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Falling in the Footsteps of Baby Killers: Heathens and Barbarians Walking Around in Plain Sight and Promoting a Culture

As an educator of 15 years, I know what works and what doesn't in the classroom. I boldly speak the truth and always will.

The "cool" culture of death today.

Let’s call pro-choicers what they are: Baby killers. These are harsh terms for poor choices and actions. That is what they are. We come up with more benign words such as “pro-choice” or “abortion” or “reduction” or “terminating a pregnancy.” We do this to make the violent and cruel act more “bearable” and less evil. Playing with words can help many horrific things less horrific if we choose the right words.

The First Steps Toward Slaughter:

What “choices” lead up to the actual “pro-choice” act? Look around. No longer are women choosing to be something men actively seek, love, cherish, and hold dear. No longer do women decide to behave and look like women. Gone are modest and feminine dresses, delicate make-up, long flowing locks, and women who wield quiet power while choosing strong words wisely and with dignified behavior. No longer do women decide to make themselves something to attain and love and honor with their gentleness and nurturing gifts. No longer do women choose to become the perfect equal and compliment to a man in genuine wit, humor, love, forgiveness, grace, understanding, intelligence, wisdom, and beauty. Gone are the refined and dignified ladies.

Now, we see the results of the choices modern women make. Women no longer value themselves or their bodies. They donned in degrading immodest clothes, hardened and callous women with exposed tattoos, piercings other mutilations parading their defaced bodies primed for exploitation. They wear clothing that mirrors a harlot than that of a beautiful feminine lady. Women of today no longer nurture themselves, let alone other human beings. Many “let themselves go” by feeding and eating away at self until there is only a minimal reflection of oneself.

Sleeping with whoever and whenever and always at the ready for sex with anybody:

Forget the old practice of playing “hard to get” and earning a man’s love and respect. Abstinence is off the table in modern culture. Now, a beer and a hungry gaze are all it takes to climb in the sack. The man is now conditioned and ready to “hit it and quit it!” Sadly, many women of today “give themselves away” to any and every man who will give them a lustful eye. With birth control pills and abortions galore, women think they are indestructible and can reduce themselves to soulless flesh-craving vipers who mate with anything with no real consequence to empty sex and indeed no regard to offspring. Women of today have lost all their feminine power by trying to be men. Most men don’t want to battle another man every day when they arrive home. I wonder if some men become gay to role-play a woman’s role since women are no longer willing to play their parts anymore. It’s worth pondering.

Why would a man want a democratic and liberal woman of today?

When selecting a mate, today’s women no longer consider these questions: Is he a good man? Is he intelligent and educated? Is he a good provider? Does he work hard? Does he love and respect me? Does he support my dreams? Does he honor me? Will he be a devoted husband and father?

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In these modern times, if he has a penis and it works, that’s all it takes to lay with him! The first date, drink, or look, and boom! Sex today has so much become an unloving, fleshy, and disgusting act of sex that occurs between two animalistic bodies. Today, sex between man and woman is not a human act of love, respect, and sharing, but a grotesque act of using and violating another’s body for pleasure by the degradation of another.

Many women today allow this degradation and humiliation, and their mothers have promoted it. Instead of guiding young women on their path to womanhood and the ultimate calling of motherhood, women teach other women to reduce themselves to filth to be used and discarded - like trash. These women then allow another person to reach inside their wombs and slaughter the child that grows within. Evil seeks to destroy. Misery loves company. Today, the cold and callous women who promote the sin of killing babies are those who participated in the very evil act themselves, either by slaughtering their children, performing the slaughter for money, or promoting it! It is all about selfishness and evil. Thinking, behaving, and acting in ways that do not encourage family, life, and love results in the broken society we see today. The children are the innocent victims who pay the ultimate price for a self-centered society. Where men leave and women push them away.

So now, the immoral and immodest, bra-burning, loud, liberal, self-serving ball-busting and self-disrespecting beast of a woman is pregnant with the less than ideal man’s child. She can take responsibility for the little life inside her and raise and nurture him or her, or she can choose to take the selfish and “easy” way out and allow a doctor to shove cold instruments into her and rip her chid apart and kill it and throw it away. If she has any shame, she will take poison at home to expel her child into her cold toilet. Dark, cold. Evil.

An act committed in darkness and secrecy shouldn’t be done at all.

Shame can and should be felt for this act and all the dark and lustful, selfish actions before. She will deal with her choices. In choosing a low path in life, she now decides to kill her child. Within hours, she will walk around. Perusing the aisles of the grocery store, this evil woman is among you and me. However, she will never look at another cute baby again in a loving way. She will always hate herself, deep down, for what she chose to do with her life and the life of her child. Is this what being “liberated” really means? Free to make our jail to suffer in! We can look at “progress” as a regression of society back to a barbaric state.

Knowing right from wrong is innate: Society skews our thinking as we grow.

I remember being seven years old and stumbling across a pamphlet on what abortion was. My Christian church spoke against it, but I had no idea what “abortion” was at such a young age. My parents refused to let me see the pamphlet, but I secretly looked. I was horrified! To see those tiny perfect hands, feet, and even entire babies thrown into garbage bags was by far the most sickening and cruel thing I could ever imagine seeing! How a parent could allow this seemed to add another layer of evil. I was a child, and I knew this was wrong! No one had to tell me. I knew. Everyone knows it is wrong. But rather than admit deep within ourselves that our choices have to lead to even more bad choices, we simply minimize our evil choices. We slap benign words to label and promote it. After all, if everybody is doing it, then it must be okay, right? It’s the “cool” thing everyone is now doing, right? No! It is wrong! It always has been wrong; it still is wrong and always will be wrong. Killing babies is wrong!

© 2020 Amanda Allison


Eric Dierker from Spring Valley, CA. U.S.A. on October 09, 2020:

Wow! A needed kick in the pants. Not very pleasant. You held no punches. Good for you.

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