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Feng Shui to Attract Wealth

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Kalmiya loves feng shui and has been practicing it for over 10 years.

Read on to learn how to use Feng Shui to attract wealth.

Read on to learn how to use Feng Shui to attract wealth.

It is said that wealthy tycoons of the far East use feng Shui to increase their wealth even more.

Using Feng Shui in Many Aspects of Life

With the release, over many years, of feng shui secrets from the far East by various practitioners into the western mainstream, we now have access to information about how to use the principles of feng shui to attract wealth into our lives. You can use these in your house, apartment, and even room for they work everywhere. Also consider unexpected locations to use feng shui like even your blog!

Feng shui is truly a vast science. There are two main approaches to feng shui, Eight Mansions (Ba Zhai) method utilizes your personal Gua number and personal favourable directions, while Flying Star feng shui is based on the Lo Shu, or magic square, and utilizes the prevailing star energies for a given year, month, day, even hour, and can be employed by everyone.

For the purposes of this article, I'm focusing on monthly Flying Star feng shui as it is simpler to give a monthly forecast that works for everyone examining where the relevant wealth stars are for a given month. One can then simply superimpose the Lo Shu square over their house, apartment, or room to identify where to activate the various stars.

While there are nine flying stars to consider, I am focusing on the three principal flying stars that are related to financial wealth (1, 6, and 8) as we are all looking for a little extra cash these days!

To activate the wealth stars, we need to know what element the stars are themselves, and to examine the cycle of elements and how to 'produce' or promote the energies of that star.

At the same time, we may need to examine the misfortune 5 star in case it is particularly strong, as part of promoting wealth means controlling negative energies.

The main tool you will need is a compass, which can be purchased inexpensively from a store similar to Canadian Tire, or an outdoors sports store. A compass is very much recommended as it is easy to mistake the exact geo-directions!

Pooling Waterfall in SW

Pooling Waterfall in SW

Lo Shu, or Magic Square—July 2015—Description Below

July's Wealth Stars

July's Wealth Stars

Lo Shu Square

The Lo Shu square shows the layout of the flying stars. Every year the annual Lo Shu changes, and every month, the monthly Lo Shu changes as the stars 'fly' into new sectors. The layout is as follows:

  • Southeast South Southwest
  • East Central West
  • Northeast North Northwest

This layout is counter to what we intuitively think as we would normally lay northwest to northeast across the top; however, the Lo Shu is reverse of that. So, when you lay this superimposed over your space, line up the top edge of the square over the southeast, south and southwest area of your living space using your compass at the same time to identify areas where the flying stars are.

Every month I'll be providing an update to the monthly Lo Shu square in order to focus on what sector, or square the the monthly wealth stars, one, six, and eight are flying into, with some possible cures as needed a few capsules below.

The Nine Flying Stars—Meanings

  • Star 1 (water element)—Future prosperity, fame, fortune, academic luck, career, money luck.
  • Star 2 (earth element)—Illness, and bad luck.
  • Star 3 (yang wood)—Anger, conflict, robbery
  • Star 4 (yin wood)—Scholastic luck, romance
  • Star 5 (yin and yang earth)—Worst star, misfortune, bad luck
  • Star 6 (yang metal)—Heaven star, heaven luck, indirect wealth, authority, leadership
  • Star 7 (yin metal)—Robbery star, violence
  • Star 8 (yang earth)—Current prosperity, extreme wealth, happiness and health luck
  • Star 9 (fire)—A good and bad star, it expands or magnifies what is already there.
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Productive Cycle of Elements

Productive Cycle of Elements

Feng Shui Cycle of Elements

The cycle of elements is important to understand in order to know what promotes the wealth stars that we are trying to activate.

The five elements are fire, earth, metal, water, wood. In the diagram to the right, you will see the productive cycle is clockwise. Therefore, the water element produces wood. This also makes sense intuitively. Wood produces fire, fire produces earth, earth produces metal, and metal produces water.

Why is this important? For example, the number eight wealth star's nature is yang(active) earth element. In the cycle of elements, fire produces earth, so if the eight star is in the south this month, for example, a picture of something fire-related (a volcano, or bonfire, etc.) placed in the south for the month will activate the 8 wealth star. This is a little simplistic to be sure as there are always other considerations, but this gives the gist of how this works.

The exhaustive cycle is counter-clockwise and we can use this to diminish evil stars.

July 7 to August 7, 2015 Flying Wealth Stars to Enhance

So, how do we enhance the various stars to encourage them to attract wealth to us? Quite simply, we place decorative objects made of the particular element that produces that star. For a basic example, Star 1 is a water star, and metal produces water, so we would place metal items (picture frames, metal vases, etc.) as this would energize that star. We can also use the same element of the star, so a water feature would also work. Here are the July wealth stars:

Star 1—(water element {metal promotes water}) in the northwest recommended not to use water itself in the NW this month. Any metal decorative item could be placed here.

Star 6—Heaven Star (yang metal {earth promotes metal}) in the southwest unexpected windfall luck, Recommended 6 gold (or gold looking) metal coins; possibly a picture of mountain scenery.

Star 8—(yang earth {Fire promotes earth}) The southeast zone gets financial opportunities and success. Recommended 8-rod crystal wind chime; possibly red crystals.

Best of luck to everyone!

Feng Shui Mirror Magic

As a feature bonus, I'd like to share a secret about feng shui mirror magic!

Check out when is a positive day for your Chinese animal sign on an online Chinese almanac, such as the one at On that given day, hopefully it's sunny. Take a little hand mirror that you've set aside just for this purpose. Put it outside in the sunlight so that it absorbs the sunlight for at least an hour or two. BE CAREFUL not to reflect the sunlight into your eyes.

Then take the mirror inside and shine it into the various corners of your house, apartment, or room, and especially into the corners where the wealth star 8 is for the month!


As a curiosity, I'd like to mention a testimonial of my own. When we first moved to our current home, the room at the S corner of the house was painted blue. I immediately painted it a peach colour which I felt was much more in keeping with the fire energy of the South, and also to remove the 'fire dousing' aspect of the blue paint.

Within a short time, I was offered a job with the most important employer in the new town we had moved to, and I am still employed with them today. And my work-at-home office is now in this peach room.

I'd love to hear about any feng shui successes you'd like to share, or experiences!

This article is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge. Content is for informational or entertainment purposes only and does not substitute for personal counsel or professional advice in business, financial, legal, or technical matters.

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