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Encountering God’s Normal -Part 4


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Perfect Love Drives Out Fear

We’re going to build a ladder above faith. I thought the greatest of these was faith but at the end of this ladder, the last rung is love.

We’re going to build a ladder above faith. I thought the greatest of these was faith but at the end of this ladder, the last rung is love.

These Three Remain Faith Hope And Love But The Greatest Of These Is Love

These three remain faith hope and love but the greatest of these is love. You see the reason why you have fear is that you don’t have a relationship with your heavenly father. Perfect love drives out fear so it’s impossible for you to have fear if God’s there. If you’re not established in this, you’re trying to get in, you’re trying to drive out fear. It’s just like tithing. You might not believe in it but see the promise that’s there says that I will rebuke the devourer for your sake. That’s a great deal. Just tell me where to sign because that’s one thing I do. I can unload myself I don’t have to worry about that.

If God has already promised certain things like if God is love and perfect love drives out fear. Then if you have fear it has to do with your relationship. Not your position because your position would already have established. That nothing can come near me because of my position with God. What about your relationship with him. Does he trust you? Peter, can you believe this guy, he said we’re going to add to our faith these ladders of virtue. We’re going to build a ladder above faith. I thought the greatest of these was faith but at the end of this ladder, the last rung is love. Brotherly love. You interested, stay tuned we’re going to go to a commercial. No, I'm just kidding. The faith ladder of virtues is something that Peter himself talked about and this is what he said in the introduction of the second Peter.

This is what he says, this is a letter from Simon Peter a slave and apostle of Jesus Christ. I am writing to you who share the same precious faith. Now you’re not going to find this and this is extra. I got some stuff in there but I'm giving you extra that no one’s heard before. I'm giving you all the new stuff this weekend. I'm adding to it this is extra. Everything I'm preaching this now was given to me as an extra. I'm addressing some questions that people have. I am writing to you who share the same precious faith. We have this faith, was given to you because of the justice and the fairness of Jesus Christ our God, and our savior.

May God give you more and more grace and peace as you grow in the knowledge of God and of our Lord Jesus. Growing in faith here. Let’s listen to this it was by his divine power peter said that God has given us everything we need. What does everything mean? That means there’s nothing left out. Everything we need for living a Godly life. We’re without excuse that’s what I just shared with you. When you meet Jesus face to face you’re not going to be able to blame him for anything. He has done everything. He’s now waiting for you to make his enemies his footstool through the church. He’s waiting, he’s giving us the keys, He’s waiting for us to apprehend and arrest and bring down every thought that exalts itself above the knowledge of Jesus Christ. Bring it into captivity and arrest it and take it out. Put it in jail with some of our senators. It says here because of his glory and his excellence he has given us great and precious promises.

Through these promises, they enable us to share or partake. We’re partners with the divine nature. He’s given us promises that allow us to be partners with God in his nature. Why won’t anybody commentate on this? I’ll tell you why because then you would depend on another person to take you to God. The religious system does not want you to be able to do this on your own. What do you think a middleman is for? Are you all getting this?

Peter is saying listen we’ve been given these promises that through these promises we can become partners with God. Partakers of his divine nature. That sounds sacrilegious to 80 of the churches. Why? Some people even made Jesus ahead of the church or being Peter the head of the church. This is crazy to most people. Be a partaker of the divine nature but this is what I saw when I was in heaven. I said I saw everyone is supposed to be walking around to where they say. They took note that they had been with Jesus. That’s one of those disciples. This is one of the sons of God. Let’s go to him they get everything, they pray for.

I saw this in the end everything I just said I was in the future and saw this outside of buildings. Not church buildings like this where people were waiting to get in. They said I heard if you can get in the building you’ll be healed. I was standing in line people were lined up around buildings waiting to get in because the glory of the father was in there. They weren’t saved, but they heard if they get in there they will get healed. Everyone was getting healed in meetings. Then they were getting saved.

I heard one person they said yeah I heard if you even get in the back row you’ll hear God talk to you. They weren’t even saved. They had heard that you could hear God’s voice just sitting there in his presence. That’s going to happen. It’s not the end yet. So eat your rice and beans drink your water and let’s get out there in the marketplace and start owning it. Let’s start owning everything. Let’s not give the devil the satisfaction. God doesn’t have any diseases to give people. Jesus went around doing good and healing everyone Acts 10:38 It’s still the word of God. It’s what you believe not your experience and I want to hear. We’ve heard enough about your butt okay.

No more butts because when you stand before him you’re going to bow. It says that through these promises that enable you to share the divine nature. It says you escape the world’s corruption through this. This is caused by human desire, so we all have human desires but these precious promises cause us to share in his divine nature. It says escape the corruption that’s in the world caused by lust. It’s the only way. You can’t do this on your own just ask Paul just read chapter 7 of Romans and you’ll figure it out. Paul’s struggle was verbalized under the law, but we’re not under the law. The fulfillment of the law is inside of us now, and we obey these two commands. We love God with all our heart, and we love our neighbor as ourselves.

That means we don’t throw bricks at them. Jesus said you fulfill the law with these two commands. Those two commands have been placed inside you by the living and holy one who fulfills his mission by you. Love God with all your heart and you love your neighbor as yourself so you can love yourself. Love your neighbor as well as you love yourself and this will cause people to be healed because Jesus had compassion on people and healed the sick. We forget that he had compassion. He didn’t do the eye roll. He wasn’t iron all the time. He would love people. He loved the devil out of them.

Supplement Your Faith With Moral Excellence And To The Moral Excellence Add Knowledge And To Your Knowledge Add Self-Control.

In view of all this make every effort to respond to God’s promises now. This is what he said. Can you believe? This supplement your faith with a generous provision of moral excellence. Supplement your faith, I thought faith was it obviously not. Are we going to throw peter out now? Peter said add these to your faith. This letter of virtues. In other words let’s have some manifestation of your faith like what James said. Can you believe he said you show me your faith by what you do? He’s talking about manifestation of character.

I got the president’s award at Southwest Airlines which is the highest honor you can get. People working there for years never get this. I got it. I don’t know how I got it except for one thing that said on my plaque. It talked about my character. How I showed up for work and I love people, and I was dependable. I go well that’s because I'm a Christian. That’s what I thought they rewarded me for something I'm that we’re just supposed to be. To a Fortune 500 company that’s a gold bar. That actually keep my word and show up for work and love people and help people do my job. Does it come to that get an award and a big check for that a kiss from Kelleher. He tried to kiss me on the lips he was drunk but I said no on the cheek man. He was just joking with me. He’s like that, he’d make you laugh all the time. He was a good man.

It says supplement your faith. We’re not done when we get our faith because you can have faith to move mountains and if you don’t have love you’re nothing. I mean don’t get mad at me that’s what Paul said. Why did they stick that 13th chapter in between all those good chapters on those gifts of the spirit? It’s because we need that. We’ve got to remember why those power gifts, why those revelation gifts, why those vocal gifts are there. It’s to build up the body not to build up you. I'm gonna have to see because you turn your gifts in you.

Don’t get any credit for your gifts when you get to heaven. You will not be mentioned on your gifts that wasn’t you. I mean if you understand ministry your temple is not yours. Your life is not your own. It’s in the bible. Did you not get the briefing when you got saved? I didn’t get the briefing. I didn’t get it. I got saved and the pastor did not tell me oh by the way you’ve been ducted into a war. They didn’t tell me that but I found out within 24 hours. Then the second one was congratulations your life is not your own. I was never told that. I thought I just had an insurance policy. Maybe some of you are in that situation. That’s what I'm talking about here. Do we really have an understanding of what we did when we gave our life to the Lord? Is he really Lord? Do we have position or do we have position and relationship because I want to know and be perfected in love of God? Then everything I do is worth something according to chapter 13 of first Corinthians by an apostle who’s one of the greatest apostles that ever lived.

He said you’re nothing. You’re a tingling symbol, you’re nothing unless you have love. Even though you can do these great feats of faith, if you don’t love, you have to be perfected in love. He says this supplement your faith with moral excellence and to the moral excellence add knowledge and to your knowledge add self-control. Oh boy, you’re thinking I hope he doesn’t even talk about that too much self-control and that to patient endurance and after patient endurance Godliness and Godliness brotherly affection and brotherly affection with love for everyone. This is what Peter said in chapter one of 2nd Peter.

This I didn’t even know it was in the bible until Jesus brought it up. Now how could I not know that. I know I've read second peter before. Now listen are you ready for what’s what’s about to happen to you? I mean like within the next 30 seconds listen to this. The more you grow like this the more productive and useful you will be in your knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ. The more you do these things and add these to your faith. Why did we stop at faith? He said the more you do this the more productive and useful you will be. Smith Wigglesworth said faith is an act. It’s a manifestation, it’s Jesus manifesting his ministry through you.

He’s still working and you are looking really good in Christ. You all are looking really good in him. Now listen he’s not done yet. He’s going to put me on the floor now by what he says. The power of God, I mean I'm holding on right now and I mean that every time I read this because Jesus showed me this is where we need to go. Then the bride will be ready. He said so dear brothers and sisters work hard. Work hard oh I'm under grace. It says work hard to prove that you really are among those God has called and chosen. Oh, I thought I was secure, saved. I'm saved well Jesus is speaking here through peter because peter was a disciple.

Peter saying that we need to prove that we were really among those who are chosen and called to these things. He said and you will never fail. It sounds like some new doctrine. It’s like that guy that wrote rigged in your favor. That book this is where I got it. That title of that book rigging your favor is one of the best things that ever came out of me because I saw the environment of heaven that wants to invade this earth. Its favor but the favor has to do with our participation and that participation is only if we understand. We have to add these virtues, these character traits. Then it says, he ends it with, then God will give you a grand entrance into the eternal kingdom of our Lord and savior Jesus Christ. Then God will give you a grand entrance into the eternal kingdom. Then did I mention then okay.

Would you admit with me that we’ve drawn conclusions about God based on data that is incorrect. We drew conclusions because we didn’t know, we didn’t understand but yet God has given us precious promises that through these we can be partakers of the divine nature. Well, does God get sick? We got a way to go in implementing this now. There are two things that people do in a situation like this they either try to compromise the messenger and the message or they just kill them. If a person does not compromise then they just have to shut them up so with Jesus they tried to shut him up, and they couldn’t catch him.

The Lord Is A Warrior And He Sings Songs Of Deliverance Over You.

Then when he went to Lazarus on the fourth day not the third because the Jewish custom was that the spirit of a person stayed with the body for three days. On the fourth day it departed the paradise. Jesus waits purposely even though the ladies were screaming and mad at him and rebuked him. Don’t you know master if you had been here? Wait until it was impossible to put the spirit back. He raises him from the dead and then the pharisees planned to kill him and Lazarus.

Do you remember that’s in the bible? Here’s what’s going to happen to you regardless if you hide in a cave or if you stand on your street and preach. Either way this is what they’re going to do. They’re either going to get you to compromise and tone it down, or they’re just going to take you out. Eventually if Satan is allowed he wants to take you out. He can’t so you have to decide right now. They cannot take you out until it’s your time but what is your time. When God is done. God’s not done. We’re over that. Now that he’s not done. Then what are we going to do with what we just heard. If everyone in here from their heart just turn their face back to God right now just turn your heart and your face, your full focus back on him and don’t allow Satan to discredit him. Don’t allow what has happened to you to discredit your God. Do you hear me?

Jesus said and I'm ready. I'm ready for you guys. I'm ready for you guys to come Jesus. Jesus told me in person on my birthday in May. He said, me and my father are being slandered. He said I want you to defend us. He said you tell all the ministers to defend us. We are not doing these things. This is the God of this world. The evil one who is killing stealing and destroyed. He said I came to give life and life more abundantly. He said we’re not doing any of this. He said those who do not believe are under judgement already. You don’t have to pronounce judgement. They’re already under judgement. This world stands judged already according to the words of Jesus.

We’re not judged with the world because we judge ourselves. We have the word of God. We have the power to measure ourselves. Our lives up with the word of God and because I'm a child of God I do not face the same judgement as the world. Which means I'm in Goshen. I am waiting for the exodus but first the plagues came, but they did not come to my house because I was in Goshen. Even the death angel came but I had blood on my doorpost just like you do.

He passed over but then there was that time when Moses was told by God go borrow from your neighbor all their jewellery. Then they left, and they started to become their own nation. It was a nation of the people of God that were separate. Egypt is the type of the world. We’re all one family in heaven and on earth, and we’re all joined in the spirit. One day we will all be together. The family that has gone before us and has worked so hard to build a foundation they are cheering us on right now. We must stay as one down here. I said to Jesus.

I said Jesus that was not really integral that they borrowed the jewellery and then took it. He said oh no I was repaying my people for the lost wages for 400 years. They left with the gold and silver that was theirs. They had worked for it but not been paid. Did you hear me? Payday’s coming. Let me pray and you guys worship, and then we’re going to meet back here. We’re going to continue to teach. The deliverance has to be implemented in you. I'm going to pray over you because tonight I want you to be very mindful as you lay in your bed of the visitation of the power of God.

It’s vibrating in here and the Lord has assured me when you go home tonight that you will be so evident that you’re being visited, and he’s going to speak things. Listen if your frame of mind is not ready to accept the goodness of God you will not be able to discern what he wants to tell you because you won’t accept it. It’s going to be too good. He has a love language and his love language is he shows up, and he overdoes it. He overdoes it. He wants to overwhelm you with his love. I want to publicly repent of my unbelief because even though I've had so much happen supernaturally I have to always be careful to keep my eyes on him.

He is the author and finisher of my faith. He loves you but it’s more than just words. He’s going to show you. His spirit is here. Holy Spirit is here to manifest. Father in the name of Jesus we come to you. You always hear us and so this is what we ask. We ask that the eyes of our heart would be flooded with light that we would know the hope to which we’ve been called. We ask that you would show us the inheritances we have in the saints as children of God, and we ask that you would come in your power and reveal the same power that rose Jesus from the dead. That it would be manifested in our lives right now in our bodies. Quick in our bodies father as you prepare us for the great wedding day. If there’s anyone here that wants to accept Jesus Christ as their Savior please come forward right now and I asked the Lord God that you would deliver every witch from their sorcery right now that you would repent. I call you to repent and to bow before Jesus Christ and be delivered of your demons and set free right now. All over the world as you’re watching deliverance the spirit of deliverance has come. I drive out every lying devil. I command every evil spirit to shut up and leave your house leave your body leave your neighborhood. Deliverance has come. The deliverance. The liver is here man if you’re having devil problems I want you to get up here right now. You can turn the car off. I'm not going yet.

I guess if you have devil problems just get up here. You know it’s not going to be a big deal. I'm talking about you can’t sleep at night. It’s a familiar spirit. Those of you who come up here, it’s because you’re called to take out your giant. You’re called to take this thing out. I'm going to help you in the name of Jesus now as you get up here you’re going to feel the power of God. I'm not going to take an offering. I'm not going to wave my jacket over you. I'm going to blow in the mic. It’s free. I don’t have to touch you now look at this. This should not be but this is good. It should not be. Listen all you believers out there would you stretch your hands up here now. We all agree in touching this one thing that these devils that are attacking your brothers and sisters. That they’re bound in Jesus name. Not only that they never come back. You do that for me. Do we agree all right? Here we go, say it with me.

Father I want to hear you loud. Father you are the most high and your son has made a show openly of our enemy and because Jesus has defeated him we have defeated him, so we address you Satan. All your devils not only are you bound but you are driven out and never can come back. Here’s the kicker this is what you say. We forbid you to ever return. Let go of God of my brothers and sisters amen.

The Lord showed me a barrier of fire you see in Zephaniah 3. He was a minor prophet so most people don’t read them. He’s actually a really nice guy Zephaniah 3 says that the Lord is a warrior. You listen to me. The Lord is a warrior and this is what it says. He sings songs of deliverance over you. Read it, it says he sings songs of deliverance. He surrounds you with songs of deliverance. Well, I don’t see how a devil could sit and listen to that but I have a feeling I know it that there’s a concert going to be going on tonight. You’re gonna sleep like a baby because you’re gonna hear your Savior singing over you. This is in the bible. I can’t go, yet I want to go. I cannot go just let the fire burn. There’s fire up here go ahead you just do your thing. This will be fire. Just go ahead yeah, fire, fire healing. Come on fire yield to the fire. The cleansing fire come on people yield to the fire. Deliverance has come you’re set free. He’s walking through. He’s here I'm telling you the angels are here. Overthrow.

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Eric Dierker from Spring Valley, CA. U.S.A. on September 20, 2020:

A little long to read the whole piece, personally I would prefer this in 3 parts. I like your humor it is good to read. And I like the idea of "normal".

You should feel free to delete this comment as it is critical.

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