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Eric's Sunday Sermon; Rumination, Recuperation and Rejuvenation

Holding degrees in philosophy and Law. Formal studies or certificates or degrees in business, theology, insurance and security. Ex-preacher.

Learning Art

Big Sisters love little brothers.

Big Sisters love little brothers.


Remunerate is a very interesting notion. But for sure it sets us up to recuperate which can then lead to rejuvenation. Probably on a daily or more basis we need to go through these steps. Remuneration has a twofold concept to it. Remunerate has two meanings. One the technical root of counting something again as in “re” and enumerate. But we use it for wages earned and paid.

I pretty much remunerate on blessings. And especially the ability to love. I count them daily. I relish them. My gratitude for them cannot really be enumerated. I have ten fingers. I count ten things I am grateful for each morning. Then through the day I can look at my hands and count them in a second. Strange but there is no room for the negative in my hands. Kind of a let go and let God. Normally my hand must be open to count the fingers.

What is up with that with God? I do not deserve the wages he provides. For sure with man I must earn what I receive. I must do that without deceit, fudging or manipulation. It is just required of me to honestly earn my wages.

Love is a cool one there. I can give it away freely and the remuneration is tenfold. Be quite certain, sometimes I give it away in order to get a return. That is wrong but I ain’t no saint. Strangely with hate or apathy I also get a remuneration by ten fold. Ouch! I can be a candle flame going out and it is like a raging forest fire coming back at me. When will I ever learn?

Why does it seem that some do little and receive much. Like the computer wiz kid who makes a bundle with many zeros. Because he had one great idea. I absolutely reject socialism. But I must temper that as the first communities of the followers of Jesus lived such a communal life. I suppose getting remuneration paid to others to live and prosper is a pretty glorious wage. But heck that requires a community that treasures love above all else. Problem is there are bad apples.

I suggest we also remunerate on our failures. Learn from past mistakes and count the harm we have caused others. Hopefully that only takes one hand, and we can stretch that hand out to right wrongs we committed. I think all that should keep us busy and getting ready to recuperate. For me it is mighty hard work remunerating my screw ups. Where I have harmed others or just plain acted outside of love. A situation where I was apathetic toward one in need is the worst to face. That is brutal.

A Little Rain Must Fall

Distant Red Rocks

The Canyon got some snow.

The Canyon got some snow.


Recuperate from vainglory in our grandiosity. Reflect on our good blessing and recuperation from the harm we did to ourselves by causing harm to another. Maybe we could call it a rehabilitation center within our core. Sometimes I must sit still without using my legs in order to better appreciate them. Ruminating is sometimes hard work. I need to do some mental cool down work afterwards. I need to breathe deeply and practice some positive affirmations.

But mainly I need to pray. I need to make sure I keep or repair that connection to my God. That connection of love for all and everything.

Plain and simple, I need to recuperate. Oh for sure if I get the flu I need to rest and give time for recuperation. And just as important if there is a spiritual malfunction I need to spend some time recuperating from that. Once again some inner rehabilitation. On good days this can happen in a flash. On bad days when I take control back from God it is harder to get “healthy” again.

A bit of self-whining and feeling sorry for myself may be in order, even if just to make me stop doing it further. The world does not always treat me like I tell it to. At least God listened when I told him we needed rain.

Bouncing back is important enough to take the time to do it right as we see fit. Being cognizant of it is ¾ the battle. Repent really means to turn around and walk in the proper direction. So we must repent and it may take effort to learn how to walk right again. None of us are righteous lest we be conceited beyond measure.

So recuperation takes hitting that pause button. Probably putting that remote control down. Turn the computer all the way off and same with phone. Get outside, just for a walk maybe. Connect with your God. Let go and let God. I ain’t never been on a walk where my front door didn’t look better than when I left. The best part of recuperation is starting your day over, and I give permission to do that as often as you care to.

Nowhere Vietnam

A day off.

A day off.

We Are All Heroes


Rejuvenation is awesome. I like to take it easy in the evening. I leave erejuvenation for the morning. And once I am done recuperating I am ready to hit that gym of life. Yes sometimes I go at it so hard that I hurt myself again – when will I ever learn? Take it easy Eric. Don’t try to go out and be a savior before you are even a disciple. Heck I don’t figure that Sainthood would look good on me anyway, far too much piety.

Rejuvenation to me is like the springtime. Even the fastest growing of plants need time to sprout and grow. We need sunshine or light and rain or water. Such a wonderful time to bloom again. Thank the fall and winter for rumination and recuperation. The times to reflect and rest. Last I checked my young son is a juvenile. Somehow those words click. My son keep me rejuvenated and yes somewhat juvenile. Childlike is good in some areas of life.

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So I wonder how love fits into this whole deal. If it does at all. I think I can just think all of the above. Like a techy mechanic. Just plug in the right codes and it happens. Perhaps we all know that that is a load of crap. The above without feeling and love just does not work. We have to go into the dark before we can climb out of it. Ignoring the good or bad remuneration piles up a bunch of nasty stuff inside us. Thank you very much but no thank you. I carry around a spiritual knapsack. It is rather small. There is no room for the negative and I dislike extra baggage I do not need. I like keeping both hands available for other stuff. These hands are a gift and I must use them to remunerate to my creator.

I would like it if you rejuvenate. Especially your love. Love needs to be fresh and constantly upgraded in growth lest it withers. The only way to move forward is to first take that assessment. Try hard. Then reward yourself and recuperate. I believe you will find a newness in your love and that shall shine through for others like a beacon.

The greatest gift that we can give to our Lord is to be a beacon of love to others. That requires that we clean our lenses routinely.

Lucky me, these “sermons” require me to look inward and outward and reflect only that which is in me. Lord I pray that that is love.


Devika Primić from Dubrovnik, Croatia on February 02, 2021:

Hi Eric a positive mind works wonders and I see that combined are the three here and coming from you sounds the best.

Ann Carr from SW England on January 30, 2021:

I like the comment about keeping one's lenses clean! Great analogy! As always, Eric, this is an uplifting sermon, as well as being chatty and amusing - it's great getting this 'inside your head' picture! Wasn't early enough to comment before this was moved. Annoying! Anyway, got here in the end.


FlourishAnyway from USA on January 28, 2021:

I used to ruminate a lot but now I just pet my cats and sleep on whatever is bothering me. There is very little I can often do about it anyway unless it’s totally in my control (and in that case I would not just be thinking about it).

Mel Carriere from Snowbound and down in Northern Colorado on January 28, 2021:

Hmm. You're doing your Sunday sermon on a Wednesday. Didn't you hear YOUR California Governor lifted the stay at home order? That means you can have real butts in the seats now as you dish out your words of wisdom.

On the topic of rejuvenation, my lovely wife, born and raised in SoCal or thereabouts, had never seen a tree shed its leaves before we came to Colorado. When we got here, she thought all the trees were dead. Now ain't that silly. She's looking forward to a little springtime rejuvenation. Me, I'm like Frosty the Snowman. I thrive in the cold. There's got to be some kind of religious symbolism in that.

I think you really are a socialist at heart. You dispense your inspiration with no thought of compensation, while we the peons tax your brain for more and more.

Great stuff preacher man.

Marlene Bertrand from USA on January 27, 2021:

I enjoyed this bit of rejuvenation. I especially like the way you start off each day counting ten things you am grateful for each morning. I am going to start doing that.

Linda Lum from Washington State, USA on January 27, 2021:

Eric, this is simply wonderful. I love your words “Kind of a let go and let God. Normally my hand must be open to count the fingers.” The love is always there, but we need to open our hands and hearts to receive it. Isn’t it great that no matter how much love you give (away), you never run out? That’s being made in the image of God, don’t you think? I don’t deserve His grace, but He still keeps blessing me.

Eric Dierker (author) from Spring Valley, CA. U.S.A. on January 27, 2021:

John you just reminded me of that Croce song "Time in a Bottle" I think. Please enjoy the rest. God smacks me down with a hurt when I need to slow down. Boy is He smart.

Eric Dierker (author) from Spring Valley, CA. U.S.A. on January 27, 2021:

Chitrangada I think we ended that day with face painted which quickly led to paint smearing all over each other.

I just love the start of my day also. Sometimes i have to calm myself close eyes and see the sunrise again to stay on track.

Eric Dierker (author) from Spring Valley, CA. U.S.A. on January 27, 2021:

Manatita your comment brought more peace to my heart. I am happy to report love is filling me up. Your friendship has been a true blessing.

I must leave in a moment to go help at the food distribution center I can hardly wait to see the grateful faces -- well at least their eyes.

Eric Dierker (author) from Spring Valley, CA. U.S.A. on January 27, 2021:

Wha Hoo Bill your life suie shows that you get it. Now get in that kitchen and get to work. You are not ready for the tiny house just yet.

Eric Dierker (author) from Spring Valley, CA. U.S.A. on January 27, 2021:

Pamela I can just see you having a wonderful time. It brought a smile to my face and morning. Thank you.

Eric Dierker (author) from Spring Valley, CA. U.S.A. on January 27, 2021:

Thank you Dora. This concept is an easy one for me to avoid. And that stinks for my spiritual path.

John Hansen from Gondwana Land on January 27, 2021:

Eric, we just need to count our blessings for all the lessons that are provided for our growth and learning. You supplied three here with “rumination, recuperation, and rejuvenation.” I twisted my back and put it out of place yesterday so at the moment I am laid up, spending my time doing all those things.

Chitrangada Sharan from New Delhi, India on January 27, 2021:

Great sermon, full of words of wisdom. You explained the three complex terms easily, and I liked reading through this engaging piece of writing.

No matter, how rough the previous day was, I prefer to start my day on a positive note, with hope and prayers.

Sweet picture at the top. Thank you for sharing and good day.

manatita44 from london on January 27, 2021:

You're doing great, Buddy. I won't worry. We are not asked to be a blossomed flower, but a seed that yearns to grow. Love will do the rest. A most beautiful piece and now go over to John Hansen and read his --another very beautiful piece.

Your pieces are full of Light these days. More me and so it's a victory to the Supreme ... to Light ... to Love. Humanity needs these sermons badly.

A girl recently unfriended me because I spoke of this and tried to encourage her not to be a doomsayer. She said that God had told her not to keep contact anymore.

Yesterday, a friend told me that he heard a woman complaining because people walked by her yard. they were on the street. So he asked her if walking by would upset her and she said yes, so he had to chose another route. Just saying. Life has all kinds of challenges.

So back to your very beautiful piece and the question of Love. We don't think it too much, but feel it. My Tanzanian friend reached out to me 30 mins ago. He had a shop, a restaurant, as well as a wife and four children. he was doing ok but a year of Covid-19 and the closure of the business has left him broke. So he reached out.

Of course I helped. A little less won't kill me and would help my soul. Peace, Bro.

Bill Holland from Olympia, WA on January 27, 2021:

I was reborn in 2006. Love showed me the way out of the womb of darkness. I get it! I really get it, like some little kid in the back of the classroom, frantically waving his hand at the teacher, "I GET IT, TEACHER!!!!!"

Pamela Oglesby from Sunny Florida on January 27, 2021:

This is a terrific sermon in my opinion, Eric. Rumination, recuperation and rejuvenation are wonderful ways to start the day. I like the "start the day over" at any time philosophy too.

I had a somewhat difficult day yesterday, then, I talked with my son on Facetime. He lives near the mountains, and he was showing my the view they have from their home. Then, 2 of the children starting doing cartwheels and just showing off for me. It changed my whole day as I love them all so much. Thanks for sharing this sermone, Eric.

Dora Weithers from The Caribbean on January 27, 2021:

Eric, thanks for registering and sharing these essential steps in the process of meaningful daily living. Great for digestion at the beginning of the day!

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