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Eric's Sunday Sermon; The Big Let Go

Holding degrees in philosophy and Law. Formal studies or certificates or degrees in business, theology, insurance and security. Ex-preacher.

Let Go Of The Shovel Dad

How about letting go of the bike?

How about letting go of the bike?

Please Let Me Go

The big let go is not easy. Otherwise anyone could do it. Do we really forgive and forget. I think that we do not forget or even forgive fully in most circumstances. Do you? But if you can do the big let go it is so freeing. And the opposite is like shoes that are too tight. I think it would be fun to explore the big let go.

Let’s go!

Don’t beat yourself up if you are suffering from the big let down after the holiday season and the dark days of winter. Hey the days are already growing longer. Personally I love going for my walk in the chilly, no not cold sunny mornings. What a blessing, more than just being above ground but really sweet above ground. I find that doing that helps me process and rid myself and let go of petty resentments.

Here is a fun one. Clothes. I have shoes that I wear from time to time that I got in 1981. I have walked in them in 4 different countries and they have been re-soled twice. Now the chance of those being tossed is nil. How about a jersey from my eldest brother Dan from an all-star game in the early ‘70s. I ain’t letting go of that.

My little car is 16 years old and I love him. (Yes it is a male, things I say when it is just he and I are not fit for a lady) When I have to let him go I shall grieve. Even though he does not drive as well as he used to, oh wait that is me.

New technology is a real bummer sometimes. Things nowadays are built into obsolescence. A very practical truth. If I had my first laptop still it would simply not work in today’s world. Most cars are basically built for around 150 thousand miles. Many, many people think they have to get a new one to be in fashion. I suppose like a professional lady does with shoes and clothes. Just to function in todays world you have to “upgrade” fairly frequently. My current laptop and I have written 100’s of thousands of words together. When she dies a part of me will also. So I will have to let go and cherish the thousands of good times together.

Should we be so attached to things? If you saw my Spartan lifestyle you would laugh, but I still become attached.

Parting is Such Sweet Sorrow

Let Go Of The Night for The Day

No looking back.(the salt GC)

No looking back.(the salt GC)

Please Let it Go

Relationships end. That is just a natural fact. Hopefully the end in very old age by death. But alas that is so often not the case. We can all think of one that we truly wished had not ended. But if you love your life as I do, you pretty much need to cherish the good and the bad that got you here.

I married my first wife before I was able to legally drink. Not that that stopped me. That relationship ended after 14 years. Yes she left me or rather kicked me out. There were a few brutal years there that we both had to let go of. Psychobabble did not do the trick but a very wise minister fascilitated the big let go. I was so impressed I went to work for him as a lay Eucharistic Minister. As fate would have it, that led to preaching for some time. We were able to raise our children surrounded by love. We are close enough that my current wife sent her a Christmas present last year. We just had to let go of past perceived wrongs.

Religion let go. Hey, I got so into the construct of churches I was a canonical lawyer for a spell. I preached twice a week and was a youth “instructor”. I was way into it. When you move up the ladder you just get more involved with the bureaucracy. And that leads to seeing activity that does not follow the teaching of Christ but something different. Power? Position? Earnings? I had to let go and let Christ.

Drinking is a tough let go. So for the most part I let go every time I get to drinking. That is a let go of right mind and full on loving. And to sober up I have to say good bye and let go of the drink. It could be a vicious cycle if not for the power of our lord.

Professions. That is a brutal one. So many people have recently lost their job and some for good. It strips them of a good part of their identity as a productive person and status. It is truly a traumatic loss. Even for many who just plain old retire after 40 years or more. That is a tough one to let go of. But we must in order to begin a new life.

All Four Times Letting Go of The Bike Brought Tears to My Eyes

Oh well.

Oh well.

Look Up

The Best Tool is Love

Elder children or even kindergarten. Empty nest syndrome anyone? What a danged loss. Hard on you. And the melancholy hits you like a ton of brick on a cable. But in time you let go. And begin the new journey of them growing and normally giving you new and different love. And shoot you even get to love them back in a new way every day. That brings us to control.

Control. Giving up control is a hard nut to crack. Letting go of the ego that causes control issues which is not an amigo, is tough. Sometimes it is just necessary to take control. People count on you. But for the most part this saying is true; Man plans and God laughs. If control issues get out of hand then we distance ourselves from all that is heavenly and our connection to love.

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Trauma – childhood or adulthood. This is as serious as a heart attack. PTSD is no light hearted problem. It is a killer. You do not get to say “just let it go”. Probably years of therapy or God’s intervention is required. One time a guy told me to get a therapist. That only crazy people don’t have one. For sure in this case it takes a lot of love to heal wounds too deep for another to really get.

Resentments are a bitch. Why not carry them for 40 years? Why not let them be the boss of you and your wellness? Why not let them block and restrict your love for your fellow man. Heck you can even fall in love with a resentment and nourish it. Of course forgiveness is the key. Better start with yourself. Prayer and meditation and some good scripture are important places to start. Owning your part is critical.

And so we find ourselves needing to let go a hundred different times and more. Turning the situation into a loving one is tough. Don’t forget having to let go of good times, from time to time. I am quite sure that love is the key. Negative has no room to fit in with the wholeness of love. If we are truly filled with love where is the room for having trouble letting God. I love the saying to let go and let God and hopefully we all know that God is Love for if you do not know love you do not know God.

I promise you that in God’s time if you love all things are possible. And letting go of past negative stuff is so much easier to do in the space of love.


Devika Primić from Dubrovnik, Croatia on January 16, 2021:

Hi Eric thank you for such a well thoughtful hub. Letting go isn't always the case for many thus leading an unhappy life.

Mel Carriere from Snowbound and down in Northern Colorado on January 13, 2021:

They call a 12 thousand foot peak a foothill around here. I've been doing the math in my head over what you said about four seasons. I figured out that if it can snow anytime between September and May, that means we have to squeeze the other three seasons into three months.

Eric Dierker (author) from Spring Valley, CA. U.S.A. on January 12, 2021:

Linda you are so right. Seems you can let go and have all you need freely given. But it is my understanding that it does not hurt to really try to deserve. I like the term "to forgive is to preserve".

Eric Dierker (author) from Spring Valley, CA. U.S.A. on January 12, 2021:

Manatita you are so right about attachment. I like to think of it like a butterfly. flutter around and love life. The Lily of the field works not yet God provides and adorns in splender.

Eric Dierker (author) from Spring Valley, CA. U.S.A. on January 12, 2021:

Paul one of my most favorite verses and one I try to live by is 1 john 4. To know God is to Love for God is Love.

Eric Dierker (author) from Spring Valley, CA. U.S.A. on January 12, 2021:

chitrangada it is always a blessing to me to hear from you. Heck yes I do it for me. And that is good enough. But sure makes people around me happy.

Eric Dierker (author) from Spring Valley, CA. U.S.A. on January 12, 2021:

John it is great to hear from you. enjoying following you on FB. It is so good to be back in the writing groove again.

Eric Dierker (author) from Spring Valley, CA. U.S.A. on January 12, 2021:

Pamela that is just what got me to start letting go. I just got tired of dealing with me. That is a good thing.

Thanks for your support. It is greatly appreciated. Let us not let go of each other.

Eric Dierker (author) from Spring Valley, CA. U.S.A. on January 12, 2021:

Liz I thank you. I am blessed with such a life.

Eric Dierker (author) from Spring Valley, CA. U.S.A. on January 12, 2021:

Mel, welcome to my old world of growing up at 7,000 feet below a 12,000+ mountain. You have got it made. hear tell you have 4 seasons.

Eric Dierker (author) from Spring Valley, CA. U.S.A. on January 12, 2021:

Bill, man plans and God laughs. I prefer he not laugh to hard at my expense.

Eric Dierker (author) from Spring Valley, CA. U.S.A. on January 12, 2021:

Thank you Ann,

Manatita just taught me how to comment and respond so here I am.

I have a large spare closet for my memorabilia type stuff. I may not visit for a time. As you have to be wary of that living in the past stuff.

Best to your partner and chickens.

Eric Dierker (author) from Spring Valley, CA. U.S.A. on January 12, 2021:

Thanks much friend. Decades of trying I now know the rewards are so freeing. Well worth all the effort. You still can't take my shoes ;-)

greg cain from Moscow, Idaho, USA on January 12, 2021:

Eric - This is my favorite Sermon of all, of many very, very good ones. The Big Let Go, perhaps characterzed best in the Let Go of the bike as your kid smiles with great joy and rides away while the tears stream down your face and into a now-empty hand. You are right in that we need to move on in some areas, and in some areas that it's easier to do than in others. What a tremendous reminder of that reality. Thanks for that, my friend. Be good and be well.

Peggy Woods from Houston, Texas on January 12, 2021:

Letting go is often hard, but necessary if we are to move on to others, and hopefully, better things. Your advice is well-taken! Those are some cute photos!

Denise McGill from Fresno CA on January 12, 2021:

Well, I guess you covered all the letting go possible. Change is hard on us somehow. Yet the new things that come when the old is gone is usually a very good thing. Hopefully, I won't need to let go of you and this lovely writing community anytime soon.



James C Moore from Joliet, IL on January 12, 2021:

Preach brother! I have often heard the declaration "let go and let God." This article says as much. I'm inclined to believe the Lord was thinking of me when He led you to write this. Much needed, thank you.

Ruby Jean Richert from Southern Illinois on January 12, 2021:

Letting go is difficult but necessary if we want to mend. My old standby, " Love Is The Key "

Linda Lum from Washington State, USA on January 12, 2021:

Eric, there's an expression "let go and let God," in other words, put everything in His hands and stop worrying. Easier said than done, right? It's tough. I think humans are hard-wired to always want to be in control. But I think there's comfort in knowing that you don't have to go it alone.

One thing we must never let go of is love.

Eric Dierker (author) from Spring Valley, CA. U.S.A. on January 12, 2021:

Thank all of you. You all lift me so far up I can reach the clouds. For some reason I cannot respond directly to your comments. I will figure it out.

What a blessing I have in such good friends. Thank you Lord!!

manatita44 from london on January 12, 2021:

Your first paragraph is meaningful. Personally I don't think of much, but these things do surface from time to time. A full 'let go' is unconditional surrender and that is an evolved state. So we try, some better than others, while for the receptive Heart, Grace remains a work in progress, but much better than zilch.

This is another sublime piece. We get what we see and what I see here is a lot of 'letting go' expressed in a very relatable way. I say this, because the Christ's "Let Thy Will be done.', and Sri Chinmoy's 'Total and Unconditional Surrender to the Will of the Supreme, is not so easy. Yet we all have to pass through this fire.

First though, detachment or non-attachment comes first. Much Love, Bro. Keep on keeping on!

Paul K Francis from east coast,USA on January 12, 2021:

Great message. Let go and let God Let go and let Love.

Chitrangada Sharan from New Delhi, India on January 12, 2021:

Great sermon with a valuable message. Letting go is difficult but so important for our own self.

You have shared some wonderful thoughts and words of wisdom in your article.

Many thanks for sharing and a very good day.

John Hansen from Gondwana Land on January 12, 2021:

So many lessons here, Eric. I agree with Ann.."let go and let God" that makes life so much easier. Good to see the sermons back again.

Pamela Oglesby from Sunny Florida on January 12, 2021:

I think I understand your message, and I have worked to let go of resentments. Life is too short to be angy and miserable as it only hurts us. I really like your sermon today, Eric. Your music selections were beautiful also.

Liz Westwood from UK on January 12, 2021:

Interesting reflections on letting go. I am amazed at how you find so many appropriate illustrations for your articles from your family archives.

Mel Carriere from Snowbound and down in Northern Colorado on January 12, 2021:

Greetings to you there in your Sprung Valley Sparta. Your chilly morning walks would be considered a doggone heat wave where I am now. They say it is supposed to hit 60 this week but the weather here is too dang unpredictable, you can't see the clouds coming from over that 14,000 foot hump.

Thank you for your words of wisdom.

Bill Holland from Olympia, WA on January 12, 2021:

Truth! I have been raised, for the past fourteen years, on let go, let God.

It works!

Ann Carr from SW England on January 12, 2021:

Great stuff indeed, Eric! I too love the phrase 'let go and let God' - it says it all.

Forgiveness of great wrongs to oneself is so hard, yet freeing if you do manage it (I'm still working on that one, as others were damaged more than me).

The other difficult one is letting go of possessions which are emotional - fine if you have lots of space but otherwise they can overwhelm and we're living in the past instead of loving in the present.

Great sermon, Eric!

Keep safe and well.


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