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Feeling Like an E.T.'s Soul Incarnated on Earth: An Intuitive Speculation

Val is a life-long student of unexplored human potential and many challenges that self-honesty throws at us on that path.


Let your soul stand cool and composed before million universes.

-- Walt Whitman

I Don't Know Where My Soul's Home Is -- But Not Here

What follows is a sheer fantasy, fiction, or let's call it my intuitive speculation about my imaginary soul's origin.

Ever since I read somewhere about a possibility of some souls of another space civilization reincarnating on earth, I saw myself as being one.

Well, I told you, this was going to be a sheer fantasy, didn't I?

So, don't take any of it seriously, -- and the very last thing to do would be to see here some "schizoid character living in his own crazy world, detached from reality".

After you hear me out -- if you do -- who knows, maybe, just maybe, one or two of you may recognize it as a version of your own story which you never bothered to share, not to be called a nutcase.

Well, I've amputated my ego long, long time ago, so it doesn't really bother me what idiots could call me.

Thus, for starters, beside my genuine love for the mankind, I never really felt "at home" here.

The way that people are reasoning, their very "technology of following some logical thinking order" simply looks so weird (ha-ha, I'm not just retaliating here in advance).

Simply can't figure why so much persistent stupidity, so much resistance to some acceptable model of harmonious coexistence, so much unnecessary self-inflicted suffering -- despite such a high level of technology.

Don't you ever stop to wonder, how can intelligence work so well in one direction, and then fail so miserably in another?

With all this greedy elite heavily supported and even encouraged by their political puppets; all wars and crimes; and all low-blow-competition in economy; with racism, religious intolerance, and medical establishment so often ignoring their oath "not to harm".

Now, none of this makes me bitter -- or maybe "pissed" is a more sophisticated and popular word -- I am merely observing, nonjudgmentally, while writing some satires hoping to pry-open a few eyes that are hypnotically glued by brainwashing from global manipulators.

Ultimately, it's not any of my business how this world chooses to function -- as I don't call my business anything over which I have no control. Going judgmental would simply mean an unnecessary expenditure of nervous energy with nothing achieved.

Now, isn't even this line of reasoning so atypical for regular humans, hinting at something possible going on with this "E.T. soul's origin"?

When you really give it a decent thought, is there any surprise that I don't feel as being of this world? Quite honestly, people's behavior so often makes me feel like I am lost in a twilight zone where insisting on chaos is the favorite personal and collective pastime.


Cherish your visions and your dreams, as they are the children of your soul, the blueprints of your ultimate achievements.

-- Napoleon Hill

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For a Difference, In the Human Zoo We Can Think

Are you still with me?

If you are finding any of this as "too far out", just feel free to switch your interest to some always available poetry on this site, or anything else "more real" by your standards.

But if you are staying, then buckle up, for, as the phrase would have it, I am about to "take you for a ride" through my fantasy world.

You see, I am intuiting that man was created by E.T. space visitors, who stayed long enough to experiment from that Neanderthal version of Fred Flintstone all the way to our regular texting-while-driving-idiot proudly calling himself a "homo sapiens".

Unfortunately, in that latest model's genome, those genes from the primordial mother called "Rhesus monkey" outlouded the much more refined, evolved E.T. genes -- hence we have our history filled with arrogance, greed, power-hunger, jealousy, and territoriality.

Indeed, how better could we have imitated a bunch of jungle chimps -- while we are flattering ourselves that it is the monkeys imitating us?

Here and there, throughout history and at present time as well, we are witnessing this phenomenon of certain human specimens with some outlandish abilities, whom we call "geniuses", and "savants".

By some fluke of the nature, their E.T. genes are somehow protruding through the animalistic layer displaying some outlandish abilities.

The point to be made here is that, beside those extraordinary abilities, they are hardly ever particularly spiritual. Actually, it has become an almost axiomatic truism that geniuses are nutcases of a sort. As if the Mother Nature gave them too much on one side, but shortened it on the other side.

Just for a couple of examples, Einstein, with all his brain power somehow saw it as normal to keep baby-talking to his son to his age when it is not a cute thing to do anymore. Allegedly that somewhat screwed up the kid's development.

I don't know it for a fact, but he can't call me a liar now, can he?

In another case, Mozart, that musical genius was so downright stupid with mismanaging his money, that the merciful donations from the music loving aristocracy were saving him from going homeless.

The list could go on, but let us not stray too far from out topic. Otherwise you may forget the question that you wanted to ask for the last several minutes: "What's all that to do with my feeling like an E.T. reincarnation".

Let me regroup so I can make it more impressive by giving it a separate chapter.


The human body is the best picture of the human soul.

-- Ludwig Wittgenstein

Not Geniuses, Merely Highly Spirited Individuals

If my intuition is right, those of us on a non-religious spiritual path come to this earth as E.T. souls, with our quantum design squeezed into a human embryo. How is that for the end of joking?

We are, almost as a rule, never in likeness of those geniuses and savants, because we don't possess any of those special skills. Our E.T. genes are of the frequencies which are merely resonating with our spirituality.

There is a hierarchy, or ranking among us, so somewhere at the top we have people like Buddha and Jesus who were actually a sort of first quantum scientists incredibly learned in the area of different dimensions of reality, power of mind at collapsing the desired results from the infinite field of potentiality, quantum healing, and who knows what else.

Okay, they called it "love", knowing that those primitive people around them wouldn't understand the lingo of universal harmony. They were right -- neither does the modern man.

At the other side of that spectrum are modest spiritual seekers like myself and some others who have been driven from within on a quest to explore their unused potential.

But all of us, regardless of our spiritual rank, share one thing in common -- a "school of suffering" in which we have to graduate in order to advance ourselves to another quantum leap.

We are all very friendly, but our vibes are somehow repulsive to those with a weak spiritual call, or the ones materialistically oriented.

I can't but laugh seeing, in retrospect, all those people in my relatively long life to whom I never did anything wrong, but treated me with either animosity, or jealousy, or outright maliciousness.

Indeed, I got all my proofs I needed how spiritual path we have to take alone, rowing our own boat and just not allowing anyone to rock it.

By sheer self-discipline trained over decades, I kept my chin high through life challenges and tests, sometimes just high enough above the water level, and at other times high enough to ward off all negative vibes around me.

Like it's been said time and time again: "Whatever doesn't kill you -- makes you stronger", and for quite a long time I have been wholeheartedly grateful for every adversity, every insult, every abuse, every betrayal on my spiritual path.

I am not even trying to reject this impression of my soul not being of this planet, it's a sort of my sweet intimate truth.

Well, for me, a truth -- for others, whatever pleases them to make of it.


I happen to be privileged enough to be in on the fact that we have been visited on this planet, and the UFO phenomenon is real.

-- Edgar Mitchell

They Are Just In Another Dimension -- Practically Neighbors

Within the frame of everything said so far, I think there are many other people just like me in that respect, but hesitant to reveal it, out of fear to be ridiculed.

There are also people who believe in UFO's, some even witnessing them. Our friend and writer Louise Elcross has written a highly interesting article about her own experience of seeing one of those spacecrafts.("UFOs: Is It Time To Disclose The Truth?"- by Louise Elcross)

I believe that we are not alone. Somehow, my intuition is telling me that they are not coming from another planet, but another dimension. I think they are shape-shifters, advanced so far that they can break the barrier between dimensions and appear in a manifested form that respects laws of our realm, whereas in the realm of their origin they are possibly just a sort of plasma, like a ghost, a quantum design created by the power of their minds alone.

And so are they, glowing avatars without bodies in a perfectly harmonious interactions with each other and their world. (How I know so much about them? Hey, remember my soul is from there! -- LOL.)

All humor aside, I think that their technology of thinking is so unfathomable to us as rocket science is to a kindergarten kid.

But, in our intellectual arrogance we think that they are something like us, just grey and ugly.

Well, I won't go as far as to call them "my brothers" -- I am too much of a human -- E.T. soul or not.

Just try to imagine all normal repertoire of human emotions -- plus an additional one which feels so divine that it cannot be mirrored at the reality of my fellow-humans.

Thus, in both realms I live -- not physically being a shape-shifter, but mentally for sure, and it feels too damn good as to be called something "pathological". And even if it were so, I would never want to get "cured".

© 2022 Val Karas

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