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Encountering God’s Normal -Part 2


Helna is a postgraduate in Commerce who is working as a Manager. She loves sharing informative information with her readers.

Talk About How Faithful Jehovah Is And Everybody Wants To Hear Your Story

 I would go to my room and I pray in tongues and I would go out and feed the poor. But I spoke from the same authority and it’s amazing.

I would go to my room and I pray in tongues and I would go out and feed the poor. But I spoke from the same authority and it’s amazing.

The Manifestation Of The Sons Of God Is God’s Normal

As we start this session right now there’s a couple of things you have to understand. We have to get past our position with God. We have to realize that we are children. We have privileges. I don’t come to God on my position because that is a gift. I don’t deserve that. I come to him because he knows me. He knows my name is there. I see a bunch of people he knows you, he thought of you, and he breathed you into your mother’s womb. He knows everything about you. He knows some secrets, about things that are coming. He knows you’ll be very excited about that.

Getting into God’s normal is in heaven. It’s all about relationship. When people come up to you, they start to testify about what they’ve heard about you that you did on the earth. Then they start to tell what God did for them while they were on the earth. They don’t mention themselves. They talk about how faithful Jehovah was and everybody wants to hear your story. Everybody wants to tell you their story. Because God is faithful.

When Jesus mentioned to me a few months ago about the next 11 years with all the programs, he gave me a list of programs to launch, and he said this is what you’ll work on for the next 11 years. Well, that doesn’t mean that after 11 years it’s going to end. But people said no, it can’t be 11 years because the rapture’s coming in 11 days. I have people write to me and say that. And that 11 days have passed. So they’re non-profit.

I want you to form these programs he said. Here’s the kid's programs. He showed me everything. He said here’s, warrior parents. We’re going to do apprentice programs. Here’s warrior health, we’re going to talk about health. Here’s warrior church, we’re going to do that. He says you’re going to cause people to come together in unity. I'm going to start the move. Not me. He is going to start the move through unity. So we got warrior prayer.

If you want God’s normal, you better get ready because you are not going to appear normal. That is why Paul tried to convince us. Listen come out from among them and be separate. I mean even a soldier doesn’t involve himself in civilian affairs. I mean according to Paul. So my relationship with Jesus and your relationship with Jesus causes trust. Trust is the Hebrew word for our word faith. If God said it then he’s going to do it. That’s trust. That was what Abraham was known for. Abraham was told leave and Abraham’s response was where do I go. And God said I’ll tell you when you get there and that was enough. Is that true?

That’s all he just told him. He started walking, but he got mentioned in the book of Hebrews, and he’s the father of us all. But he saw him who was invisible. He was searching for a city whose builder and maker was God. Because God said it. He could raise that knife over his one and only son. Because it was rigged. It was set up. Come on now what did he tell? What did he tell his servants? He says you stay here. I and the boy are going up to worship, and then we will return. “We” will return oh my God. “We” will return. He’s saying okay, God you want to play. We’ll play because God had said it. That’s the one. That will cause you to be the father of all nations, of many. How about if you, this weekend, go there where you know that God has spoken to you and he’s not wasting your life.

I'm telling you if you knew your value you would not waste your words on people that don’t care. You don’t defend yourself because one day they’re going to be asking you for oil. And you’re going to say, you know what, I don’t have enough for you. You go get your own. Wolf Blitzer will not be on in the situation room. So I'm wanting us to awaken. To wake up to God’s normal.

But see Jesus was introduced to us. He walked amongst us. We beheld his glory. He was the exact representation of the father. Everything he did and said was the father through him, and we should take him as the example and make him our God. We should worship him, we should quote him. Everything we do should be for him. Even when we work we should work as though unto the Lord. When we speak we should speak as though the very oracles of Jesus, the very oracles of God.

We should be imitators of God. As dearly loved children, we should imitate him. What’s he doing, well he’s not making people sick. He’s not making people poor. He’s not giving people devils. In order to encounter the first thing that’s going to happen is, it’s going to be revolutionary, what happens first? You have to hear the word. Once you hear the word, then faith comes. Trust comes because you’re hearing the word of your father in heaven. And in people even unsaved people I've seen them over and over again at work for 29 years. I've spoken like this. The same authority. I didn’t have a microphone like this. It was a cheap one on an airplane. But I spoke from the same spirit I'm speaking to you from. From the fire every day. Because I prayed in tongues for four hours every day and Southwest Airlines paid my salary. All I did was hand out Coke and Sprite and apologize for the weather for 29 years. Then I would go to my room and I pray in tongues and I would go out and feed the poor. But I spoke from the same authority and it’s amazing.

My co-workers, passengers, they’d start to tear up when I was talking to them. I'm not speaking from this realm. What did the Pharisees say? What did the people say? This man, he speaks with such authority they said. Jesus, you know he’s not like the Pharisees he speaks with such authority. See the manifestation of the sons of God is God’s normal. It’s going to happen. But I just want to juice it up and make it happen a little sooner because there’s an acceleration that’s happening. We’ve got to get caught up.

The New Normal Is The God's Normal

This man, he speaks with such authority they said. Jesus, you know he’s not like the Pharisees he speaks with such authority. See the manifestation of the sons of God is God’s normal.

This man, he speaks with such authority they said. Jesus, you know he’s not like the Pharisees he speaks with such authority. See the manifestation of the sons of God is God’s normal.

God’s Normal Is His Environment That Is In Heaven

We’ve got to allow the word of God to have full access to us and start to produce a crop 30, 60, and 100-fold. I want a hundredfold. The word of God is not the problem. The sower is not the problem. Jesus focused this paragraph on men’s hearts, the soil. It’s the parable of the soils. It’s not the parable of the sower. The seed is the word of God. But the hearts of men was where the problem was. Out of four different types of soils, there was only one that produced. That’s 25 percent. So we have a thousand people in here. 250 people actually have the word of God take root as per the parable. Now if you take those 250 people, out of a 250 only a third of them get the 100-fold, a third of them get 60-fold and a third get 30-fold.

So the problem Jesus told me is this. First of all, this is the parable of the soils. Then he said this focus on men’s hearts. The word of God doesn’t need any help. The sower sows the word of God. But the crop only comes if it marries the soil well. The soil is your heart. Do you have stones in it? Is it hard? Does it have thorns? Are you overcome by the cares of life? Do you seek riches? Do I need to go on, because Jesus addressed all these in Matthew 13. To the disciples, he said what you’ve been given is the deep mysteries of the kingdom. But to them, it has not. He goes, why didn’t they just give it to the world too. He said no it’s been given to you, the 12. Why because the 12 turned the world upside down. Well at least 11 of them did. Then Matthias came.

So this is something that you do. Now as you hear this word, you respond by accepting that God is greater. And what he has said is greater and you accept his normal. You can’t stay the same. It’s impossible. You must be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Your mind is keeping you in a small place. Because it’s not transformed. In your spirit, you’re as good as you’re going to get. I saw in heaven that your spirit was born again a new creature. A creature that has never existed. A new species the old has completely passed away. Your files are not hidden, they’re gone. They’re expunged is the word that was used.

Jesus said I don’t even know what your file says. Never allowed to see it. He does not know your past at all. He treats you as though you’ve never sinned. I encountered him. He treated me as though I had never sinned. He told me the plans he had for me and went on and on. And I go, he doesn’t know a thing about me. I realized that he didn’t know anything about me except what was written. That’s all that matters to him is what the father wrote. Are you set free yet? So your spirit does not know defeat and the holy spirit is in there and he has never known defeat. He has never thought he’s going to fail. He doesn’t think you’re going to fail. Your spirit doesn’t have any failure in it. It’s born again. It’s a new species. I can hear the holy spirit laughing right now with joy.

The angels that are sent because they are assigned to you. Some of you need more than one. You’ll get along fine once you get transformed. One of them will be able to take a 15-minute break. But you got to get transformed and unload them. I mean they’re working hard for you. But a lot of it is self-inflicted. So you get transformed. Listen I'm telling you the truth. You’re going to find this when you get to heaven and you’re going to kick yourself if you don’t accept it. But the spirit of God does not know defeat. The angels of the Lord that read your books, they are sent, they never think you’re going to fail. They don’t think they’re going to fail. They don’t even think about it.

They’re just looking for cooperation. They’re yelling. Work with me people. The father is waiting for his enemies to become His footstool. He has sent his son. The son has succeeded in his mission. You know why because the holy spirit came on the day of Pentecost and Jesus said when I return to my father I will personally send the holy spirit. So we know he got there. What are you worried about. God’s normal is his environment that is in heaven. But he introduced us to his son so that we would know his normal. So he went around doing good not evil. Was it good news that he preached not bad news.

What happened when people rejected the disciples and Jesus' message. Disciples said shall we call down fire on them. He says you don’t know what spirit you’re of. Well didn’t they just ditch Jesus and his message? But he said you don’t know what spirit you’re of. So why are you pronouncing judgment on my country? I'm owning my country. This is my town right now because God sent me here. I'm serious. It’s my country and it’s my town right now. Because Jesus sent me to counsel. He sent me here. If I'm sent, I'm not went. All of heaven is with me. Because I don’t need to do this. I want to be home sipping tea right now. I don’t need to do this but Jesus said listen if you do this you cannot fail. If you go back you cannot fail. If he’s telling me that and I'm just a pert, I'm not even an expert then what about you.

I think you should study history before they destroy it and pull down all the statues. But you should study history and try to download it from the internet before they take it off. But you got to understand something. So many years someone or something goes between you and God and becomes your middle man. But there’s only one mediator between God and man. His name is Jesus. That’s it.

You can’t be told what you believe. You can’t be restricted in practicing your faith that was a God-given right. How would you like it, if you hired somebody to manage you and they started telling you what to do. How would you like it? Well, then why you let what’s happening now. The government was formed to protect and to serve. So why did they take those stickers off the police cars? Was it not by protecting and serving us anymore? Did you read what the forefathers wrote? Come on now, listen to me there’s only one mediator between God and men. That’s Jesus so you don’t need to go through somebody to get to God except Jesus himself. But the veil’s been ripped right. Why do you let people take away freedom? I'm just asking you why do you do that?

God’s Normal Is He Wants To Talk To You, His Very Presence Demands Respect

I’ll tell you why. It’s an identity crisis. You don’t discern what Jesus said. Do you pay your taxes he was asked? Hey, they’re asking if you pay your taxes. He says just go down to the lake don’t throw in a net. Just throw in a line. He said the first fish that comes you, you reach in its mouth. There’ll be a four-drachma coin in there. You pay our taxes he said. You know that the sons are exempt in the kingdom. But what did he say so that we don’t offend them. Does anybody catch what I'm saying here? You see you’re not going to be accepted by this world because you’re not of this world.

I'm just quoting scripture. Listen to me you’ve got to see what God through Jesus was showing you. You are sons. Jesus was constantly poking at the religious leaders. He said you’ll go twice, you’ll go halfway around the world to get a convert, and when you find one you make him twice the son of hell that you are. I guess he wasn’t going to be invited to that synagogue. But he didn’t care. Did he? This is not my kingdom. I'm from my father’s kingdom. This is not my kingdom down here.

Don’t you know that I can free you, Pilate says. You don’t have any power to do anything unless God himself gives it to you. He’s facing death at the time. He was given a way out. Many times he was given a way out but he refused to. He had heard from his father. He was sent so he would not even allow Peter to speak by an evil spirit. A Christian can’t have a devil, now the devil had him. It’s how much of you, you’ve given to the devil. You are the one in authority. If you start giving away land, I found a little push-back okay. The evil spirits cannot have a Christian unless you give them to. Unless you give yourself over to the works of the flesh. That’s why Paul said I mean Paul believed in deliverance. He just said don’t yield to the flesh. He said you can’t please God if you yield to the flesh. If you walk in the flesh, you cannot please God. But if you yield to the spirit you inherit life. You please God. The devils don’t know what to do with a person who yields to the spirit. They also don’t know what to do with someone who knows their rights and privileges as a child.

Does it take a flight attendant coming back from the dead think about what I'm saying here. This is not some new doctrine. This is the pure gospel and you are set free by it. I want you to produce a crop. I want a hundredfold return on the word of God that was sown in your hearts now. The word of God is gonna produce manifestation in every area. If you sow to that you will reap it. You don’t wait till you’re in an ambulance to quote your healing scriptures. We’re going to get past the healing part and get into divine health. Then we’re going to get into the divine life. We’ve got to go on now.

You’ve been receiving information that’s been incorrect and the intelligence agencies especially the CIA are very good at this. The ‘aic’ I have to do it backward, so I don’t get cut off right now. There are experts at disinformation. They have to just put a little bit in there with a little bit of truth to get you off, a little bit and you go on a rabbit trail. While you’re going after that the real thing is being displayed in your backyard and you’re not there because you took the bait.

You have to be like Moses. If you’re not going with us Lord we’re not going. Have you gotten that tenacity yet, I know my God’s going to come for me. I know that he’s going to show up and my enemies are gonna be scattered amen. So there is a breakthrough that comes. But it’s not a breakthrough. That word has been used a lot but Lord Jesus told me there’s another word that’s more accurate. It’s called the overthrow.

He told me that when we hear about the authority we think about scolding somebody. Putting the finger in the head bob up and telling them what they need to know. Dominion has to do with overthrow. Dominion, where no devil would dare stand and listen to you talk anymore. No devil would dare say a word. I'm serious, you have no idea what you’ve aborted with your lips. You had the sheriff’s badge. The demons do not want you to know this. They’re screaming right now like little girls. They do not want you to put your foot down and use your tongue and say. I'm not just going to lash you with my tongue. I'm going to smash you with my tongue.

When you walk you should be hearing crunching under your feet. Serpents and scorpions crunching. Really the word is trample. The word is not cast. It’s drive out. Jesus drove out devils that’s dominion. So why is your bank account speaking louder than God. Why is your body has a voice that’s louder than the voice of your father God. Why are your circumstances screaming louder than your father who has already spoken and is waiting for his word to return to him not void but to accomplish his intent.

Remember this, that awakening to God’s normal is realizing that you are going into an overthrow position. His dominion starts to manifest. What happened when he came down and met with Moses. The mountain caught on fire. You can go to Saudi Arabia today. Paul said that Mount Sinai was in Arabia. It’s Jabal Allah’s and it’s in there and I've seen it. It is completely black on top and the mountain was breaking apart and it was on fire and everyone was afraid. All those millions of people that were in the desert said. They threw Moses under the bus. They said you go up and find out what he wants and bring it back to us. They didn’t think he was coming back.

So his very presence demands respect. We don’t encounter that, so we have all kinds of people that are boastful and proud and are working against God. They’re about to be humbled, they’re about to be indicted. So the first thing that happens, you got to wake into is that God is not necessarily like you. But there’s going to be a notable historical event that happens in your life when you encounter him on this level. I'm not talking about the born-again experience. I'm talking about a relationship with him. Where you keep asking him to show up, and then he does you’re like don’t ever do that again. Because that’s what happens to me I don’t ever ask for visitation. I don’t ask for angels to come because it’s hard on me. Because I have to change. He’s God and I'm not. Until your face is down and you can’t move and you’re pleading for your life. As a Christian, you have no idea what I'm talking about. This is the God I encountered. I have encountered him to the point where I realized that everyone is supposed to encounter him this way.

We were all supposed to go up on the mountain with God. Not just send somebody. You don’t need a prophet to find out what God’s saying to you. I just made a bunch of friends now, listen to me, the five-fold was set in the church to build us up. If they’re not building us up they’re not doing it right. So now we have a bunch of believers that are in pampers and milk bottles, and they’re old enough to be fathers themselves, and they haven’t left home yet. Come on now. We need to awaken but when we do? Are you ready for God’s normal? This is what you do, you read Exodus 29-32 and you read it over and over again until you change.

This is what happened to Moses. He got to know God’s ways. His ways are his pathways, His personality, what he likes. Israel saw his acts, they saw the mountain on fire, they heard the thunder, but they did not know him. But Moses knew his ways, his personality. It’s not a position, it’s the relationship. This is where we need to go. God’s normal is he wants to talk to you. He doesn’t want to send a prophet to you. I know this hurts some people especially some of my prophet friends because they have clients. I am in so much trouble but I love people.

I want you to know that God sets in the church some, not everybody, some to be apostles and prophets and pastors and teachers and evangelists. But every one of these five-fold ministers I know and has appointed them in my life. I have five-fold spoken to me all the time. However, God set them in the church, and they would rather not do it. That’s all I know. If you’re a true apostle or a prophet are you willing to lose your head for what you believe. Paul said hey you want to see my ID, my Apostle id. He takes his shirt off, and he turns around, and he said can you believe this. I was privileged to have the same marks as Jesus, that was his id badge. His brag was that. At the end of his life, he said I know nothing except Jesus Christ and him crucified. That was his message at the end. That’s what before he got beheaded. That’s what he said.

See the gospel gets simpler as you get older. Your prayers become very simple. Help. Because we don’t know it all but as you get older you realize that even your dad is got smarter. Everybody gets smarter. They were trying to help you. They were trying to say things. But the thing is that we need discernment. We need to know that God’s normal is going to be revolutionary. But I'm ready for it. It might not be pretty. I might have to erase the security cameras when he shows up. I'm going to look undone.

That’s what happened to Isaiah, and he was a major prophet, but he became undone in chapter 6. He was fine until he saw the Lord high and lifted up. He was fine, right. Everything’s good, offerings are big, everybody likes him. And then he saw the Lord he became undone and the angel had to fix him with coal. See everything was fine and all of a sudden he’s unclean. What happened? How could you be unclean in the throne room? As a major prophet, not even a minor.

Now do you ever think about this stuff, I do. This is about the relationship. This is how I think about relationships now. My position was secured before I was born. Jesus already was slain from the foundation of the world. In Christ, all these things were set up If I would choose him. I was on my way to hell, and I was going to be the best-behaved person there. They’re like how did you get here. You were so good. It didn’t matter.

Born again is the only way to get into heaven. You have to be born again of the spirit. But I wasn’t told that okay. This is the part of the service. It’s getting, it’s early, it’s actually early in the service but the angels are coming in right now. Don’t pay attention to them because they’ll leave. They don’t like it when you pay attention to them. I'm telling you this so that you can know in your spirit. Let the angels of the Lord minister to you. They ministered to Jesus.

Did you know that Jesus needed ministry after he’s tempted by the devil? Well, how come you don’t let the angels minister to you after you are tempted of the devil every time. You’re tempted, you better get ready because you’re about to be visited. Because they minister and strengthen you and they’ve come into the service because they have deliveries. You see they hearken that into the voice of the father. They do his bidding. They’re flames of fire. They’ve seen the face of your father and now they’ve come.

This is probably one of the soonest. Transformation is happening in your mind. So you are available. Let the angels minister to you. You’re gonna start to feel light. Let the Holy Spirit lift you up. You’re gonna feel joy. It’ll bubble up within you. Let the Lord fill you with the anointing of joy right now and heal you. Your battle is over the Lord has shown up with his hosts. This happens all the time.

This is God’s normal. Peter said listen these are not drunk as you suppose. But these are filled with the Holy Spirit. How do I enter into God’s normal when there’s all this demonic activity. You just don’t invite them. If they were telling you the truth they would say “I'm a loser can you just cast me out”?

There is no real defined point when you enter into God’s normal. You find yourself there. God’s standard becomes your standard. It’s time to yield. Don’t worry about it. Listen this is better than going out and holding a sign and throwing bricks. How are you empowered? Well, you were empowered from on high. The most high came down and dwells with the contrite and humble. You’re contrite and humble. You all are going to get along just fine with the mighty one, the holy one of God, the eternal one.

He is the high and lofty one and inhabits eternity. But he also dwells with the humble and contrite in spirit. Let him pay your bills, let him heal your body, let him drive out the devils. I'm serious. I have been talking to people that aren’t even saved, and they said something just left me. I go well don’t let him back pray with me let’s fill that void the devil just opted out. I’d never said a word about him. Did I really cast it out? I didn’t say a word. This is the point if there’s a devil present he has to go. It doesn’t matter who he’s in amen.

Listen, the Lord wants to encourage you. He doesn’t have any bad news. All those people need to get saved, and they need it. Today in Conroe we had a couple. We have them right here. They had an angel visitation. What did the angel say? He said "repent". , He said to tell everyone in Conroe they need to repent. That is the word of the Lord, and they give the word of the Lord.

Wolf Blitzer, The angel just came out of the president’s office. What did he say? He said this nation is one nation under God, and then he walked out. The media is supposed to be reported. We got this couple in California that the fire didn’t touch their house. But it burned everybody else’s around them and there was an angel standing out there. By the way, they’re Christians, and they believe in psalms 91. I understand ma’am that you didn’t have a leg when you went to bed last night. But now you have a left leg. See that’s what the news is supposed to be. You got the Fox News. You go into Chase Bank and you gotta make a deposit. There’s Fox News out there, and they’re interviewing. She goes I don’t know what happened but now I have all this money in my bank account. I don’t know what happened but you know the Lord told me to give the last thing I had. The last thing I had, he told me to give it to a widow. I went in here and here’s the receipt. That’s good news.

The good news is you don’t have to be sick, you don’t have to pay for your salvation and you don’t have to go through somebody. You can go to God directly in the name of Jesus. You don’t have to have a devil. You don’t have to be poor. What does it say in Deuteronomy 15: 4 says I am the Lord your God and there shall be no poor among you. For I the Lord God have blessed you. Do the math and I will bring you into the land that I have promised you. That’s the God they served. They said you’re never going to borrow from any of these nations. They’re your enemy. They’re going to fear you. You will lend to them but you will not have to borrow from them so that they will know that I am the only true God. The New Testament poor, Jesus hangs on a cross and he doesn’t get all that for us. It’s got to be a better covenant with better promises. I mean according to the bible if you want to bring the bible into it so what happened. Did they switch? Did someone switch the throne? Did they switch the Old Testament?

No Jesus was a fulfilment of the Old Testament. He fit right in there. We’re completing him. He will give you exceedingly abundantly what you can ask or imagine. Yes, you know what it says in a Greek it’s even stronger. You are about to encounter God’s normal. But it’s going to be beyond what your mind can comprehend. Now listen to me there are those of you who want this but you’re not sure. See if the gospel is preached in its entirety you want to go to heaven. You don’t want to be here but while you’re here you have an ambassadorship. You are representing God. He’s given you authority to represent him. We need to do it well. I am not Barney Fife. I'm not apologizing for the law. I'm not apologizing for God’s word. It would be a privilege to die for him.

I'm not going to die of the devil’s disease. I'm not going to die because some drunk driver hit me. It’s not going to come near me. Why because of trust. Yes, because he said if I make the most high my dwelling place none of these things shall come near me. He doesn’t call them acts of God like the insurance companies do. God’s not in the hurricanes.

The devil says you know what we’re not being effective enough, so we’re going to get people to start naming the storms, so they can call them in. Why would you call something in? Why would you give it any power? You poke the eye out of a hurricane. You send the dry air to a hurricane. You don’t send it to someone else because the Christians over there are sending it back to you. You don’t fight each other. You know you’re praying for your team to win. You’ve got to be kidding me. What do you think the Christians on the other side or the other team are going to be praying for? So you don’t do that.

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