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Experiences of an Empath

Life long Empath and Spiritualist. Writes about spiritual practices, sexuality and lifestyle.


Being an Empath ain't easy!

The concept of “Empaths” and highly sensitive people may be new to you, but if you’ve ever felt like, you can sense what others are thinking, or feel the people that are around you emotions without them saying a word, then you might actually be an Empath yourself.

Some people refer to this as sensory processing sensitivity, or SPS for short. As a child, I was often overly sensitive. I didn’t like being in the presence of many people because everything would affect me more than most people. Sound and being over-stimulated, tone in people’s voices, smells — any one of these things could make me feel uncomfortable or feel some type of way in an instant.

When I become close to people, I tend to ask if they want to talk about anything or if they are ok if I know they are not. The issue won’t even be an obvious one. My friend not knowing I have that sense to feel when something's off tends to freak them out at first, or I always get “How did you know?!” Now those that have known me for years come to me for advice and spiritual guidance and one moral I've always lived by is to never repeat what anyone confides me in and not to judge someone’s lifestyle based on society norms or anything I don’t agree with. I’ve noticed most just want someone trustworthy to listen to them. And I'm always happy to oblige.

Some have said that becoming an Empath is from being a highly sensitive person who has gone through trauma. From the traumatic experience(s), comes the empathy and understanding to other people's hardships and the sensitivity to perceive others’ emotions. I agree with that 100%. I know as a child i was highly sensitive, but my extreme empathy and sense of knowing how someone is feeling subconsciously came after my traumatic experiences.

The feelings for me at times were so powerful that I would have panic attacks. Grounding exercises have helped me through that tremendously, more than any doctor or medications would. I protect myself by having strong boundaries on who I allow into my life and space. I have stopped my urges to constantly “people please” and take the caretaker role, and channeled that into doing so for myself. We can attract many narcissists and users without having those boundaries! If you feel you may be an Empath, I highly suggest learning grounding and mindfulness practices. Always protect your energy and what vibes you let affect you. Don't absorb, just observe!

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

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