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Eric’s Sunday Sermon “Inflation, Inflammatory and Insecurity”

A life long pursuit and the results. Doctorates and experience sometimes do not mean much. Just listening is my expertise.




Works for Me

The Cost

Inflation is often rooted in materialism. We all would understand that having too much would cause an inflation of our ego. And clearly it is our insecurity that causes us to want and have too much, becoming inlated. So, in our fear we strikeout and defend our security with inflammatory comments and actions. It takes no great thinker to see that inflation is contributed to by a lack of faith, hope and charity. (charity being love)

So many problems in our world are caused by a twisted notion of spirituality. The good news is that spirituality can cure so many ills. Spirituality must first be founded on a bedrock of love or it becomes a house built on a shifting sand with no ability to withstand the next storm. We cannot change calamity in the future. But we can prepare ourselves with a loving spiritual fitness to change our perspective of it. Here “living in the moment” is a tool that must be sharpened and well oiled in preparation for the work of each day.

We are not in “need” except for a continuous yearning for God. A rejection of our current push to take away love and replace it with an inflammation that can only be cured by a faith. Do not tell a person suffering that “it will all be OK”. Truly an insult to one who suffers now. Instead reassure that person that you love them and will be there for them, perhaps whether they ask for it or not. For it is in that pain that we do a turn around and face toward God and love, rather than toward our worldly problems. I do not watch or chat about “news”. I read to be informed and responsible. So, I must often read that which I do not want to read. I think we must actually learn from events and actions yet very seldom react either emotionally or with action.

An inflated ego lets lose it’s tongue with inflammatory fury in wrongful protection of it’s security. A self at peace with their God can stay the tongue and hands for fear is replaced with faith.

Man's Problems

God's solutions

God's solutions

Look Not To Protect, But To Give

It is a very interesting phenomenon to watch when people let the initial reaction of fear keep it’s course. They seem to have no filter that allows for common sense to enter the equation. Personally, I refuse to vote against anything. I simply do not. I look for a positive and vote for that. For a few years I bit my tongue at wrongs that I could correct. Now all I do is check in through prayer and meditation and consultation and act. With this as a normal reaction I have very little fear. It will appear obvious what I can correct and what I should not. The switch to my tongue is in the off position and takes effort to turn on and immediately returns to off.

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Who among us can do such things perfectly? The only way that would happen is through a miracle. And I normally do not have time to wait for one. I fail a whole bunch but the intention often seems enough.

It seems a positive to think our hearts are vessels. And they are not to be overinflated. If they burst as such, there is no direction for the love that should fill our hearts and no heart left to refill. Our best precaution here is not to keep love from entering but rather to release as much as we can in order to accept as much as we can. The heart is amazing as it can allow bad blood in and change it to good and send it out again. In every breath I take there is this chance. We come full circle to the inflation of our lungs to just the right amount.

Few words have only negative meanings. Most have some good and bad. There just does not seem to be a positive for the word torrid. Similarly is the word enflame. We just do not use those words in the positive. For rather silly reasons historically some envision a “Dante’s Enferno” as hell. Seems that that is a metaphor for a searing pain without hope of relief. The pain notion is in line with despair and not so much the actual burning of tissue. With that being pointed out we understand better, perhaps, the concept of inflammatory and torrid. If my tongue enflames another I am a worst kind of person.

Our lives these days are not so black and white.

My Understanding

Evaluated By God

Evaluated By God

Accepting is Better Than Being Hurt

My young son was the solo pianist for a graduation ceremony from 6th grade. My wife suggested that he play a very jazzy version, which he composed, of Amazing Grace. If you know the song the words flow in your mind. If not, it is just a pleasant background melody. The principal was inflamed over the suggestion and forbid it. My son is a stinker. Love the kid. In the 30 minutes of playing he played it 2 or 3 times. Yes there was some foot tapping and light applause. But the principal never even noticed the song. This of course brings me to a point of being inflamed.

If I tell you that I am a middle aged white male of some size and have raised 4 children in a paternal fashion and believe in Christ as my Savior, best friend and redeemer. And that I am a minister and a lawyer and that inflames you; I did not inflame you – You inflamed You. Because I get offended does not mean you did anything offensive. Because I am proud of who I am, does not give you the right to be more proud than me. Must I keep up with the Jone’s in their misery and self-imposed super sensitivity? Perhaps tomorrow I should set out a sign showing I am more offended than my neighbor. But he would then claim that I inflamed him into torching my sign. Oh lordy, where does that stop.

A friend told me to look at “being offended” as a noun – a material thing. Then my success could be measured by my level of being inflamed.

Happy father's Day. While I will fully confess that my children are wonderful and a blessing. It is the gift and joy of being their father that is my most prized state of being. A subtle difference.

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