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Famous Sagittarius People

Jean teaches astrology, tarot & metaphysics. She is an author, ordained nondenominational minister, & member of the NJ Metaphysical Ctr.

Jimi Hendrix


Jimi Hendrix, Sagittarius Singer, Songwriter

Jimi Hendrix—11/27/1942— born Johnny Allen Hendrix—is often considered the best electric guitarist in American history, and certainly one of the most influential and eclectic musicians of his time. His first album was The Jimi Hendrix Experience, containing favorites, "The Wind Cries Mary", "Hey Joe", and "Purple Haze". He covered Dylan’s "Like a Rolling Stone" in a way nobody ever heard before at the Monterey Pop Festival, his first big performance outside of the UK and Europe.

He did crazy things, like set guitars on fire while on stage. The 1960’s were a time of great social unrest, and this was reflected in his music. His rendition of "The Star Spangled Banner" on guitar at Woodstock was often misunderstood, but he tried to get the sound of “rockets” and “war.” Some called it a protest against the Vietnam War, but it was somehow more than that.

Hendrix helped make the use of the wah wah pedal more popular, and pioneered all kinds of special effects in music recordings. He was influenced by blues artists B.B. King, Muddy Waters and Elmore James, and a fan of surf guitarist Dick Dale, all inspired guitarists in their own ways.

Hendrix was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1992, and in the biography it was said, “He expanded the range and vocabulary of the electric guitar into areas where no one ever ventured before. His boundless drive, technical ability and creative application of such effects as wah-wah and distortion forever transformed the sound of rock and roll.

Hendrix Sings and Plays Purple Haze

Hendrix's Goals

When Jimi spoke about what he wanted to accomplish, he said “I want to do with my guitar what Little Richard does with his voice.” He certainly met that goal. Hendrix was well known for his love of psychedelic drugs, and sadly, died in 1970 in London, of somewhat suspicious circumstances. Apparently he had passed on many hours before authorities were called in, and there are varied stories of what happened that night. The time frame is not even narrowed down by many hours, and one of his doctors was sued for malpractice. One can only wonder what he would have accomplished had he not died at the young age of 27. He is buried in Seattle, WA, and there is a Fender Stratocaster guitar on his headstone, though it is right side up, and Jimi played his upside down and left handed.

You're So Vain TaylorSwift/CarlySimon

Taylor Swift, Sagittarius Singer, Songwriter

Taylor Swift—12/13/89—is a 28 year old American singer and songwriter, born in Reading, PA, who has accomplished a phenomenal amount in her short life! Taylor’s parents thought she was a prodigy, and list her first hobby as English horse riding. Her mother put her in a saddle at 9 months old, and later Taylor competed in horse shows.

Then Taylor showed a love of singing, and turned to musical theater in school. She went to Broadway in New York on a regular basis for vocal and acting lessons. This suggests that although she showed promise, she was pushed to succeed in some ways by her parents. Her mother traveled to Nashville with Taylor when she was 14, and shortly later her father transferred his Merrill Lynch job to Nashville, and the family also bought a larger home in PA. Taylor felt at home in Nashville, as that is where many aspiring singers get their starts. Although inspired by country singers such as Faith Hill and the Dixie Chicks, Taylor sings a sort of mix of country and pop music. She began songwriting at 14, and her lyrics are praised as being true to her age, but inventive as well.

She was the youngest songwriter/singer ever hired by Sony/ATV Tree Publishing House. But she left at 15, because they wanted her to sing other people’s material, and Taylor was confident in her own song writing abilities. As an intro into the country music business, Swift interned as an artist escort at the CMA music festival. She began her debut album, wrote three songs herself, and the rest with help, but feels it was a diary of her early teenage years. Taylor has been praised by artists such as Neil Young, Kris Kristofferson, Elton John, Alicia Keys, Dolly Parton, and Lady Gaga.

Taylor Swift 2017


Taylor Swift

She has a youthful innocence but her songs have a ring of truth, Sagittarians are very blunt and to the point. Rolling Stone Magazine calls Taylor Swift “bright eyed but remarkably seasoned.” She is a spokesperson for l.e.i. jeans, and for Verizon Wireless. “Our Song” made Taylor Swift the youngest person to single-handedly write and sing a number one country song. Her second album Fearless was also well received. In 2009 at the MTV Video Awards, Taylor won for Best Female Video. Kayne West interrupted her speech and ranted that Beyonce was more talented. He has since apologized, and she wants it forgotten.

Taylor makes her stage entrances to Tom Petty’s "American Girl", and is indeed a beautiful and talented young lady. The same year she was the youngest artist to be Entertainer of the Year by the Country Music Association. Taylor seems mature beyond her years, and in Speak Now, her 3rd album, has been described as “expands beyond country-pop to border both alternative rock and dirty bubblegum pop.” It has also been said to capture “the sweet ache of becoming an adult.” Taylor is a Cover Girl spokesperson, and has traveled in tours to Europe, Asia and Australia, as Sagittarians love foreign countries.

Taylor’s 4th album, Red, was supposed to be released in 10/12. Taylor self identifies as a country artist, and is working on her vocal skills, writing and phrasing. She’s quickly becoming America’s sweetheart, since she is singing clean lyrics about her own personal experiences growing up (but much faster than most). She is very generous in philanthropic efforts, working for children’s literacy and arts education. She has a bright future ahead of her as long as she paces herself and does not allow herself to burn out.

Steven Speilberg


Steven Spielberg, Sagittarius Filmmaker and Producer

Steven Spielberg—12/8/1946—is an American film director, screenwriter, and producer. Jaws, Close Encounters of the Third Kind, The Raiders of the Lost Ark/ Indiana Jones films, The Color Purple, and Jurassic Park are a small sampling of his works. The film Close Encounters of the Third Kind won Spielberg his first Oscar nomination. Schindler’s List, the true story of Oskar Schindler, a man who risked his life to save 1,100 Jews from the Holocaust, brought Spielberg wide recognition. He made Saving Private Ryan with his friend Tom Hanks, and won his second Oscar for Best Picture, for a film about U.S. soldiers in WWII, sent on a mission to bring home Private Ryan, as three of his brothers were killed in battle action in France within 24 hours.

Apparently Spielberg always had a camera in his hand since he was young boy. He won a prize at age 13 for a war film called Escape to Nowhere, and at 16, Steven wrote and directed his first film, called Firelight. He later fleshed out the story to become Close Encounters of the Third Kind. He moved to CA when his parents divorced, graduated from Saratoga High School in 1965, and was also an Eagle Scout.

Steven also attended Hebrew School for 4 years, as his family was Orthodox Jews, and he was sometimes embarrassed by their practices while young, and the victim of anti-Semitic prejudice. So like a true Sagittarian, Spielberg is familiar with different religions and cultural ideas, from both his family and career. He went to CA State University in Long Beach, but his career really began when he went to Universal Studios as an unpaid intern and guest of the editing department.

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His first break came when he was offered the chance to direct Jaws. E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial, is the story of a young boy and an alien who become friends, though the alien must go home to stay alive, and it could break a heart of stone. Spielberg also produced Poltergeist, The Goonies, and Gremlins. He took a break in 1994 to spend time with his family, wife Kate Capshaw and children. He also created the Dream Works studio with partners Jeffrey Katzenberg and David Geffen.

Other Steven Spielberg Projects

Steven made a film on Abraham Lincoln as played by Daniel Day Lewis, with Sally Field as Mary Todd Lincoln. Steven Spielberg’s films have several reoccurring themes, many of ordinary people coming into contact with extraordinary beings, or about people finding themselves in extraordinary circumstances. He says he often felt “alien” in his childhood. He has a keen interest in whether there is life on other planets, and enjoys making films which inspire a sense of faith and wonder.

He also portrays tension between parents and children, particularly absent fathers, such as in Hook, which starred Robin Williams, E.T., and in Indiana Jones, his Father is absorbed in work all the time. Steven missed his father a lot after his parents divorced, and his protagonists often come from broken homes.

Spielberg has collaborated with musician John Williams, who usually does the musical scores for his movies. He is a contemporary of filmmakers George Lucas, Francis Ford Coppola, Martin Scorsese, and Brian De Palma. Spielberg was married to actress Amy Irving for four years and had one child with her. Surprisingly, when divorcing, the judge honored a pre-nup written on a cocktail napkin and it was a costly divorce settlement for Steven, $100 million dollars, and joint custody of their son. He met Kate Capshaw while making Indiana Jones and The Temple of Doom, and they have 7 children between them. Since Kate converted to Judaism, the children are being raised Jewish.

Forbes places Steven’s net worth at about 3 billion dollars. He is a supporter of Democratic Presidential candidates, and co-founded the Starlight Children’s Foundation. He and Kate gave their support to same sex marriage by issuing a joint statement and donating $100,000.00 to the cause. Based on his Eagle Scouting, Spielberg helped develop a merit badge in cinematography. He did, however, resign from the Advisory Board of the Boy Scouts, because of the organization's anti gay stance. The Scouts are still revising themselves, in 2018 there has been a lawsuit going on to determine if girls can join the Boy Scouts. Being a former Scout myself, I don't see why the two don't just merge. We all need the same life skills.

He won a Lifetime Achievement Award in 1995. He was also awarded a Kennedy Center Honor, and made an honorary knight by Queen Elizabeth II. Steven Spielberg was rated the greatest film director of all time by Empire Magazine. Alfred Hitchcock was heard to praise, “Young Spielberg.” Many of his fans are his fellow film colleagues, which says something about his kind and warm Sagittarius personality, as those working in the same field often experience jealousy, an emotion rarely seen in a Sagittarian.


Jim Morrison

Jim Morrison—12/8/1943—7/3/1971—born James Douglas Morrison, was an American songwriter, singer and poet. He was the unique, well loved front man for The Doors, who wrote intelligent lyrics reflecting his thoughts on poets and philosophers. Smart and sexy in one package! Jim utilized spoken word passages in his music. His family drove out West one summer while he was young, and saw an accident involving a Native American family. Jim felt that the soul of one of them came to be inside him at that time. He makes references to this in several songs, and the story is usually included in his biographies. Jim’s father was an Admiral, and the family moved often while Jim was young. His father was not happy with Jim’s musical career, and Jim claimed his family was dead.

Jim Morrison, Classic Dionysus

Morrison was always fascinated by philosophers and poets, as Sagittarians are, and was a well read person. He is a classic example of Dionysus, the mythical Greek lover of women and wine; though an Apollo aspect of discipline has to be half of the package, and this writer believes the "Apollo" was Ray Manzarek, the button down, well educated organist. Morrison graduated from UCLA film school, and began a bohemian life while making The Doors lineup of Ray Manzarek, Robbie Krieger, and John Densmore. The Doors name came from the book Doors of Perception by Aldous Huxley, while Jim was busy unlocking the doors of his mind with LSD.

Jim did not play an instrument, so wrote lyrics and would think of vocal melodies, while the rest of the band contributed to chords and rhythm. Light My Fire was the song that put The Doors on the charts, but Jim was always wild, and as the band got more successful, often got in trouble with the law. His long time girlfriend, Pamela Courson, knew Jim before he got famous, and encouraged him to keep writing. Many women claimed to have been with Morrison, one even engaged in a Celtic/Pagan hand fasting ceremony with him, but apparently it was not binding.

Hyacinth House

Morrison Joins the "27" Club

In retrospect, most of the songs on L A Woman were suicide notes, and especially in Hyacinth House, one can hear how desperate Morrison is to get away from the hangers on and lifestyle he's begun to live. Nobody appreciates his poetry, and he feels like he's ready to be eaten by the lions. In 1971 he went to Paris with Pamela. Sadly, he was found dead in his bathtub at the age of 27. There was no autopsy because of French law, but the police ruled Jim had a heart attack. Morrison was buried in the French Pere Lachaise Cemetery, which became one of the city’s biggest tourist attractions. Jim wished simply to be remembered as a Poet, and later his father placed a flat stone over the grave, with the words, “True to his own spirit.” So I guess he finally came around.

Jim left everything to Pamela in his will, and CA accepted their relationship as a common law marriage, so when she died, also at 27, her family inherited. In the spirit of fairness though, they did split the proceeds with Jim's family. The Doors music is still considered mysterious and unique, and the black leather pants Jim wore became a symbol of rebellion. Many rock groups credit Jim Morrison as their inspiration and are influenced by his work.

Jack Kerouac had a strong influence on Jim, who wanted to experience life as Kerouac described in "On the Road." The beat poet Michael McClure was impressed by Jim’s poetry and urged him to work more on his craft. Morrison’s other songs touch on religion, mysticism, and symbolism, and he loved Joseph Campbell’s "The Hero of a Thousand Faces". Jim also loved all the myths and rituals of Native American culture, as he sang of lizards, ancient lakes and deserts. The lyrics he wrote are still relevant today, and are still widely played by younger audiences who discover The Doors.

Ozzie Osbourne


Ozzy Osbourne

Ozzy Osbourne—12/3/1948—John Michael Osbourne—is an English singer and songwriter of heavy metal music, whose career has spanned over 40 years. He is the lead singer of the group Black Sabbath, which has a dark sound which influenced the heavy metal genre. Because Ozzy wears crucifixes and has a dark image, many people do not really listen to the lyrics of his songs, not getting that many are anti war anthems and pleas for world peace. Apparently early in his career Ozzy had a bunch of doves released while in a meeting to make an impression, caught one, and bit off its head, not part of the original plan, but he was drunk at the time. This has also fueled his badass image. Osbourne is currently entitled “The Godfather of Heavy Metal.” As a young man he was drawn to the stage, then to music, and when on his reality show “The Osbournes,” with wife Sharon and then teen children Kelly and Jack, Ozzy confessed that as a boy he wanted to be like John Lennon.

The "Ozzfest" is Born

In the late 1970’s Ozzy was dropped from his own band due to drug issues, but formed his own Blizzard of Oz, under the advice and management of his GF and later wife, Sharon Arden Osbourne. Several members took a small plane from FL to Madison Square Garden in NY to meet Ozzy, but it crashed, killing three members of his original lineup, including his dear friend Randy Rhodes, and Osbourne suffered a depression, but bounced back with a different lineup, and Sharon’s help. His biggest financial success in the 1990’s was a venture called Ozzfest, created by Ozzy's wife/manager Sharon and assisted by his son Jack, who grew up in the music business. The first concert was held in Phoenix, AZ in 1996, and was an instant success with the metal crowd. Ozzy graciously featured many metal bands who spiraled to success and gained commercial recognition by playing in the Ozzfest.

The fest continued until 2010, and gave many new groups a chance to be seen. Osbourne played Paranoid at the Party at the Palace in the grounds of Buckingham Palace, an event oddly added into the Golden Jubiliee for Queen Elizabeth 11. Perhaps she is developing a taste for heavy metal? Ozzie flipped his all terrain vehicle in 2003 and broke his collar bone, eight ribs, and a neck vertebre. Sharon revealed that Ozzy stopped breathing right after the accident, and that Ozzy’s bodyguard, Sam Rushton, resuscitated Ozzy. He has recovered, but has some short term memory problems. While recuperating, a ballad called “Changes” he recorded with daughter Kelly, was a number one single in the UK and marked 33 years since Black Sabbath’s Paranoid was a hit.

Paranoid From Black Sabbath's Last Concert

Ozzy Continues on Despite Drug and Health Issues

Osbourne released a box set in 2005, two of live and other performances by him and the band, and one of tributes to artists he admires, such as The Beatles, John Lennon and David Bowie. Ozzy has been married twice and is the father of 6 children. The family has a big heart, and when Jack’s best friend lost his Mom, they took him in. Ozzy has abused drugs and alcohol for so many years, even he seems puzzled by his longevity, but attributes it to his love of performing, and to Sharon, saying he surely would have died if not for her love and support. Ozzy has tremors as he suffers from Parkinson syndrome. Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne are one of the U.K.’s richest couples. Osbourne has been inducted into the U.K. Music Hall of Fame, and the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in the U.S. He was the first inductee of the Birmingham Walk of Stars, a new honor similar to the Hollywood Walk of Fame in Los Angeles, CA. Ozzy will never give up performing as long as he can get up on that stage.

Crazy Train is my favorite Black Sabbath song, and there isn't much footage of it live, since Randy Rhoads died so young. It was used in a much slower version when the Osbournes was a reality show.

Instead of the band breaking up, they had a final concert in Birmingham, England, where they began 49 years ago. Those left were Ozzy, Tony Iommi, Geezer Butler. It was a great way to end their careers.

© 2012 Jean Bakula


Jean Bakula (author) from New Jersey on October 02, 2012:

Thanks Patrice. I'm learning so many interesting things about people from writing this series. I love all those Motown artists, it's great stuff. I didn't really appreciate Hendrix either, being a little young at the time of Woodstock. But when I watched his young, earnest face as he did that crazy rendition of the Star Spangled Banner, it didn't seem disrespectful, it was the face of an artist concentrating. I love All Along the Watchtower too, we have so much in common!

Hi brightforyou,

Yes, you are certainly in good company with Steven Spielberg! Are you a chatty or quiet Sag? I still cry when I see ET, and love the Indiana Jones series. Spielberg really is a genius.

Helen Lewis from Florida on October 02, 2012:

Thank you for this useful information - as a 12/8 Saggi, its good to know I was born on the same day (not year) as Speilberg!

PWalker281 on October 02, 2012:

Nice job, Jean.

I didn't start appreciating Jimi Hendrix's music until around the 90s. When he was alive, I was so into Motown and R&B, Jimi's music just didn't compute. The first time I really listened to his rendition of the Star Spangled Banner, I realized he was using his guitar to portray the sounds of war. Blew me away! My favorite is All Along the Watchtower.

Looking forward to reading P2 at your blog. Voted up and shared!

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