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Eric’s Sunday Sermon; God’s Will Not Mine Be Done

My life is filled with love and celebration of life. Really bad stuff happens. Suffering is optional.

Somewhere in the backcountry

Daisy Belle is a ham.

Daisy Belle is a ham.

Be Slow to Judge

You use your vision of God. Not any two people on earth have the same version of God. I asked a group of good practicing Christians what their physical version of God was. Turned out that together their descriptions merged. Alone they were quite different. Discernment is a very hard skill to practice. God’s will is not easy. Especially regarding our own actions and thoughts. But practice it we must. Is it my will? Is it her will? Is it God’s will? A constant parenting of ourselves, a forever journey towards God’s Will. I choose to call God my “Father”. A very loving and wise father. If I shut my mouth and shut off the wild horses in my brain and listen for his will he will surely instruct me.

Sometimes I fail in following His will to a good and well degree. Oops I meant to say “Often” I fail in following His will. But I cheat. I have a divinely inspired guide to life. And in this book of instruction through my Lord and Savior I am instructed to love. If in fact love and tolerance of others was my default position and if I did it perfectly I would be in the sweet bliss of one with God. But I will settle for trying to achieve it on a constant and consistent basis. Deeper than a habit, a way of life.

I think it would be a clear cut proof of my insanity if I were to even imagine that I may be divinely inspired rutinely. As God makes no mistakes I must accept this as how it is meant to be. We are not cursed by our floundering away from God’s will. It seems necessary to bring us more deeply into the fold. If we really look for love, our tether to God is only a little effort and desire away.

This just researched from the National Center of Biotechnical Information and out of the National Library of Medicine through the National Institute of Health; Forgiving and ridding oneself of resentments is extremely good for your mental, emotional, physical and social health. So I now have proof that forgiving is God’s will. Most assuredly our health in all those regards would be pleasing to our Lord. Perhaps that “Forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us” is truly in the Lord’s Prayer by divinity. There must be a reason it is called that. Remember that the prayer we recite is quite a “cover piece” for what Jesus taught.

We find a matter of interesting insight here. Many pray for strength to do God’s will, this is good and right. But I must confess that I am very likely to pray that I simply stay out of His way. A weakness, I am sure.

To Play or To Watch

Boys Love Trucks

You should have seen the big ones!

You should have seen the big ones!

Will is defined. A very interesting use of our will if you think about it. The “Will of God” is defined. Yes theologians like myself like to sit around and discuss such matters and indeed argue about them. Believe it or not we use principals of logic. A discipline far too often ignored by man. You will not get a class in either logic or the practice of thinking in any public school, unless at college you seek it out. Somehow man has pushed aside the very building blocks of learning, in favor of dogma and politics. Sounds kind of like a few churches around here.

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The Old Testament primarily is concerned with a “revealed” God’s Will. That one is pretty easy unless there is a psychosis of sorts that blurs the discernment of reality and the fanciful. Yet even in a revelation we must conclude that we cannot comprehend God’s will and that it will forever be a mystery. Yet still we can understand His usual straightforward commands. Certainly in my case I usually get the simple notion of acting in love and tolerance but my mind finds justifications and excuses not to practice it. Perhaps free will run riot. Also perhaps a matter of leading with our head instead of the love in our hearts.

Most psychologists will agree that there is validity in the practice of prayer, meditation, devotional reading and a stretching/relaxing movement like yoga. There are differing methods. Silent alone time. Group and community time. For sure out walking in nature (huge rewards). If we do these things asking primarily for ourselves – begging – we probably do not much get the benefit. Asking to do His will and specifically to help others is just about the only proper use of our will.

In Theology we speak of the ordinary and the extraordinary. Our easiest example is the unrepentant, still practicing sinner who knows of God and rejects God. In the ordinary he will not go to great rewards upon separation from his body. However in the extraordinary God can do whatever he pleases and send the rascal straight to heaven.

A Miracle

 The Farmer?

The Farmer?

Don't Look Too Far

This new wave notion of living in the moment. (probably 1st practiced about 5,000 years ago around India in a Vedic tongue) If you think about it, it is not seeking God’s will. Finding God’s will is reflection and setting intentions. Yes we can do it in a moment in which we must be present but it is surely in order to make all mistakes right moving into the future. Expectations are premeditated resentments. However as the Boy Scouts have preached for over a century, ‘be prepared’. In order to do that we must think of the future. We do not mean; “what is God’s will this very moment?” we think of what God would have us do in the future.

So the present must become a way of life, not a refuge from life.

I put this out there as a means of clearing one’s self in order to seek the way of love. Go through the day before and reconcile it. For sure throw anything against the wall and see if it sticks. If it does, clear your mind and find your role in it. I had a Yogi that I dearly loved. He told me to accept responsibility for all errors, yours or not. Only then can you right a wrong. You can act right yourself but you cannot force anyone else to act right. The first order of action is to establish a proper purchase. I reckon, forgiveness in practice, as that cleanses the mind of disruptions. My power over things does not get to expand past the borders of God’s will for me. His will for you may be different. I must say, God’s will for my wife is completely a mystery to me, but I can still appreciate it.

I wonder why I beat myself up much of the time. That cannot possibly be God’s will. Or maybe it is. If I am appropriately critical of my “self” then perhaps I lean more on God. I can’t, he can, I think I will let him.

There are so many reasons for losing your conscious and constant connection with God. With all the mishigas about reasons for suicide I think it is clear that an inability to let God love you is the leading cause. Loss of hope? So I take this concept quite seriously. I stand firm in the belief that if we merely try to do God’s will and accept his guidance, he will take us the rest of the way to a loving state of being, including loving ourselves. A true miracle is simply a loving doing of the impossible.

Piece of advice – sit still and think about all the negative. Put it right out there. Maybe even write it down. Then practice laughing at your self-talk. Then write down a list of 5 people you love. And call them and tell them so. I promise you that, that is God’s will.

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