with energy. Sagittarius is looking for someone who also is full of energy and embraces the wild sides of life.

They like to gamble. They take risks. They play games with luck. They really like lucky people and attracted to them.

Sagittarius is the smartest of the fire signs. I consider Gemini, Virgo, and Sagittarius to be the three scholar signs. Gemini acts as a professor, Virgo is a studious scholar, and Sagittarius is a researcher. Aquarius is also one of the super intellects, in case you were wondering. But Aquarius is more in line with magic... Aquarius is in a league with Scorpio and Pisces. And Aries. Aries literally is mental energy, but it's in its own league as well. (There are intelligent people in all signs, don't get me wrong.)

Anyway, Sagittarius is about following random tangents. They get sidetracked easily. They like to follow the strange, they are full of curiosity. It is very hard to capture the attention of a Sagittarius for a long time. You have to be an interesting person with interesting ambitions and interesting stories. Sagittarius loves a good story. Sagittarius likes to argue and disagree a little. They're tricksters and slightly devious.

Sagittarius wants a partner who isn't too serious. They like to keep things flexible. This sign can be pretty liberal and adventurous. They want to explore ideas, they like to stay up late and study the stars or keep their head in a book or watch some exciting television. They're drawn to music; they're drawn to sports. They want a partner who is attractive but also has some brains to them. They're also kind of okay with whatever floats their boat. Sagittarius would LOVE to be your first date or anything so you can get experience in dating.

They're more okay than many of the other signs with casual connections.

Sagittarius is highly independent, not as independent as Virgo, but their hearts are not as pressed for relationships like Taurus, Gemini, or Libra are. Those three are looking for a type of romantic connection. Aries, Leo, and Scorpio are looking for passion.

Sagittarius doesn't do well bored. Nor do any of the fire signs. Sagittarius also can't be forced into anything they don't want to do. They'll go where they want and when they want. They want someone who is just as open to possibility, to travel, and randomness as them. Sagittarius doesn't care whether you can keep up with them or not. You either keep up with them... or you don't.

Capricorns like to think of the big picture. They're on a mission to survive. They're often family-oriented.

Capricorns like to think of the big picture. They're on a mission to survive. They're often family-oriented.

What Capricorn Wants in a Relationship

Where Sagittarius is about randomness, wildness, and luck -- Capricorn is the opposite. Capricorn wants stability, conservation, protection, and ultimately survival.

Capricorn picks relationships for the long term. Capricorns are obsessed with surviving and making sure their families have all their practical needs met. This is someone who is looking for a person who can weather the storms with them. Capricorns like sensible people but also incredible people. They want to make sure they're with someone who will take care of resources well: they want to know you spend your money wisely, they want to know you're nurturing, that you're great with items in your household, and they want to make sure you are kind to children and the elderly.

Capricorns have a high priority for family. They want someone who synchs up with them when it comes to ideals about family. They like people who are resourceful. These are practical people who think ahead for the long term. They see things as gradual progress, so they're not very impulsive. The Capricorn is pragmatic, direct, and nurturing. They don't like to waste their time, they don't like to waste their money, and they don't like to waste their resources. They do what they can to make sure things count. They want to be successful and in their right minds.

What is Capricorn energy? You know that scene in Indiana Jones where someone is dancing all around with a sword and showing off. Their skills are so impressive! But Indiana just shoots them with a gun and moves on? That's Capricorn. Indiana Jones in that scene is 100% Capricorn energy. They take the most direct intelligent approach and don't meander with fluff. They also kind of struggle to read and discern fluff, so that can be problematic.

Capricorn wants someone who they can build a home and a purpose with. They're not nearly as concerned about beauty and passion. They want a long lasting stone like relationship. They do what they can to keep things steady. Capricorns are excellent at commitments. They are very purposeful and dutiful. They want someone who respects themselves, who is also a steady force, and who takes the tried and true path. Capricorns do lean into traditions and can be conservative.

They're like the tortoise that wins the race. They're not all about speed and impulse. They take things one step at a time. They like people who don't put a lot of intensity on them, people who can be practical and wise, they like those who plan and embrace plans. They're not big spenders. They're not very showy. But they do have a solid amount of focus and attention to detail. They don't necessarily need a giving partner -- they need a receiving type person. Capricorn wants to give and provide. They want someone who will receive their gifts well and respect them.

Aquarius is boldly intelligent and idiosyncratic. They can be unpredictable, socially charismatic, and very weird.

Aquarius is boldly intelligent and idiosyncratic. They can be unpredictable, socially charismatic, and very weird.

What Aquarius Wants in a Relationship

Dynamite. Aquarius is the utopian of the zodiac. Aquarius and its journey is to help guide earth into something new and holy. Aquarius along with Pisces are working hard to figure out what is heaven and how to get there. So when we get to Aquarius and Pisces the tables turn significantly. These two are in a unique class of their own. They are magical, yes, but in a different way than Scorpio.

You see, I mentioned earlier that these three are magic types. Scorpio is different. He is the first in the zodiac to really embrace and come across the idea of death. He is the first to enter into existential crisis. Scorpio doesn't necessarily know what to do with death, but it feels it and to a high extent. The next four signs share different commentary and response to death: Sagittarius -- live wild and embrace life; Capricorn -- do everything you can to survive and live as long as possible; Aquarius -- embrace the possibility of an afterlife and the mysteries of the beyond; Pisces -- enter into the holiness of wisdom and the beyond through death and sacrifice, also acts as a guide to utopia. Pisces says don't try to live forever; find a cause that's worth it to sacrifice. Pisces says trust me.

Alright, it's important to catch you up to speed on this because Aquarius and Pisces are exponentially different. They're really weird because they don't really live in the functions of earth. They're trying to live in a different realm. Who hasn't heard someone say that Aquarius types are aliens? They are in a way.

Aquarius in this regard is looking desperately for a psychic connection. They believe in magic. They believe in spirit. These are people who are trying to see more colors than most, who want to hear more sounds, they want to explore infinite numbers. They believe in fate, destiny, and free-will. They believe there is a perfect person (like Virgo does) but they go a step further and believe in a soul mate.

Aquarius is a goddess when it comes to making acquaintances. They are introspective, either introverted or extroverted, and social chameleons. But when it comes to love they treat it with more selection -- that is unless they're not feeling as much faith in the idea of a soul mate.

They're constantly exploring creativity and looking for new angles. They're incredibly open-minded and flexible -- until you find something that they hold dearly and then they're tightly stubborn. They can be wild cards like Sagittarius. They can match the intellect of Gemini. They can also borrow the brilliance and kindness of Pisces and Libra. This utopian tends to date in two ways: (1) give up on the soul mate idea and allow for casual relationships to take place or (2) be dramatically attached to the idea of a soul mate.

Aquarius types are far more likely to jump into metaphysical or new age ideas. They like to explore the concept of a psychic connection, and they're looking high and low for one. They like to try out different ideas like the astral plane, chakras, Tarot cards, and ghosts. They also have an incredible amount of balance because they also love science, technology, robots, and more. They're all about epiphany, renaissance, and awakening -- so what they're looking for is a kind of star crossed awakening with someone.

They need to feel like the stars have helped align them with someone. They need someone who is a uniquely distinct match, someone who has an incredible bond with them, someone who will endlessly explore different ideas and questions and theories, someone who also has a high capacity and understanding for words. Aquarius types live in colors, words, sounds, and an earth shattering amount of ideas. It is very hard to date an Aquarius if you can't catch up to them. They're like a golden chocobo in Final Fantasy 7 that just has far more stamina and runs ahead of everyone.

Aquarius because they have so much stamina can be aloof and even come off cold, distant, or withdrawn. Aquarius needs someone who sees past this and can cater to it. Aquarius does very well with other hummingbird type brains.

Pisces is an old-fashioned romantic. They're sacrificial, considerate, and big dreamers.

Pisces is an old-fashioned romantic. They're sacrificial, considerate, and big dreamers.

What Pisces Wants in a Relationship

Pisces is also looking for a soul mate, but with a twist. Pisces is the mentor of the zodiac. This is someone who is wise, sagacious, and already knows what's on the other side because they've been there.

Pisces often looks for someone they can mentor and nurture. The nurturing part comes from their water element. The mentor part comes from their experience. As the last zodiac, they have watched all 11 of the other zodiacs and know what was great about each and what wasn't so great.

Pisces wants to have an incredible psychic like connection with someone + they want to help guide someone into heaven. Pisces will often match up with someone who is younger than them, maybe shorter, skinnier, a little immature, or inexperienced. Pisces wants to help draw a partner out, they want to comfort this person and help show them the light. Pisces loves seeing growth. Pisces loves seeing potential.

Pisces is highly protective of its partner. They want someone who can age with them into death. Pisces needs someone that can embrace their scope of emotions and thoughts. Aquarius runs full speed in the air. Pisces slows down and moves at the pace of water in all its forms. Pisces is in a unique position as the water sign: it is at a cold time of year, so it moves like ice. But it's also switching from winter to spring, so it's heating up allowing for water to flow, and to eventually rise and turn into steam.

Pisces wants someone who will be understanding, warm, who will share their tears with them. They're open to possibilities. They're still afraid of death; they want someone that is open to their depression and darkness.

Pisces carries a little bit of each of the zodiacs.

  • It carries the passion and get-it-going attitude of Aries
  • Pisces carries the respect and desire for beauty like Taurus
  • It is a mimic like Gemini
  • In its heart, Pisces carries the moods of Cancer
  • It carries the ego of Leo
  • Pisces carries the hard working virtue of Virgo
  • It also carries the need for harmony and balance from Libra and a touch of indecision
  • From Scorpio, it borrows passion
  • From Sagittarius, it borrows fun and spontaneity
  • Pisces carries a sense of priority and survival from Capricorn
  • Finally, it borrows Aquarian utopian ideals. They share a chord together of magic, spirit, and the beyond. They are the gatekeepers

Pisces is an incredible amount of person. Pisces needs true love. They need someone who is really giving, soothing, and calm. They need someone who can accept them for all their dynamics, their complexities, and anxieties. They need someone who is reassuring, who can be humble. Pisces wants to get along with someone. They want to age with them, keep the person in their pocket, and they want to dance and enjoy this person until they absolutely can't.

Pisces will never stop loving someone. Even after death, they'll love and respect you. They'll keep seeking you even when you're gone. They'll miss you dearly. They abhor breakups. They'll try to seek you even when you're dead. In a way, you are never dead to them -- they just are not entirely sure how to reach you. Though some Pisces might have methods to get beyond that...

Pisces is both serious and silly about romance. They are so unconditional. They monstrously care. They'll always care about you. They are master empaths. They can and willingly will do foolish things. They're looking for someone who they can embrace and who will embrace them back.

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