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Everything You Need to Know about a Pisces and Virgo Love Match


Virgo + Pisces

Pisces and Virgo have a lot in common They are big believers in helping others, giving, and selflessness. They are different however. Virgo as an earth sign and in the 6th house wants to perfect everything, complete it, and scrutinize over it. Virgo isn't as submissive as you may think. Pisces is a gentle soul, and Virgo can be -- but they argue a lot. Virgo as a perfection seeker will be very into details. Pisces in the relationship will give to it as much as possible -- and Virgo will appreciate this as a someone who seeks completion. Virgo is a worrier, concerned about people, and can fall back on introverted expressions (even if the personality is more so dominated by extroversion.)

Both really care about service acts. Virgo can sometimes be too in its head and need to work on exploring and being vulnerable to its emotions.

Both Hard Working, Different Lenses

I feel like Virgo is going to be more intense and dramatic and Pisces will be with the flow, easy going, and chill. That does not mean Virgo will be a drama queen, but in comparison to Pisces, it may come off more dynamic. Both of these signs are highly loyal and supportive. They tend to really care about monogamous romances. Virgo is very dependable, caring, and is constantly thinking about the material world in what we actually need as opposed to what we wish we had.

Virgo is good with the philosophy of all of what you need will come to you and not all that you want. Pisces cares about the emotional realities we all face. Pisces loves to give and give and give of their heart, so it is important for Virgo to also give otherwise you could be taking advantage of your Pisces. Virgo is a fairly devoted sign, so this should come naturally. Virgo needs to make sure Pisces isn't sacrificing too much and are still exploring their own interests, joys, and self. Pisces could have an existential meltdown if they don't attend to themselves enough. But remember -- Pisces is considered the age of Christ. Pisces are supposed to be natural martyrs, miraculous, intuitive, and gentle. It is in their blood. Pisces -- I can't repeat this enough -- they need to really consider their relationships and whether they are healthy or toxic. It is hard for a Pisces to leave a bad relationship because they want to give and nurture so much, so walking away feels like failure. Think before you fall in love so you can avoid a toxic match.

Virgo likes to keep things clean. They work hard to keep things in a perfect order and with great virtue. They'll definitely attach to Pisces who is naturally got a number of spiritual gifts and virtues upon birth. Virgo can become too relentless in their search for cleanliness making them fall into judgemental thoughts. Sometimes Virgo needs to work more on understanding and acceptance rather than perfection. Pisces sometimes needs to work on independence and boundaries rather than wanting to merge their energy with another. Both of these partners are so devoted, so careful, and so sweet. They make an amicable match. They may need to work on putting themselves out there, being willing to be vulnerable, shaking up the scene, and lighting some fires. All water signs have a high degree of need for affection and passion. Sexuality can help a Pisces to bring good qualities to a relationship. Virgo is hard working, so they'll share how much they care about a relationship by how much they are doing real tasks -- cleaning dishes, maintaining cars, making blankets -- producing and ordering items.

These two come to similar conclusions but they have different lenses for how they are looking at society. Virgo has a capacity for thinking so this can make them nervous. They are highly analytical and can pigeonhole themselves. Sometimes what Virgo needs to do when they have cornered themselves is simply pull back and think more globally and objective. If you continue to focus and bear down on something, you might lose it and not understand it anymore. Don't rely purely on logic, you have to use other lenses in order to solve and understand problems. Solving problems isn't as important as understanding the solution you used. Understanding comes with technique, solving without understanding comes from luck.


Virgo Uses Your Heart

What helps in this relationship is to apply fun and spontaneity. This will help both people to stop putting so much pressure on their natural mental proclivities. For Virgo, it is good for you to allow yourself to play, be abstract, and excited. It will allow you to see things outside your high analytical skills. This helps grow a relationship. If you constantly stay in the analytical frame, you won't be using your heart enough to tend to the relationship. Playfulness for a Pisces will help them to remember being lovable rather than brooding over a dark symphony they can't solve. Both have a need to look to the divine. The two will likely have religious views, rituals, or religious work ethics. Virgo is one who believes in a one-partner-solves-all. Virgos have incredibly high standards and are very picky with the mate they find. They care about punctuality, high standards, and ideals.

Pisces and Existentialism

Pisces will feel a great amount of comfort from Virgo. The earth sign here naturally pampers its partner, stays accountable, and defers to their needs. Pisces will get all the attention they need. You may have to encourage the Virgo to give you more affection. It could be a battle for you in your mind of something like this: "I am getting enough attention... but enough affection." This is because the Virgo wants to constantly think, and so they can forget to share with you. Virgo is an earth sign, so it does stay in its physical body and stay conscious of it. Pisces needs a partner who really cares about it, is sensitive to it, and wants romance. Virgo wants to cater to all of that. Virgo may feel like it's not giving enough even when it's already giving 150%.

Pisces, help Virgo out and let them know they do enough. Don't let them wear themselves out and then not give you any affection or attention at all. Virgo may stop giving because they stop believing. The same happens with Pisces. When it shuts down, it doesn't give out as much love because it stops believing in love. Support your partner through their existential crisis not against it. Be quick to love, not judge.


Chivalry On Both Sides

When things heat up between you two, take a moment and step back. You do better to affirm each other than criticize flaws. Virgo can easily get lost in someone's flaws and needs to be reminded not to highlight those qualities so quickly. You want to be there to help strengthen your partner's weaknesses, not hurt their feelings. Virgo should definitely be careful if they are in a relationship with a water sign to remember feelings first.

Pisces will do well to share their feelings openly with Virgo. This way Virgo can learn about you and know how to adjust. Virgo is eager to please -- and particularly -- the person it loves. Virgos are very earnest, eager, and egalitarian when it comes to making things happen under their watch. Both of these signs are into chivalry, being a knight in shining armor, or even a princess with grace.

Once this relationship starts clicking, it is likely the two will want to stay together. It does have a nice energy exchange to it. The two have a lot of similarities and complement each other well. I think both would be easily happy in this relationship and will do well to depend and grow with each other.


Larry Rankin from Oklahoma on January 27, 2017:

Interesting overview.