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File Under, "Occupy Till I Come." Luke 19:13 He Is Coming

Merwin and his Wife Scooter of nearly 38 years

Merwin and his Wife Scooter of nearly 38 years

Joy and No Joy

We Could Be at the Very End:

The subtitle is "Joy and No Joy". What it basically means is, Believers have joy concerning our LORD's return, but have 'No Joy' that people will be suffering in the years that lead up to it. The Father and His Son and Holy Spirit, have no joy either, even when it comes to the wicked.

Presently every nation of the world is experiencing some measure of persecution against Judaic and Christian believers. Even here in the U.S., which, when I was much younger could not figure how that could someday happen. And, persecution in that Communist Stronghold of China they remain true to their base Ideology and persecute Muslims and other stripes of faith too. But this is merely persecutions and not the wholesale slaughter brought on through the last 3 1/2 years, that is the great tribulation.

As crazy as everything seems now... and it does seem so does it not, shouldn't we consider this present insanity to be a profound omen of devastation to come? With what has gone on the last five years, even with our stay of execution because of God's use of Trump interventions, we have the nation's Marxists doubling down on violence and the threats of violence even from our elected "representatives". Seriously even if by some "extended miracle" Trump remains in office, this Marxist Lawlessness will increase, though the brief reprieve will continue.

Now... if by some measure of success, the Left regains the White House... they will not back down, but, double down AGAIN. They will increase the violence and simply be more sophisticated and Legal about it. ANTIFA and BLM will step up their "side-bar" persecution of everyone "conservative", and the RINO's will step away from any claims of conservatism, and become blatantly Progressive. That will be the new face of what may be considered the moderate Right.

Then people like me, that refuse the new Dictates, Laws and Decrees, such as the example of mandatory vaccinations, will be labeled a national health risk and be whisked away by the truckload. And, then we come to another aspect of the "Joy No Joy" mentioned above, there will be "No Joy" or satisfaction in saying "I told you so", about all this, even as we are being hauled away. There will be GREAT Joy, in knowing that the confirmation of the end is upon us, and "that every knee will bow and every tongue confess Yeshua to be LORD"

Jus sayin

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