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Everything will be ok...God is working things out.


God is working it all out - Listen to this video it will help remind you.

Everything will be ok. God is working things out

For more of God's work in action check out my blog.  Beautiful evidence of God's miracles working everyday in the world, nature, and at your door.

For more of God's work in action check out my blog. Beautiful evidence of God's miracles working everyday in the world, nature, and at your door.

Everything will be ok...

As things move and change, making most of us uncomfortable, and uncertain of what may happen next, please hear that "Everything will be OK. God is working things out."

As I write this hub, I think about Paul - who sets an excellent example that reminds us to encourage ourselves - if need be - as he did while locked away in prison. He knew that everything would be ok. God was working things out. So he was able to keep focused on Jesus and his works and what he taught them before his sacrifice. He kept the word of God on his lips at all times and in his heart he nurtured it. He never allowed his faith to whither - not for one moment. He kept pressure on the enemy who was assigned with the mission to destroy his faith.

I keep all kinds of words of encouragement around me in my office so I will not forget that everything will be ok. God is working things out. For here is where I spend most of my time during the week and I feel good surrounded by the encouraging reminders.

My newest, yet one of the most valuable reminders to date, is a little posted note that is simply stuck on my computer that says, "Everything will be OK... God is working things out." I see this everyday first thing in the morning. It makes me feel happy when I look at it because it reminds me that even though everything is changing, moving, decisions being made, etc. all will work out - with me in mind. God has not forgotten me and my problems.

Especially on those days when the enemy gets a good shot in on one of my weak spots, I just lift up my head and I see my little posted note reminding me and encouraging me that Everything will be ok God is working things out and it fills me with strength and confidence again. I am able to stand strong again. Despite what is going on that I know about and all that I don't. I am refreshed and after glancing over to read it over and over a few times, I am back, good as new. Amen! Who would have thought that this little yellow posted note would do so much for one woman and her spiritual walk?

This little piece of paper has gained so much value with me. There is nothing fancy about it, it's not marked up with different colored highlighters, covered with rose petal flowers or even typed out. It's just written in my own handwriting with a regular black pen. Underlined to confirm what is written. Because when you put it into words it becomes real to you.

Before I had written it, I use to get at work in my office and begin to flashback and forward about what may happen and what should I do to prepare as I unfold my day. But, now. that I've had it here on the lower left of my computer for about a month or so I don't find myself anticipating what to do next when... I don't care who sees it, in fact I hope it helps anyone else who lays eyes on it for that is its purpose.

The God we serve is a thorough planner. He has knowledge of our tomorrows that we have no idea about so he is equipped to create a master plan that will allow us to gain the victory over all of our situations if we just keep our faith and trust on him. One of the best pieces of news I can share with you is - you, me - WE ARE ALL INCLUDED IN HIS MASTER PLAN AND HIS PLANS NEVER FAILS! So relax everything will be ok. God is working things out.

We can place our trust our burdens on the threshold of the Lord and he will include them in his planning and rezoning. He will have them all worked out all the way through to the last details. Showing you justice and equality. Awarding you miracles delivered to your door by your worst enemy. He just asks us to step aside (be still) and allow him to do his work. All we have to do is "trust" in him and his abilities.

So, I close to say, if you need some encouragement, some uplifting good news on a daily basis. Get yourself a little posted note and write yourself a reminder and when those rainy days come, and your faith gets shaken up, glance over to your little posted note and rest assured that all - truly will be OK, because God is working things out for you and me.

Be blessed, hold your heads high and be the child of God he has called you to be. We are separate and different from the world. We must shine from the inside out. We are to be an example of Christ. I love you all, in Jesus Name, I pray. Amen.

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Blessed - Be reminded always


Remind yourself you are BLESSED


sroberts9 (author) from Northern Virginia on May 28, 2015:

Trust in the Lord with all your heart and do not lean on your own understanding in this matter or any other.

jade on November 24, 2014:

Can someone or everyone please pray for me. My marriage is on the verge of ending. My husband wants to leave. I need God's miracle. I have not given up. I believe things will work out. I need God to reach down and touch my husband's heart. I need that now. I only have this short time to pray and ask for my miracle because it a short while he will give me his decision. I love this an with all my life. If I could take my heart out and give it to him I would. I love him God. Please save our love!!

Carol on September 11, 2014:

Your words of wisdom has really helped me today. I just want to say ... Pray for me... Feelings of depression are moving in and I need God's strengthen.

roy lee on December 30, 2013:

will someone pray for me

roy on December 29, 2013:


chands on May 14, 2013:

I know that God will never leave me. In his word he has given me courage and strength to face all the problems I have to face. He loves me I know. After I read Gods word I feel so good. It has be come my daily bread. I trust in you lord, and I hold on to your promisrs.

clara on May 08, 2013:

Am so blessed with this article.i know God is in Contol,everything will be ok.Amen

Gary on April 18, 2013:

I've gotten to the point of believing god doesn't care about me. 6 times I've been "given a promotion" then told "Sorry we're giving to...........". I don't feel blessed. Why should I when the god I was raised to trust and believe in has ignored me all my life? I'm tired of struggling and fighting with no help. I'm tired of praying for nothing. I'm done with god because he's obviously done with me.

Kathy Henderson from Pa on January 08, 2013:

Sroberts9 ~ Love this hub so beautiful and positive. Everything will be okay we just need to remember God is in control.

k on September 26, 2012:

i am suffering in side, i love the Lord and want to be a true servant of his but i seem to be failing, i tried several times to let go of a sin of sex out of wedlock , i try but i fail, i prayed, fasted, consulted different pastors, and every time they deliver me and after i go back to the same sin, i feel unworthy of God Forgiveness because i sin everyday and i am being tormented by the way i feel after wards, i am weak and cant carry on like this because i am called for the work of the Lord, i want to be a true worshiper, i have seek advices from a lot of people but still i fail, i am now just hoping God will oneday help get over this because i am not happy with my self, its not something that i love doing, but i do it anyway, i feel powerless and cant pray, i feel dirty and unworthy to pray, Please pray for God to help me cuz i will note afford to live like this, email: khenzi@webmail.co.za

Patty on September 24, 2012:

God loves us all, and the virgen Mary too, thank you for this post it really helped me to remind me that everything will be ok in a time of confussion and desperation i am going to stop worring today because whatever it will be ...it will be God's will, and God is good...

sroberts9 (author) from Northern Virginia on September 17, 2012:

Ingrid remind yourself that when God closes on door he opens another. I too was laid off sometime ago and was looking for the open door but, when I kept my faith strong and reminded myself of the blessings God had given me, he amazed me with something else better than I had imagined. Trust is very important and remembering that "GOD is our ONLY PROVIDER" not a job then things get back in prospective. Ask and you shall receive. Use this time to talk with God about all the things on your mind and heart.

ingrid on September 16, 2012:

i am at a point of giving up. for a while it seems like God is blessing everybody with employment and change but where is Ingrid in the shadows,yes my faith and trust is slipping but i came back. i am hoping for my season to come my way,they say God works in mysterious ways,i hoped to be blessed with employment and a change of environment.

hubpageshubpages on September 03, 2012:

The above message is very inspiring especially if we're about to give up....Don't give up & trust everything t the LORD & everything will be OK...

Elvia on July 12, 2012:

Thanks so much for this posted! Today has been one of those days. But thank God for other Christians like you to remind us that God is working things out for the good of those who love Him. God bless..

sroberts9 (author) from Northern Virginia on July 10, 2012:

Thank you Nikki. Yes, and I do trust him with all my heart. I've seen numerous works of his blessings over and in my life - since the day I was born.

Nikki Major on July 09, 2012:

Amen!!! yes Everything works for the good of those that love the lord. It's going to be ok because you love him sweetheart. Be enciuraged. Stay strong. God loves you sister.

La'Tonya on June 03, 2012:

I'm struggling with having hastily quitting my job of 10 years over a disagreement and then deciding to stay, only for them to tell me that I can't change my mind. It's been 3months and I've exhausted all of my savings. I have on call jobs but they don't call. I thought I would be ok and working by now, but I really feel bad because I have a career as an RN and am truly struggling to make ends meet for my single parent family. Should I feel awful for quitting?

Heather on November 11, 2011:

Amazing. Thanks.

sroberts9 (author) from Northern Virginia on October 10, 2011:

Stacy - remember "any doubts that come through your mind" is from the devil. Don't entertain them - cast them down immediately by reminding yourself of where those thoughts come from. Struggling is something a lot of God's people and others are doing. We have to find a way to connect God in everything we do and everything we have so that it will be blessed. Without out God's connection to our finances our hearts, our children, we have NO CHANCE to make it through. Do you Tithe? I know a lot of people do not - and its VERY important as it pulls blessings through and keeps them there - it's like a protective insurance. When we tithe we must give cheerfully and witout strife on our hearts towards any one else - so ask God for forgiveness before you send your tithe offering 10% of your gross income. You are never alone - the Holy Spirit is ALWAYS with you. I have 2 daughters - not married yet, but, I know when they do I will miss them dearly. My Dad told me that its best not to have your parents around you and your new family because "parents" have a tendency to interfer - even when we don't want too. We will and it will not be good for your daughter. A long visit will satisfy your yearning to see her. Plan on one as ask God for the way to get there. We will never understand God's ways. We must just TRUST him as he knows all of our tomorrows and the BEST WAY for us. When its time, he will reveal to us why he did what he did that you do not understand. Please do not be afraid - that is only satan by you - tormenting and tourturing you and causing you to live in fear. That is no way to live as a christian and a child of the MOST HIGH GOD. Get your bible out one you can read and understand in easy to understand English. Read and meditate on it daily. Play some gospel music in your house. Open the blinds let the light in and rejoyce in the Lord - he has a new way another chapter for your life awaiting you - its a very exciting one filled with surprises. As the Lord loves to surprise us. Keep your eyes and heart on him always and he will lead you right out of all that fear, doubt and misery of missing your daughter. He will replace it all with love - and peace - the kind of love that is unconditional and the kind of peace this world knows nothing about - I pray for you my sister May God free you from the bondance of the devil. In Jesus Name I pray for you Amen. If anytime you want to chat just send me an email. I'd love to hear how God is moving and changing in your life and spiritual walk with him.

Stacey on October 08, 2011:

I appreciate what I just read how god has everything under control. I have so many doubts throughout my day. I am on my own and I struggle financially. I have a job that is casual and pray that God will make my position at work Full Time. I am also very alone. I have a daughter that is married with 3 children and they live in Australia and I live in Canada. I want to be with my daughter as I miss her so much. I just dont understand Gods ways. I pray so hard and get so scared about my future. Thanks for listening to me.

nutica on May 04, 2011:

i have had an exam today .. and i thought that i will get 100/100 after i went out of class.. but after that i found out that there was on the back of the paper the continue of the same exercise ... and the problem is that i know how to answer the question that i have missed.. i trust God that he will give me help , i mean that the teachers will understand and then to get 100 ... thanks for the article :) ... and thanks God for everything !

Pink glitter on November 19, 2010:

My dear, your post-it note tactic I will apply. I am a prayer warrior, Christian for 10 yrs now. My husband of 9 yrs abandoned the family when I was pregnant with our second child. Of course, we are getting a divorce (no marching back), that is my calling. I am praying for freedom from a treacherous individual and for peace with my daughters in our new home. I have never desired anything more in my life. My girls and I are a team, we are Godly women and the grace, mercy, prosperity and Spirit of the Lord has lifted us up and kept us safe. Let it be the will of my Lord Almighty that I can move and my divorce finally culminated. God has spoken to me, this is not the man that He has for us.

sroberts9 (author) from Northern Virginia on March 12, 2010:

Sarah, gain your strength in reading the word and putting all of your focus on God first thing early in the morning before you do anything else. Get on your knees and pray for your blessing to be protected and come through. Our Glorious Father God is all about "family" and marriage was created for us by him too. He will see it through if you keep your faith. The devil has no power but what you give to him to use against you. Don't listen to the doubt that creeps upon your shoulders. Tell yourself that God - who has never let you down before - will see this through and what is put together by God will remain. April 8th, I will pray for you and your husband too. I hope you update me and let me know just how wonderful it is that he's back where he belongs! Peace and blessings to you my sister in Christ.

sarah on March 11, 2010:

I am nervously awaiting for my husband of almost two years who lives in romania to go to his interview to hopefully get his marriage visa so we can be a family. the interview is schedualed for april 8th i am praying to god he is aproved i want to finally be a family i know the devil is trying hard to bring me down i am praying for god to give me strength to believe that he is in control and will finish what he has started. i pray for strength and to believe that even in the storm god is in control and he has me in his hands.

Gicky Soriano from California on October 08, 2009:

I like your posted note, "Everything will be OK. God is working things out." These words of encouragement reminded me of a verse in Romans: "We know that all things work together for good for those who love God, who are called according to his purpose" (8:28). God is working things out. It may not be according to the answer we anticipate, but rest assured, in the end, it's all good! Way to process your faith and trust in God. Enjoyed the hub. The Lord bless you.

patful on October 08, 2009:

You provide excellent perspective as a lot of us "muddle" through times that are not happy. One of my favorite phrases--and it ties to what you have written is---"God is in control."

Sometimes it doesn't SEEM that way, but He has a different timetable from mine. And He's never late.

Thanks for the encouragement you are providing here.

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