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Ellen Degeneres and Portia Rossis' Zodiac Compatibility

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Whether you believe in the complicated science of astrology or not, we all have at least once gone through the complexities of our zodiac signs and their underlying significance. Everyone at some point in their lives might have found themselves lost in a deep myriad of thoughts regarding the meaning behind our star signs. You might relate or you may not, no one can deny feeling a little curious as to where you might end up. Of course, when it comes to relationships – friends or lovers, siblings or perhaps even colleagues, we all have looked at our astrological compatibilities with those of the people around us.

The super-popular American television host, Ellen Degeneres and Australian model/actress, Portia Rossis have undeniably become the most influential same-sex couple of Hollywood. The iconic lovebirds celebrated their ninth wedding anniversary this year though both these hardworking women built up their relationship with a lot of compromises, love and support for it to thrive so bountifully, it wasn’t quite easy for them to reach this point in their lives. When Ellen and Portia met for the first time, they both felt a deep connection with each other, even calling it love at first sight. They both were attracted like magnets and inevitably fate sewed them together! Ellen and Portia’s marriage is iconic and influential in several ways. Significantly, they encouraged the idea of not being afraid of loving someone regardless of their gender. They act as role models for many generations, inspiring young people to be open with their feelings and not shy away. Embrace the love!

Ellen Degeneres & Portia Rossis – Aquarius

Both Ellen Degeneres, born on the 26th of January and Portia Rossis, born on January 31st share the same zodiac sign – Aquarius. Though there might be many debates when it comes to same-sign compatibilities however Degeneres and Portia’s relationship sparks with pure love and affection for each other. Aquarius sign holders are known to be extremely compassionate and empathizing, constantly trying to make the world a better place and give back to society. Many are philosophers who have a determined vision for themselves and others, thinking of ways to somehow reflect their positive influences in hopes of making a difference for the better. Not to mention these people are involved in many organizations, societies, etc. Despite being well known in their circle, people born under this star usually don’t have many friends. They’ll know many people, however only a few will get the opportunity to make lifetime memories with them. They care for their loved ones a lot and in return expect the same treatment from them as well. Aquarians belong under the Air element; air signs are known to be intelligent, clever and intellectual people with strong opinions and visionary aims. Apart from their strongly built personality, these people are also very humorous and love to lighten up the environment with their jokes AKA, Ellen Degeneres. A native of the zodiac will remain loyal to their word and regardless of any situation, they will always fulfill their promises.

There is no doubt about the fact that these people are extremely loving and giving. However, they have their weaknesses as well. It’s difficult to predict their next emotion, or what they’re feeling at any given time because they vary a lot when it comes to behavioral patterns and could be very misleading. Aquarians are very happy people and mostly stay in their little world they have constructed in their heads. Zoning out might be a normal thing for these people, you’d think they’re listening to you with their blank faces when they’re actually creating scenarios in their heads that might have nothing to do with their real lives. Yeah, complicated. Although they love spending time with their close friends and family, they never really have an excuse for randomly distancing themselves from people whenever they feel like it. They are extremists. Yes, they go by the “my way or the highway” policy. It’s either all or it’s nothing for them. Strongly fixed to their ideas and views, these people never take no for an answer. It’s hard to disagree with an opinion of theirs or try to change one. It’s rather useless to argue with them as they have a quick temper and things might not go too well for you if they reach their high point.

Regardless of their weaknesses, Aquarians will most likely be very successful in their career lives. With always wanting to somehow make the world a better place, these people actively work to achieve something huge and not just decay away as humans. They believe everyone has a purpose for this world, so they must find it and work towards it. Notably, creative and philosophical fields suit them best. Romantically, Aquarius star-holders are loyal, communicative and loving to their partners. Although they might have their episodes and detach away once in a while, they’re deeply drawn to their lovers most of the time.


Ellen Degeneres and Portia Rossis – the Aquarius-Aquarius Duo

It’s very rare to find couples with the same Zodiac sign. A common question is, are they compatible? We’ve always heard the science of opposites attract and similar repel. Those are just magnets though, what about people? Do same signs attract or do they repel?

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Judging from what we see on social media, Ellen and Portia seem to be the ultimate power-couple that just can’t take their eyes off each other and neither can we. However, there might be a lot more to them than we think coming from an analytical point of view. Dating someone with the same sign could be very refreshing in a way, you’re significant other will be aware of your highs and lows, your basic personality traits and what might tick you off. You’re bound to be sustainable as you see so much of your own traits in them. That being said, you’ll enjoy a free spirit like your own to handle for the rest of your life. Two Aquarians are very compatible because with an understanding friendship, they’re technically telepathic with each other. Knowing exactly when and how much space is to be given and how important it is to effectively communicate at the right time.

Both Ellen and Portia have their ascendants in Sagittarius. Ellen’s moon belongs in Aries while Portia’s is in Sagittarius which means they’re both free-spirited souls and run after what their heart wants. The two Aquarius representatives are really communicative with one another, understanding each other’s hidden feelings as if they have access to each other’s minds. Their love is so deep and rooted that they connect on a level that cannot be interpreted in words. As being critical thinkers, their conversations are electrically linked full of overflowing ideas and never-ending discussions regarding the world or if they’re feeling a little extra philosophical, even the universe. However, problems could arise between these conversations as both are egotistical individuals with strong viewpoints. Arguments within a conversation are almost inevitable with two Aquarians. Self-esteem and dignity are very important characteristics of an Aquarius and are represented in the Sun causing some conflicts to arise in a relationship. In addition to that, love isn’t the main personality trait when it comes to Aquarians, they aren’t all about emotions and feelings though when they dive into the folds of love, they stay there for as long as they can. The charm of their love is in their loyalty towards each other, though sometimes detachment might create some problems. When both are equally stubborn and cut themselves off to avoid life’s hurdles, problems might arise. Both individuals in the relationship must have the ability to compromise for a relationship to work and that might involve letting go of your ego for a while.

Despite any difficulties they must face, Ellen and Portia both have a really strong, unbreakable bond and are also really similar to each other. They’re meant to be together, so it’s no surprise that they’ve been dating for 12 years and married for nine years straight. An Aquarius-Aquarius powerful combination is definitely a green light to anyone wondering!


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