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Extra Sensory Perception: Science and Spirituality Converge and Re-Emerge with Evidence

Joan Elizabeth is a writer that explores mental illness/health/healing in conjunction with spirituality and Holistic living and practices.


Extra Sensory Perception: An Unlimited Field of Possibility

Extra Sensory Perception (ESP) should be reframed as the senses and the systems that no one ever teaches you about. And frankly, ESP is hidden or undisclosed to many people quite intentionally.

All of us have perceptional apparatuses above and beyond our five concrete senses: sight, sound, smell, touch, and taste. Even the Helen Kellers of the world have "channels" to access information around them. Those channels may be untempered and untamed, but they are there. People do lack some of the concrete senses but that does not make them without senses. In fact, it is commonly known that most people who lack some senses develop other concrete senses more adeptly.

There are sensory systems that join us to the multiverse and magnetically align us to all that is.

The human brain is an organ that transmits, receives, and organizes on a strong level; but, it is just an organ. It is a servant, not the master that we have been educated to believe it is.

People perceive differently. ESP is not the sixth sense. It is many other sensory devices as well as the overall system or matrix of connectivity that exists within the multiverse.

The psychic (5D) realm has categorized an additional list of extrasensory devices such as Clairvoyance, Clairaudience, Claircognizance, Clairsentience, Clairtangency, Clairempathy Clairgustance, and Clairsalience.

I believe the "connectivity" list could be infinite in nature as we are all entirely unique humans. I was a big sci-fi fan as a kid. I was into Star Trek and Star Wars. Star Trek went where no man had gone before. This gives me an outlook of pure possibility and zero implausibility.

The following Hub illustrates a multiverse that is unlimited in terms of "receptivity and transmission" ability for human beings. Furthermore, I include some experiential techniques involving some of the topics I discuss.


We ARE More than a Physical Body

Before we can address ESP in-depth, we need to realize life is quite different than a lot of people believe. The human "body" is a bit of a misnomer. The physical body is often described as pure matter. This is highly misleading terminology-wise and, subsequently, conceptualization-wise. According to the Google Web dictionary, "matter is distinct from energy". This is incorrect. The actual structure of an individual human includes seven different subtle energy bodies as well as the condensed vibrational [in other words ENERGY] physical body.

Barbara Ann Brennan is a renowned healer and former NASA physicist. She has spent a large portion of her career studying energy, human beings, and healing work. According to Brennan, the first energy body in a human being's overall structure beyond the physical body of "matter" is the etheric body; the second is the emotional body; the third is the mental body; the fourth is the astral body; the fifth is the etheric template body; the sixth is the celestial body; and the seventh is the causal body or ketheric template. Within the 5D (five-dimensional) comprehension system, this set of energy "bodies" is called the Aura.

As a paraphrase rather than a specific quotation, Brennan's research dictates: "The function of each subtle energy phenomenon is recognizably different and precise. For instance, the etheric body is the energetic plan/design for the physical body that it surrounds. The emotional body screens emotions and feelings of the person. The mental body processes the ideas, beliefs, and thoughts of the human being. The astral body is the connection body between the spiritual and physical planes of the person. [Time or space is unrecognized by this part of the human.] The etheric template is housed on the spiritual plane. It provides guidance for the human spirit. The celestial body is the template for the etheric body and it provides a connection or access point to the universal energies and magnetic fields. The causal body or ketheric template provides direction to the lower levels of existence for the human. It is, in essence, the mental level of the spiritual plane."

Therefore, the physical aspect of humanity is just one facet of the total picture of human life or beingness.

"In truth, it is much more coherent to think of ourselves as a luminous energy field organizing ourselves as a body, or as pure consciousness manifesting and temporarily experiencing this level of reality through our bodies."