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Are the Planets Our Guides? Is Astrology Our Map for Our Soul's Purpose?

Renee Abbott has been a Spiritual Coach for four decades. Now she is the Medium for the Artistic Field of the Dead. She channels them.

The Hangout

The Hangout

Manifesting Errors

Our mind develops programs from the beginning of our human existence. Our mind supports these programs, as it moves us past our default spirit mind. What is a default spirit mind? It is our spirit’s purpose. It holds the memory of why we came to earth, our dharmic path, and the courses that help us to develop a thorough knowledge and experience the lessons we learned to help us carry out our mission.

As mentioned in the prior blog, my life passed before me with similar opportunities that I didn’t choose. The proverbial train never stopped for me. This action indicated that I switched trains. I reprogrammed my mind back to the original default program that I was born with.

Does Astrology Hold an Imprint of Our Original Default Mind?

One of the first lessons I learned was about the planets. They are our soul mates. Their function was to guide us through this lifetime, offering us the experiences needed to do the task we came to Earth to do. We all came to provide a service to Earth, which often is indicated by our Midheaven and North Node. The spirit, name Sam, brought this to my attention. It became a life changer.

Imagine having the opportunity to remember what your plans were prior to this birth. Would you wish to carry it out? How much does fate play into the theme of the Law of Attraction? Can we create ourselves as God? If so, what is needed?

Are We God?

Are We God?

Can We Create Ourselves as God?

I will respond to the last two questions first. Can we create ourselves as God? Yes. We are created from this Being. If we choose to do this, we cannot come from our present default mind.

Our present default mind believes God is equal to a person on the death roll. We believe our God or Goddess will smite a person because they didn’t believe in It. We pushed Divinity beneath us, and offer reasons to carry on as if, God was cruel and merciless. We offer God up as a reason to kill another human, especially if they didn’t follow our God.

This is the default mentality that controls us. People believe that after death they will experience heaven. Heaven that matches their description. Only people they like get to go to heaven, while children are killed and sent to hell because they didn’t believe in that specific God.

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Manifesting Beyond


What Is Above Is Below?

This default system we live by carries itself beyond death. What is above is below? A true statement. I learned a different system from these dead beings who once were human beings. Once they lived as poets, artists, and musicians, and their names are well known. They wrote a booklet on this topic. A Primer for Life after Death. In this booklet, they share their death experiences, plus what life was like after they died. As musicians, poets, and artists they frequently visited the Blues Riff Bar. Day in and day out they experienced life as a spirit in the same surroundings before their death. Their dream now is to work in unison with the living.

A Primer for Life after Death Written by the Died. A True Account of What Is Above, so Below.

The Hangout

The Hangout

The Hangout

The First Family of Communicators of Dead and Living Artistic Personas.

Impossible? No. It already is in existence. Imagine this group, who works with the Celestial Crystal Realm, teaching us how to get back to our origins? Learning how to manifest through the skills they offer, as we create our fate? The answer to these two questions is, yes. It happened with me and a few others.

Their book reveals how our mind creates both as human and spirit. It shows us what we believe carries over to the spirit side. They often spoke of the Blues Riff Bar, a place where they hung out with other dead musicians, poets, and artists. There were the usual fans and groupies. They spoke of how tired they got in this existence. How they craved something different. One topic was always spoken about, building a different guitar. They did build one. Their love for their instrument is heartfelt. All this changed, when they received an invite to come to earth, with their new guitar, and teach those who can *hear, *feel, and *see through a different lens. They accepted this offer. Imagine the dead artistic types working with us. Their dream is to create The First Family of Communicators of the Dead and the Living.

Is Your Life Working? Do You Feel Lost?

I was lost for so long. I lived crippled in a world that didn’t understand me. A world that rejected me because I am a mystic, avant-garde, and visionary. A child doesn’t understand that they are different. A child rejected and never fitting in stays scarred. Time passes, the same events, with different, names, places, and situations repeat themselves. That describes my life. The database that I was born with, to carry out this mystic’s road, one seldom traveled or mentioned, faded away, as a new default program took over. It continuously proved to me, I was a nobody, unlovable and death should have taken me. Words I heard growing up. As I aged, I met a few people through fate, and with the help of the planets guiding me. The one that offered me the most love and assistance I married. When he died, I ended up falling back into that default system that crippled me in the past.

Over these past few years, it was their teachings, (the Spirit world. Hippie Ghost Band, and Celestial Crystal Beings) that brought me back to life. These are the teachings that I am offering here. I am turning seventy-one in a couple of weeks. I have been abandoned. I live isolated. Not one single physical being around me, who wants me. I rose beyond this description. I am alive again, and I wish to offer this to you. Your age is irrelevant. It is you who matters.

I will see you next week.

Hippie Ghost Band


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