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Eric's Sunday Sermon; Another One Bites the Dust

Holding degrees in philosophy and Law. Formal studies or certificates or degrees in business, theology, insurance and security. Ex-preacher.

A Rather Goolish Pair for Halloween

So sad not really having it this year.

So sad not really having it this year.

Shake Out the Cobwebs

I had worked on this week’s Sunday Sermon. I just got back from a hike and read it. My Sunday Sermon looked and read and smelled like a blog post. Well that is not the deal with Eric’s Sunday Sermons. Maybe I will write an article about politics on Tuesday. NOT!

I do not write Sunday Sermons like what one first thinks – a religious lecture of sorts. Sermons from here are to be a presentation of a moral social issue, generally without answers, except for the direction to find those answers through love.

I dabble in an area referred to as quantum physics. I find it fascinating. It would seem to me that there is an application of such a school of thought that will offer real proof of the power of prayer. Not the, from here to God and back kind, the kind direct from someone I do not know a half a planet away. That cannot be a sermon yet. I have no resistance to it, more like eating a soup before it is fully cooked.

And as is the case “Eric’s Sunday Sermon; The Opposites of Love”. It is a wonderful piece on linguistics and the logic of antithesis. And it bored me to agitation. I think I will save it for when my son has trouble sleeping. The first 400 words should put anyone to sleep.

Now I have a bio and credentials to write as an expert. So I feel just fine using the “I” word. But sometimes the I word is a dirty word. Somewhere in that overlapping cosmos of self and ego.

As is normal, this sermon is starting out going nowhere. Well we all know it is really just laying a foundation. A stepping stone. But a wobbly one. Man is just made that way. He needs some “wobbling” of his foundation in order to accept that a different stone may be better.

So as strange as it may sound I hope I just got your mind questioning what you heretofore just assumed. Questions are the art. Discovery is the goal. And we have an idea of where we want to go but must stand resolute to accept a different destiny lest we miss the prize God has wrapped up in a bow for us.

Well maybe time for a story.

Love is Eternal

Love Conquers All

Give Love Your Problems

Give Love Your Problems

Do Not Take Love For Granted

Now let us be real clear here with no wiggle room for ambiguity. Love is a destroyer warrior with armor and a sword and shield of great might. Love just may be our enemy from time to time. Love takes no prisoners. It leaves that which is way laid on the field to perish. It is brutally honest with conviction. Love does not know compromise or discernment. Love does not know degrees it knows absolutes.

Love would be a soldier angel for our notions of heaven. Love is our leader in the fight against all that is not love. Harsh, real and something you do not want to get on the wrong side of.

You see, to go against love is to just plain ask for hell on earth. Call it what it is, against love is masochism. It is a choice to suffer if you are lucky, although more probably worse. Here I speak as an expert.

You see I fought love. I got so nasty torn up I barely made it out of that battle. You already guessed it. Divorce. I loved her but she stopped loving me as a spouse. I hated the hold love had over me. I resisted and fought and kept getting damaged and I kept going after that danged love. Anger and hate pulled me into depths of despair that only more hate and anger seemed to be able to counter.

Well son of a gun! I lost. I fought love and love won. Love was not a hand up or a hand out. It eschewed me. It walked off the field of battle leaving me there as the vanquished. For the first time in my life I had to “earn” love back. Sometimes love is just out of reach and you have to make that leap of faith that it will grab your hand and pull you in. I tried the easy path and I tried the hard path. But I found I could not get it. I had to let it get me. The big let go of pity, unforgiveness, anger, hate and self-loathing. Stop reaching for that hand and let that hand come to you. My ego just plain lost to love.

Just a brief note on that. My ex-wife and I got back together after a year or so. No not as husband and wife but as loving parents of three wonderful children. I married again. My new son was enveloped in love from all.

Pretty Tree

God provided the majesty

God provided the majesty

Sometimes Success is Losing

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Yes I am now on the side of love. I carry no sword or sling. I got the job of cultivating the soil for love to grow. Nope I am not even the farmer. I am the one who tils soil and spreads fertilizer. I do not get to plant or harvest. I have no crew and I do not get to dictate what seed gets planted or watered. And I am so at peace. I have a place in love as do you. I bet you produce wonderful flowers and vegetables. I am sure I would love them.

On the human side I am so blessed. I know how to raise people up. I did not ask for it. It just is my job in love. That battle back in the day was a gift. I can hold a hand or speak with a child and help them take a better path.

So back to our title. The sermon that was tossed did not lift others up. I must have an on and off switch somewhere. A bunch of intellectual mumbo jumbo worthy of nada.

Now please my brethren do not get me wrong. You should display your works of art and creativity from a donut shop to a minor poem to a book. Your gift is not to be put under a bushel basket but placed high so the world can see your light. But sometimes it is just stinkaroo.

Me, I am a writer. I do not write for a living as much as live to write. Up first thing. And within just a bit I am writing. Everyday. No matter what. I deal with it like a profession. I get up and suit up and boot up and write. Oh there is often the day off. A day meant to just take in and not take out. Sometimes that is an hourly thing.

Perhaps our point here is that we do not call the shots. If we are smart love does. I love this sermon. I did not love the first one. I feel good. I did not try to force this or resist this. I just got the heck off the battlefield and surrendered to love. That dude is big and bad and scary. Can you even imagine giving everything up to love? Just give up control. You may no longer call the play. You do not get to be the actor, director, screenwriter and producer. You have one boss never to question.

Of course this old boy likes to take back control and write something like the “opposites of love”. But I got love to put me back in formation and march properly for love.


Ann Carr from SW England on November 10, 2020:

I love the way your thoughts pour onto the page, Eric. You have such a way with words, always unique and refreshing.

Yes, love is the key, but it's one that doesn't always turn the lock you expect!


Eric Dierker (author) from Spring Valley, CA. U.S.A. on November 08, 2020:

Bill I really like that verse. The whole / not deserving / concept just excites me. Hey even I can accept love.

William Kovacic from Pleasant Gap, PA on November 08, 2020:

Hello, Eric. Love is beautiful, and I love the One who gave us love. I John 4:19 tells us, "We love him, because he first loved us." Have a great week, Buddy!

Eric Dierker (author) from Spring Valley, CA. U.S.A. on November 07, 2020:

Linda I am glad that you came by and left a note. Thank you. Indeed I do think love is the proper theme of life.

Linda Crampton from British Columbia, Canada on November 06, 2020:

Love is very important. I'm glad you made it the theme of your article. Your sermons are always interesting.

Eric Dierker (author) from Spring Valley, CA. U.S.A. on November 03, 2020:

Lorna I know that you know that I know it was therapeutic to write. Just maybe that is a litmus test for sermons. I am not so unique that what helps me might help others.

Eric Dierker (author) from Spring Valley, CA. U.S.A. on November 03, 2020:

Devika, so true. And it is the very least we must do. Wow that is one easier said than done.

Lorna Lamon on November 03, 2020:

To love and be loved is everything in life and those things that are solved in our heart brings us peace. Forgiveness plays a big part in this. I found this article thoughtful and peaceful Eric - thank you for sharing.

Devika Primić from Dubrovnik, Croatia on November 03, 2020:

Eric sometimes forgiving and moving on is all that matters

Eric Dierker (author) from Spring Valley, CA. U.S.A. on November 02, 2020:

Mr. Happy thank you for your good words.

Mr. Happy from Toronto, Canada on November 02, 2020:

"A stepping stone. But a wobbly one. Man is just made that way." - My one dear philosophy professor used to say that: "Humans have clay feet."

"Pretty Tree" - Yes, pretty tree. They're "standing people" and I am always grateful and honored to stand aside them.

"I do not write for a living as much as live to write." - And this we absolutely have in common. I know where You are and You know where I am. Haha!!

Alrighy, You have fun and thanks for the words. Cheers! : )

Eric Dierker (author) from Spring Valley, CA. U.S.A. on November 02, 2020:

Flourish She and my eldest son are giving us a piano. The love circle grows. The music will span generations.

FlourishAnyway from USA on November 02, 2020:

I’m glad you and your first wife settled your differences and moved forward in a positive and loving way.

Eric Dierker (author) from Spring Valley, CA. U.S.A. on November 02, 2020:

Dora, thanks. I am in a bad mood. So of course I had to giggle at myself. What do I even have, not to be thankful for?

Eric Dierker (author) from Spring Valley, CA. U.S.A. on November 02, 2020:

Pamela you are a gift to me. I feel all good that I lifted you up a bit. Probably not me if you know what I mean.

Dora Weithers from The Caribbean on November 02, 2020:

Your perspective on love is always unique, amazing and revealing. "But I found I could not get it. I had to let it get me." Now I have to stop and think.

Pamela Oglesby from Sunny Florida on November 02, 2020:

I really enjoyed reading your personal experience and how your and your first wife resolved your differences enough to parent your three children. I think that is love. This sermon on love simply made me feel good as it is so uplifting, Eric.

Have a great week, Eric. :-)

Eric Dierker (author) from Spring Valley, CA. U.S.A. on November 02, 2020:

Liz I thank you. Folks tell me to fill others in on some of my experience. They say that it cannot hurt --- much;-)

Eric Dierker (author) from Spring Valley, CA. U.S.A. on November 02, 2020:

Gabriel, my Gabriel and I did hugs this morning. We just kept hugging a few times. We noted how often hugs are more like a pat on the back. So cool we did not take hugs for granted. Thanks for you always supportive comments.

Eric Dierker (author) from Spring Valley, CA. U.S.A. on November 02, 2020:

Bill, what the heck?! We get do overs. 50++ and we can choose to start again. Seems to my eye that your new start has helped so many start on a new path.

Eric Dierker (author) from Spring Valley, CA. U.S.A. on November 02, 2020:

Thank you much my friend Manatita. Creeping into the far left rear portion of my brain is a concept of luck, blessing, karma and just plain hard work. Birth and association must also play a role in a life of wonder. Of course being a student of yours will help me understand a little.

Liz Westwood from UK on November 02, 2020:

Thanks for sharing from your own experiences. You make some interesting points.

Gabriel Wilson from Madeira, Portugal on November 02, 2020:

Your photos are gorgeous, made me smile. To be loved and to love is a special thing but not everyone appreciates love, especially when they have it. Hugs to you and your families :)

Bill Holland from Olympia, WA on November 02, 2020:

Love it, my warrior friend. I can say this with all honesty: if not for the love of friends and Bev, I would not be alive today. Period! Love won and I lived, end of story, but really just the beginning of the story, and of life, for this old man.

And ain't that cool?

manatita44 from london on November 02, 2020:

A truly beautiful piece and I dare say the video on Gratitude was equally powerful. Who says you're sick? Not me! Love conquers all! Peace!

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