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Extra Sensory Perception: Science and Spirituality Converge and Re-Emerge with Evidence

Joan Elizabeth is a writer that explores mental illness/health/healing in conjunction with spirituality and Holistic living and practices.


Extra Sensory Perception: An Unlimited Field of Possibility

Extra Sensory Perception (ESP) should be reframed as the senses and the systems that no one ever teaches you about. And frankly, ESP is hidden or undisclosed to many people quite intentionally.

All of us have perceptional apparatuses above and beyond our five concrete senses: sight, sound, smell, touch, and taste. Even the Helen Kellers of the world have "channels" to access information around them. Those channels may be untempered and untamed, but they are there. People do lack some of the concrete senses but that does not make them without senses. In fact, it is commonly known that most people who lack some senses develop other concrete senses more adeptly.

There are sensory systems that join us to the multiverse and magnetically align us to all that is.

The human brain is an organ that transmits, receives, and organizes on a strong level; but, it is just an organ. It is a servant, not the master that we have been educated to believe it is.

People perceive differently. ESP is not the sixth sense. It is many other sensory devices as well as the overall system or matrix of connectivity that exists within the multiverse.

The psychic (5D) realm has categorized an additional list of extrasensory devices such as Clairvoyance, Clairaudience, Claircognizance, Clairsentience, Clairtangency, Clairempathy Clairgustance, and Clairsalience.

I believe the "connectivity" list could be infinite in nature as we are all entirely unique humans. I was a big sci-fi fan as a kid. I was into Star Trek and Star Wars. Star Trek went where no man had gone before. This gives me an outlook of pure possibility and zero implausibility.

The following Hub illustrates a multiverse that is unlimited in terms of "receptivity and transmission" ability for human beings. Furthermore, I include some experiential techniques involving some of the topics I discuss.


We ARE More than a Physical Body

Before we can address ESP in-depth, we need to realize life is quite different than a lot of people believe. The human "body" is a bit of a misnomer. The physical body is often described as pure matter. This is highly misleading terminology-wise and, subsequently, conceptualization-wise. According to the Google Web dictionary, "matter is distinct from energy". This is incorrect. The actual structure of an individual human includes seven different subtle energy bodies as well as the condensed vibrational [in other words ENERGY] physical body.

Barbara Ann Brennan is a renowned healer and former NASA physicist. She has spent a large portion of her career studying energy, human beings, and healing work. According to Brennan, the first energy body in a human being's overall structure beyond the physical body of "matter" is the etheric body; the second is the emotional body; the third is the mental body; the fourth is the astral body; the fifth is the etheric template body; the sixth is the celestial body; and the seventh is the causal body or ketheric template. Within the 5D (five-dimensional) comprehension system, this set of energy "bodies" is called the Aura.

As a paraphrase rather than a specific quotation, Brennan's research dictates: "The function of each subtle energy phenomenon is recognizably different and precise. For instance, the etheric body is the energetic plan/design for the physical body that it surrounds. The emotional body screens emotions and feelings of the person. The mental body processes the ideas, beliefs, and thoughts of the human being. The astral body is the connection body between the spiritual and physical planes of the person. [Time or space is unrecognized by this part of the human.] The etheric template is housed on the spiritual plane. It provides guidance for the human spirit. The celestial body is the template for the etheric body and it provides a connection or access point to the universal energies and magnetic fields. The causal body or ketheric template provides direction to the lower levels of existence for the human. It is, in essence, the mental level of the spiritual plane."

Therefore, the physical aspect of humanity is just one facet of the total picture of human life or beingness.

"In truth, it is much more coherent to think of ourselves as a luminous energy field organizing ourselves as a body, or as pure consciousness manifesting and temporarily experiencing this level of reality through our bodies."

Our mind, not to be confused with our brain, is non-local. It does not depend on the physical plane for its existence. We often refer to this component of us as the soul. It houses our Higher Consciousness. Higher Consciousness is the part of us that we go into as we detach from our thoughts and we metaphysically meditate. It is extremely powerful and knowing. In fact, I would go as far as to say that it is omniscient.

There is conflicting information about meditation in the world. So, let me be clear. The type of meditation I am referring to is not deep contemplation or rumination---especially not during or following active prayer. Rather the meditation I am speaking of is more transcendental in nature. It is the act of calming and centering the mental, emotional and physical bodies so that the Higher Consciousness can be tapped or "released into" and through the physical bodymind.

Many think meditation is about controlling the mind---suppressing it. Honestly, if someone takes this approach, he/she will wind up very frustrated as he/she will actually engage his/her brain and create what is known as "monkey mind." In other words, the "servant" brain will generate more thoughts than the person will know what to do with. Talk about frustration! Many cease to attempt to meditate because they tried this method first. That is so unfortunate because almost everyone can meditate successfully. An exception to this would be someone who cannot process the mind through regular channels.

To center one's self means to first ground. Grounding is taking the metaphysical [energy] anatomy and rooting it to the core of the earth---the magnetic field's origin point.

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"The Coriolis force, resulting from the Earth's spin, also causes swirling whirlpools. This flow of liquid iron generates electric currents, which in turn produce magnetic fields."

Believe it or not, this is done through intention and imagination. As best selling author, James Redfield, said, "Where intention goes energy flows."

There are many grounding examples on the internet. People do it in different ways. Before I provide some examples, it is important to mention that one must take his/her time when practicing the techniques in order to maximize their effectiveness.

One example of grounding would be to start in the heart center and move downward through the chakra system (the Sushumna channel/Rainbow bridge), and then down through the earth plane to the core of the earth, and then back upward...fully engaging the root chakra and the rest of the physical body.

A second example would be to imagine the physical body growing tree-like roots down to the core of the planet.

A third example would be to imagine the physical breath moving in and out of the heart center, and then intentionally sending that breath down through the physical body via the central core, into the earth plane, and down to the core of the planet. Then, inhaling a new breath up from that core center into the physical body all the way up through the entire spinal column and out through the crown of the skull and into the Cosmosphere all the way to the Divine light of heaven---or God "the external". This particular process is a little bit imagined and a little bit physical in a sort of "breath-like/imagination" fusion.

If you cannot fathom how to do breath from anything but through your lungs, the other two examples would be the best grounding exercises for you in this particular article.

As another aside, the way to choose an appropriate grounding technique is to simply go within by closing one's eyes and then by taking a breath inward; and then, by finally, just feeling what is right for the participant. I call this resonance. It is all about discerning what feels good and right. It is a person's inner truth.

If resonance is difficult or frustrating, chances are the person does not trust easily. If distrust of self is an issue, a person needs to take some extra steps. This means that the person must build his/her inner courage AND confidence by practicing the technique with other topics. The best way to do this is: Choose two out of three concepts with two concepts that are known truths to the participant and one concept that is a known falsehood. Then the participant must test the inner guidance system for the resonance within the controlled experiment. This may need to be repeated several times depending on the level of distrust that is in existence.

[There is no shame in doing this extra step. We all come from different backgrounds and life experiences.]

Examples of this controlled resonance activity would be: Choose a topic to explore. A topic is colors. In other words, the colors of the American flag are red, white and blue; brass is gold-colored; an American stoplight is red, blue and purple. In this example, the wrong color in the pattern of the objects is purple. Purple is NOT a color in a stoplight. By going inside him/herself while the topic of colors is explored, the participant would then experience a sure "feeling and knowing" that purple is an erroneous color in the pattern of the above-mentioned objects. This a form of "artificial" resonance.

By understanding that resonance feels good within the bodymind, the participant can now understand what "inner trust"/sureness is like.

This process can be done with any topic, not just colors. However, it is best to keep the topic simple rather than complex as complexity will further confuse the participant regarding self-trust. The goal is to create a sense of internal knowing rather than choosing.

Knowing is an awareness deep within. Choosing is an act of preference or selection. Resonance is something that the "inner being" just "clicks with". There is no cognizant function in knowing. This can be tricky because outsiders/other people's personal perceptions may create an opinion that KNOWING is decided upon rather than immediately experienced.

[Moreover, if claircognizance (clear knowing)---a 5D sensory element that will be discussed later---is a pronounced ability for a person, the person will have to develop strength of character. The claircognizant person will experience "testing" from others, and even the ordered design of the universe(s). Inner assurance is a must.]

After one grounds, it is easy to center. The bodymind will be ready to focus on the heart space and it will intuitively ready itself for total Consciousness to "enter" or be tapped. Centering simply means to focus on the core channel breathing in and out. The heart is the center of that channel.

Here is the thing, though, new meditators often get discouraged with the new process because their bodymind has not yet reached a level of discipline and energetic "muscle memory" for lack of a better term. This happens to almost everyone at first.

When thoughts pop-in, new meditators attempt to suppress the thoughts. This engages the "servant" brain again.

A technique to overcome the pop-in thoughts is to just observe/watch the thoughts like a movie screen or like clouds moving across the sky. Eventually, the brain will relax and the energy system will fully engage. New meditators must be compassionate to themselves as they learn to allow Consciousness to come in.

We perceive through our concrete senses, our energy vortices the chakras, our subtle energy bodies (or aura), as well as through our electromagnetic fields. Consciousness comes in through the energetic anatomy, rather than the physical anatomy. Respiration aids the entrance of Consciousness. The easiest way to start tapping Consciousness is through the primary chakra system.

Chakras: The Organs of the Energetic Bodies

Chakras can be experienced by people of all spiritual and non-spiritual traditions. All that is required is a willingness to participate in the energy-motivated experience. I have used energy techniques on several different people of varying spiritual backgrounds and each person connects to the energy system the same. The only thing that can vary is personal experiences and the "range of pathway" or "spectrum" that occurs based on what individual people are open to and/or familiar with in their daily lives.

For instance, once I was working with a Catholic woman and when I got to her upper two chakras she encountered an angel through her mind's eye (third eye chakra). But, if you were an atheist, an angel would not be a part of your personal "lexicon" for the dearth of a more fitting term. Therefore, the likelihood of experiencing an angel would be slim to none. I did not coach the Catholic woman before I did healing energy work with her. The angel just showed up!

I will explain, however, that conscious belief systems also interact with unconscious/subconscious belief systems and other chakras beyond the seven major chakras associated with the corporal body. That means there may be a slim-ever-so-slim chance that angels could show up for atheists. The eighth major chakra is the "soul" chakra and it houses a lot of extra, non-physical, information that I cannot go into in the scope of this Hub.

"The chakras attune to the different subtle bodies...

...In February of 1988, Dr. Valerie Hunt executed a research investigation called, In A Study of Structural Neuromuscular, Energy Field, and Emotional Approaches. The study showed the human energy field did, indeed, consist of a number of different color bands, which correlated to the chakras. The color-frequency correlations in hertz or cycles per second were:

+ Blue 250–275 Hz plus 1,200 Hz
+ Green 250–475 Hz
+ Yellow 500–700 Hz
+ Orange 950–1050 Hz
+ Red 1,000–1,200 Hz
+ Violet 1,000–2,000, plus 300–400; 600–800 Hz
+ White 1,100–2,000 Hz"

The chakras are invisible wheels of energy or vortices. As leading expert, Anodea Judith, says, "Chakras are organs of the energy system. They are the architecture of the soul."

The most commonly known seven chakras metaphysically correspond to the endocrine system and the nervous system. Each gland or nerve group (plexus) is supported by and corresponds to a particular chakra. These seven chakras run parallel to but are not the physical structure of the human spinal column. You can see an illustration of this in the image below.

The root chakra is at the base of the spine---at the perineum---and is the color red. It governs the adrenal glands.

The sacral chakra is 3" below the belly button and is the color orange. It governs the ovaries, testes, and overall sexual organs.

The solar plexus chakra is 3" above the belly button and is the color yellow. It governs the pancreas.

The heart chakra is at the heart center and is the color green. It governs the thymus.

The throat chakra is at the throat and is the color sky blue. It governs the thyroid.

The third eye chakra is between the eyebrows and is the color indigo. It governs the pituitary gland.

The crown chakra is at the crown of the head and is the color red-violet. It governs the pineal gland.

"The main function of a nerve plexus is to ensure that all areas of the body are able to send and receive messages from the peripheral nervous system. Each chakra is connected to several organs via the nervous system so when energy is congested in the chakra, communication can be altered affecting the functioning of the organs, possibly resulting in disease."

Each chakra energetically supports functions within the physical human bodymind.

The root chakra monitors our physical ground. If we feel stable and secure our ground is solid and our root chakra is open and functioning effectively. If we are fearful or anxious our root chakra is hypoactive. If the chakra is hyperactive a person is most likely avaricious, materialistic, obsessive about change and/or security.

The sacral chakra makes sure our sexuality and our emotions are flowing freely. If the chakra is open a person feels alive, connected, and is able to achieve closeness or intimacy in his/her life. If it is hypoactive a person is rather stoic/rigid in appearance and action. If it is hyperactive a person is very sexual and temperamental.

The solar plexus chakra creates our center of personal power. If it is open a person has good self-esteem and he/she feels in control of things. If it is hypoactive, a person tends to be passive and/or unable to make decisions. If it is hyperactive, a person tends to be bold, driven and/or domineering.

The heart chakra is the center for love and compassion. It is also the center of spirituality. If it is open, a person is compassionate, friendly, and works toward harmonious relationships. If it is hypoactive, the person is cold and/or distant. If it is hyperactive, a person's love can be self-oriented or stifling.

The throat chakra is the area of communication. An open communication center enables a person to express him/herself freely and creatively. If it is hypoactive, it will cause a person to be shy and/or introverted. The person may not be able to speak the truth. If it is hyperactive, the person is not a good listener and tends to be overly chatty and/or dominate conversations.

The third eye chakra is the area of visualization or "sight". If it is open the person tends to fantasize and have good intuition. If it is hypoactive, the person tends to rely on others for decisions and beliefs, and the beliefs tend to be inflexible. Confusion can easily result. If the chakra is hyperactive a person may daydream in excess. It can cause hallucinations in extreme cases.

The crown chakra is the area of Oneness. It is a center of profound wisdom. If it is open a person is aware of the world and tends not to be prejudiced. If it is hypoactive, the person is not very spiritually aware or aware of the "bigger picture". If hyperactive, the person tends to be addicted to spirituality and denies bodily needs. The person may intellectualize too much.

Chakras must be balanced and kept open and moving clock-wise but not too open to make the bodymind function effectively. Chakras that are in imbalance cause distortions, disease, and illness. It is possible for these vortices to move from wide open to tightly closed. They can waffle in and out. I have experienced this first hand with a chronic illness I suffer from called Bipolar Disorder.

The nerve plexus generates the connection between each chakra and a person's consciousness. It communicates to the various organs and creates symptoms in the physical body. Over a long period of time of negative or non-communicative connection, the body manifests a disease. A person can determine what is going on in his/her consciousness by acknowledging his/her outward symptoms.

The thing is, though, it is better to exercise energetic and Holistic AWARENESS rather than falling into the Western medical field "trap" of symptomology. Noticing, for example, what you are feeling and experiencing as opposed to physical manifestations/features. The "why" for this, is because the physical bodymind is a complicated piece of machinery, especially when you observe it through the various subtle aspects of itself. Misdiagnosis is commonplace because of the complexity of the systems involved.

Journaling is a great methodology to employ when people are first learning true HOLISTIC self-awareness.

"Everything begins with your consciousness. Everything that happens in your life and everything that happens in your body begins with something happening in your consciousness.

Your consciousness, your experience of being, who you really are, is energy. We can call it 'life energy' for now. This energy does not just live in your brain, it fills your entire body. Your consciousness is connected to every cell in your body."

Furthermore, extending outward from the chakras are energy pathways called nadis. There are 72,000 nadis that transport chi/prana. Nadis are not physical or anatomical structures. These nadis are called meridians in Chinese medicine.

"Chi is a Chinese word meaning aliveness, life force energy, or life breath--- also known as Ki, Qi or Prana. The Definition of Chi: "Theories of traditional Chinese medicine assert that the body has natural patterns of qi associated with it that circulate in channels called meridians in English."

Western science and medicine do not work with or truly acknowledge such concepts. Western science and medicine primarily focus on physical components and evidence-based structures. These energetic aspects of human life were determined by Eastern science and medicine (e.g., acupuncture, Ayurveda, yoga, etc.).

"A student of the great Indian poet Kabir once asked him, "Kabir, where is God?" His answer was simple: "He is the breath within the breath." To understand the profound implications of Kabir's reply, we need to look beyond the physical components of breath—the oxygen, carbon dioxide, and other molecules that stream in and out with our every inhalation and exhalation. Beyond this breath—yet within it—is prana, the universal vital energy that is quite literally the stuff of life."

Energetic concepts have begun to be more commonplace in our Western culture through yoga, acupuncture, alternative therapies, and Holistic practices, etc. Without these very studied (thousands of years) Eastern concepts, humanity would be quite ignorant regarding life.

"The Sushumna (most gracious) Nadi is the body's great river, running from the base of the spine to the crown of the head, passing through each of the seven chakras in its course."

"All seven chakras occur in the Shining Pathway [Sushumna Nadi] that begins from the crown of the head, down through the base of the spine. At the base of the spine [in the root chakra] is Kundalini. Kundalini is the 'mysterious power within'. Ancient yoga philosophy holds that by that living our lives engaged in the process of self-discovery, we awaken Kundalini and activate its upward flow through Sushumna Nadi, leading to an awakening of individual potential and complete enlightenment."

"A place known as Brahmarandra which anatomically coincides with what is known as the fourth ventricle, is the place where the cerebrospinal fluid governs transmittance of all. The area incorporates the hypothalamus, pineal and pituitary glands. It is located centrally within the skull and remains the human being's most protected area.

All existence as a human being is governed by this position. In respect to the pranic energy system, this area is said to be the abode of Shiva. A short distance above this position is the soft spot on the top of a baby’s head known as the fontanel. As growth into maturity occurs this softness is covered with bone.

All of the nadis within the pranic energy system are said to originate from the Kanda. The Kanda is known to be the home of Shakti and the seat of Kundalini...

...It is said the energy of Shakti is brought upwards to meet her divine equivalent in the form of Shiva in his abode.

At this point the individual experiences spiritual illumination where the pranic energy is said to shoot out the top of the head through the fontanel (which translates as the little fountain) which has been noted within some yogic texts as the pouring of the river Ganga or the Mother Goddess.

Other texts have termed it Sartorii, baptism of the spirit, atonement and the Christos."

The Seven Energy Bodies and Main Chakras


What are Clairs???

Clairvoyance is a French word that means “Clear Seeing.” There are a number of known and studied clear experiences as listed in part one of this Hub: Clairaudience, Claircognizance, Clairsentience, Clairtangency, Clairempathy, Clairgustance, and Clairsalience.

I learned about my clairs via an ex-boyfriend that was a highly gifted psychic and a Pagan. He practiced chaos magick and other forms of the magickal arts. He understood the science behind the clairs. So, he taught me mine via a VERY structured system that to many "talented" psychics may seem rudimentary and not worthy of the name. This is nothing more than prejudice---snobbery if you will! For centuries---perhaps millennia---the psychic realm has been perceived as "magical" in and of itself. In truth, we all are energetic creatures and, therefore, we all are indeed psychic.

The thing is that these "clear experiences" can be basic or profound and everything in between. You definitely can train and develop in these senses. I did.

If you come from a family where psychic abilities are welcome and enjoyable, then these types of experiences may develop fast and strongly. If you come from families that believe such experiences are signs of mental deficiency, the devil, or an illness then you may learn your way out of their development as fast and strongly. And, of course, if you had a family that did not know how to develop the senses accurately and/or deeply, you might end up a mishmash.

Typical conservative-oriented societies downgrade psychic information as flakiness or spiritual problems. Most people within such contemporary societies focus on the intellect versus the intuitive "arts". The Western psychiatric and medical communities are far worse as they diagnose people and place them on severe prescription medications which can actually enhance perceived "psychotic" features in and/or for some individuals.

I recently had the opportunity to take a free sound healing course with Jonathan Goldman. This was fascinating to me. I never thought I would be into sound healing of any kind. In fact, I felt quite inept at sound altogether. Music has always eluded me. I have eclectic musical tastes because I adopted everyone else's idea of good music. But, this particular healing class was super neat. The very first day---and I wish I had the technique still available to me---Goldman taught sound layering. It was very interesting to pull in and out of layers of sound.

To avoid digressing further though, my personal story regarding the clairs is rather unique. I was diagnosed at 21 with Bipolar Disorder 1. I met my very magickal boyfriend ten years later. For three years (seven years total) before, I had been a practicing charismatic Christian. This means I acknowledged and worked with the gifts of the Holy Spirit as written in the Biblical book Acts.

I did not grow up charismatic. I found my way into that Christian movement by "happenstance". Call it God!

Additionally, the original introduction to my ex-boyfriend was rather "happenstance" as well---at least from my "side of the fence". We met in a chat room back in 2001. Again, call it God, or perhaps, magic with a (k).

I had always been a spiritually-minded creature! Everything spiritual excited me. I, also, was very evolved in terms of my creativity and my ability to visualize and produce art. These are important attributes of magickal development.

My chaos-ex dated me for three and a half years. It was an interesting time for sure. His "giftings"/skills were very mature and evolved. This was partially due to a naturally developed genetic lineage and partially due to his membership in multiple magickal orders.

As I dated him, I began to rapid-cycle in terms of my mental illness. I went in and out of the hospital. I was placed on various prescription drugs to curb my multiple psychoses.

Well, long story short, one hospitalization my boyfriend coaxed me (in many different ways) to check out of my self-admitted hospitalization status and to go home A.M.A. (a.k.a., Against Medical Advice).

During this particular experience, he cloistered me in my room at my house. And he worked with me---over the phone, "mind you"---to discover all my natural abilities and what he could do with them. It was easier to discern my gifts in a mania versus a stable state of mind because I had no resistances---no intellectual or emotional defenses. He also employed multiple magickal practices as well.

[Don't "kid yourself" magick is quite real within the third dimension. I thought it was pure fantasy until I met my ex. Now I rarely believe impossibilities are actually impossible!!! And frankly, even spiritual literature such as the Protestant Bible dictates that God is the Impossible. My mental and emotional and spiritual spheres have expanded beyond belief since I dated my ex.]

Eventually, after several days, my mania faded for the most part. As I had checked out A.M.A., I could not easily get an appointment with my psychiatrist so my meds were also not readily available for quite a while.

My boyfriend lived in Nova Scotia, Canada. I rarely got to see him in person. Rather I talked to him two to five hours a night for the entire three and a half years, minus one day when I was hospitalized and unavailable. Consequently, clairaudience (clear hearing) became my most pronounced Clair ability.

When I was growing up in a small, central Kansas city, I attended a rather strange 1970s design high school where the classes only had partitions between them. The design incorporated PODS instead of rectangular building structures with enclosed rooms. During that period, I somewhat learned how to discern between overt sounds---how to layer them and organize them. My ex-boyfriend capitalized on this. [And now it should make sense that Goldman's sound healing course hit big for me!]

My ex was highly practical. He just taught me to use what I had and what was around me. For instance, one time we were in a local New Age shop that had all sorts of crystals/stones. There were pieces of copper. He chastised me and said, "You have plenty of copper in your purse in the form of pennies." He emphasized that I did not need special circumstances and/or materials to work with.

And, he also, knew he had to teach me an even stronger sense of psychic discernment so I would not share my auditory experiences (consciously or accidentally) with my medical doctors.

The importance of this discernment is that "mentally ill" people have pronounced auditory and visual experiences beyond the 3D "veil". I believe most people classified as mentally ill are quite hypersensitive and have a multitude of gifts and very open pathways for psychic information (a.k.a., channels). Most highly mentally ill people have random and uncontrolled experiences regularly if not incessantly. More often than not they are also very negative. There is rarely any control or organization in the minds of the mentally ill...especially with diagnoses of Schizophrenia and other illnesses with strong psychotic features such as Bipolar 1.

The psychic discernment my ex taught me was to use my claircognizance (clear knowing) prior to my other Clairs. My ex developed a tandem experience (a sort of bridge) between two clairs: cognizance and audience. My solar plexus, also, had considerable damage done to it throughout my childhood and life in general. I had to rebuild my solar plexus through various means---exercises, techniques, and self-awareness.

This rebuilt solar plexus chakra allows me to experience the often incessant barrage of "Clair" information without experiencing spontaneous and/or disruptive situations. So, for example, I could be driving somewhere (or doing something just as innocuous) and suddenly I get "grabbed" by the lyrics of a song on the radio. I, also, experience this watching movies that have music and/or dialogues. Every now and again, I experience it in conversations or just walking around like in a store or an amusement park. The information "comes in" (downloads) and I am left with very clear impressions.

I did experience a more direct clairaudient connection during a very continuous and stressful job I was once in; and, it sounded ONLY "inside my head" like someone very clearly telling me it was time to exit the job. This happened at a very particular time when one of my bosses was leaving on vacation for two weeks which enabled me to slip out of the position without further harm. Ironically---or not---it was my ex-boyfriend's voice and I had not talked to him for about two years at that point.

Only one other time did I experience such direct clairaudience and that was during a severe manic episode. I heard my deceased uncle talking. My manic episodes have had many different components and manifestations within them.

The traditional Western medicine community does not recognize psychic abilities; and, in fact, it diagnoses symptomologies/features of such abilities. My perspective on this is that clairvoyance and clairaudience are not dangerous---especially if they have experienced "training" methodologies. The Clairs are senses just like the five concrete physical senses. They may need (extensive) organization, however.

I understand the need for medical intervention in the case of people who cannot tame the voices or the visions---especially if the sights and sounds are disturbing. If a person is potentially detrimental to him/herself or others, then medication can be a somewhat good thing. The drawback of psych meds is that they destroy the physical body, and they are a "guinea pig" experiment in terms of what patients can tolerate and if there is even any true efficacy regarding physical/mental/emotional symptoms. They also destroy the subtle energetic bodies (a.k.a. the Aura).

Dosing is, also, purely subjective. For 27 years, I have had zero overlap between the opinions of psychiatric physicians. I was placed on so much medication at one point I had Extrapyramidal Symptoms (e.p.s.)---in other words, Parkinsonian-like tremors throughout my entire body. I was literally dying from the medication.

I could not write or feed myself. One doctor said he would not take me off the dual antipsychotic combination that caused the e.p.s. because I had been "stable" for so long. Ridiculous.

The other issue to consider is that some meds actually foster episodes. In the early 1990s, it was commonplace to prescribe antidepressants without mood stabilizers to people who had Bipolar medical histories. This can spike into a mania in a heartbeat! It did on my personal Bipolar "journey".

I was fortunate to have a miracle that got me off that dual antipsychotic combination. I stopped having horrific anxiety and my tremors subsided to almost nothing. Recently, I was taken off some other psych meds and put on an anticonvulsant that gives me more mental and emotional "range" than I have had in more than a decade AND in some ways for nearly three decades. I continue to explore Holistic and energy healing practices. I find those practices much more helpful than traditional medicine.

The thing is, the chakra system is the reason such Clairs exist. The solar plexus, the center for personal power manifests clairsentience---clear physical feeling.

The throat chakra, the center of communication houses clairaudience---clear hearing.

The third eye chakra, the mind's eye manifests clairvoyance---clear seeing.

The hand chakras are most likely the source for clairtangency---clear touching. This is frequently called psychometry.

I am not sure, but clairempathy---clear emotional feeling may come through the heart chakra or even perhaps all seven chakras simultaneously. Different empaths experience different forms of this emotional feeling such as global empathy or very specific empathy. I tend to be very specific. I think growing up in a male-dominated household may have trained me to categorize my gifts. I wish that the environment had taught me as much regarding the organization of my emotional body. Unfortunately, females have a strangely unique emotional make-up. Males definitely experience an emotional body with as much range. They are just as sensitive as females. But most males in American society have turned this part of themselves to a sort of "only when necessary do I experience my emotions" outwardly and in front of people category...especially if it means they are left vulnerable.

I have become more psychically sensitive since being taken off the tremendously suppressive antipsychotic I was once on as well as the typical Bipolar mood stabilizer, Lithium. I am still on one antipsychotic as I have had much kindling occur in my physical brain; therefore, the overall system within the servant organ and central nervous system have been quite taxed. I am currently on a psychiatric "trend drug" called Trileptal, an anticonvulsant which targets agitation, irritability and mania symptoms.

Continuing with the discussion about clairs: Clairsalience---clear smelling is like an internal experience of smells. I recently experienced 3-4 distinct "reservoirs" of past smells such as a hallway in a dormitory at my childhood camp.

Clairgustience---clear tasting most likely comes through the throat chakra as well.

Claircognizance---clear knowing most likely comes through the crown chakra. I could not locate a lot of information regarding these correspondences and I am not equally versed in all of them. So there is room for error on my part.

I will say that one of the first things my ex taught me was the chakras. And having not come from any type of Eastern or Yogic background, it took me a while to adapt to all the new information and mental constructs. It is a lot to comprehend and absorb. Western civilization is a very "world dominant" mentality. It is not easy to break free from Western philosophies. They show up everywhere in a person's life: body-mind-soul-spirit-energy.

My basic point is that these psychic senses are not something irregular to human development. They are just areas that have been advanced through awareness and daily practice as well as familial and/or outside encouragement. If someone disciplines him/herself the "gifts" become abilities...end of story.

Higher Consciousness: What It Looks Like, Feels Like, Is Like...

Higher Consciousness is the core site of the mind and/or soul. It looks like a window into our spirit. This manifests differently for different people. I imagine it could be infinite in nature. For me, it feels like a floaty, softness and crystal clear clarity all at once.

As I am very Christ-centered, I connect with Christ as the inner Divine Self. Some call this the Higher Self. Some call it the God-Self.

One can connect to the Higher Self with or without meditation. Meditation is a designated time-space experience that a person accesses full Consciousness [and "perhaps" total ONENESS] through. Healers and other Metaphysicists tap the Higher Self via channeling as they work through energy fields cognizantly and physically.

Meditation and Energy work/healing are two experiences that are very distinct.

Meditation is an altered dimension of one's physical bodymind. Energy work and/or healing work is much more cognizant for most healers and energy workers. I say most because some very clear channelers leave the physical body to some degree as energetic information cascades in through their open channels. Energy and healing work is like an open channel that moves through the worker's physical and metaphysical anatomical structures simultaneously and then into the object or the bodymind of the participant/client. Meditation is like a "time-space jump" that happens to the practitioner him/her-self.

When one meditates, there is an altered "reality" so-to-speak. It is a time-space that engages the unconscious brain and then the innermost deep Self. It is a relaxing of the bodymind. There are different techniques to use to accomplish meditation.

In fact, one deceased Indian Guru named OSHO has something called active meditation to engage this part of one's self. A person actually does something so repetitiously and so routinely and so physically active that the "servant" brain just sort of "lets go" at some point.

I am not an athlete, but I imagine that some athletes do this intuitively as they enter their "zone" to win their events.

Meditation is not dangerous. A person can come back to the present time-space quite quickly if they are disrupted, jarred, or if they physically ask themselves to come back into the present mind-body space by wiggling their fingers and toes and bringing the breath back to a normal pace. Breathing gets very regular, deep and calm during meditation.

It is important that a person re-ground after they meditate. I didn't use to do that when I began experimenting with meditation. It is very bad for the 3D-oriented physical bodymind to do this. It is quite fascinating sometimes, but it is not a healthy or safe practice. The body needs a physical ground to the planet and its electromagnetic field for the physical body to operate appropriately. That is how the 3D physical body is designed. If one contemplates the functions of the chakras, one can fathom the damage that can occur in a bodymind if one explores this kind of ungrounded experience often. I will later address a phenomenon known as the crystalline body which may be able to circumvent the earth orientation. I do not yet know.

There are other ways to access Higher Consciousness which I cannot pursue through the scope of this Hub. One is through worship. This can be through chanting or through song or rhythmic music and/or drumming.

Hypnotherapy does not typically reach the Higher Self but it can in some instances. Hypnotherapy generally resides in the unconscious/subconscious mind. Trance psychic, Edgar Cayce of the 20th Century, did enter the Higher Self to deliver his psychic messages---some of which were multidimensional in nature.

Hypnotherapy techniques can be used to access soul experiences that are affecting the physical body and mind. This is where past-life experiences are housed. This comes in through the eighth major chakra above the head of the corporal bodymind.

Many people in the world believe in reincarnation. Many do not. I do because I have been opened to the experience of it for over 13 years. In addition to my personal experiences, I have studied the phenomenon of reincarnation concurrently. I live in Chesapeake, Virginia so I have had access to a lot of metaphysical resources such as the Association of Research and Enlightenment (A.R.E.) regarding the concept. I have seen great lectures on the subject as well. The University of Virginia, also, has a very developed reincarnation studies program.

There are many spiritual traditions throughout the planet. Every person experiences spirituality differently. I cannot tell you what someone who grew up Hindu or Buddhist knows and experiences. I can read about it, or learn about it, but it is a personal experience. The paragraphs below share my personal spiritual experiences. I do not suggest AT ALL that anyone but me experiences life just like this. I share my personal experiences to help readers understand how I perceive Higher Consciousness directly.

I come from a traditional Christian upbringing. I never conceived of a soul that was sent to earth to learn and develop and grow---a soul that had a vast journey of exploration and discovery---a soul that was inextricably linked and one with all of creation.

Because of my religious education, both in my youth and as an adult, I was into a concrete and very PHYSICAL heaven despite no literature or practice that told me what heaven was like specifically. The closest visual I could get was in an apocryphal language in the Book of Revelation. [Apocryphal language is defined as "writings or statements of dubious authenticity" according to the Google Web dictionary.]

All I THOUGHT I knew for sure, was that Jesus died, resurrected, and ascended into Heaven and He was seated at the right hand of the Father. I learned year after year that this was a place of deliverance...a place of no suffering or pain. A sinless place of perfection. And yet, there was nothing blatantly concrete about Heaven in PROTESTANT Christian Scripture. Oh, there was a definite concrete experience of hell. Fire and Brimstone and Perpetual Suffering forever. But for heaven, there was nothing quite so firm.

I do have a curious and scholarly personality, yes. Nevertheless, I have learned a whole new paradigm because God chose me to. You see, I say that confidently because, in my mind and experience, God is 100% sovereign ALWAYS. No entity is as powerful, all-knowing, or all-present as the Creator/Source. If you believe this---and know this---you can figure out Divine Will quite easily through retrospect. After all, hindsight is 20-20, right???

God/Source/Divinity is not random to me. God is not mysterious to me. God is quite faithful and constant. Humans are the change agents on the planet. For me, the Source of all creation is perfect, unconditional LOVE as was demonstrated by Jesus of Nazareth who was crucified, died, and was buried. In the church of my birth family and the metaphysical act of my christening, which was founded by the great Reformer of the Christian religion Martin Luther, God as Jesus then descended into Hell for three days. God (He/She/It) is infinite in nature. God cannot be quantified or qualified. God is limitless. God is "The Impossible". The Way when there seems to be No Way.

To me, the most fascinating aspects of my personal God, Wayshower, and Master are the metaphysical concepts of Resurrection and Ascension.

I have many different types of people in my life. I love people. I find them fascinating. I have studied a lot over the course of my life. I have lived a life of extremes because I am Bi-Polar in construct. I swing to some of the craziest places mentally and emotionally and spiritually. My body has endured a lot of suffering and dishevelment. This is changing as I shift from a total 3D physical-orientation to a more multidimensional crystalline-orientation.

[Crystalline is "somewhat" {I say "somewhat" as this material is open-ended/undiscovered comprehensively AND this is, also, one perspective on the subject} defined in this article: .]

I have been transitioning from an entirely 3D physical, carbon based-orientation since I had a Near Death Experience (NDE) in December 2018. I have experienced so many deeply moving things. I have also felt a never-ending type of vacuum in my personal world as well. It draws me into it and it causes me to have very deep reactions to the universe I abide in. I know this experience is not commonplace. In fact, in many ways, it has been extraordinary. I say that with complete humility as it has come with a huge price.

At 48, I am fully aware of how diverse the peoples of the earth are. I am fortunate that I grew up in a very heterogeneous culture as I was born in the United States of America. That has enabled me to see and experience many different points of view throughout my lifetime. I, also, had the opportunity to live in the Far East for eight a place where the East integrated with the West: Hong Kong (a former British Crown Colony of 150 years).

Higher Consciousness is much greater than my individual perspective. It pulls in things and ideas and experiences that are gigantic. They are much bigger than my limited conceptualizations. And, that is an amazing feature.

By meditating, I have come into an awareness that I am not really a human being as much as I am truly a God-being. Every cell in my universe is huge and indefinable from my human-perception. The idea of being a God "spark" is quite succinct to me, however. As a child in a Lutheran-Protestant household, I learned that God created life because "He"/She/It wanted relationship. And in order for such a vast entity to not grow bored, for lack of a better term, within that relationship, It had to create an entity(s) that could equal least at some junction. This is the infinite pathway of Divinity. The commencement of the Soul journey...or at least from many Christian perspectives.

My experience with meditation is transcendental...sublime..."otherworldly". It is quite never-ending. As I have expanded my individual consciousness into God-consciousness or what I call Christ-consciousness, my personal experience has expanded.

There are no parameters to Heaven in my mind now. Heaven is definitely "otherworldly". It is a dimensionality so vast and so encompassing that eternity is never fully actualized. Time-space is a non-sequitur. By definition, there is no cessation ever---in any way. Heaven IS God and yet synchronously external to God: Omnipresence, Omniscience, and Omnipotence in their highest expressions.

Is it any wonder that a material and a concrete literature or practice could not match that or describe that adequately? I know not any language that is vast enough or experiential enough to capture God or heaven precisely or even symbolically.

But, coming from a former "Christian" perspective, I find the "story" of Jesus of Nazareth delectable. Why? Because like the Hindu "story" of Radhe and Krishna, God actually formulated a "BEGOTTEN" being so perfect and so fully human simultaneously so that "He"/She/It could experience a perfect, equal, and external relationship to "Him"/Her/Itself as THE SELF. This person-God was called Jesus Christ. And through this experience, God "Him"/Her/Itself got to have the perfect LOVE relationship! This relationship was not purely local either. It was quite omnipresent.

I have recently been exploring/studying Puranas from the Hindu faiths. And it is so often parallel to literature like the Song of Solomon in the Christian literature! These expressions of Divinity are poetic and beautiful in nature. And I personally find them spiritually meaningful.


Our Greater REALITY is a Multidimensional Reality Not a Single Dimensional Reality

In addition to being energetic beings rather than just physical beings, another component of ESP is that the multiverse is far greater and more involved than most people realize. Most individuals on planet earth consider the third dimension (3D) as all that Is. In fact, many belief systems discourage humanity from expanding into the Big Picture because their version of God or science is limited to very specific dogma, doctrine, or evidence-based criteria.

It is quite sad really. I know, because prior to 2001 for seven years, I limited myself to such means of information out of horrible fear regarding my mental, physical and spiritual well-being as well as my erroneous religious education that stemmed from multiple Christian denominations and their philosophies/theologies.

Limited scientific and medical practices and beliefs are frequently as guilty of this kind of ignorance or egocentricity (or call it limitation if nothing else) as religious practices and beliefs. Let me just use two examples to illustrate my principle: At one point in history, the moon was impossible to get to. At another point, the earth was conceived as flat. Ok, let me use a contemporary medical principle: The psychiatric DSM-V is limited to studied forms of diagnosis. This literally means that any form of illness outside its paradigms are not considered diagnosable! I think the spectrum of Bipolar Disorder alone is much more vast than that manual allows. I have encountered multiple people over the years that experience my disorder very unique to them. Medical studies have to meet very specific criteria to determine diagnostic information within Western medicine. This is how evidence-based information is contrived. I worked for nine years at a local medical school. I learned all sorts of negativities associated with that pathway.

One of the worst aspects of evidence-based medicine is that by definition it rules out intuitive action and results. Things MUST fit in a very quantifiable, qualitative box! Alternative and Holistic forms of healing are completely contrary to this. But Western traditional medicine holds more power within the United States. Practitioners outside of Western traditional medicine must submit litigiously to Western physicians in terms of actual credibility. So imagine...if you had an illness or physical manifestation that did not fit in such a box! Psychiatry is slathered with such illnesses!

I am now a scholar of all sorts of information sources. I am no longer frightened by exploring even the most "forbidden" concepts about spirituality and/or life. I have found way too much richness and truth in discovery and consciousness-expansion.

"The illusion of a stable dense reality that we call the third dimension can distort our very understanding of what we are, how we are, and why we are. We oftentimes put too much trust in our basic senses without seeing if there is more than meets the eye (oftentimes doing so in order to create simple answers to complex questions). The wonderful truth is that there is much, much more to life than this...

...The new [Quantum] physics validates many understandings of life, the universe, and reality as a Whole that were experienced by the sages, the mystics and the meditators of Ages past. One of the most incredible validations is the reality of multidimensionality...We perceive the Whole as something that is incredibly fractionated in all sorts of ways (e.g., stars are different from swimming pools which are different from bananas which are different from video games). Yet all of these supposed divisions arise from the same Source field and energy that expresses itself in a unique way so as to develop this Source field of energy in as many different configuration patterns as is possible….and anything is possible, leaving this truly infinite in its scope...

...Accepting a multidimensional reality [versus a very singular and linear reality] is one of the most significant paradigm shifts that you can have in your lifetime. The way you look at everything changes. You even have the ability to experience reality in a far wider way than you once did, since you will be more aware of there being more than you previously thought there was 'out there'."

So, what is multidimensionality? That is a foreign word for most people of the planet. The reason for this is that most people are firmly rooted in the world of Illusion---the third-dimensional reality. The third dimension (3D) is nothing but condensed vibration just like the physical body. The entire material world is energy that people see and experience as "solid" matter; but, truly, it is purely a game of 'smoke and mirrors' that is highly persistent. Albert Einstein was quoted as acknowledging this in the 1930s-'40s.

Once that persistence is absolved, the illusionary nature of the world begins to be put to rest. It begins---and it IS A PROCESS [at least for most human beings]---with recognizing a new way of seeing and being. One of the first aspects of this new "sight"---this new Way---is challenging our way of thinking---our very thoughts. We must begin to think in terms of energy and vibration alone rather than in terms of solidity and matter. When we convert over to vibration and frequency rather than matter we start to experience life very differently.

[I will add an addendum at this point: Somewhere along the way since life is infinite in nature, there may need to be an upgrade to my information system...vibration and frequency may not be the "end all to be all" so-to-speak.]

I did not do this shift directly.

At first, I just started experiencing life very strangely. I was going to a craniosacral therapist to help me sort out my Bipolar Disorder. I had no idea that this type of Holistic therapy would help shift my complete bodymind as well as my entire world perspective and experience! Yet, I found out that the universe is very different than I originally perceived it to be; and, when I say originally, I mean from birth.

For me, it was like an encounter with the Twilight Zone. Seriously!!! It was just that bizarre.

In all honesty, my cranio therapist was more than just a therapist of a Holistic modality. He was deeply connected to me in a manner that would take me years to figure out.

I had very ingrained belief systems that countered my daily experiences. This is a form of cognitive dissonance. It took him, the therapist, even longer to make sense of what was happening because he only saw me from time to time. I was having the "awakening" every day in terms of him and me.

Our special and cosmic-oriented situation was unusal and completely outside my total paradigm of thought and feeling. On some level, though he was much better versed in alternative thinking, it was outside of his paradigm as well. As the experiences began to increase and overlap between us, he finally awoke to the "cosmic" us as well.

Ultimately, despite being born and raised in a very Christian home and being very committed to a Christian path for 30 years, I would learn through MANY wild and unexpected concrete life experiences that he and I had/have at least 96 lifetimes and incarnations between us. YEAH!!! It blew my mind and "gasket."

Almost nothing can compare to this unveiling---this unfolding---of a completely new life.

I did not come to accept and believe in what was "coming into play" overnight. It took years of recording, verifying, relaying and exploring to truly "give into" the situation fully! One does not stop adhering to a world religion like Christendom easily. Especially, when a person went as far as I did in the major belief system. I was actually very SALVATION-oriented and I worked toward missionary work to a foreign country for 7 years. I spent 8 months in Hong Kong teaching at the International Christian School. I taught Protestant Bible doctrine to a classroom full of 10th graders.

It took years to shift my thoughts, feelings and religious indoctrination. I was very committed to the ideas that were espoused to me for over 30 years. Christ was no idea to me. Christ was/is living to me.

Nevertheless, I eventually began looking for alternative pathways to understanding "what on earth" I was experiencing day and night. I HAD to. It was not really a choice. It was a mandate from the Almighty Creator. [Believe or NOT! And now it does not matter to me whether people believe ME or not. I KNOW my true north, so-to-speak.]

So this is how it all unfolded:

I had a dream one night.

It involved an ex-boyfriend. I was in a boat like a vessel in Jaws. My ex and I were in the berth of the boat. Jaws, the shark, was circling the boat. That is all that I remember about the dream.

The next day, I went to a friend's for Thanksgiving dinner. The friend was wearing a black t-shirt with a white silkscreen of Jaws on the front of it. Moreover, this particular friend used to own a boat that I had gone out on during the previous summer. When I inquired about the boat, my friend said the vessel had been destroyed in the recent Nor-Easter.

Months later, I was on the table during a cranio session. My therapist was working on me as usual. All of a sudden, my mind took me to a completely unfamiliar place and time. I was transported dimensionally. I began experiencing rape from another time-space. This was NOT a linear experience. And it was not purely thought or feelings. It was active and very life-like on some strange level of my being. It was slightly horrifying but, at the same time, it was slightly removed from me too.

The rape involved the ex-boyfriend that was in the November dream but in this cranio session, the ex-boyfriend was a completely different person. I mean to say, that the person was a different incarnation of the ex-boyfriend. This was not dreamlike when people shape-shift into different identities seamlessly. This was an actual incarnational experience inside my being. It was beyond 3D! It kind of reminds me of a show at a local amusement park that explores fourth-dimensional concepts by adding elements like actual water shooting at you while you view some kind of water scene in the movie in front of you as you simultaneously view things through 3D glasses.

Again, when I began experiencing this stuff, I had to acclimate to it.

I do this by telling my friends stories/anecdotes of the happenings. Then, I do things like write and contemplate and meditate. You have to know, that when the one dimension (not to be confused with 1D) shifts into multidimensionality, you have to MAKE things concrete as soon as possible. You have to ground it in so-to-speak.

It is not simple to shift from one level of consciousness to another immediately---at least not for most people. You have to explore mentally, emotionally, physically, spiritually, and energetically everything before you and in you.

I CAN use a Christian concrete experience to illustrate this more deeply and resonantly for some. When a person experiences the initial epiphany of the Christ, this is a dimensional experience. I am not sure what dimension---5th, 6th, or upward in the dimensions---but, nevertheless, it is quite a REAL experience that only that person engages with.

Epiphany is defined as, "a manifestation of a divine or supernatural being."

And then! The individual experience is validated corporately through the BODY of Christ. Suddenly, the total "Vine of Jesus" is experienced. It is furthered through Christian education and theology. For most Christians, this level is not purely intellectual in nature. Rather, both of them are very metaphysical in nature as well. Depending on the terms of the Christian experience, the person then moves onward into the Body. For some, this involves transubstantiation, the gifts of the Holy Spirit, communion as purely symbolic, baptism at various ages and stages, etc.

Different people within Christendom experience and practice their unique expression of faith and deliverance individually and some corporately. Hence the many denominations and the various sects. And now in this period of history (!!!) many do not do any practice of any kind of corporate expression whatsoever. Many observe varying versions of non-organized spiritual practice instead. Some connect with Jesus only and some explore unified theories of spiritual practice involving many traditions and religious studies.

A lot of outsiders to the Faith cannot believe the epiphany is true or REAL. But to those who have experienced it personally, it is deeply real and true.

This is the kind of situation I am referring to. Only, with me, it no longer just applies to Jesus Christ. I have expanded into a world that is super dimensional ALL THE TIME and with many different circumstances---not just religiously but also secularly.

The initial multidimensional occurrences did not end with the story above involving my ex-boyfriend and cranio. It continued to expand for months. I had thoughts inside the deepest parts of my mind that "came out of nowhere" and then they would show up in a DVD for a movie I hadn't seen since I was 18. I was in my 30s. I JUST HAPPENED to be drawn toward the particular DVD in the impulse section at the register at Target department store. When I watched the movie later that day, I actually heard one of the characters in the movie say the actual thought I had had previously in the recesses of my mind. And here is the best part! I had that thought while I was talking by "happenstance" with that very ex-boyfriend in the original dream. The ex was driving somewhere and he just felt like calling me right "out of the blue."

Let me express that this particular ex waffled in and out of my life for a period of three years. I would not hear from him for, literally, months or even a year at a time.

I have been having these types of experiences for years now. And I will say that my various bodymind states cause such experiences to escalate. It is not something that I can control yet. However, I do know people that very deliberately control and manipulate this kind of activity.

Again, I can't control my experiences YET; but I regularly empower myself with literature and circles/groups that practice and study about these sorts of things. AGAIN!!! It was not really a choice to do this so much as it was a directive by God/Source in order to keep me balanced and comprehensible.

I am incredibly sensitive to the world around me. I am even more aware of the world in me and THROUGH me. My constant awareness of both paradigms actually allows me to connect dots and grow exponentially. This is quite thrilling for a personality like mine!

I don't really do RANDOMNESS. I see things on a very broad level. And if I cannot see a dot or a connection immediately, I compartmentalize it in my mind until I FIND or EXPERIENCE the dot/connection. That connection can lay dormant in me for decades.

As an aside, I studied the Myers-Brigg personality information and exam years ago. As a young person, I was a firm ENTJ (Extroverted Intuitive Thinking Judge). Now I am more an ENFP (Extroverted Intuitive Feeling Perceptive). Most people remain one type over a lifetime. I have both personalities some of the time.

I learned that as an ENTJ I actually had a natural propensity to track patterns. I have the natural ability to watch patterns over years and years and decades and decades. This gives me an amazing ability to notice growth, development, and discovery. I thought everybody could do this "once upon a time". I later learned every person is very unique and each person has a distinct personality type. This is why the world is rich with diversity and varying giftedness. This is why every person---no matter who he/she is---is important to the planet. Every person has a unique life purpose. The earth needs every person in order to work effectively at its maximum level of performance.

As multidimensional beings---living at our greatest potentialities---we will experience the Oneness we were created as and for. What this will look like is anybody's guess or estimation. As 3D-oriented creatures, we operate through the "smoke and mirrors" of the Illusion of materiality and separation. We tend to be ego-oriented. Despite our greatest efforts, the world experiences suffering, imbalance, and degradation. People are often "comfortably numb".

Multidimensionality is not linear. From what I have experienced and learned, life is cyclic more than linear. But, I also believe it might operate from a terminology not yet discovered. People subscribe to time and space currently in the 3D world. This is ironic since time is a man-made coping mechanism. In 2012, there was a cosmological shift that radically began shifting the vibrational expression on the earth. This was foreseen by the ancient Mayan culture whose peoples had a very unusual relationship to time.

The Mayans did not do linear time. They had multiple levels of time awareness. They had multi-leveled calendars that were completed until 2012. In 2012, the calendars ceased. A lot of people pontificated that that was an indicator of the End Times. Hollywood even got in on the deal. Time, as we knew it, did end; but, the end of the earth did not occur. Many people were unaware of this particular cosmological shift. They went on as they always had: as daily "actors"/participants in the Grand Illusion. Nevertheless, the shift did occur.

People who are sensitive to energy felt this shift directly. Things intensified. Lots of people of the planet began exiting the earth plane in one way or another. Healers, energy experts, and metaphysicists began acknowledging the change in their lives and through their body of work.

Some people of the planet became anxious because things intensified so greatly. The world began living in high, high extremes. Many on the planet are still oblivious to the energies. They reach for old means to pull themselves forward. Often times those old means fail in the midst of the intense extremes. People all over began to transcend into a transitional dimension known as the fourth dimension (4D).

The planet populations tend to settle into patterns of thoughts and behaviors. Change causes conflict and confusion. It will be interesting to see how things develop going forward. Because one thing is known: Change is always happening. "This too shall pass," is one of the truest Truths of all.


The Magnetic Fields:

Some talented energy workers and/or healers have discerned that humans are bridged by an energetic circuit, our root chakra, that connects us to the electromagnetic field of the planet the minute we incarnate. Our incarnation is the physical, carbon-based body of the 3D realm. It is imperative for the body to maintain a strong connection to the earth in order to function adequately. When we don't, all sorts of phenomena occur. These phenomena are generally negative in nature for the carbon-based body of "matter".

"Electromagnetism is a fundamental part of our Universe, right up there with nuclear forces and gravity. Understanding how it works, and where magnetic fields occur, is not only key to understanding how the Universe came to be, but it may also help us to find life beyond Earth someday...

...The attraction known as magnetism occurs when a magnetic field is present, which is a field of force produced by a magnetic object or particle. It can also be produced by a changing electric field and is detected by the force it exerts on other magnetic materials. Hence, the area of study dealing with magnets is known as electromagnetism...

...Magnetic fields can be defined in a number of ways, depending on the context. However, in general terms, it is an invisible field that exerts magnetic force on substances which are sensitive to magnetism. Magnets also exert forces and torques on each other through the magnetic fields they create."

"The electromagnetic energy system of a human being is made of channels of flowing energy. The Eastern traditions refer to these channels as Meridians, Nadis or the Sushumna. These energy channels affect the physical body by impacting the central nervous system…

So, the circuits running through the electromagnetic system as a whole act as a communications system.

If our electromagnetic energy system isn’t flowing in an organized way, it isn’t generating a strong enough impulse to trigger our nervous system to build the synapses and wiring of nerve impulses to ground, anchor and sustain it.

The central nervous system has the ability to have a conscious and a subconscious set of circuits that are constantly running our lives. What many don’t realize is that the subconscious set of circuits – the part we’re not really in touch with or aware of most of the time–is the part that’s driving our lives.”

“The central energy channel runs parallel to the top of the head all the way to the base of the spine, connecting the seven major nerve-plexus points---the chakras.

Those who can see etherically (as mystics and intuitives) have sensitive visual apparatus enabling them to recognize these subtler aspects of the human form. In recent years of the Age of Information and Technology, these types of people have assisted others in tuning into the subtle aspects of the human being.

Prana is best described as vitality, as the integrating energy that coordinates the molecules, cells, and cellular structures, and holds them together as a physical organism. It is the life-breath within the organism and a portion of the universal Life Force, appropriated by all organisms during their existence."

“The etheric body is the grid work that all life forms are built upon. They are composed of fine interlacing strands of material. These strands attract physical plane matter to them and interpenetrate with it, eventually molding the actual forms we see as life.

Were it not for the presence of prana, there could be no physical body as an integral whole, working as an entity; without prana, the body would be nothing more than a collection of individual cells. Prana links up and connects these into one complex whole, playing along the branches and meshes of the etheric web. All life forms, whether a solar system, a human body, a plant, or a rock, are built from the archetype or "blueprint" of this energy field." "

"It is beliefs—thoughts, feelings, attitudes, and expectations—that draw people to everything they experience in form. It’s an established fact that an electromagnetic field surrounds the human body. It also flows through the human being like an electric current and actually magnetizes thoughts and feelings so they attract forms that are like them. Every thought goes into this field. If one focuses on an idea consistently, it becomes magnetized more strongly and, thus, has more power to attract that idea in form…

...It’s important to note that the conscious aspect of the mind is responsible for programming the subconscious. Dr. Serge Kahili King, a scholar of Huna, writes, “Conscious attention is a matter of choice; subconscious attention is a matter of habit…. The power to create one’s reality is limited only by conscious or unconscious beliefs about what is possible to achieve or experience. Learning to consciously decide how to direct thinking and keep the direction of the intent focused is a marvelous skill because all experience comes from that.”...

...The key, then, to manifesting desires is the directing of both the conscious and subconscious attention toward a particular purpose with as little confusion and distraction as possible."

The subconscious mind is a storehouse for a person’s life. Traumas and positive moments of a person’s life are held within this aspect of the mind and they direct the flow of activity for present-day and future events. It is important to become self-aware because trigger points occur here. These are clues to earlier life experiences. At first, this can be especially troublesome. One does not even know that traumas and other positive types of learning are stored and running “old tapes” in the background. So this can be a lot of trial and error and getting to really know one’s self. Eventually, patterns will begin to surface. Journaling is a resourceful skill to use while learning the hidden mind. To a certain extent, this can be like learning a foreign language initially. Eventually, an “inner person or persons” come(s) forth. The “inner child” is one such common subconscious being. The ages of this subconscious being can vary and flip in and out