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Everything You Need to Know about a Pisces and Virgo Love Match

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Virgo + Pisces

Virgo is a mutable earth sign. Pisces is a mutable water sign. They're both big believers in helping others, giving to worthy causes, and selflessness.

What You Need to Know

  • Virgo is a hard worker who likes to be chivalrous. He is a perfectionist to a fault.
  • Virgo is one of the most single and independent signs. They usually take longer to couple up with someone.
  • Virgo is a worrier. He can get too caught up in details.
  • Pisces is empathetic and can couple up with just about any sign with ease. Pisces is very amicable, curious, dreamy, and intelligent.
  • Pisces' biggest fault is that they can be overwhelmed by emotions and the world; this can lead to depression or numb periods.
  • Pisces will give in the relationship as much as possible: they believe in love. Virgo will appreciate this as a someone who seeks completion.
  • Pisces is creative and needs time for her imagination.

One of the Loveliest Couple Combos

Both signs care about service acts. Virgo can sometimes be too in his head; this sign often needs to work on being vulnerable with emotions. Pisces can sometimes be too heavy in her emotions causing her to feel overwhelmed or moody. Both of these signs are very smart.

This relationship will be a very lovely one. Virgo and Pisces bring out each other's best qualities, and they feel at ease in each other's presence. Earth + water romances tend to do well because these two elements know how to nourish each other.

Virgo and Pisces are opposite of each other on the zodiac chart: these relationships often prove fruitful.

A Match with All the Right Charms

Virgo will be intense at times; Pisces will do her best to go with the flow. Virgo's high need for perfectionism can make him neurotic and unaware of Pisces' needs.

Both of these signs are considered loyal and supportive. They tend to give extra care to long-term monogamous romances. Virgo is very dependable, caring, and is constantly thinking about practical needs. Virgo is more down to earth; Pisces is more dreamy and other-worldy.

  • Virgos like to balance budgets, organize households, keep track of items, study details, read books, work with their hands, and keep things tidy.
  • Pisceans like to be creative, dream about different possibilities, take up social causes, develop and nourish friendships, and help make things beautiful.

Virgo = analytical, cerebral, practical, logical.

Pisces = emotional, daydreamer, imaginative, kind.

Giving in the Relationship

Pisces cares about the emotional realities we all face. Pisces loves to give and give and give of her heart, so it is important for Virgo to also give. . . otherwise you could be taking advantage of your Pisces.

Virgo is a devoted partner, so giving of material goods should come naturally to him. It will take more effort for him to give of his heart and emotions.

Virgo needs to make sure Pisces isn't sacrificing too much and is still exploring her own interests. Pisces could have an existential meltdown if she doesn't attend to her own needs.

Pisces Types Are Sacrificial

Pisces is considered the age of Christ. Pisceans are supposed to be natural martyrs, miraculous, intuitive, and gentle. It is in their DNA. I can't repeat this enough: they need to really consider their relationships and whether they are healthy or toxic.

It is hard for a Pisces to leave a bad relationship because they want to give and nurture, so walking away feels unnatural. They take it as a failure. Think before you fall in love, so you can avoid a toxic match. A mature Virgo would be protective of your natural graces.

Virgo Can Burden Himself with Perfection

It can't be said enough: Virgo likes to keep things clean. They work hard to keep things in a perfect order and with great virtue. They'll attach to a Pisces because they like the twin fish's virtues.

Virgo can be too relentless in their search for cleanliness making them prey to judgmental thoughts. Sometimes Virgo needs to work more on understanding and acceptance rather than perfection.

Pisces sometimes needs to work on independence and boundaries rather than wanting to merge their energy with another.

Be Vulnerable

Both of these people are devoted, caring, and sweet. They make an amicable match. They may need to work on putting themselves out there, be willing to be vulnerable, and not afraid to shake up a scene.


All water signs have a strong need for affection and passion. Pisces wants to be in an intimate relationship. Virgo can be sensual: earth signs are dominated by the five senses.

Expressing Love

Most Virgos show love through acts of service. They'll do things like: cleaning dishes, maintaining cars, making blankets, filling your car up with gas, cooking dinner, running errands for you, and tidying up the place.

Most Pisceans fall into two primary love languages: touch and words of affirmation. Pisces wants to give you hugs, kisses, and the like. They also tend to be good at compliments.

Similar but Nuanced

These two come to similar conclusions, but they have different lenses for how they look at the world. Virgo can pigeonhole himself by being too analytical. Sometimes what Virgo needs to do is simply pull back and think more globally and objective.

If Virgo continues to focus and bear down on something, he might lose it and not understand it anymore. For Virgo: don't rely purely on logic, you sometimes have to use other lenses in order to solve problems.

Pisces: it's okay to pause your emotions. Have long term strategies. Not every moment of your life needs to be defined by a mood.

Virgo and Pisces date ideas: (1) take a trip outside along a beach or go on a gorgeous hike, (2) candlelit dinner and a movie, (3) learn to waltz together, (4) take pottery classes together, (5) explore an art museum.

Virgo and Pisces date ideas: (1) take a trip outside along a beach or go on a gorgeous hike, (2) candlelit dinner and a movie, (3) learn to waltz together, (4) take pottery classes together, (5) explore an art museum.

Dedicate Time to Fun

What helps in this relationship is to apply fun and spontaneity. This will help both people to stop putting so much pressure on their natural mental proclivities.

For Virgo, it is good for you to allow yourself to play, be abstract, and excited. It will allow you to see things outside your high analytical skills. This also helps strengthen your bond with your partner.

If you constantly stay in your analytical frame of mind, you won't be using your heart.

Playfulness for a Pisces helps them to be lovable rather than brooding over a dark symphony they can't solve. Both people have a need to look to the divine. The two will likely have strong religious views, daily rituals, or work ethics.

  • Virgos have incredibly high standards and are very picky when it comes to romance. They care about punctuality, hygiene, and manners. Virgo definitely knows how to treat a Pisces right.
  • Pisces wants her partner to feel completely nourished and accepted. She works hard to make her partner feel welcome and appreciated. Pisces will do what she can to put Virgo at ease.

The takeaway: go have fun and be spontaneous. The serious stuff shouldn't dominate your relationship 100% of the time.

Attention + Affection

Pisces will feel a great amount of comfort from Virgo. The earth sign knows how to pamper his partner.

But Pisces, you may at times have to encourage the Virgo to give you more attention and affection. Virgo can get preoccupied with his goals and tasks.

Pisces needs a partner who really cares about her, is sensitive to her needs, and wants romance. Virgo wants to cater to all of that. Virgo may feel like he's not giving enough even when he's already giving 150%.

Virgo may stop giving to Pisces because he stops believing you care about him or the things he does. The same happens with Pisces. You have to be consistent about attention and affection. Don't stop doing little daily love nudges.

  • Relationships tend to move slowly. They either strengthen over time with consistent love and nourishment, or they decay into divorce with more neglect and nagging.
  • Think before you speak. Try to slow down on your words. Your words matter.
Virgo and Pisces is a coupling full of romance. In this match, both people's best qualities come out. They'll be eager to please, eager to enjoy each other's company, and eager to give attention and affection.

Virgo and Pisces is a coupling full of romance. In this match, both people's best qualities come out. They'll be eager to please, eager to enjoy each other's company, and eager to give attention and affection.

Chivalry On Both Sides

When things heat up between you two, take a moment and step back. You do better to affirm each other than criticize your flaws.

Virgo can easily get lost in someone's flaws. Remember: be nurturing, not destructive. Virgo, you want to be there to help strengthen your partner's weaknesses, not hurt their feelings.

If Virgo has coupled up with a water sign, then they need to prioritize emotions.

Emotions are a place where Pisces can lead. She can share her emotions first and help encourage Virgo to be more vulnerable.

Virgo is eager to please, especially when they love someone. Virgos are very earnest, eager, and egalitarian when it comes to making things happen under their watch. Both of these signs are into chivalry, being a knight in shining armor, and having an excellent reputation.

Once this relationship starts clicking, it is likely the two will want to stay together for the rest of their lives. The match does have a nice energy exchange to it. The two have a lot of similarities and complement each other well. I think both would be happy in this relationship, and they will do well to depend on and grow with each other.

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