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Fellowship Ideas for Single Christians


For churches with a singles ministry it is important to have extra fellowship activities planned so that single Christians can mingle outside of the traditional Sunday and Wednesday worship. To fellowship means simply people gathered together with the same interests and goals. Although worshiping and praising God should take center stage, many singles are looking for lasting life partnerships and friendships with someone who shares the same passion to glorify the Lord. Here are a few suggestions to help expand fellowship opportunities within the singles ministry.

Game Night

Some people go out on the weekends, while others sit at home tired of the secular dating scene. Some singles ministries have planned a game night once a week. These typically occur on a Friday or Saturday night. Single Christians gather together to play board games, card games and other games that generate good, clean fun. Singles gather around various games as a group and simply enjoy each others company and conversation.

Aside from games, typically there is a snack table with drinks. An idea on reducing the cost of snacks and drinks is to have everyone bring something to add to the table. Another idea is for singles to take turns supplying snacks for the snack table.

As far as the location goes, many singles ministries use the church facilities but some groups plan this type of fellowship event within members' homes.

Movie Night

Going out to the movie theater can be expensive these days. Movie tickets alone cost over $10 and the food and drinks found at the concession stand can cost more than the admission to the movies. Even still, some movies may have scenes that don't align with a Christian singles' belief system.

Consider planning a movie night at the church or in a member's home. Some singles ministries choose Christian movies to watch. There are several websites that have thousands of titles to choose from.

Where to Find Christian Movies

Just like for game night, plan to have a snack table with popcorn, pretzels, candies, and other movie-going snacks. After the movie, allow time for the singles to discuss the movie or simply hang out with those who attended.

Potluck Dinners and In-home Bible Studies

Consider organizing a time where singles can come together over great home-cooked food and share in the joy of studying God's word. To organize this, simply ask people to sign a list if they are willing to host a potluck dinner, rotating homes for each event.

For those attending, each person will bring a dish they made at home. Some groups typically have a sign up list to ensure that they have enough dishes for the meal and not overload on one item such as desserts.

After the meal, plan a bible study topic. This could be done by the host, minister or anyone who volunteers to lead the bible study. Some groups choose a focus group concept such as a mini-workshop on Christian books. Christian Book has plenty of resources to provide ideas for mini-workshops and Bible studies. This can be church funded or individually funded depending on what's available to your group.

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Workshops are becoming increasingly popular in Christian churches today. Some singles ministries choose topics that focus on the Christian single and the issues faced today. Others are focused on simply becoming closer to God.

Some popular workshop topics include divorce recovery, preparing for marriage, Christian dating topics, single parenting, and other bible study topics. Again, has a plethora of choices for single Christians looking to grow in their relationship with God and others.

Consider volunteering with Habitat for Humanity (

Consider volunteering with Habitat for Humanity (

Serving the Community

What better way to bond as a singles ministry than by helping out your local community. The most popular choices are to volunteer as a group with Habitat for Humanity or at a local soup kitchen. Also consider other options to help serve the community by organizing clothing and food drives, visiting those who are home bound, helping out those with disabilities such as building ramps, donate and distribute school supplies to low-income families or adopting a child or children from the Salvation Army Angel Tree and plan a day to go out shopping together as a group. The possibilities for serving the community are endless.


Many singles tend to go to clubs and bars to dance. However, with that option there is more that Christian singles have to deal with that may go against their faith. Consider organizing annual dances. Some popular times of the year are winter dances and spring dances. For some older singles, this may sound too much like prom but some of the younger single groups may enjoy this type of fellowship.

Retreats and Conferences

This is a great way to get away from daily life and spend time glorifying God as singles grow as Christians. Retreat Finder is one place to find a Christian retreat close to your area. Other singles ministries plan ski trips, camping trips, and beach vacations and plan their own bible studies while on the trip.


For the outdoorsy singles, planning a camping trip can be exciting. What better way to bond and get to know each other than through singing around a campfire and roasting marshmallows? It is also a great way to incorporate Bible study while out in the wilderness God created. Other activities to possibly include in a singles camping trip is fishing, hiking, and scavenger hunts.

Pool Parties

During the summer, some singles ministries plan pool parties. Some are hosted at public pools, whereas others are hosted by a member of the department. This is a great way for Christian singles to socialize and relax. Some pool parties are combined with barbecue cookouts and Bible studies.

Holiday Parties

Holiday parties are always fun. For Easter, it could simply be planning an Easter lunch at the church or a local restaurant. Although many people travel during the summer months, consider planning a group outing for the Fourth of July. Around Thanksgiving, consider planning a potluck meal to gather together and share what they are thankful for. Christmas parties are another annual party that many Christian singles would look forward too.

Sporting Events

Some towns have sporting events available such as baseball, basketball, football and hockey. Consider planning a group outing to enjoy one of these sporting events. It is a great way to come together and socialize.

Planning fellowship events outside Sunday and Wednesday worship allows single Christians to bond and get to know one another better. Many of these suggestions can be held at the church or in a member's home. However, some activities take a bit more planning but are well worth it.

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