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Erasing History to Promote a Lie

This is an image that comes to mind when powers want to delete history and start the calendar with the start of their era. Books are burned, texts change and photos are changed or enhanced in a bid to rewrite history. The Bible has not been spared.

This is an image that comes to mind when powers want to delete history and start the calendar with the start of their era. Books are burned, texts change and photos are changed or enhanced in a bid to rewrite history. The Bible has not been spared.

Rewriting Stories Do Not Change the Truth. It's only Obscured!

In this several part series, we will examine what many people see as truth and expose a game of corruption that has been going on for thousands of years and leading hundreds of millions down blind allies and dead end paths where there is nothing but a lie at the end. What we read in history is often a lopsided account that contains only a small part of the truth and a lot of propaganda and myth. Christianity is no exception and one of the strongest proofs today is the plethora of sects, each holding that they have the truth and all others are mislead and in danger of eternal damnation. Something spectacular happened nearly two thousand years ago and an obscure individual out of thousands made it to the unlikely position to determine the course of history thereafter. He did this by resistance to an established imperialist order that ultimately took on the mythologized form or this previous thorn in their side. Out of thousands, due to the unfolding of events at the time, he was chosen to be the god-like head of a world religion. That man was Jesus Christ as we know the name today and the conduit was a Roman police officer Saul-Paul, hired by the Sanhedrin high priest who was directly responsible for establishing the movement he fought so hard to erase from history. Despite preaching another gospel, some of the original ideas resurfaced in 1947. In 70 AD, with the sacking of Jerusalem, it was thought that all the original records were destroyed in the conflagration that burned down the second temple in Jerusalem. By carefully examining the existing record and the newly recovered accounts, we can reconstruct Jesus as he actually was and learn at the same time that what he was fighting for under the oppression an overwhelming imperialist order was identical to what we are fighting for now under a new world wide imperialist order.

After this I saw in the night visions, and behold a fourth beast, dreadful and terrible, and strong exceedingly; and it had great iron teeth: it devoured and brake in pieces, and stamped the residue with the feet of it: and it was diverse from all the beasts that were before it; and it had ten horns. I considered the horns, and, behold, there came up among them another little horn, before whom there were three of the first horns plucked up by the roots: and, behold, in this horn were eyes like the eyes of man, and a mouth speaking great things.” Daniel 7:7,8 (KJV)

What if we discovered that the stories of Jesus Christ were altered so much that they were more like lies than the truth? What if the sum of history from then to now has as a result, produced incalculable suffering for hundreds of millions from that time til now? What should our response be if we have new undeniable proof that Jesus is not who we think he is? Have the stories of the New Testament been altered to divert attention from the truth? Do most of us believe as a result, a fantasy that differs little from many popular modern mythic cartoons and superheroes? The answer to these questions are not easy to find, but there are answers and some emerged in 1947. Others emerged as a result of careful analysis. Still more came forward by cross checking the multitude of Bible translations that exist today. We can even find hints in the Koran! When we delve into the 2,000 year on riddle, we learn some buried facts and many glaring inconsistencies that can either challenge our faith or increase it. It is up to each one of us to “work out our salvation with fear (awe) and trembling”.

  • Jesus turns out to be more a political revolutionary than an accused religious heretic
  • Jesus gave support to like minded individuals seeking to overthrow Roman tyranny
  • Saul – Paul was a Roman shill that infiltrated the early movement and turned it upside-down
  • Jesus' purpose was not to found a new religion, but to liberate Judea as the Messiah – king
  • The direct followers of Jesus were the purist generation that sought to spread the liberation ideas
  • Rome attempted to crush the rebellion and it ultimately came to the sacking of Judea in 70AD, which Jesus allegedly foresaw
  • The damage done by Paul turned a liberation movement into a mythology rife with pagan ideas borrowed from Rome, Egypt and Greece and set the course for Christendom thereafter
  • Inasmuch as possible, the real history was put to the flame to erase it and a substitute was proffered
  • Insight on the part of some followers of the liberation movement saw to it that the truth was hidden away in safe places for posterity
  • Proof today can be directly seen with references in the Bible to books not contained therein
  • Further proof emerged in 1947 in Qumran with alternative stories including a copper scroll with some scrolls dating to well before Jesus' time
  • Editing jobs in scriptoriums were not 100% thorough and some original truth slipped by

Today, the US is involved in occupation in over 150 countries and involved in war with several. In the time of Jesus, Rome was the occupying and warring power.

Today, the US is involved in occupation in over 150 countries and involved in war with several. In the time of Jesus, Rome was the occupying and warring power.

By the middle of the 3rd century, Rome had spread its imperialist holdings to many lands and sovereign peoples. The imported wealth and slaves and exported terror.

By the middle of the 3rd century, Rome had spread its imperialist holdings to many lands and sovereign peoples. The imported wealth and slaves and exported terror.

Whomever Stalin did not like, he did all he could to erase them from history, such as these altered photographs from the time of the Russian Revolution.

Whomever Stalin did not like, he did all he could to erase them from history, such as these altered photographs from the time of the Russian Revolution.

Mao-Tse-Dung also altered photographs in a bid to rewrite history and erase those who fell into disfavour. He also masterminded the cultural revolution to erase as much as the past as possible.

Mao-Tse-Dung also altered photographs in a bid to rewrite history and erase those who fell into disfavour. He also masterminded the cultural revolution to erase as much as the past as possible.

To the winner goes bragging rights as depicted in this Roman bas relief of the sacking of Jerusalem in 70 AD. Much of the city was burned, destroying most of the ancient records and local historical accounts .

To the winner goes bragging rights as depicted in this Roman bas relief of the sacking of Jerusalem in 70 AD. Much of the city was burned, destroying most of the ancient records and local historical accounts .

Consider this insight from Daniel who describes a process of history as recorded in the wisdom contained in the Old Testament. It has oft been said that history is written by the winners. Hidden from view is an alternate history. where every effort has been made to stamp it out. But if we search and dig thoroughly enough, at least some of the truth will come out. It is and has been in the interest of the winner to suppress inasmuch as possible, the real nature of how they became the winner. There is no doubt that history has been written in blood as the wars of the last few hundred years attest and the real story extends into the past by millennia. Part of that writing is to hide the crimes committed in order to install a halo where a pair of horns are more appropriate. The hindsight of our current era makes it much more possible to ferret out the truth as opposed to the manufactured lies of a totalitarian, imperialist power.

Consider also based on unbiased reportage, the response by sovereign peoples and nations to imperialist aggression that is so common place today in the Middle East and in Africa. These people who resist the agendas imposed from the outside will do anything it takes in a bid to stop imperialist designs and takeovers. A few who succeed, see their leaders elevated to saint or god-like proportions. These takeovers, as also seen from long standing history are about land, resources and usually slave labour. Taken to a personal level, almost all of us would resist someone attempting to break into our residence in order to rob us and control our lives if we knew about it. That idea is also true of entire nations. If it is true now, it was true in the past. But it does not end there as there is a covert program as well that is used with infiltrators that past as friends and supporters of various causes, peoples and nations. Sometimes they will wait as sleepers of moles before wreaking havoc inside a group or, nation or organization. There is a long list of how this is effected and it usually proves successful with the end result of chaos and mistrust. Once a takeover is completed and the targets now defeated and in opposition to one another, it is a simple matter to rewrite the history for public consumption. If the facts are convincing on their own, then they are buried in a landslide of misinformation and half-truths in a bid to obscure the reality. Most people will accept, provided it is stated in a believable and reasonable way, what they are told without going to the trouble to verify it on their own. This is what happens today and it is likely that most of the techniques have been around for a long time. In fact, there is a system in use to deflect attention, thwart the truth and to discredit individuals and groups called the Delphi Technique that was developed in ancient Greece. It has been in use ever since.

Some of the falsifications that we are directly aware of is by way of propaganda of one regime against another. Among the more recent are the schools of falsifications of Stalin and of Mao Tse Dung. The US also has its own school of falsifications as recently been exposed by several whistle blowers and controversies over false flags. We point this out, because there is a long history of such activity that has a direct impact on how we think today. We will briefly look at the modern ones and then a very crucial one of two thousand years ago that has become established confusion today, ruining the lives of hundreds of millions, some ending in brutal and barbaric deaths. For the sake of the innocent, this falsification must be laid bare and the truth reassembled inasmuch as possible. The task here is to expose a great lie and to “remove the candlestick” (Revelations 2: 4-6) from the lying organization.

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During the reign of Stalin from 1929 through to his death in 1953, a huge number of crimes were committed beginning with the assassination of the entire Comintern (completed by 1940 with Trotsky's death by pick axe), then the purges, the 1932-33 engineered famine of the Urals, the casualties of WWII, the gulags in Siberia and many others that resulted in the deaths of between 30 to 60 million people. During his tenure, he “changed” the recorded history of the USSR by altering photographs to remove certain individuals, such as Trotsky and reordering the ideas and programs of Lenin and Trotsky in his five year programs. History was rewritten to hide his crimes, though he did make a big display of the show trials where most of the Comintern admitted to guilt of being counter revolutionary before being sentenced to death. They were summarily executed for being enemies of the people. Stalin also collaborated with the western world with the “socialism in one country” program where revolutions that broke out elsewhere, such as in Spain, were sabotaged. The Stalin school of falsification has been exposed to a certain extent with the existence of photographs both before and after alteration in a bid to rewrite history.

Mao Tse Dung successfully completed the Chinese revolution in 1949 with the help of millions of peasants and his army in the long march After that there came a cultural revolution where everything that belonged to the past was smashed or burned. Many pieces survived by being shipped out of the country and sold for a fraction of their real worth. Millions were “re-schooled” in labour camps. Those who fell into disfavour with Mao were similarly erased from the photographic record and from historical writings. During Mao's tenure, tens of millions perished due to engineered famines, being worked to death in labour camps or executed for being labelled as counter revolutionary. Even though China is long past the Mao Tse Dung era, horrific crimes against dissent still go on.

Hitler did a similar thing through manipulation of history with various false flags in order to seize power and for the excuse of invading Poland. Hitler was gifted with charisma, a silver tongue and seduced millions into his war economy. He worked with the Catholic church up to 1935 and had funding from the US and the Rothschild banks. Much of that history remained secret until he lost the war and it eventually surfaced. What remained suppressed was the operation after the war that spirited 1,600 Nazi war criminals out of Germany to the western world and more to a lesser extent, to Stalinist Russia. A big show trial at Nuremberg put 16 Nazis on trial for war crimes, but most of the real criminals escaped to freedom and a new life outside of Germany. This was kept secret and only with the efforts of those digging for the truth, did we learn of Catholic church and state department cooperation involvement in helping these beasts obtain a new and free life. Today, we reap the horror of their evil machinations all around the world. The disease of Nazism and corporate tyranny is now world wide and endemic.

The Center of Controversy in History

An account of the Siege and Sacking of Jerusalem by Rome

Today, we are witness to false flags and falsification on the part of the US as well as all encompassing spying on the populace, governments and businesses of the world. We know of this thanks to the likes of Julian Assange, Edward Snowden, Arron Swartz, Chelsea Manning and many others. The false flags are numerous, such as Pearl Harbour, the Gulf of Tonkin, JFK, Martin Luther King, 9-11, Boston and many others. Proofs of many sorts have been ferreted out, but not without a mountain of controversy, much of which is generated by the state as distraction. The US was directly involved with Operation Paperclip in 1945 that immigrated 1,600 Nazi war criminals to the western world. The US has hidden for the most part, the deliberate genocide of the First Nations, the survivors of which are now considered POW enemies within their own territories, confined to apartheid reservations and exempted from the constitution and bill of rights like enemy alien terrorists. A whole hidden history exists concerning the appalling treatment of welcoming peoples going back to the early 16th century. The invaders eventually took everything, returning the favours with disease, genocide and engineered famines.

But the school of falsification precedes even this and includes the Christian church, which is what we will now examine. Just as moderns erase real history and provide a false substitute as the truth, so it was in the days of Jesus. From the time of about 36 to 70 AD, the world has been increasingly subjected to a false Christianity. The real one has been largely buried and erased, but fragments are now being assembled as to the real truth. Jesus lead an anti-imperialist, liberation movement in his day and the usurper Paul took this and turned everything on its head to present a rewritten history that has haunted Christendom from that day to this. In Jesus' day, Palestine – Judea was under the imperialist domination of Rome that ran a slave based and tax tribute economy. This region of the world was a trade hub and thus strategic for overland trade from Africa, the orient and Europe. It was a pivotal front line to against possible enemy invasion from the east and from across the Mediterranean. Judea was highly contested territory by several regimes through history and a gold mine to whoever controlled it. Tribute had to be paid to Rome as well as resources and manpower. Every region under Roman occupation had a puppet regime set up to control the ruled peoples. Judea was no exception. The Herodian dynasty was appointed along with the High Priest to maintain the regional government on behalf of Rome. There was a lot of wealth involved to get locals on line to support the imperialist program. We know some of this through historians of the day, such as Josephus, and from the diaries of Caesar Claudius who came to power after the palace coup and assassination of Caesar Caligula (41 AD). Caesar Claudius is mentioned by name in Acts 11:28 and again in Acts 18:2 and serves as a cross confirmation. While in power, there appears to be an engineered famine in Judea where the early church outside of Judea aided by giving to all those in Judea according to what they could. This is probably an indication of a siege in place to break Judea and and the active underground movement in place to help in the struggle. This is the milieu in which Jesus and like liberation minded leaders were surrounded. They existed in the thousands, using various techniques in a bid to drive Rome out. Out of all these, Jesus, almost alone, managed to emerge to common knowledge in the present day.

Tacitus (1) was a historian in the time of Nero (who succeeded Claudius) when there was trouble with the Christians and the early persecutions, especially in Rome. Christus is mentioned in his annals where he details that this leader of the Christians was put to death by the Roman procurator Pontius Pilate in Judea. Little is said beyond that. Sources such as Josephus and Pliny are thought to have been edited later, so they are not mentioned in any detail herein as they also wrote well after the events. Tacitus (1) had access to the record of the minutes of meetings kept by the Roman senate from its inception when records were first made and kept. He also had access to speeches made by emperors such as Tiberius and Claudius. The extensive writings of Claudius during his life did not survive, but commentaries on those writing did and it is here that we learn of a revolt in Judea during his tenure.

We also know that execution of identified criminals and seditious persons was done with crucifixion on trees or even a stake. Also suggested as crucifixion tools are stakes for impalement (2) and gibbets, the forerunner of a gallows for hanging (3). Rome had a long history of executing dissenters from rebellious slave movements, such as Spartacus (4) and his followers and anti-imperialists using crucifixion long before the problems in Judea. The competing kingly line to the Herodian dynasty, which was backed by Rome, was the Davidic line, of which Jesus was a hereditary part. Jesus was executed for sedition on or about 27 to 29 AD (some say 30 to 33 AD) (5) and his direct followers continued without much resistance until around 36 AD when Saul – aka Paul came into the picture and began to subvert the teachings of this fledgeling gathering with a competing branch with the backing of Jewish high priest, Roman intellectuals and philosophers. Jesus followers, specifically through Peter and James were considered as much a threat as Jesus himself and it fell on Saul - Paul to corrupt the organization which he proceeded to do, largely in the absence of the two who humanly could not be everywhere. Peter was eventually executed in Rome. Hints can be found in the epistle of Galatians chapter 1, verses 6 and 7 and of the threat to the apostles in Acts 5:34 - 40. But we are going to have to dig a little harder and deeper to get to the extent of the perversion. In this case, the accuser is the one who is guilty of the crime, which he accuses the targets of being, at the behest of Roman imperialism. This kind of thing is typical of politics today where false rumours are invented and spread to discredit competitors. The spin can be so vast as to cause most people to turn away in confusion.

Taking what we know of politics of the 19th and 20th centuries and applying this to the past with some justification due to practices in ancient Egypt, we can see why Rome would want to efface any rebellious group that posed a threat to its imperialist hegemony. Taking the facts and confusing them while attempting to erase any true account would be part of the program. This is pat of what Daniel was referring to in the Old Testament book with his name. Rome had a well established network of spies, assassins, soldiers, police agents, tax collectors, puppet political regimes and the like. Among these agents was Saul of Tarsus who infiltrated the early Christian movement and proceeded to sow chaos among them as a Roman police agent, claiming for himself the title of a follower of Christ while describing others as promoting a perversion of the gospel. He heavily influenced the entire New Testament, which is why traditional Jews do not accept it then and now. The Gospels and Epistles we have today are a patchwork of endless revisions which is easily proven with the various translations today. Not only that, many of the books have more than one author, but Saul – Paul claims authorship of most of the material. The least polluted exceptions are the books of James and Revelation, both of which have a distinctly different tone than the voluminous writings of Paul. There are sections in the Gospels that have escaped his revisions as well. There is a clear trail of subversion and reinterpretation of the history within the New Testament in a bid to obscure and bury the truth if not to erase it from history altogether. Fragments and scrolls of alternative, non-Pauline texts were found in Qumran in 1947 and have stoked controversy ever since. Attempts were made to hide these for decades, but the end of that secrecy came in the 1990s when a flood of “alternative Bible” books came out with plenty of thanks to John Allegro. They differ from the Pauline accounts, presenting an alternative history to the one most of us have been brought up under within Christendom. We learn from the Qumran texts (6) that Jesus was married as any rabbi was supposed to be and that he had brothers and sisters. Some texts say that he also fathered children. Other sources say Jesus was an Essene or a Pharisee. There are stories and parables in the fragments that differ from the ones in the Canonical Gospels. Even in modern Bibles, there are differences as, for example, the story of the woman taken in adultery, that has been removed from the Jehovah's Witness version of the Bible.

Anyone who wants to keep their own version of events intact, has to take measures in order to preserve the account from those who would destroy it. Again, history is full of accounts where libraries and knowledge was destroyed in order to enforce political agendas and totalitarian control. We know of the burning of the library of Alexandria in Egypt and of the burning of almost all the Mayan codecies in mesoamerica as significant past events. Some scrolls survived the Alexandria fire and so did some of the Mayan codecies. But if they did their work carefully, nearly intact libraries can be secreted away as a back up against any attempt to erase records from history. It took nearly 2,000 years for alternative gospels to reemerge and there is a likelihood that more records from around the world will emerge as well that survived various purges. Within our own time frame, we have witnessed book burnings by the Nazi regime under Adolph Hitler, Mao Tse Dung's cultural revolution and Stephen Harper's burning of scientific research concerning climate change and environmental degradation. This is nothing new and it represents a block to getting at the truth of history. The threats still exist and all kinds of attrocities are committed in order to keep the status quo in place.

Be on the Lookout For Part Two - "Jesus as a Liberation Leader"

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This painting depicts Jesus confronting the religious leaders in his day. Popular understanding suggests it was the Pharisees, but other sources say the Sadducee, which were more in line with the High Priest who served Roman imperial interests.

This painting depicts Jesus confronting the religious leaders in his day. Popular understanding suggests it was the Pharisees, but other sources say the Sadducee, which were more in line with the High Priest who served Roman imperial interests.



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Jon Shafer from Stockton, CA on January 25, 2014:

Very interesting. I just joined. And while I'm a journalist by background writing more on some of the issues you mention....from JFK to Vietnam, Iran Contra, 9/11, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria and so on, as I see you touched upon false flag events. Just made my first hub today on bin Laden (my first was rejected, but it was a short intro). I've read the Essene Gospels, some from the Dead Sea Scrolls...and this is all fascinating stuff. Also the ethnicity of Jesus who, based on the period of history, the times, and the locale, had to have been a man of color which "the church" has lightened to be consistent with Rome's view of history. With kind regards, Jon

William J. Prest (author) from Vancouver, Canada on January 24, 2014:

If Christianity is not in the context of history, then exactly what is it? Now, I know that the facts and details have been altered to protect the guilty, but, there are other sources of evidence that supersede any lying tendency. There is such a thing as physical evidence such as a stone frieze with the name Pontius Pilate on it. Then there are accounts in the Torah, the Dead Sea Scrolls and within Greek sources of histories that differ from what we are told. There will be more articles upcoming in this series, so stay tuned my faithful readers. Maybe with some cogent cross research we can get to the truth in this matter. Politics is usually about lies and history is written by the winners.

Mandhla azarel Moyo from Nairobi, Kenya on January 24, 2014:


Hendrika from Pretoria, South Africa on January 24, 2014:

I feel that even though I disagree with you I can still see where you are coming from. Christianity is either believed or not, it has very little to do with history.

Carrie Lee Night from Northeast United States on January 21, 2014:

syzygyastro: Thank you for writing a hub on such a deep and contraversal issue :) I believe it all boils down to is something that doesn't need to be written a book or altered. But I do believe we are straying away from the truth each day someone tries to sway our beliefs (not saying your doing that :) Stay safe and again thank you for your contribution. Have a wonderful week.

William J. Prest (author) from Vancouver, Canada on January 20, 2014:

@ Robert: Can you [rove your allegation in a cogent manner? Can you account for all the varied translations and deletions of various Biblical translations? How is it that the Bible references two books that are not contained therein? Why was the story of the woman taken in adultery and forgiven by Jesus removed from some translations?

Robert. on January 20, 2014:

This post is total nonsense and the tboughtz from an antichrist

William J. Prest (author) from Vancouver, Canada on January 18, 2014:

Someone in history managed to get through all the censorship to bring Christianity to the world. Jesus might well have been lost to history except for the fervour of his supporters that spread the message far enough than when Paul attempted to first stop it, then subvert it, he ended up spreading the message even though filtered and censored to the entire world. Had this not occurred, we may well be worshipping Roman and Greek gods today instead of Jesus Christ and Jehovah. Something extraordinary happened in what we call the first century that wound up spreading a variant of Judaism around the world despite attempts to censor and change the message. Though we look through a distorting lens, enough of the message got through to tell us what the situation was really like and what Jesus and his followers wanted to achieve despite the horrific odds.

Mandhla azarel Moyo from Nairobi, Kenya on January 18, 2014:

You do know though that matters of faith make pathetic logical sense? That in religion an ideal holds a spiritual presence not thought pattern?. Christs existence has been proven that's why the church faces the challenges of always having to dustinguish and relate the christ of history and the christ of scripture- see, Christianity as a whole has undergone changes in many ways then one... Religion is the most basic form of governance, thus, this is to be expected as different leaders hold different ideals on rule and order. But I love this hub and waiting for more.

William J. Prest (author) from Vancouver, Canada on January 17, 2014:

There were many anti-imperialists in that day and what we get by hand-me-down history is garbled at best, written and edited by the winners/ The fact remains that there were many rabble rousers in that era, just as today. What we learn of Jesus will be covered in follow up articles, but it comes mainly through Paul, who entered the scene after and seized control of a young movement and turned it into some of what we know today.

Mackenzie Sage Wright on January 17, 2014:

Interesting hub. I still think there's not enough evidence to even prove Jesus existed, since all accounts are tertiary; hearsay at best. Without an objective way to prove he even lived, it's almost impossible to prove if he was the Jewish messiah, a leader of any movement (or just inserted later because it was convenient) or just some rabble-rouser. I don't think we'll ever truly know.

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