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Exposing Yourself Completely To God

Gabriel is a dad of four, and a CLI Christian Leaders Institute student and plans to further his education in the pastoral ministry.

Why Did God Create Us?

In (Genesis 1:1) we see the very beginning of the creation story in the Holy Bible. Yet think on this for a minute. God did not need to create the universe and yet He chose to create it. He didn't need to create us humans either, but He choose to make us. However in knowing this have you ever gave any thought as to why He did?


God Is Love And Wants You To Himself To Love

You see God is love and if you think on this love is best expressed toward something or someone. So God created the world and us people as an expression of His love in order to have His creation to love. Hopefully now you understand the very fact the He wanted us for Himself to love!

The creation story if you keep reading teaches us a lot about God and even various things about ourselves.

1: God is creative

2: As the Creator He is distinct from His creation. He is God and therefore Supreme above all else.

3: He is eternal and in complete control of the world and everything in it.

Then we can learn about ourselves as well.

1: Since God chose to create us we are very valuable and precious in His eyes.

2: We are even given a place above the animals here on earth that He created as we are made in His image.

Knowing all of these things brings us to the point that God really truly loves and cares for us and because of this you will now hopefully be able to see and realize how special you really are to God.

So the question I have for you is how does this make you view God now? Hopefully by now you can see clearly that He cares deeply for you and in Him you can begin to grow even closer to Him in your life. Letting go of certain things that may be hindering you as you begin trusting Him more and more each day.


Marriage Represents Our Relationship With God

Now we are going to be learning in the Word of God itself of how marriage actually represents our relationship with God of how we can either make it good or even make it a bad relationship with Him.

We will learn that this is given to us as a choice and we must make the decision of right and or wrong with in our choice. A close relationship or one that has distance and division in it with God.

We Are Made In The Image Of God

In (Genesis 1:26-28) it tells us we are made in the image of God, but in what ways are we made in this way? Because God obviously did not create us exactly like Himself, especially in the physical sense. Instead we are actually created in a reflection of His glory. You see God is sinless, eternal and quite unlimited in His power and each person that He has made have souls that will go on long after our physical death of our earthly body. Also we are given the potential to be sin-less and are also given the choice to fall short. It is a decision that we all have chose to do in sin just as the Bible tells us in (Romans 3:23).

We will never be totally like God as He is distinct from His creation and is our Supreme Creator. However we can show God's character in ourselves in our love, patience, forgiveness, kindness and even our faithfulness as God is all of these things and has given us as His children the ability to be these ways as well.

God's Word tells us to be humble and not to develop pride, but instead to realize we are nothing without Him. Yet to realize also that in Him we can know exactly who we are with Him in Christ Jesus our Lord. Knowing this brings us to the conclusion that you are not worthless. God the Father sent His own Son Jesus Christ to die on the cross all so that we can be saved. You are indeed precious to Him!

So knowing that we are made in God's image and share many of His characteristics provides us with a solid firm basis for our self worth in His eyes. However human worth isn't defined by possessions, achievements, physical attractiveness or even public acclaims. Instead it comes down to us being made in God's own image. Because of this we can feel positive about ourselves. We can be free to love God and others more than ever before. You can know God personally and have a real close relationship with Him and because of your relationship with Him you'll be able to impact others around you in a positive way which may lead them closer to God too.


Marriage Is To Be Completely Exposed To One Another

God made both man and woman on the same day in His image. So neither man or woman is made more in the image of God than the other. Now if you still can't wrap your head around having self worth knowing this think about this. From the very beginning the Bible actually places both man and woman at the pinnacle at the top of all creation. Talk about a wow moment!

You see God was pleased with all He created because He saw that it was good. Actually He said it was very good .You and I are part of His creation and He is pleased with how He made us. So if at times you feel worthless or of little value upon this earth just remember that God made you for a good reason and you are valuable to Him.

In (Genesis 2:18-25) we read that God's creative work was not complete until He made woman. Let that sink in! Now He could have made her from the dust of the ground like He did Adam, but He chose to create her from the man's own flesh and bone. In doing so He illustrated that in marriage man and woman become as one flesh. This is a union of the couple's hearts and lives as it is with the Lord when we become saved.

In (1st Corinthians 6:17) it tells us when we become saved the Spirit comes and lives inside of us and in this begins our new relationship with Jesus Christ our risen Savior and Lord. You become in the family of God!

In (Galatians 2:20) we start thinking of Him and a lot less of us. Realizing it's Him that has been faithful all this time to us. Our hearts are now changed because of this and we start wanting others to see Jesus Christ in us as well where they will stop seeing the person you use to be in your sins, but instead the person God has made you into.

Marriage represents a connection of joining a couple together. Which ultimately illustrates what happens to us when the Spirit moves in which joins us to Christ.

In (Romans 8:9-17) Paul here uses adoption to illustrate the believer's new relationship with God. Because in Roman culture back then the adopted person lost all rights in his or her old family and for us it means we use to follow the devil and basically was part of his family with our inheritance being hell. Yet now all that is over and we don't need to worry because back then in roman culture after they lost the rights of the old family they gained all the rights of a legitimate child in his or her new family. They became a full heir to his or her's new fathers estate.

So likewise when a person becomes a Christian they gain all the privileges and responsibilities of a child in God's family! Now one of these outstanding privileges is being led by the Spirit like (Galatians 4:5 and 6) says .We may not always feel like we belong to God at times, but the Holy Spirit is our witness to it. His inward presence reminds us of who we are and encourages us with God's love as (Romans 5:5) tells us.

We are no longer cringing in fear as slaves to the bondage of sin, but instead we are the Master's children and because of this we share in great treasures as joint heirs. I mean already God has given us His very best gifts. He gave us His Son, Holy Spirit, forgiveness and even eternal life! Actually He also encourages to ask Him for whatever we may need in life as well.

Expose Yourself To God

So just as in marriage we need to completely and totally expose our self to God. Becoming more open and honest with Him as our Heavenly Father.

Have you noticed how a little child can run naked through out a room full of strangers without any embarrassment whatsoever? He or she is not even aware of their nakedness. Just as Adam and Eve was bot aware of theirs in the garden. They was not embarrassed because of their innocence. However after they sinned their embarrassment became shame and awkwardness that soon followed. Creating barriers between themselves as well as with God. Often times unfortunately in marriage people all over the world experience these same barriers.

Yet God's original design inside of marriage is for a husband and wife to have absolutely no barrier's present with each other. In a result of this they feel no shame exposing themselves to one another and especially like wise to God.

Like Adam and Eve in (Genesis 3:7) we seem to put on fig leaves so to speak which equals our barriers because we have areas we don't want our spouses or God to know about. Then we have the nerve to actually hide just like they did in the garden to hide from God.

In marriage a lack of spiritual, emotional and even intellectual intimacy or closeness usually creates a breakdown of the couple's physical intimacy. So now think about this that in the same way when we fail to expose our secret thoughts to God we actually shut down our lines of communication with Him just like what happens in marriage with our spouse. Yet God already knows you from front to back and from the top of your hairs of your head to the bottom of your souls of your feet because He is the one who made you. Therefore He already knows and in a result we are not really hiding anything.

Open yourselves up to Him today and if you are having a hard time doing this just ask Him to help you overcome any obstacle you are facing. Expose your inner self with Him and trust Him to change you from the inside out.


Elijah A Alexander Jr from Washington DC on July 03, 2018:

Gabriel, you said, "As the Creator He is distinct from His creation. He is God and therefore Supreme above all else," while Jesus' words, "behold, the kingdom of God is within you," in one place and "I am in the father and the father is in me" in another suggesting God is his creation. The way to explain that is the following.

Looking inside and outside of our bodies we see hair growing out of our skin and many micro organisms on the outside, within are organs, veins, blood, water and all of the minerals found in earth therefore that is the likeness of god man are made in. So, with all of those things being our bodies they are our creations as we are God's, yet, we can take an organ from our body and replace a worn organ in another, the blood from our body and sustain the life of another and even give our skin and graft it onto another showing our love for another. The thing we can't do is regrow our organs less we would not have to give it to someone in need but the blood and skin we regrow, although the skin will not look like the skin that was grafted.

So when you said "We are even given a place above the animals here on earth that He created as we are made in His image" you erred, the animals are in god since as man are. Just like the many micro organisms within our bodies are in us so are man and all other earth's life types, earth and heavenly bodies are in God. So, when we kill any other life form for our pleasure - killing for food being the exception - we are being a disease to god.

So it's like Paul said, "the invisible things of him from the creation of the world are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made, even his eternal power and Godhead; so that they are without excuse," we have no reason not to understand the scriptures if we understand what god has made here on earth.


Heather Johnson from California on June 30, 2018:

Great article. A lot of people are afraid to show God everything in their heart, unaware that He already knows, in turn, depriving themselves of a truly intimate relationship with their Creator. Good works your are doing here with this article.

Gabriel A Jenkins (author) from Brookfield, Missouri on June 20, 2018:

To charlie

Sure thing. Please read Matthew 28:19 Which is the Great Commission. We are told to go and make disciples (being followers of Jesus).

charlie from From Kingdom of God living on Planet earth in between the oceans on June 20, 2018:


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