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Where There Is a Creation There Should Be a Creator

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Where there is a creation there should be a creator

“ Existence of God “

Thomas Alva Edison was once traveling by train, a great professor was sitting in front of him. Edison was reading the Bible in front of the professor, the professor was an atheist, so he said to Edison, "Hey, you look like a good family & you are younger, so you can do something better than God." and make your name in the community, what will happen after reading this bible? let's get it off & throw it away, outside of The Train. " Upon hearing this, Edison secretly put the Bible in his bag.

The professor handed over his card to Edison and told him to contact me if you needed any work, When they arrived at Edison's station, Edison also gave them his card and they got off. Then the professor also returned to his home.

Professor got the card while taking out the laundry for the week, he kept it in his pocket that day, he was shocked to see the card today. Think we were in front of a great scientist and we didn't know and they started feeling guilty for what we said.

He immediately scheduled an appointment with them & both met in the lab. The professor was shocked to see that laboratory. He said, "Wow, what lab do you have? You're really big, how many days did it take to do all this?" Edison said, "Yeah, I didn't do anything, everyone was already prepared. I just came here and experimented."

Then the professor said, "Are you kidding me, is something happening automatically? "Edison smiled and said, "Hey, you don't believe my lab came into being like this on its own, so I can't believe this "universe" came into existence spontaneously.

The famous scientist Edison has presented a theory, he says that "where there is creation there must be a creator, without a creator there is no creation therefore

“God exists."

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