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Encountering God’s Normal Resist The Devil


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God's Normal Is Rebuking The Wind And Waves

A furious squall came up, and the waves broke over the boat, so that it was nearly swamped. Jesus was in the stern, sleeping on a cushion. The disciples woke him and said to him, “Teacher, don’t you care if we drown?”  He got up, rebuked the wind

A furious squall came up, and the waves broke over the boat, so that it was nearly swamped. Jesus was in the stern, sleeping on a cushion. The disciples woke him and said to him, “Teacher, don’t you care if we drown?” He got up, rebuked the wind

You Submit To God, Then You Resist The Devil And He Flees From You

Jesus was surprised that the disciples woke him up in the boat. He thought that he had done his good teaching. Well, enough that he could just sleep because the father had already told him to go the other side, so he spoke it. He’s just going to see if you look up that in Mark chapter five. He only did what his father asked him to do. If he said let us go the other side, obviously he heard from his father. He was doing spiritual warfare. Did you know that? Read it, it says that halfway across, a storm just blew up, and he didn’t even get up. He rebukes it, he gets the other side. Now you read it, he gets out of the boat and legion meets him. He drives him out. It doesn’t say that he went into town to shop, and to eat with his disciples. It says he got back in the boat and went to the other side again. He didn’t even spend any time there. He was just taking that thing out.

Check it out, it was just storm warfare. That boat couldn’t sink because God the father told him to go the other side. He didn’t think he was going to sink. That is trust. That is not a position that is trust. Jesus didn’t come to be promoted as the son of God. He came to be promoted as a son of man. When demons knew who he was, said I know you are the son of the Most High. Jesus said shut up. He did not want their testimony. He wanted to be known as the son of man. He wanted to be the example of what we were going to do when he left. Everything he did was what we can do. He said even greater. A religious spirit will pop up and say well that was Jesus. That’s why he did that and the apostles. When they died so did tongues and everything else. What authority do they have to say that because it’s not in the bible. If you read the book of acts it’s like the writer fell asleep. He didn’t even finish it but that was intentional. It’s still going on through you amen.

Even problems in your throat are being healed right now. You see your immune system needs to be boosted. You need a dose of the most high. Yes, you need some of the same power Paul talked about. This the same power that rose Jesus from the dead is dwelling in you. Well, dear Lord what would it take to bring someone out of the belly of the earth. Out of hell I did say hell because he did go to hell. He had to go to hell to redeem. That too for the vilest person if that power could take him from the deepest part to the highest place in heaven. Then I think that he can at least get rid of your sore throat through association, proximity.

The powers of the coming age are mentioned in Hebrews. It says there that if you’ve encountered Jesus and you have believed in him but you were to turn and mistreat and trample underfoot the blood of Jesus as an unholy thing after you’ve encountered the powers of the coming age. If we don’t know what that is we know we’ve encountered it. Because it says we have. But most Christians don’t know they’ve never encountered that. I've encountered him and I'm telling you that hits you before he even gets to you. The powers of the coming age are on him. It’s dominion he’s not weak. Devils knew it. Did the devils know who you are? Yes, I mean I've heard him scream. I walk up I know who you are. I know who I am. Do you know who you are?

You see the devil is so full of pride. Those devils are so full of pride they’re boisterous do you know who I am. I go you don’t know who you are. They want you to treat them with respect. It’s like there’s no respect for a loser. They’ve been made a show of openly. Don’t worry about me I mean you know the witches. The witches that are here. You come to all my services to try disrupted in the spirit as you can see it’s not working so you can come up and repent right now and not go to hell you want to have a showdown.

They come in there. They hide and their curses bounce off of me and go back to them. But how do you get to here. You go ahead and give yourself over to him. You don’t try to preserve yourself. You hand all your authority over to him. That’s what you were supposed to have done when you gave your life to him. See you’re a disciple you’re not a convert.

Jesus didn’t say go into all the world and make converts. He said make disciples. What are disciples? Well, a disciple was one who followed their teacher and submitted to their disciplines, so they became called and known as disciples. Because they submitted to the master’s disciplines, so you submit to god. Then you resist the devil and he flees from you. That’s the way it is. If it isn’t happening, there’s a failure to communicate.

Jesus showed me Lester Sumrall when I was in heaven he said he developed his spirit through the word of God and renewed his mind to where he affected a whole city when he would enter into it. He said the devils would leave the city. I'm not kidding you because they didn’t want to be cast out. Lester would tell them not to come back, so they left on their own. I saw him going, he was in a car, and he was going into San Francisco. The Lord showed me from heaven. He was going into San Francisco. And as he entered into the city limits the devil started leaving. So that’s our goal Jesus showed me mine. Mine was 30 feet at that time this was back in 1992. It was 30 feet. He said, if anybody gets within 30 feet of you they are in your domain, and they will encounter what you’re walking in.

But since then I wanted to fill the whole building and that’s what you feel. You feel the domain that God has given a certain individual. You are an individual that God has given a domain. You have to develop it and frame your world by the word of God. And it is absolutely the truth what God has said and when you get to that place it’s not because of position that has been done for you. It is relationship now. If you don’t believe me you will see this but don’t be one of these people they had the position. Jesus said I never knew you and they cast out devils and heal the sick and you can’t do that without the spirit of God. That’s why we need to reproduce fruit in keeping with repentance. We’re going to get into that this weekend.

The reason why we become ineffective is that we have become lukewarm. We don’t know it until we encounter the hot. Then all of a sudden I know right away because when I encounter lukewarm 50 will blame it on me and the other 50 will follow their knees and say I need help.

There’s only two ways. Pharaoh, his heart was hardened. It just got worse. It was a goat rope. Did you know that after the army disappeared in the Red Sea, history shows they try to hide it but there’s a way to find it. Egypt ceased to be the world power. They lost their whole army that day. Did you know that they can’t even tell what pharaoh was available at that time for that to happen. How convenient. They can’t find the pharaoh they can’t figure out which pharaoh it was. Well I know where it is it’s right beside all those giant bones that they’re hiding. The Smithsonian’s hiding exactly all those farmers have found the 15-20 footers.

Yes, nothing here keep walking. They don’t want you to know that what they found supports the bible. Barney wasn’t on the ark just to unfriend all those others that are still teetering. The lizard wanted back on his legs. You do the math. Your hint is in the first couple chapters of genesis that’s why they’re all gone. That’s why Barney is gone. It was a genetic experiment which is why you should be careful these days. Because just as it was in the days of Noah so shall it be right before the son of God comes back. What was happening there? Interbreeding. Moses hadn’t come yet Noah was the only one that was perfect.

You Suffer For Being Righteous And Just In This Life By Standing Up For Jesus

 For your healing, He said my blood’s enough.  If you tell him that I cast the devil out and he didn’t leave.  He goes my name is enough.

For your healing, He said my blood’s enough. If you tell him that I cast the devil out and he didn’t leave. He goes my name is enough.

The Solution To Breakthrough Is Knowing That Breakthrough Is Not Your End, Overthrow Is Your End

The word in Hebrew perfect in genetics. In Noah's generations there’s only eight that made it on the boat. There were only eight left that had an inner bread. Don’t make me go there yeah I know and then I and then we don’t have enough employees to answer the emails.

Let’s go in this direction you want the solution for breakthrough tonight. Well, the solution to breakthrough is knowing that breakthrough is not your end, overthrow is your end. The Lord wants his earth back, he wants his country back, he wants his nation. His nation is his people. His people those who are called by my name. It’s not necessarily that he actually salutes the Statue of Liberty when he shows up. He’s looking for you, there’s believers and unbelievers, there’s Jews and there’s gentiles, there’s goats and sheep, there’s tares and wheat and there are wise virgins and unwise virgins this is the biblical division.

Since you’re here you are the sheriff so you need a vote in heaven by prayer and then you need to go to the polls and vote. See, God himself will listen to you but he will not listen to someone else who does not fear him. You are his voice on this earth now. I'm being very gracious right now because if you knew what’s about to happen in this country, if we do not take our sheriff badge and start praying your freedom is really in the balance and there are people that strategically have been placed over us. That are God’s deliverers. They’ve been appointed long ago to be in office right now. For this very thing, but they need you to pray now. I know this but I can’t say how I know but I'm telling you right now we can flip the whole thing. It’s already being flipped, but we can flip the whole thing. This was all to expose the evil.

The snakes come out when it gets hot. Ask Paul, remember when he’s getting firewood you know just helping out a little bit, shipwrecked, beat up I gotta go to see Caesar and I'm on this island. I’ll go help him with him some firewood he gets bit by a viper. Why because when he went to throw it in the fire exposed the viper but think about this while he was walking down the beach with that load of wood that viper was in there just like a lot of you know there’s a snake somewhere, but he won’t show himself. I'm telling you the solution.

The breakthrough it’s overthrow. It has to do with introducing into your environment the fire from heaven. The coal from the altar the holy fire that is God’s normal. He brings it down and he touches you. The day of Pentecost was much greater than what we’ve discerned. I mean think how this all started. We’re all here it’s crazy. I couldn’t even get 150 people for 30 years to listen to me on my air-plane. Now people come from all over. The sacrifices that you all make just to get here. It keeps doubling every year. It doubles and triples to where now we can’t go to churches anymore because it’s too small. It’s hunger because you want to hear the pure message of the gospel.

There are people out there doing this but see it’s being turned over now to you because you’re being trusted to go into overthrow. How you do it is, you let God move into your house not just spiritually it’s already happened according to scripture. Now physically you are going to start experiencing this in your house.

We Started Out With Wind And Fire And Utterance And Drunkenness In The Spirit

Jesus assured me of this he said in the fall. I cannot wait any longer, so I'm going to start visiting people at night. That’s what he told me. He said that the Joel's prophecy even though he’s a minor prophet he’s wonderful. He said these signs are in the end times. Now they were quoted of course at the day of Pentecost. They include the time when the sun turns blood-red or the moon and you know all that.

This is not what I'm talking about here. I'm talking about how this thing started on the day of Pentecost. There was wind, there was fire, there was utterance in other tongues and there was drunkenness. Publicly drunkenness in the spirit realm. People were drunk. They had fire on their heads. They were prophesying, they were speaking in tongues and there was a rushing mighty wind. That’s how this started. You’re all here together but see God has plans to visit us. He wants to inhabit us. This is the New Testament way.

If we started out with wind and fire and utterance and drunkenness in the spirit, new wine then how do you think we should end this. I mean wouldn’t Jesus himself did through Paul. He said to the Galatians who has stepped in and broken your stride. Who has put a curse on you that you started in the spirit and now you’re going to finish this race in the flesh. See why do we need smoke machines and the light show. Well, because we don’t have the real thing. I know how to do this because the word of God teaches it. I have to build you up till we get into the unity of the faith and then it’s impossible to not receive. It’s impossible.

You will receive. You will have habitation. You all agree that we started out great on the day of Pentecost but the plans for God to finish is a grand finale. Now with that the price that you’ve all had to pay to stay in there has been great. That’s why I am so gracious to do everything I can to make sure. If you have come and you don’t have the money to buy anything from the book table you take. You can take one item for free. I'm going to sow into you because I believe that I was sent back to do this and it’s not about the money. God makes it about me because I make it about him. I don’t have to watch my back. If you saw what was behind me you wouldn’t have to worry about me. I have no worries but I have concerns because I want you to know what’s waiting for you in heaven.

The reward you have if you will stay diligent and just continue to stay pure and believe, grasp the realities that are unseen. I see him he is so real to me. There are two times that he sent me to hard places that are really hard for me because the price was great. It was two foreign lands where my life was in danger and my wife’s was in danger. While I'm praying with those Iranians Jesus came up from the midst of them and kissed me on the forehead. Said thank you for ministering to my people. He did the same thing in South Africa with machine guns all around the Church to protect. Jesus came into my room and kissed me, and he said thank you for ministering to my people. When the price is greater the reward is greater. He is a rewarder of those who diligently seek him.

You’ll Have Fruit That Lasts If You Abide In Me It’s Permanent

God's Normal is rebuking the wind and waves. I have allowed God to talk to you. I haven’t talked about myself. I haven’t even told you a story yet because I know that the word of God is the most effective thing for you now. I even flip the services because the Lord told me to he said have the worship at the end so that people can respond to the word that I've spoken. We’re going to worship at the end.

Remember these things . He’s not just looking for breakthrough. Seek his breakthrough. You might need another breakthrough but overthrow is dominion. Then the king’s dominion is established in overthrow. It’s permanent now. What did Jesus say? He said you’ll have fruit that lasts if you abide in me it’s permanent. It’s not fleeting, it doesn’t leave you. You’ve not been left as an orphan because you are connected to him, you are established in him. (John 15) When you’re connected to the vine then you’re connected to Jesus then you receive your life flow through him. You connect yourself with him but then you see that Jesus is the one who is the vine that you’re connected to. Then you see that he’s your life source.

Jesus said this but this will not be quoted very much. Without me you can do nothing. What does nothing mean? What can you do with him? It’s pretty obvious with simple math you can come to the right conclusion but you have to be fully convinced. As we go on to the next just remember this. God is not wanting you to go from a breakthrough to breakthrough. He’s wanting you to go into overthrow. He does not want you to go from healing to healing. He wants you to go into divine health where nothing by any means shall harm you. Now I can’t be responsible if you do not operate in this. I can only preach the good news of the gospel. God does the healing. I do the preaching. I'm not responsible for the healing.

I'm not the healer. He’s the healer. He’s healing. Which means that if those in the old covenant left Egypt and there was no feeble one among them, and they left with the gold and the silver. Did I mention that? Yes, that sounds like prosperity to me. They lifted the gold and silver. There’s not one feeble one among them, and they ate of the manna from heaven, and they drank from the water that came from the rock. I'm just quoting scripture.

Don’t you think that Jesus wanted a better deal if he was going to come and redeem us. It’s got to be a better covenant with better promises. There’s more that we have to add. We have to add something. What would be added? Well, I'm glad you asked. Now listen to me. We’re talking about the different ladder. The different levels of the ladder. Peter, can you believe the guy who had the foot in the mouth disease he is speaking such wisdom that even the commentators don’t listen. Even the commentators are afraid to write anything about what he said in chapter one of second Peter. I’ll go real slow so you don’t miss anything. Do you understand the words that are coming out? Peter got with it. He got with it not because he messed up. He felt bad, and he got with it because Jesus came and looked for him after he was resurrected and retrieved him. Yes, and those who are forgiven much, love much. Peter is profound so something that commentators won’t commentate on are these hard. They call them hard verses, hard sayings of Jesus and no one wants to go there because you’re going to get shot.

Everybody knows in their spirit in their heart. They know that what Jesus said is far greater than what you would want to risk in agreeing with. What he said is far more powerful but if you do it you’re going to be persecuted. If you agree with Jesus completely he said they killed me they’re going to kill you. They persecute me, they’re going to persecute you. He said you’re going to get houses and families. You’re going to get 100-fold in this life and with it persecutions, so you’re looking at the houses, the family and then you get the persecutions and you say return to center.

As part of the gospel is suffering for the gospel’s sake. It’s not suffering because the devil puts a disease on you. There is a suffering that is biblical. You suffer for being righteous and just in this life by standing up for Jesus, for what is right and just you’re going to be persecuted.

I was taught different subjects. I went to an undergraduate four-year college was taught all these different subjects. The more I was taught the more questions I had because I realized I didn’t know anything. Then I went to another school, and I was taught about faith and I learned so much that after a while I couldn’t wait to get out of there because I felt like it’s going to blow up but I really didn’t understand faith and I didn’t understand all the subjects I studied in my undergraduate. I thought I knew more but I didn’t understand more and there’s a difference between hearing and understanding. Unless you really figure it out that hearing is understanding when you hear something, if you don’t put it into practice it means you didn’t understand it. It’s impossible to not manifest the word of God so when people say the word of God’s not working that is impossible. God is holding his ears and singing hallelujah to himself. He doesn’t hear you say that because it always works.

The word is Jesus. He always works. Jesus told me. I appeared before him. You’re never going to tell him I believed and I never got healed. You’re not going to say that to him because he’s going to point at you. He said my blood’s enough. If you tell him that I cast the devil out, and he didn’t leave. He goes my name is enough. He said it’s impossible for him to think it that you couldn’t have your healing because you were healed long ago. To him it’s receiving. It’s the receiving end. I know that you’re never going to stand before him and blame him for anything. I've already encountered that. I did not go there with him because he has fire in his eyes, and he has a sword and whatever he says goes you. Don’t say anything about failure. You don’t talk to him that way. That’s the Jesus I met. It became my problem did you hear me. When I appeared before him it became my problem not his. He was never the problem he was the solution. I did not discern him. He’s always enough. He’s more than enough.

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