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Elisha and the death of Prophet T.B. Joshua among other alleged men of God (2 king: 13-14).


Many people and virtually all religion will admit that Elisha is a prophet of God. This is because not only was he a known prophet in Israel, as was recorded in the bible, but also he performed many miracles and gave prophecies that came to pass. Elisha’s spiritual powers was never in question. Consequently, most religions recognized him among the greatest prophets of all time. However, it is unfortunate that understanding true spiritual powers is still a mystery many people have failed to unravel.

There are many alleged prophets and men of God in recent time, especially in Christianity. It is a fact that Christianity has many sects and each sect claim originality. Only few people have come to understand that they can still be one body under one God. The quest for increase membership in churches which is directly proportional to increase income via tithes and offerings is one of the hindrance to the doctrine of peace, unity, love, tolerance and justice. The result is that each Christian sect tends to make mockery of the other Christian sects and other religion. They accuse those who are not of theirs as being fake prophets or performing fake miracles. They quote the bible to support their claim of quackery in the Christendom. The same bible that said, “thou shall not judge.” But it is not their fault because anything you want to support you can find a bible verse that would support it. That is why some people call the bible a book of confusion and, in response to that, others claim, “God is not an author of confusion.” Even when it is a known fact that God did not write the bible. The day the council of Nicaea sat and compiled the bible they decided the fate of many people and what many people will be taught. More will be revealed in my unpublished book in which I journeyed with an unborn child.

The death of alleged prophet T. B. Joshua made some people to question his claim of a prophet. Some said he could not see his death and end. Others claim that he visited the hospital for treatment when he prevent his members from visiting a hospital to receive treatment when sick. They say that T. B. Joshua would insist that his members will take his healing water. Some people then questioned, “ why did his healing water fail to heal the prophet?” we are not certain if he took the water or not but does he really need a healing water to be healed if he can pray and ask for the healing of others. The prophet died some days to his birthday. Some people have tried to glorify him more by claiming that in his last words he talked about his death when in reality those were not his last words. He only made a general statement about death which all mortals must learn from because death is a debt all must pay. The claim by some people is a prove that we are not certain about anything in human history not in religious matters as man can twist facts to gain more glory. That is the same reason the bible is being twisted and we are no longer certain of those who are twisting it because many of us don’t even know the original doctrine Jesus taught his followers.

T.B. Joshua is not the only alleged man of God to die. There are so many of them across the world who died without knowing or prophesying about their death. Some even died in accidents like plane clash among others. Some died of sickness while few died peaceful. My late father, who was not a Christian, saw his death and he passed on peacefully and joyfully. He believed in the religion of his ancestors until his death and he could not have danced all night before his death if he was afraid of hell or heaven. There are few others who were able to predict their end on earth so it is not something unusual but rare. Those who enjoy such rare privileges maybe those who have something divine to handover to another or those expected to give instruction about certain divine secrets before passing on. Just as God told Moses that he would not enter the promised land thereby numbering the days of Moses. Moses then knew it was necessary to handover to Joshua.

Spiritual powers or unknown powers can be found in all true religions and culture. Then again there are different levels and paths to spiritual powers. At times those who are truly spiritual live quietly among men. Some of them are poor teachers who are more interested in the advancement of things divine than in gaining wealth or fame. Their duty being basically to teach and instruct.

T. B. Joshua can be said to have lived by example, in certain areas, no matter how much some people may hate him or accuse him of being a fake prophet. He did many charity work and helped those who were truly in need. At least he left a legacy which can be remembered in years to come. Even though we cannot claim to know if he had other secrets unknown to many. Only God sees in secret and knows the heart of men. But from his works which are visible to many people he deserves a pass mark. He fulfilled his days. Let us mind our business when it comes to religious matters because only God has the final say. Unfortunately, many people will not listen because they must save the lost and preach the true gospel. The implication being that they have to preach against others just as others preach against them and the drama will not stop. Maybe we are called for a time such as this when greater number of people will need to awake up.

Elijah is the master of Elisha and both men are great prophets in Israel. However, Elisha got double portion of Elijah’s power. That would suggest that he had double anointing and divine powers. Elisha did many great things He healed people and even brought back a dead boy. Then came the interesting part of the story. Elijah did not see death while Elisha who had double portion of Elijah’s powers and could heal the sick but he, Elisha, could not heal himself. It was recorded that he died of sickness. If Elisha could not heal himself or surrendered to death, does that make him less spiritual and powerful? The same question can be asked of many other alleged men of God or mystics who had to die in various ways after showcasing many miraculous powers. Even Jesus was a victim because he surrendered to death before the said resurrection. The point still remains that we cannot really phantom the mysteries surrounding spiritual powers. Some people claim that man has been predestined to die in a certain way. The fact still remains that we should not make ourselves judges over others in religious or spiritual matters.

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